Hotel Menzies Irvine

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46 Annick St., (formerly Thistle Irvine), Irvine, North Ayrshire, KA11 4LD, United Kingdom
Menzies Irvine
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More about Hotel Menzies Irvine

Erm, loved the Irish coffee

by TripAdvisor Member Saint_Andrew

The girlfriend and I never been to Scotland together so wanted to go somewhere different, big mistake. There is nothing at all in the area and Irvine felt like a poor man's version of Barnsley. We booked a deluxe twin, the room was huge, 2 double beds in the room, table chairs, plenty of furniture, normally we would have been over the moon with such a room, but after 2 nights we couldn't wait to get out, let me explain. It is summer, we got a view of the inside "lagoon", it was lovely lit up at night, we even stood out in the entrance to it alone, very romantic, very unique. But the downside is, on a night it is stuffy, no air, the ventilation did not substitute an open window in middle of summer. When we got up we had no idea what the weather was like so couldn't make plans till we actually got up for breakfast and was up and about. I would strongly advise against a lagoon view if staying middle of the summer, get an outside view. Food was terrible, we had a platter for starter after waiting an age to get served and then an age for it to be ready, staff kept asking us if we were ready for the main, I think a platter not even eaten and we both got food in our hands would surely answer that question??? We finally finished and again waited an age for someone to clear our table and serve our main. I had monk fish tail and my GF had Lamb, our plates were red hot and it was obvious they had been left in an over to stay warm as a lot of it had dried up, the breakfast was probably the worst one I have had in any hotel, I usually eat between 2 and 3 plates, at Menzies Irvine, I could not even finish one plate of food I was that unimpressed with it. This is one hotel I can guarantee I will not go back to. On a positive note though, I really loved the Irish coffee they served and managed to get a few in while we were there. If you do stay here, try one from the bar. Location, erm, nothing there so not worth considering for a break away. Staff were ok on reception, friendly enough, but in the restaurant, about as much use as a fridge in the middle of Siberia.

Not four star by a long way

by TripAdvisor Member CJOnline

Booked a 2 night stay, never stayed before. Checked in, but was not shown where the room was.. we had to find our own way and drag luggage up the stairs to the first floor (no lift). Room was ok, but about a 10 minute walk from the pool / restaraunt etc.
Went to pool and was disapointed that, A. There was no changing rooms, we had to walk back to our room from the pool dripping wet, freezing etc , B the water was freezing, including the so called jaquzi. Finally, the pool itself is a dangerous place to be.. the floor on the pool is not stuck down properly so you can fall easily and trust me you dont want to do that as the pool is surrounded by rocks. There was also a lot of dirt and gravel in and around the pool from the rock gardens around the pool. Not pleasent. Food was ok but not great, breakfast was cold on both days. The hotel seems to love coach parties so is not ideal for a young couple on a romantic break. All in all a disapointing experience, I certainly wont be returning.

Full of pensioners, but OK

by TripAdvisor Member Joolsleeds

I stayed here for two nights, in early September with work colleagues.

From the outside the hotel looks quite tidy, however, there is refurbishment work ongoing at the hotel so vans & skips are outside at the moment, but I experienced no disruption as a result.

Checking in was easy and straight forward, and within minutes was checked in to room 250. It may be due to the refurb, but the hotel could use some signs to direct you to the rooms.

The room itself was massive - 2x Double bed, with a single bed, plus table and chairs. It had a view of the golf course that is attached to the hotel.......not a stunning view, but better than the car park!

The room had just been refurbished, and was very good, beds comfy, lots of storage space and tea & coffee facilities. Generally speaking the hotel was clean through out.

We walked through the lagoon, and well, to put it bluntly, it was odd! An indoor pool, with artificial plants etc and NO natural lighting. An earlier review suggested that the rooms overlooking the lagoon were stuffy - I'd agree, and suggest that you specifically request anything but a lagoon view! Though we were told that the lagoon closes shortly, but not sure what happens then?

I only ate breakfast at the hotel, but that was of good quality and a serve yourself style. Service throughout the hotel was fine. The bar area was quite sterile, again maybe due to being mid-refurb?

The only other comment I'd make about the hotel was that appeared to be a stop for pensioners on tour - we had 3 or 4 coach fulls of pensioners when we were there - so no loud parties!!

If working in the area again, I'd be happy to stop here again - just not the lagoon rooms!

Terrible Hotel.

by TripAdvisor Member DubaiOnyx

This hotel is full of pensioners on coach trips, and was more like a nursing home. There is no other bar facilities for guests to use so if you dont want to be caught up in a duo of accordian and keyboard then you will have to stay in your room.

Breakfast was terrible - too many people not enough staff, the buffet was sloppy and dirty. I waited 30 minutes for toast after asking 3 times.

