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Grand Pasha Hotel: Not so grand, just ok

I called the hotel a day before so I was confident that I've somewhere to stay. I arrived at the Amasya otogar in the cold of the midnight - past midnight in fact. The otogar have few people, mostly the staff at some bus lines and a couple of police whom I've asked for the "saat kulesi" or clock tower which is my landmark to the hotel. I thought the center of the town is walkable, it isn't. So I took the taxi parked right in front of the bus terminal whose meter runs like a monsoon rain, and I paid 15TL for a short ride.

Arriving at the hotel, there's a young guy manning the reception, alas he doesn't know that I called and suddenly I don't have a booking and he had to call someone on the phone, then again there's vacancy, so I was checked in. I think I was the only guest in the hotel because at breakfast time I was the only one there.

Nice room indeed, nice clean double bed, balcony overlooking the street and the house on the sides and a partial view of the mountain above. Clean bathroom too, separate small showers, big built-in cabinet, TV, fridge. Nice touch on the room -- there are even 2 wine glasses, wet tissues, free bottled water.

I know that the building is one of those old ottoman mansion hanging along the Yesilirmak river, I saw it from the other side of the river when I went out. I wanted to experience that and in anyway I knew the hotel is almost empty, so I requested for a room on the river side the following day, hesitant it seems the reception lady made a phone call and I was allowed to transfer to a twin bed room on the river side, the room doesn't have a fridge though but nice wooden balcony facing the river and the main street promenade on the other side.

That morning I transferred to the other room I forgot my towelette on the bathroom of the previous room and I found it hard to explain it to the reception. I waited up on the floor I thought she's going to open the room so I could take it, no, she was busy playing cards as I found out when I went down or some table games with her friends at the breakfast room and it was like I'm disturbing them while playing on the table, she's giving me another set of towels I think she thought I need some towels, now she's losing her patience and eager to go back to the playing table. Alas, a guy wearing a maintenance jumpsuit came and I explained to him with some hand motions that I left something in the other room and he escorted me and though hesitantly he lets me in and I took the towelette while motioning to him that it's mine and I need it. So hard to communicate and "bother" the staff. The facilities though is adequate, classic and clean.

Not a single staff speak a word of english, and mostly composed of girls and boys except for the elder lady that serves the breakfast on my second morning. I requested for coffee, I got tea.

No extra attention to guest's needs like when I was checking out on my last day and my bus is leaving late in the evening, I requested if I could take a shower befor leaviong in the afternoon as I was planning to climb up to the castle so for sure I'll be stinking, but the lady told me - by using the Google translate (type in turkish to get the english translation) - that they don't have a vacant room to take a shower. That surprises me because I know very well that the hotel isn't even half full. So I decided to take a bath at the nearby hammam for TL20, good for me though because I got a relaxing scrub and soap massage before taking the night bus.

The hotel looks to me like --- it's almost a hotel, but fall short and leaning more towards being a guesthouse because of the lack in having real professional staff. Although the young lady tried to point me on my first morning to some of the sights when I inquired, I find it hard to understand (in turkish of course). They have a restaurant few steps from the hotel along the same street, I never tried it, I don't want to spend more for less.

It's more a local tourists' hotel, so if you only speak english, be ready for some misery.

Still I enjoy Amasya as I was out most of the time and come back to the hotel only at night to sleep. The town is really beautiful.

Single Room at Grand Pasha Hotel costs TL60 per night with basic breakfast, the breakfast room windows faces the river.

There's another hotel further down the road, in fact there are several hotels along this street, so if you don't have a booking on arrival, check few places before checking in, if someone speaks english or a bit and at least show an effort -- that would be a plus, or an indication that they are foreign-tourist-oriented.

I remember calling the Emin Efendi Konaklari also and one guy speaks a little english there, it's on the futher end of the street.

Old ottoman mansion, clean and some rooms facing the yesilirmak river.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
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  • Written July 17, 2011
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Harsena Otel: Best location.

Liked the centralness of this hotel.It has 28 rooms with 64 beds in total.
This was an old Ottoman mansion before but has now had a/c put in
Restaurant under the hotel and you have breakfast opposite outside in a small courtyard.
Web page in Turk and English.

Right under the rock tombs and on the opposite bank to most of the major attractions.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
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  • Written September 10, 2006
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Harsena otel,Amasya.

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Emin Efendi Konaklari and Pansiyon: No other choice

Arriving at 12 midnight in a small town without any hotel reservation and with my helplessly pathetic Turkish do not really sound so exciting (well, it sounds adventurous), but this perfectly described my situation then.

Without the kindness of two locals, who didn't speak English, but nonetheless took a stranger with them to look for a place to stay for the night, I would have slept on the steps of Sultan Beyazit Cami! Well, Turkish hospitality knows no time - it was all there, ready to be experienced any time!

We knocked on a few pansiyons on Hatuniye, until we found one that was open - Emin Efendi. There are two Emin Efendis - a hotel with standard facilities (really a comfy place), and a riverside pansiyon which was popular with backpackers. I stayed at the hotel for the first night, and it was comfortable - just the one I need after a very long day. But I had to move to the pansiyon on the second night since the hotel was fully booked.

As expected, hotel was more expensive at YTL 60/night, while a night at the pansiyon costs YTL 45, breakfast included.

The hotel was new, with rich decor, but still feeling very comfortable. Pansiyon is your standard bed and breakfast and I had a room with a private bath.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
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  • Written June 22, 2006
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Pansiyon's courtyard

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Yuvam Pension 1

The driver of the service from the otogar stopped on Atatürk Caddesi and asked someone about Yuvam Pension. He pointed towards some shops. I walked past the shops looking for a pension sign. After a while I realised I had walked to far and asked some people. I walked back and then back again until I finally found the place. You should ask for the pension in a pharmacy (eczane) as the owner workes there.
They have actually closed down this pension but keep two rooms on the 5th floor for tourists. The rooms have very nice views over the Pontic tombs. Each room have got two beds and a bathroom. There is a kitchen with a washingmachine (one machine costs 7 000 000 TL) and there is a terrace where you can hang your cloths to dry.
I was alone there and could choose room - one of them felt more nicer then the other. As there was noone around, not even a reception it felt a bit lonely.
The room was 20 000 000 TL.

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  • Written July 3, 2004
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Pontic tombs by night, Amasya

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Yuvam Pansiyon

I stayed at the Yuvam Pansiyon, located on the main doesn't look much from the outside (you enter via a pharmacy), but the view from the roof is what made this place worth staying in. The rooms weren't bad, and had a functioning private bathroom...for me, this is a luxury! The only complaint was the fact that the only rooms are located on the 5th and 6th floor...not funny when there is no lift and the temperature is in the mid-30's.
I've got a funny feeling we paid 15 million lira per night for a twin room, although I don't know where that figure came from...sounds about right though, as that would be around $10 I think.

The owner doubled as a pharmacist, and when she was busy, reception was manned by her over-keen son. I think the small amount of power had gone to his head, as he used to make a fuss about leaving the key at reception every time we went out, which meant that we had to disturb his mother in the pharmacy every time we wanted to go back...she soon put a stop to that, but he did get a bit surly when he saw we hadn't left our keys at reception!

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Written August 29, 2002
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A mosque in old Amasya

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