Ersan Resort & Spa

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Icmeler PK 357, Bodrum, 48400, Turkey
Ersan Resort & Spa
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Ersan is not a good choice for a nice holiday!

by TripAdvisor Member Dooooooda

i have just returned from Ersan hotel, Bodrum - Turkey.
to be short: there is no way i would go back there, not in a million years. me and another 14 friends went here for a nice relaxing holiday - got there - took the rooms. the rooms were very nice (because i think we got the best rooms in the hotel - the "shrimp rooms" they called them - otherwise the rooms i think are not to good.
the resort has a nice big garden between the apartments, with lots of flowers. all day & evening long you can hear some weird noise, like from some birds - but it is from a special device that keeps the birds away. tourists accomodated in some of the apartments can hear it all day long.
the restaurant - clean but not friendly. you carry your own food but also drinks. in all inclusive i think that at the least for the drinks you should have service. we stayed in line for each glass of (tap)water or beer (improuved with water). also for the food. the main courses (the warm food) is not so much and there is always a line to follow. if you are "lucky" to have kebab for dinner - the line is longer and you are served by a cook with 2 little pieces of meet and if you want more you are told that you dont have the right for more and the give you another small piece (but very small). anyway, almost same food every night.

the hotel is an all inclusive one - i thought that we would have a relaxing holiday because of this! no way - there was an only all inclusive bar, where was always full, where they serve you the same tap water and some water with colour as a juice for some machines. the beer is improuved with water - to be cheaper for them. the personnel is not so nice as everybody says on tripadvisor. the are mean and not interested about your confort. if you dare to take a glass to fill it with water from the machine, after the all inclusive hours - they almost kill you. if you want to buy drinks, there is only one little shop, with higher prices.

The only good thing in the resort is TUANA, the turkish coffee house - where we met an excelent owner - Eyad - with very nice conditions and narghile (shisa). Of course, you pay for this - because it is rented. The only way you can have a nice drink in the resort is by paying it from the store or have it in this coffee house.

the sunbeds were not enogh for how many people they have accomodated and even if you wake up at 6:30 am you cannot find a place to stay on the "beach". i say "beach" and not beach, because there is a platform and not a sand beach. even where they had a little square of sand, the sand is industrial and you cannot walk bare foot on it.

the volleyball terrain has also industrial sand on it, so please do not jump for the ball if dont want to get hurt. if you go the the entertainment center to take a ball for volleyball after 17:00, they wont give it to you - "it's too late!". we had to buy a ball to play some volleyball.

the water is nice and clean, but it has rocks in it and you have to swim away from the shore not the walk on the rocks that have some "a lot of needles animal" fixed on them.

all the turks are trying to fool you. we went to a boat trip and the promissed a nice cruise, with 3 golfs to see and dive in along with lunch on board. we sow only one golf, dived only once - you pay extra dive - and the lunch - one big sandwhich with a slice of cheese, one of meat and one of tomato. that's all.

we went to aqua park also. after 2 hours to get there (even it was close, but the car came late) we found the same not-friendly personnel and a few slides with so little fun on them. to go on one slide that we thought it was nice we spent 1 hour in the row.
dont go to aqua park dedeman bodrum - it really sucks!

one night we tried to have some drinks in bodrum, the city - on the restaurant alley in the port. we had one bottle of wine, a few beers, a few spoons of icecream, a few baclava cookies and 2 coffees. how big was the bill? 600 dolars. :D

we paid for anything in this trip, to have a nice time. we spent a lot of money on NOTHING! I WONT GO THERE AGAIN IN MY LIFE. GREECE IS A WAY BETTER DESTINATION.

for more information you can contact me at:


by TripAdvisor Member glynisManchester

I hope if your reading the reviews on this hotel that you havent already booked. Club ersan was the first all inc holiday ive been on, and after being there its the last one i will go on, they have put me off for life because if all inc hotels operate like this one does then i would rather never go again. There is only one bar that serves all inc drinks between 11am and 12 midnight, the alcohol is watered down, and the bar men admitted that it was. ersan resort is quite a large resort, the entertainment is at one end of the resort and the bar is at the other, even though there is a bar next to the entertainment they do not open it up and if they did you would still have to go all the way to the other side do get a drink or pay for it at one of the closer bars. the entertainment is of a poor standard and some of it not fit to be seen by children. The entertainment team seem more interested in telling you how many women from the hotel they have slept with rather than doing what they are there to do. There was a large party of us went with 5 childen among the party, we spent most of are time around the pool as theres not much to do, its wooden decking that is around the pool, which is unsecure. All of are children ended up with splinters in there feet and hands. There is tiles missing on the bottom of the pool and the water filters at the side are dirty and move or are missing.
The food is very repetative and recycaled, all of us had poorly tummys.
The reception staff are rude and ignorant, and as for the lady in guest relations, well shes as much help as a chocolate fire guard and i dont think she knows how to smile.
This is not and all inc hotel, beware of the hidden charges because theres plenty of them.
If you have already booked go get your money back and book yourself a new holiday because this is not a hotel worth spending your money on.

