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A recreated arab house courtyardA recreated arab house courtyard

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A famous golden cow head from old DilmunA famous golden cow head from old Dilmun

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Bahrain to Damman

by jonesykc


I'm going to be staying in Bahrain and travelling everyday to Damman for less than one week.

I will have a hire car (my plan at the moment...)...

Is it possible to gain a day visa with my own hire car for about three days on the trot? And do I need an invitation from another company - as I wont have one..

Thank you for any help received - much appreciated.

Re: Bahrain to Damman

by Fluffy_bunny

When asking about visas, it is very important to include your nationality. It makes a big difference.

Unless you have a GCC passport, without a sponsor, you will not get a Saudi visa. You also will not get transit visa as 1) you are not transiting and 2) It is not your own car, it's a rental.

Re: Bahrain to Damman

by Dan30

Visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian is very hard.

I agree with Bunny if you’re not GCC Passport Holder – or you don’t have Sponsor will not get a visa full stop.

I would advise you get in touch with Saudi Embassy in Bahrain

Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Building 82, Road 1702,
Block 317, Diplomatic Area
Phone Number (973) 1753 77 22

I hope my information helps.

Travel Tips for Bahrain

On arrival visa

by george5b

The 2 week on-arrival visa is now available to the following nationalites :

EU-16, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Hong Kong as well as any person resident in one of the GCC countries. The price is 5 BHD. In addition 72 hour transit visas are available to some additional nationalites, but these are more expensive.

The process is simple. Just go up to the immigration counter and hand over your passport. You don't have to fill out any forms. The 5 BHD fee can only be paid in cash, credit cards are not accepted. There is an exchange both adjacent to immigration, but they offer rather bad rates, so exchange some Bahraini money beforehand if you're coming from elsewhere in the region.

General tips on Living in Bahrain - Jobs/Career

by xty

For jobs, Bahrain is a developing yet modern country. So there will be many opportunity here, especially in building/road construction, architecture, finance, banking, technology, telecommunication, hospitality/hotel, and trading/retail stores.

As in other countries, the salary level may vary depends on the position, experience, etc. Roughly you can expect from 75-150 BD for labour worker, to 150-300 BD for clerical office worker, to 400-1000 BD for managers, and more for upper level position or specialised skills.

Look for at classifieds section for job vancancies. The salary standard may be less or the same as in Europe and US, but remember, you can earn/save more because there's no salary tax in Bahrain!

Go to the souk it's just...

by Anna_Barton

Go to the souk it's just amazing. I bought yards of material which was made into clothes by the tailoresses and then had to barter for a case to take it all home in - and ooooh so cheap!! The gold souk is a glittering mass of gold and silver. Again reasonably priced. Th rest of the souk is full of Eastern promise but I did resist buying a fluffy camel and a bright green plastic mosque clock. There is so much to look at and be tempted by, and I became quite good at bartering by the time I came home.
Go scuba diving with the Awali Divers fantastic day out wreck diving with 'Ace' McAlpine and his gang. Well organised and planned dives with plenty to see. Its Based at the Bahrain Yacht Club. Shisha and Turkish coffee under the stars.Open air Shisha cafes to chill out in - just blissful.

Avoid doing anything you might...

by B.T.-Justice

Avoid doing anything you might read in tourist guides! Apart from the Portugese fort, Tree of Life and the National Heritage Museum (Did I get it right?) there isn't much to see. If you want a good laugh, drive towards Sar (Saar) on the Budaya Highway until you see a brown highway sign that says 'Weaving Centre', that's probably the most hilarious thing I've ever seen (I will scan a picture of the place soon!). What you should do instead is to go to some of the night clubs in Bahrain, there are about three or four worth going to, score some chicks and then fly out of the country the next day! ;-) Seriously though, unless you live here (like I did for a short while) there isn't really much to do. If you want to shop you're better off in Dubai (U.A.E.) than here although you can make bargains in the souks if you're down with the bargaining game. Old Beans is the place I miss the most, the smallest, dodgiest bar/pub/? in the whole of Bahrain. This place is in Adliya, hard to find even if you live in Bahrain, if its of any help its close to a Irish-style pub (there is only one in Adliya if I remember this correctly) and they should know how to tell you the direction to Old Beans. Go there and see what I mean!

For anyone visiting Bahrain...

by rmassin

For anyone visiting Bahrain for the first time, the souq is a must see. It is located near the Manama city center right behind what was once the 'Gate of Bahrain'. In the souq, you'll find everything you could ever imagine- gold, jewelry, food, souvenirs, clothes, electronics, and so much more. When I am away from Bahrain, I miss my friends the most. I have made some wonderful friends here in Bahrain, and I truly dread the day I have to tell the goodbye one last time :-( !!


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