I would never stay in this hotel again and would not recommend it, the only positive aspect was a comfy bed!


by TripAdvisor Member pinpoint66

We recently stayed at this hotel for two nights and to say it was dull would be the understatement of the year, the hotel had all the atmosphere of a dental waiting room without the prospect of ever being summoned to the dreaded chair . When we arrived on the Friday afternoon we enquired as to whether the hotel would be offering any entertainment over the forthcoming weekend to which we were somewhat sheepishly advised, "No, it's very quiet."
Now dont get me wrong, we understood it was November in rural Scotland and we did not expect to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or herds of wildebeast majestically sweeping the savanna, but for goodness sake the least you need in any hotel is a focal point for guests to interact. An open fire, an intimate bar or lounge, a barman with personality, some decent music instead of the never ending repetitive mind numbing musak from Joseph and his Amazing multicoloured whats its name. How the staff listen to this day in and day out is amazing in itself.
We booked a meal on the Friday evening which I have to say was very average from a very limited menu and again the atmosphere was sadly out to lunch as we shared the entire restaurant with the same Polish waitress who would go on to serve breakfast the next morning in an empty breakfast room, a very below par bar meal on the saturday evening and unfortunately what can only be discribed as a lukewarm, greasy Sunday morning breakfast.
Sadly the only X factor this hotel came close to was the inaudable TV show being broadcast on Saturday night on a poorly positioned plasma screen between the bar and the restaurant.
On a positive note, the room we stayed in was clean, adequate and the decor was newish if a little clinical and cold. None of the staff mentioned the pool area and Kate on reception checked us out on the Sunday morning with a smile on her face.
ps. Glasgow is only 30 minutes away by train and is totally buzzing.
Before you ask, the answer is NO we did not pay for this weekend away, it was a gift and let me assure you we will get our own back!


by TripAdvisor Member emmaBelfast

Fabulous hotel. It had just been refurbished and looked great, very comfortable large rooms.Great to see they still kept the baths!The staff were very welcoming and helpful. Lots of parking. Only negitave was that there was a Christmas party on while we were staying that was a bit loud in the bar, but you couldn't hear anything from our room, but thats maybe me not looking into the spirit of Christmas!! We will definately be back with the special offers that were available

Love the poolside rooms

by TripAdvisor Member juliem120

My husband and I have stayed in this hotel for many holidays and have never had any problems until our last stay.
We decided to have dinner in the hotel and went to the bar area to order it. Being a veggie I asked the staff if I could have pasta made for me which was never a problem before when it was the Thistle Hotel but suddenly there seemed to be a problem. The person went away to find out. They were away for what seemed to be a long time so I had to call another member of staff who just happened to be one of the managers and she then went away to ask the chief. What I had asked for was on the menu for room service so there should not have been a problem. We ended up having to go back to the room in order to get our dinner through room service. Also when we where there the hotel decided to close the pool and locked our poolside door without even advising us. What is the point of paying for a poolside room if they lock the door. I like going to this hotel because of the poolside room so was very annoyed at not even being advised.
Also dont know when this pool is opening again as it always seems to be getting work done to it. Please get it finished once and for all so I can enjoy these rooms.

Shockingly bad....

by TripAdvisor Member sunnyboyUK

Stayed here for a weekend when visiting friends...i really don't know how to describe this hotel, but lets say it is ONE OF THE WORST hotels we have had the misfortune of staying in. The staff need to go on customer service courses, especially in the restaurant. At no time when we ate there were we asked oif the meal was ok, but you get the feeling they run away into the kitchens before you have chance to complain...which you would when you realise you've been ripped off. What they try and do is present luxury food using low budget ingredients. I wouldnt have minded if they just served it up in decent portion sizes, hot, and fast...but it comes out pretentious, tasteless, and barely warm. If you are lucky enough to see a member of staff to make a complaint - don't expect any results. They simply seem to forget that you are a paying customer, and treat you as if you are a problem for them simply by questioing their service etc. I would rather stay anywhere else but here again....and by the way, the pool was closed, a local person told me rumour that it was down to some complaints about its health and safety...i wouldnt be surprised!

Never again, but this was creepy, we fled the hotel

by TripAdvisor Member slizzle_21

Things may sound a bit strange but non of this is a word of a lie and i am hoping this wont boost the hotels publicity, what happened from the start....

Me and my girlfriend booked in for a room and a meal for the night, once arriving everything was great, walked up to our room, on the way up i did say this feels like a hospital, also 1 set of stairs had all the wallpaper stripped from it, was spooky but any way, put in our luggage, had a wee look at the book about the hotel and what there is to do, it states there is a swimming pool etc (1 of the reasons we actually booked in here) and then went down to the main desk to ask about the swimming pool and spa treatments etc, now the book in the room clearly states that the swimming pool is open from 8am - 10pm no under 16's unless accompanied by an adult, also you can book a spa day for about £100 i think, now when we asked about this, we were told the pool had been closed since September (its now March), also no Spa or anything, big disappointment, bet i aint going to be the only 1, can't imagine what it would be like for someone booking a wedding here and arriving the day before.