Voter Polo/ Votor Geeem/ Morning Geeem/ Guten morgan!

by TripAdvisor Member Dlma04

Ok we have just come back yesterday, but feel the need to rave about this hotel experience! What a fantastic hotel with facilities that are well above average, where to start ...

Arrival checkin very quick and efficient with a bell boy to take you straight to your room, don't forget to have a small tip!

Room was immaculate but as other people state view not great but hey you only hang your wet trunks on balcony. Some have sea view but not the end of your holiday we spent all day on the beach so it was ok to look at a tree and some bushes in the dark before going to sleep!

Morning brought Bultins to the med! The morning song is a riot! Guten Morgan Guten Morgan Guten Morgan sonnen shine. Then the stretch with the Animation staff (They work damn hard, hats off to them!).

Takes you onto the food - Breakfast outstanding, alternates each morning. Staff more than helpful as we like ketchup, which is not put out but happy to get you some, to have with your eggs. So much variety but we are creatures of habit so suited us. If you are looking for the traditional UK FRY UP please don't come here should have stayed in the UK!!!! ok! Lunch so much variety and again if looking for UK Fish & Chips then again either go to Bodrum town and pay for it or embrace the local culture and indulge in the fantastic array of starters, main courses and desserts that the Club Ersan, Turkey has to offer. Watch your timing for meals though we had a wee bit of bother finding a table one day and some other european cultures think it is ok to hang over your table as you come to the end of your meal. However Dinner again if not looking for your bog standard food there is so much choice, would strongly recommend the lamb, I loved it, My kids never went hungry and we have the tight jeans to prove it since we came home.

The entertainment was not to our suiting - Water gym, polo etc but I commend the staff for their friendly and relentless enthusiasm throughout our two weeks there and if you approach them and talk, you become a familiary face which makes for a happy place to be. They have to work in very hot temps but never loose their smiles, happy people!

The sun beds - oh my. Whilst we were there saw a couple of fights and very aggresive behaviour over the sun beds. We did partake in the up at 4.30am to get our beds but hey when in Rome. Thank god to the hotel recognised this problem and made a ruling that towels cannot be put on loungers til 7am. We went down at 6.30 and sat on the beach and enjoyed to tranquil environment then left our towels for the day. Not a traditional beach person but so much better there than the poolside. Close enough for our kids to walk up and have a splash when ever they wanted. The infinity pool was awesome, the slides a bit dodgy remember we are not in the uk and health and safety not as strict much to my daughters annoyance when a boy landed on top of her in the plunge pool at the end of the yellow slide but hey - oooppsalllaaaaaa,

There is a very diverse group of people here but so refreshing to meet people from other cultures but agree the concept of standing in line is a very british thing.

The bar - yes there is only one bar but hey thats how they work. Idea if you want extra drinks and can't cope for an hour without a beer do what we did and took a flask with us. But only went to the evening entertainment once, as I said due to multicultural environment took 15 minutes to say hello, bonjour, merebah, guten tag etc But isn't it awesome that the Turkish staff can speak so many languages - really puts us to shame so we learnt 5 or 6 pigeon words which is really appreciated by the staff like good morning thank you please hello good day and the most important - ICE PLEASE (Lutven Boose).

Would we go back yes, met another family there and in part enjoyed our holiday because we had good company in good weather with good food in an environment that was so safe for our family.

Dolmus 2 lira each if you have kids over 7. But whats a pound for a 15 minute thrill ride into town. Then as one of our friends said time for 'Shoppy, shoppy, hand bag!' In town people just as friendly. Can't say enough positives however don't forget that if you come with an open mind and have the ability to embrace other cultures you are sure to have wonderful holiday at Club Ersan!


Say hello to Ayden on the beach if you see him (works in the hamman). And make to effort to climb the hill to check it out, we didn't til our last day, only regret!

Early start required!

by TripAdvisor Member Jonners99

Ok, let's get it out of the way.......Oooopserla!! Just come back from a week of toasty hot weather in Turkey and an enjoyable stay at Club Ersan. I Must confess, we are "All Inclusive veterans" of the last few years, so came with high expectations, although we were warned not to expect too much in comparisons to other countries.

