Sunrise Park Resort and Spa

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Kizilagac Koyu Mevkii Manavgat, Side, 07600, Turkey
Sunrise Park Resort and Spa
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Best All Inclusive Holiday hotel

by TripAdvisor Member kayhannah

Just got back from the best All Inclusive holiday yet. This hotel really looks after you and is excellent value for money. The food is of a very high standard, buffet style and plenty of choice, complete with free entertainment if you count the many members of the Russian State Circus, practicing their skills at balancing enormous amounts of food on their tables, whilst parading in the latest fashions with a nostalgic mixture of styles from the 1950s.

Plenty to do for the kids,free snack bars, entertainment and games all day around the main pool.. quieter pools for the not so adventurous. Evening entertainment and Disco. free watersports (Not Parasailing though).

We were lucky and were given bungalow rooms. Brilliant, clean, tv, free mini bar, and nice and quiet at night. Really cannot fault this hotel. Food and drink 24 hours, yet no signs of any drunken behavior.
No need to take any spending money (except for trips if you want them.) No need to leave the complex, it has everything you need.
Cannot wait to go again next year

good facilities but soooooooo rude!!!!

by TripAdvisor Member kpallan

Myself and 14,15 and 5y rold stayed at this hotel for one week.The facilities are great.The down side was that I have never spent a holiday with so many rude people.Having traveled all over the world this took some doing!! The Hotel was to full capacity with 1800 Russian and German guests(mainly Russian) and 200 British.( These numbers came from the Thomas Cook rep)I l like to go on holiday and experience a mix of cultures etc but this is the first holiday that my party and I were glad that we stayed for only one week.Some of the staff were very nice but by far quite rude ,but I really do not blame them having seen how they were treated .It was awful.
The acc was o.k.We stayed in two hotel rooms.They were clean and the lady that kept our rooms did a good job,plenty of clean towels etc.
Meals times were very stressful.If you like to have a relaxing have no have to push,shove etc if you want to eat.As for drinks times it really wasnt worth the stress.If you bumped into a British Guest(the rare few that were not knocking you over to get to the ice-cream) you just laughed about it!!!
Would notsuggest you allow younger children wander about as they were treated like second class citizens.
My children found the week a rather amazing experience of how badly behaved adults can be.Would rec hotel on facilities only I would not return..Thomas cook rep also very good.

enjoyed my holiday

by TripAdvisor Member cruicky

enjoyed my holiday the hotel is great and so are the facilaties,its very clean and tidy and the gardens are lovely .we are a family of 4 and my children really had a great time ,the water park is excellent the beach is a little shingly and if your 8 foot out i was up to my neck . If you can put up with germans and russians being slightly rude at times you wil be ok. The things i found that to me let the hotel down for the english were at breakfast they only cator for russians and germans ie no toast, bacon,sausage,i had an omlete or croissants. There is no bar at the water park its a 400 yard walk for a beer, if you are watching the show in the amplitheatre you could not get a drink either the food at dinner time is very nice but dont expect many english dishs .The hotel staff are very nice but tend to give the germans and russians priority .
The hotel is very quit and relaxing , mosts of the english people i met were at the hotel to get away from the typical english abroad holiday ,i did not see anyone drunk and even around the pools you could go to sleep which was nice. There was one family of scousers who made more noise than everyone else around the pool on their own. The beer is ok its a stong lager the glasses are alittle small so i had 3 at a time which there was no problem with , if you drink spirits you can only get them from the main hotel bar not around any of the pool bars. My wife and i both had a turkish bath and a massage which was nice ,my daughter went horse riding £5 ,we didnt go to side there is no need to leave the complex ( to hot ) i would go back because the kids are well catered for and i liked the quitness of the place (not many english)

