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Me in my "vintage" VT Shirt (Balquhidder, Aug. 08)Me in my "vintage" VT Shirt (Balquhidder, Aug. 08)

Me near graveMe near grave

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Scotland, Balquhidder Kirk (Church)Scotland, Balquhidder Kirk (Church)

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Rob Roy McGregors resting place

by Ash59

Balquhidder is the resting place of the notorious outlaw Rob Roy. He was one of the bravest Highland heroes, fighting the English in defence of Highland clan culture and more specifically fighting for the survival of his own clan, the MacGregor’s.

Rob Roy was eventually captured and tried. In return for a pardon, he agreed to live a life of peace and settle in Balquhidder. He was buried here, in the grounds of the old, tumbledown Kirk, with his wife and two of his sons.

Balquhidder Church

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Balquhidder can be found off the A84, northwest of Callendar. Be warned that access to Balquhider is via a single track road that is used by tourist coaches as well as cars. There are passing places but be prepared to do some reversing to allow for vehicles larger than yourself.

St Angus

by Ash59

The Church also holds this antique standing stone, carved upon which is an image of St Angus.

St Angus was the first Apostle of the Gospel of Christ in the balquhidder district in the VII or VIII century. He is represented as having the Cup of Salvation in his hands.

Welcome to Rob Roys Resting Place

by Ash59

"The Old Kirk"

Rob Roy McGregor lived out his last years in Balquhidder and is its most famous inhabitant. His grave can be found in front of this tumbly down kirk, on the right of the road as you entere Balquhidder.

This Kirk was the main Church of the Church of the Maclarens for many generations and within the walls, their chiefs were buried. This Kirk stands right next to the main, and newer, Church of Balquhidder.


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