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Uhud MountainUhud Mountain

Masjidil Nabawi, MedinaMasjidil Nabawi, Medina

inside the Masjid el Nabiinside the Masjid el Nabi

Chandelier, looking down at pilgrimsChandelier, looking down at pilgrims

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Mount Uhud, in the centre is a...

by AliJoe

Mount Uhud, in the centre is a graves of the Shuhada of Uhud. According to the Islamic Historians, the' Uhud War ' took a lot of life to defend Medina and outskirt.....may be like ' Battle of ALAMO' or ' Battle of GETTYSBURG' I guess !! (lol).

Qibblatain Mosque

by uglyscot

This mosque is the only mosque to have two minbars or qiblas. The early Muslims used to face Jerusalem to pray [qibla], but once during prayers the Prophet Mohamed received a command to turn right round and face the position of the kaaba in Mecca.His followers followed him, and thereafter the qibla has been the Kaaba at Mecca, and the mosque has two qiblas to remind believers of the first Muslims, and the change.

One of the most exciting,...

by nartjies

One of the most exciting, interesting and knowledgable experiences is the 'ziarah'.
Ziarah is a trip that takes you back in time, a journey through the lives of our ancestors. A trip that includes visits to mosques, historic landsites and life-changing stories that can only be appreciated by a good guide that can walk you through these memorable experiences.

Medina AlMunawara....Masjid AlNabawi

by 4x4Xplorer

" Masjid AlNabawi....Madina Al Munawara "

The Prophet's Mosque and grave in Madinah is the second most revered place for Muslims around the world. It is important to remember, however, that a visit to the Prophet's grave is not in any way to worship or revere him, but to commemorate his role as God's messenger, and to remind Muslims of his mortality and humanity.
The Prophet's Mosque was the first institution to be built following Prophet Muhammad's migration in 622 AD from Makkah, where he was born, to the town of Yathrib, which became known as 'Al-Madinah an-Nabi", or 'City of the Prophet', and is today simply Madinah. The entire Muslim community, both the residents of Yathrib and those who had migrated from Makkah with the Prophet, participated in the construction of this first mosque, which was simply an open courtyard about 805 square meters in area surrounded by a wall made from bricks and tree trunks.
In 1981 Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz began research into plans for further extensions. The mosque today is one hundred times the size it was when the Prophet first established it. Indicative of the facilities now available is an underground parking garage designed to hold nearly 5,000 cars.
Each of the extension's six new minarets is crowned by a massive brass crescent, 7 meters in length and specially treated for protection against the elements. Each crescent weighs close to five tons and had to be hoisted by a tower crane to its resting place, over 110 meters from the ground.
One of the splendors of the newly-expanded Prophet's Mosque is the technology used for climatic control in the large open courtyards that are integral to the design of the mosque, involving an innovative system of sliding domes and umbrellas which are deployed during the hot hours of the day to contain the circulating chilled air, and retracted during the cool hours of the night to allow the release of accumulated warm air. The 27 domes have interiors of Moroccan cedar, carved with splendid traditional designs. Each of the twelve mechanized retractable umbrellas, six in each of the courtyards, is 17 meters by 18 meters across and stands 17 meters high, and the armatures extend to carry covers which together give shade to almost 300 square meters. The shading material is made of special micro-porous Teflon fabric, self-cleaning in the sun's ultra-violet light.
The air conditioning system is located some seven kilometers away at a chiller plant which houses the world's largest air-cooled condenser, and pumps a total of 17,000 gallons of chilled water per minute. The cooled air is filtered through insulated ducting to be distributed from vents set into the base of each column to create a cool and comfortable ambiance for worshippers throughout the year.

Under the first four Caliphs, Madinah and the Mosque where the Prophet was buried continued to be the seat of government, reinforcing the synthesis of religion and governance in the Islamic state. The first two Caliphs, Abu Bakr and Omar, were buried next to the Prophet in the place that had originally been the Prophet's home, and which today is covered by the famous green dome of the mosque.

The exterior walls feature granite, of which the Kingdom is a rich source. Crimson granite from the area of Najran was used for the decorative pillars in the mosque's windows. Dark pink granite from north of Raniyya was used for the external skirting. From Qasim Province came the pale pink granite that clads the exterior walls, and the gray granite that forms the steps and entrances. Each entrance features massive teakwood double doors, weighing two and a half tons. These doors were made in Spain using centuries-old techniques without screws or glue. They are embellished with ornamental brass, cast in foundries in France, and then plated with gold in the United Kingdom.


by AliJoe

"The ANNAPOLIS Treaty"

Photo: Prophet's Mosque at Madinah Al-Munawarah'. Please, do not enlarge you can't see me.

Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim,
Alhamdulilah hirabbila'alamin,wassalatu wassalamu ala Sayyididina Muhamaddin wa'ala Alaihi wassahbihi
wassalam. Rabbi' syarahli Sodri Wayasirli Amri Wahlul'uqdatan Millisani Yafqahu Qauli.. Amma Ba'du..........

Nearly a month to think seriously prior to write up this page. I try my level best to avoid Prejudicial issue and Pejorative to my esteem VT's members, especially my close friends. To think the other way around, believe I have a prerogative to tell the truth something about unfolded Muslim World's which is hidden amongst majority of NonMuslim.

Since Muhammad Rasullulah ( Prophet of Muhammad ) + - 1400 yrs back, nonmuslim are NOT PERMITTED to enter the 2 cities, Madinah al-munawarah' and Mekah Al-mukarramah' (Mecca). May be he / she working in Riyadh, Jeddah or the other nearest Middle East country ie: Oman, Qatar or Yamen, they will never get the official Visa to enter this 2 cities.

By God Mercy, previously I had the oppurtunity to pay a visit at Bramaputra River in India ( The Holy place for Hindu Religion ), Amritsar Golden Temple in India ( The Holy place for Sikh ),Norkorn Wat in Songkla, Thailand (The Holy place for Buddhiest ) and Vatican City in Rome. Have a chance move around with Christian Orthodox friends in Greece, Roman Catholic in Italy and comparison with Protestent friends from's all make me a little bit matured about other people Religions.There is
no such a word of Chauvinistic or Extremist in religion. The only thing is confusion of Devotees. The essence of Teaching from any religion is POSITIVE. As quote by the Great Philosopher * They hate what they do not know*......this is happened today. They have no tolorence, no mercy...they practice mudslinging as to replace a good Teaching of Religions !!!

I have no intention here to become a Precher nor Holly man....So shall we start our journey to MEDINA ?

"MEDINA 2007"

Mum & Son

"Any Chance ?"

Similar To Old Turk Architecture


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