Holiday from hell

by TripAdvisor Member zzzzzzzzzzzzz

We have just returned from thie sunrise beach resort in Turkey, and may i warn any one DON'T DO IT!! Booked through Thomas cook.
Our first gripe with the hotel is the air conditioning. It says they have it, but they forget to tell you they will only use it now and again, and even then it does'nt go below 28C! Everone was complaining, some staff were wet through but the air con is all done by a main control. We ended up staying there for 4 weeks unfortunatly because both my children got ill and could'nt fly-one thing to remember when in a foreign country is when your children have high fevers and the temp is 40c its very worrying. The rep passed out in her welcome talk because of the heat-good start! We were put in 2 differant rooms during our stay and the air con was the same. At night everyone slept with the balcony doors open to try and cool down but we ended up sleeping on wet towels, but of course with the doors open got many bites but the heat was un bareable. There was a built in 'fan' in each apartment that circulated the warm air round very slowley but switched off if the balcony door was open or you left the apartment.
Another dissapointing factor is the huge amount of Russians. 80% of 3000 guests were mainly russians and if you thought Germans were rude it's not a scratch on this race! This in turn made the staff rude as anyone would be after being treated as they did. The sunbeds are all gone by 8 in the morning-with the towles on them but if you think thats bad-in the starlight buffet one of the 2 main resturants, they would put towles on the seats of tables so there was no where to eat!
With these people being so rude and pushy it made the whole meal thing quite un pleasant. It was a real bun fight. In this hotel be prepared to que-for everything! (you will get pushed out of the way alot and que jumping is normal it seems.) The food was'nt the best either. Do not eat with your fingers-not even bread-worms were rife! People would go straight from the toilet to the buffet without washing their hand and use serving spoons everyone had to use.
Another thing to remember when you have such a high population of a certain race and a low very British residents-they don't need english speaking staff. If you need anything it's a nightmare cause they cant understand you-they are mainly Russian or Turkish staff-so they don't want to speak to you anyway-Brits really are second class over there. If you ring reception 9 times out of 10 they will put the phone down on you once you speak. The Thomas cook rep when she was there-not often and certainly not for long could'nt deal with them either!
This is an all inclusive hotel with free local drinks-umm really!
There are afew bars scattered about the site-most serve nothing but beer and most serve it in 50ml polistirene cups-50ml!wase of time-all foam anyway! The only other drinks available-only from a couple of bars are-raki, local whisky, vodka, gin and wine. Nothing else so if you have been on an all inclusive before be prepared.
If there was anything at all positive to say about this place was there was the occasional member of staff unlike all the others that were lovely. Also the international kids club-although mainly russian girls ran it-were all wonderful! Kids usually came back with something they had made and it was open most of the day-their english was limited though but they were lovely. Thomas cook one was only open a 3 hours a day for each age group and you usually had to pay a suppliment-rip off!
Also credit to the cleaners-it was clean.
While we were there there was a huge amount of ear infections-i mean huge-because of the water park etc-if you can't go in the water to cool off what can you do-there is a telly in the rooms but its all German, Russian or Turkish. My son had a major ear infection after 3 days and was un able to go in the water for the rest of the holiday. For the rest of the time he watched German cartoons or we persuaded him to occasionaly go to kids club when he was up to it-for 3 and a half weeks!
When we had to stay on in the hotel because we could'nt fly home Thomas Cook really tried to take us for a ride. Their insurance would not cover my daughter or husband to stay. The insurance company immediatly tried to get us sorted but the hotel was trying to throw us out the room and Thomas cook were a discrace! Eventually after 2 days they told me to pay them twice as much as the hotel had quoted-It took 2 days because the hotel had agreed my rate but TC wanted a cut. so was trying to negotiate commision. So when the hotel would'nt give it they tried to get it from us. I paid it my self and am waiting to claim it back-which after over a week i still have'nt recieved the claim form!
This was certainly a lesson for me, I looked at this site before we left but perhaps no one had been when it's really hot.
What i would say is it does have good facilities but you have to be prepared to que que que in seiring heat-and just cause you que for an hour does'nt mean they wont turn you away when it gets to you because of breaks or full to capacity etc.
You have been warned!!!!!!!!

Once tried but never would return

by TripAdvisor Member Leggey

We have just returned from the sunrise resort, my two teenagers one of 13, & 15 and my partner plus another family of 3 with a teenager of 13. I booked the holiday in April 06 and have been checking the reviews on the tripadvisor on a regular basis to get a idea what to expect but still thought after reading the bad reviews you have to decide for yourself as everyone has different standards and whats good for one person could be bad for another. I'm afraid to say I went with a open mind and my personal opinion is I wouldn't go back again!!!

It's true that the hotel/complex is full of russians and hardly any english and the actual hotel has it's problems. The main hotel is very dated and the air conditioning is old and hardly works!!
when you have more than two people sharing a room the heat is unbearable as the three teenagers shared a room. The teenagers were bored in the evening as the disco in the evening that didn't start to 11.30/12.00 hardly played any english music only turkish or russian and the highlight for the parents was the evening meal that got very boring after the first week because it was nearly the same food that was served at lunchtime the dishes hardly changed. For a complex so huge there wasn't one bar in the evening that played some english music that we could have listen to while having a drink it wouldn't have cost alot just to stick on some english CD's that would have made a difference for as the evenings were boring for us parents too!!! It's true to say also that so many children were falling down with ear infections as my 13 yr old did and was in hospital all day and stayed over for one night becasue it was so bad and the antibotics wouldn't be strong enough to kill the infection in time for him to go home. It's shows you how bored I was with the complex as I felt it gave me a breck from it staying over in hospital with my son. So many peole there who were english were complaining of the things that I have just mentioned , one couple couldn't wait to get home and he had only been there a week and felt he was in prison.

There is a couple of nice things that you couldn't fault like the grounds of the complex were well kept and was very clean.

