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Beer Sheva, beware of camels near the roadBeer Sheva, beware of camels near the road

Casa do Brasil, Beer-Sheva, IsraelCasa do Brasil, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Entrance to Ahuzat Smilansky RestaurantEntrance to Ahuzat Smilansky Restaurant

Dining in Ahuzat SmilanskyDining in Ahuzat Smilansky

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Coming to Israel

by JulieMyers

We are a family of 8 and need a place to stay for the night of Jan 24th we are on our way to Haifa and my husband doesnt want to drive at night can you help with something
Thank you
Julie Myers

Re: Coming to Israel

by rdglady

I think, ( it wasn't clear) that you are coming from the airport. You can stay in a myriad of hotels in Tel Aviv and then start out the following day. BTW it is NOT a smart idea to put your real name and email on an open site ( like this one) You have opened yourself to loads of spam.

Re: Coming to Israel

by unaS

Not quite clear - you are looking to spend the night in Be'er Sheva?
Or on the way from Be'er Sheva to Haifa?
Or if as the above poster thinks you are coming from the airport and looking to travel to Haifa, why post in the Be'er Sheva forum?

Re: Coming to Israel

by Bregman

You can save yourself the drive by taking a train from the airport to Haifa. There the Meridian hotel (I guess the name was changed to Leonardo), on the beach right next to the train station:

Re: Coming to Israel

by iblatt

Hi Julie,
Are you going from Beersheba to Haifa?? This is just a 2.5 hour drive, you can do most of it on the fast Route 6 Toll Highway, so I would reconsider the need for an overnight stop.
If you do want to spend the night somewhere along the way, without entering Tel Aviv, then Herzeliya is an option (it's 10km north of Tel-Aviv).


Re: Coming to Israel

by Jesperp

Israel Railways Home Page:

Re: Coming to Israel

by PamelaAikens

I stayed at the Le Meridien in summer 2010. I examined hotels and decided on ultimately the this hotel based on guest reviews from a forum whose name escapes me at the moment. In all probability best hotel in Haifa at present, overall.

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All's Well That Ends Well

by gilabrand

When God made the world and distributed resources like water, Beersheva must have been playing hookey. Rainfall in this city averages about 11 days a year. When rain does fall, it comes down in buckets, and the dry stream beds, known as wadis, turn within hours into raging rivers. These rivers are short-lived. They vanish almost as abruptly as they appear.

But luckily, Beersheva had an alternative source of water - groundwater – which could be tapped by digging wells. In this patch of desert where Avraham Avinu - Abraham the Patriarch – pitched his tent thousands of years ago, the key to survival was digging wells and making pacts with the enemy in which water rights played a major role. These two survival tactics are reflected in the name “Beersheva.”

A “be’er” is a well, and “sheva” could be either the number “seven” or “oath” (shvu’a). Thus, Beersheva is either the “city of seven wells,” or the “well of the oath.”

In the Bible, Abraham makes a pact with Abimelech, chieftain of the Philistines, after Abimelech’s servants seized a well dug by Abraham. Abraham gives him seven ewes on condition that he recognize Abraham’s ownership rights over the well. Then Abraham plants an “eshel” – a tamarisk tree - there.

In later years, one way of drawing water from these wells was a “noria,” or waterwheel. Two of these huge wooden contraptions fitted with buckets can be seen in Beersheva today – in the courtyard of the Abraham’s Well visitors center and at the pedestrian mall in the Old City.

Mini, mini, VT meet with Karin

by Martin_S.

Finally had the golden chance to meet my VT friend Karin from Canada. We went to Beer-Sheva to meet her since she did not have a car.
You can see us here, that is Karin on the right, with me, then Zohara, David and Estar.
Zohara as you know is my wife, David is our adopted son from WUJS here in Arad and Estar is a friend from Arad (actually the daughter of friends, but today she is a grown up girl and a friend also ^o^) who just decided to come along to meet Karin.
If you have the chance to meet this woman, take it, she is the sweetest person, I would wish her as a friend to anyone. Thanks Karin for visiting us and giving us the opportunity to meet you IN PERSON, come back to us soon.

Collectors Car

by Martin_S.

Spotted this old Peugeot on the streets of Beer Sheva, it must be a collectors edition by now. If anyone can identify the model and year it would be appreciated. I am not knowledgeable about cars, but even I can appreciate a car that has a sense of self.

Chess Anyone?

by gilabrand

Bet you didn't know this, but amid the timeless sands of the desert, in the heart of Beersheva, the grandmasters of the world are huddled over their chess boards. Beersheva, Israel's chess capital, was chosen to host the 2005 World Team Chess Championships.

Starting today, November 1, 2005, teams from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, the United States, Cuba, the Georgian Republic, China and Israel are competing for the title of World Champion (Egypt canceled at the last minute). The Israeli team recently won second place in the European championship for the second year in a row, and is currently ranked fifth in the world.

Eliahu Levant, the manager of Beersheva's chess club, moved to Israel in 1972 from - well, where else? - Russia. In Leningrad, he was the secretary of the city's largest chess club. In Beersheva there are now 38 active teams, and a special program has been introduced to teach chess in kindergartens.

Levant says he has to order a new trophy cabinet every year to accommodate all the cups Beersheva has won.

Desert weather

by Ketikand

It so hot during the day in Beersheba! Because it is literally in the desert! dont forget your sunscreen! Evenings may be chilly. Sometimes they get sandstorms, but most of the time weather is calm and hot. Dont forget to drink water frequently!


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