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Meet the locals!

by caren_f

I'm a New Zealander teaching English in Karabuk (very near Safranbolu) and my adult students would love a chance to practice their English. If any English speakers would like to meet some friendly locals, make some frends, and have a unique experience in Safranbolu...please drop me a line.

Re: Meet the locals!

by joefresh

i will like to teach over-there. Actually am a Nigeria and there is no Lithuania embassy in Nigeria. so contact on my e- mail: joe1_fresh@yahoo.com

Re: Meet the locals!

by qaminari

1) You'd need a Turkish visa to teach in Karabuk/Safranbolu, not Lithuanian!
2) There is a Turkish Embassy in Abuja.
3) As it happens, there is apparently also a Lithuanian Embassy in Nigeria, in the Penthouse Office suite, Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos
4) Even if there wasn't one actually in your country, there would be a Lithuanian Embassy responsible for Nigeria, to which you can apply for a visas.
5) I don't see why you would be asking someone already teaching in Turkey for advice (especially if you want to teach in Lithuania) but you can e-mail VT members directly: why should this person e-mail YOU when you are the one with questions?

Re: Meet the locals!

by Sirvictor

Pls send a letter to www.mymerhaba.com

Travel Tips for Safranbolu

SAFRANBOLU - I can highly...

by maykal

SAFRANBOLU - I can highly recommend getting lost in Safranbolu...every street or alleyway is full of old houses, each more beautiful than the last, and as you will get lost whether you want to or not, you might as well enjoy it, so leave the map in your hotel. Safranbolu is very laid back, so does it really matter if you don't know exactly which house is which, and where that alleyway leads to?!! You'll find mosques, an ancient khan or two, an art gallery in a restored house, a castle park, sweet shops, old-time cafes, craftesmen at work in their workshops, donkeys munching on fruit stalls in the market....so just go and get lost!!!!

Tourist Information Booth

by June.b

At the old town's center or plaza, just beside the KAZDAÐLIOÐLU MOSQUE, there is a small tourist info booth where you could get a map of the area. All sights in Safranbolu are walk-able.

The woman at the Info Booth is very helpful, will explain to you (in the map) the highlights of the area.

Map is free, so go get one!

Family Structure and Daily Life

by traveloturc

Big family structure influences the houses’ plan. The oldest man is chief of family. Children is under sovereignty of their father. This custom ensures living together of family. This big family is like a factory. Boys have to live with their family for comfort and good living. Girls get married and go to bride-groom’s house. Accoding to custom, everbody gets married from Safranbolu. Big family consists of mother, father, boys, brides, uncle, aunts and grandchilds.
There is also a foreign girl in big family. Women and men are two apart community and they symbolize “ Haremlik and Selamlik” ( woman/ man sections) Each community has room at home and these rooms were disagned like indepent house. Generally, everybody has two children in Safranbolu and if family is rich, they have two houses. One of them is in “ Çarsi”(Market) and the other is in “ Baglar”.( vineyard) The chief of family and his wife gets up early and they prepare breakfast. Adult men go to the mosque and when they come back to home, everybody together has breakfast. Breakfast includes tarhanasoup, yayim,grape molasses and walnut. After breakfast men go to their shop, garden and field.
Women stay at home for housework. Houses of Safranbolu are big so there are a lot of housework at home. You can’t see big table for lunch at home. Women finish housework and then they start to work for dinner. Dinner is early and after dinner, men go to coffeehouse. People migrate to summer houses in summer and they store vegetable, fruit and food for winter. They come back to their winter houses in Çarsi ( Market ) in winter.

Local food :Green beans with butter

by traveloturc

The green beans are washed and their ends are cut off. The beans are placed in a shallow pot. If desired, onion and tomatoes can be added to the beans in a decorative manner. The pot is left to cook on low heat without stirring or opening the lid of the pot. When it is cooked, melted butter is poured over the top of the beans. It is served hot.

Local Sweet:The Baklava of Safranbolu

by traveloturc

The pastry which is rolled out as thin as leaves with starch and is layered into a greased tray. Walnuts are spread between the sheets of pastry. The baklava is made with 40-50 sheets of pastry and is about 3cm in height. the pastry is cut into the shape of a star leaving the pieces diamond-shaped. The baklava is baked in the oven. The syrup which is prepared earlier is poured over the baklava. The baklava can be served when the pastry soaks the syrup. During the times of Eids and Fests, the baklava is prepared on the Eve and is served to the guests who come to visit in each home.During weddings, the bride and grooms family both serve baklava to the guests attending the wedding. The family of the groom presents a large tray of baklava to the groom as a gift.


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