The beach was terrible really stoney to the extent you didn't want to go in the sea because walking over the stones killed your feet even in the sea it was stones. This holiday wasn't cheap it cost me nearly £4,000 so next year I think Iwill play safe and stick to spain or even Cyprus that I went to 3yrs ago least it was value for money and the people were friendly and catered for the english!!! come to think of it after spending that amount of money I could go further afield Mexico etc and would get more value for my money!!!!

brilliant holiday have booked to go back 2007 (magnificent)

by TripAdvisor Member maggieanne1957

I Went to the sunrise for two weeks, with my husband and grandaughter, i couldn't find fault with anything, we all loved it so much, that we have already booked 2007, only this time my daughter's and partener's are comming with there children, the aqua park is fantastic for the children, and all the pools have a childrens, small one at the side of them, cleanliness around the pools, is excellent and the staff are really helpfull and so pleasant, Restaurants are great my husband is fussy when it comes to food!! but there was alway's something he liked co's sometimes he had seconed's, maid's changed bed's and towel's, cleaned room's every day, and stocked fridge up water, coke, fanta. The grounds of the hotel are beautiful i have never saw gardens so well looked after in all the holiday's we have had and we have been to lot's of lovely place's entertainment is good too, i don't know how anyone can find fault with this hotel or any of the services that they provide i don't very often go to the same place twice!! so take my word and book "NOW" don't leave it to late, you won't be dissapointed my grandaughter didn't want to come home she loved it the kid's club was on every day but sunday's there day off

loved the sunrise resort

by TripAdvisor Member desshal

We stayed at the Sunrise resort for 2 weeks with our 3 kids one of 13 and 10, 9. It was full of Germans and Russians, only 97 english were there. But we kept ourselves to ourselves and got on with the other brits and scottish. Food got a bit boring in the second week but still not a problem, my 2 kids were turned away from the kids club cos it was only them too. pools great Aqua park great, plenty of free beds. The bar staff and waiters were great loved them, brill with the kids.
one thing i would advise strongly all you brits that like a pint take a PINT PLATIC CUP. give it to them and they will fill it up. It ended up a good joke its called the English glass. The apartments GREAT cleanded every day and bottles of water replaced every day. I would say if there were alot more brits it would be a BLINDING holiday. Dont be put off by all the bad reviews its what you make it. I was worried after reading them all but on going myself found it not as bad as alot of people are saying. If you are nice to them they are nice back.

Fab holiday, Great Laughs!

by TripAdvisor Member Alisom

We went as a two family group, four adults and six children (7-16). Had a great time. The majority of the staff were really friendly and were happy to look after polite english people!!! They taught us turkish, we taught them english. The food was quite nice, a little monotonous by the end of the week, but generally okay. The mongolian restaurant was really good. The waiters were all really lovely if you treated them with respect, which cannot be said for some of the other international guests! There were only about six English families there. The hotel is being closed for the winter as they are renovating the accommodation, which was basic but very clean. Clean towels in abundance every day, fridge restocked with bottled water every day. The facilities were very good, the pools great fun for the kids, the animination team worked hard. The beach was lovely and we thought it great that the banana boat, kayaks and wind surfing were free of charge and part of the inclusive package. We didn't struggle for sun beds either by the pools or on the beach, however the resort wasn't full during our week. All in all a really enjoyable week. The rep told us that Thomas Cook are taking on the resort next summer, so perhaps it will be booked by more english people. However, the abundance of German and Russians didn't spoil our holiday, it provided great entertainment!


by TripAdvisor Member blackpoolShrewsbury

fantastic cannot fault going back for my sixth time in 2 years in august just get on with the other international guests and they will be nice back you have to remember what impression people have probally got of 'ENGLISH' these days 7 pools 12 bars 8 resturants 3400 guests its just huge loads to do loads to explore a walk round the complex takes 20minutes or ring reception for a GOLF BUGGIE thiss hotel still has massive expansion and refurbisment plans and from speaking to the managment they want to encurrage english guest so go and enjoy yourself just asrise any problems if any to the hotel they are more than happy to help maybe see you there aug 07 this place gets better each time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great family Holiday.

by TripAdvisor Member steveangemily

We have just returned from a weeks holiday at the Sunrise Hotel. This place has it all. Its very clean, the staff are friendly and there was sunshine in abundance!.
My husband and i took our daughter who is 6 years old and there was always somthing to do. There is a great kids club, fab aquapool, horseriding etc etc.
We stayed in one of the chalet rooms which were very nice, clean and comfortable.
The food was good but you have to be willing to try new things.
The entertainment was brill. the kids disco has everyone on their feet. There is somthing on every night. ( Try to finish your evening meal by 8pm to get a good seat at the ampitheatre for the entertainment.)
Not so good bits... Lots of photographers take lots of pics then want you to pay top dollar for them, lots and lots of russian guests that feel they should be served first, Try to download a map off the hotel website before you go as its a very large complex and its easy to end up walking around in circles.
All in all a great place. We really had a good time and the staff are only too pleased to help. We will deffinetly go back for another holiday.


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 Sunrise Park Resort and Spa

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