Next, we went for dinner, me and my girlfriend ordered the same thing with 2 different side orders, about 15 minutes later, food arrives, they brought out my girlfriends meal with her side order, my side order, but no meal for me and walked away, i sat for a few minutes thinking, ok are they going to bring it out? I then called a waitress and asked "am i getting mine" she went to see and came back about 5 minutes later (by this time my side order was cold, onion rings, and my girlfriend was half way through her meal), the waitress said, we are sorry, there was an accident in the kitchen and yours got dropped, the chef is making a new 1, will take around 10 mins, i reckon that was just an excuse,they ballsed up, end of, where's Gordon Ramsey when you need him? Any way, finally got mine with my cold side order and when they brought me it, i asked for a pint of Carling, as i had finished my 1st 1 waiting on my meal, i had finished my meal before they brought me the drink, came over and said, sorry, we had to change the keg. Now anywhere else i would have been told off if i worked there, as you are supposed to inform the customer that you have to change the keg and ask if they would like another drink or to wait, i know i am sounding like a moaner, but hey, this meal cost me £40, and this aint the best part yet, it's next. Also I ordered a sweet and they gave me it for free as I had to wait so long, so I guess that’s a plus.

So after the meal, which was nice i must admit, we sat in the lounge had a few drinks, ordered a bottle of champagne and went to our room at midnight, 2 hours later, we were going to sleep, after laying for a few minutes, we heard a slight thud, as if it were clothes falling off a chair in the room, my girlfriend asked, did you hear that, i said yeah, think it was next room, just trying to not freak her out, or myself for that fact, so we "shrugged" it off and went to sleep, an hour later i am getting woken up by a seriously distraught, terrified girlfriend shaking me, she was saying, "Craig, get up, get up, i swear to god something just through back my covers and has scratched me", i thought, what?? So looked at her side, and sure enough there were four big bloody scratch marks down her side, now i know you may be thinking, well she could have done this herself, but i can prove she didn't as she has a skin condition called Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, in other words, she has no nails on her fingers and there was no way the covers had done this, and no way i could have done this as i was on the other side of the bed and turned away from her, so she was very shaken by this and obviously very frightened, so i said no worries, lets pack our stuff up and leave, so we gathered our stuff and left, we went to the main reception (didn't say anything due to the fact we didn't want to seem like nutters lol) and we checked out, the guy didn't even ask why we were checking out or if we had a nice time, this is 3am people and had to book a taxi to take us home which cost £15.

Now it takes a lot for me to believe in anything like ghosts, or spirits etc, but ask anyone that knows me, i would not flee a hotel room or anywhere unless there was something that went on that i could not explain, by the way, the room we were in was 230, this disastrous night cost me £142.10.

Don't think i will be back unless it's with the ghost busters lol.

If anyone knows any history to this hotel please can you get in contact with me as i would be extremely interested.

New Year Ruined Brought To Tears

by TripAdvisor Member kazzakaz

Please read reviews carefully before booking this hotel, it's one of the worst in the country. Booked new year party with 12 friends and on arrival was put into a private party room cos the main restaurant was full. The room was next to the main party, whch we could see and hear through the glass wall but then the curtains were drawn, then after the worst meal ever, cold ,under cooked and uneatable, we were told we could'nt join the main party even though we hadn't booked a private party!! at £52 pp i would have stayed at home for less and listen to my neighbours having fun through the wall!!!.

when we asked to speak to the manager we were ignored by him and verbally abused by the assistant manager who just kept repeating that we had booked the private room for the night. I think she was either stupid, ignorant or deaf as she would not listen to us and walked away, after approuching her again she then proceeded to verbally abuse us in a loud voice (to assert her authority i assume) in front of a very busy party room and threatened to call the police if we didn't return to the private room, at this point i was deeply upset and started crying. my friend then found the manager who proceeded to inform him that we had a choice of either lumping it, or leave the hotel. new year ruined we left as we were now being ignored by all staff.

Days later I contacted Mr Philip Marlow (the regional manager) who after hearing our complaint offered us a free meal in the restaurant to make up for the horrendous new year plus a refund of 50%. We have recently taken up this offer and believe me I WILL NEVER return to this hotel again.

The second time round once again, the staff treated us as if we were dirt on thier shoes. The food was a scandal, cold and again undercooked, it took 30 mins for 1st course to arrive which was only soup and haggis parcel, then staff disappeared for another 45 mins, main course took another 45 mins after that to arrive and at no time did any staff member ask if everything was ok. You could'nt ask for anything extra or complain as there were no staff around.

No-one has contacted us to ask if we are now satisfied but then wouldn't would they because i think they know the answer. Read sunnyboyuk review because he hits the nail on the head.

My biggest regret is that i didn't take photos as i could have put them here for you to see.




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 Hotel Menzies Irvine

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Menzies Irvine Hotel Irvine

Address: 46 Annick St., (formerly Thistle Irvine), Irvine, North Ayrshire, KA11 4LD, United Kingdom