You do need to be prepared to mix in with the other nationalities and accept the way that they holiday so that you don't get too wound up though, as they clearly do not do the typical British custom of queing, or abide by many of the rules that are set up for the guests. We arrived as most people do in the early hours and were checked in to our rooms which were more than adequate although lacking much of a view. A wonder down to the pool and the beach even at 7.00 told us one thing to be prepared for. Despite feling smug about being down there so early there was not a single spare sunbed down by the pool and even very few by the beach (which is lovely by the way). People that had been there a few days before us suggested you really need to ignore the sign and stake your claim to a place at 5.30 ish if you really want a complete choice of where to put your towels!! I do wonder if they could do with a few more sun beds as there are always people disappointed each day......

The pools are excellent and there is always something going on by the main pool to keep you entertained along with sport and exercise, and the infinity pool is lovely! The beach has plenty of Jettys and the sea is clear and safe for all and never gets too busy as it is for residents only. There are free pedaloes and canoes and other water sports from the resort at a price, and there tends to be a nice cool breeze.

The food is fine although you can be a little frustrated with the queues and the strict timings for an All Inclusive, so it does tend to feel a bit of a rush. There is usually plenty of choice and plenty of nice salad and desert and enough to keep my kids fed for a week. The snack bar is worth checking out and we did find it a little odd the way they limit the ice creams for an hour in the mornings only and the tea and biscuits/cake in the afternoon gets snapped up very quickly as people seem to needlessly take much more than they need! We did not make it to the Turkish restaurant as we ate out a few times with my sister who lives overe there and it is worth doing for a change once or twice for the sake of a few Lire and a bargain Dolmus trip at 2 Lire per person each way! The settings for the A La Carte restaurants are fab, overlooking the sea, and it is nice to get waited on for a change, although the food we had in the Italian was a bit disappointing.

The bar situation is also a little odd especially at night when the entertainment is on as it is a fair way to the Ampitheatre where they have their shows in the evening, and it is not clear why they do not use the bar near there and also why there is only one toilet block again a long way from the entertainment which can be embarrassing for anyone caught short or those unfortunate enough like my son to end up with stomach upset! The staff are friendly and the local alcohol can flow as much as you like til 12.00 which is more than enough!

The kids club was excellent and they managed to entertain my six year old for a few hours here and there and the kids loved the water slides too and the also semed to enjoy watching me embarrsing myself in some of the pool games too!

Would we go back? Maybe - if they listen to the feedback about the loos, bar and the sunbeds, and we heard they had made an effort to rectify it. Did we enjoy it? Yes we did. A week wasn't quite long enough and we were robbed of almost day due to one of my kids being taken ill, though it was nothing to do with the food! I would also say that this is the first holiday that I can remember for some years where my wife hasn't suffered an upset stomach so that has to say something positive too. The staff are very enthusiatic and it must be difficult as there seemed to be people there from just about every European Nationality there, on one of the shows we felt like we were at the Eurovision Song Contest, and were just waiting to hear, "England Nil Points!"

Far from the Turkish services I used to know

by TripAdvisor Member Micshu

We just returned today from a one week holliday in Hotel Ersan. I've been 2 times before on Turkey's seaside but in Antalya region. The hollidays there were extremly relaxing! So this year we decided to try Bodrum. The city is nice, the views are great but the resort is far from a 5 star all inclusive hotel.
The hotel looks ok, but the food and drinks are below average. About drinks: You can not get a decent coffe unless you are a turkish coffe fan and you pay for it! The beer is half beer half plain water. I don't think the wine is even made from grapes. Soft drinks are from a machine that delivers colored-flavoured-tap-water.
About the food: you only got one or 2 choices for your main course. The rest: salads! The most horrible sweets I ever tasted. The food didn't have any taste at all.
The staff: horrible!! No services at all. You have to stay in line if you want a glass of water or a beer. No one wil come to your table to bring you any drinks.
The sunbeds around the pools are occupied from 7.00 am with towels. So if you wake up later you can only go on the beach (no sand of course, nowhere in Bodrum) far from the pools and the only bar from which you can get your included driks.

Worst All Inclusive Hotel Ever

by TripAdvisor Member rickobig

these are the only good points. the hotel and the food are nice and the rooms are good apart from the appliances in them that all fall to peices, leak or burn you. the bad points are.
kids club is nearly non existant unlike how thomas cook describe it in their broucher.
its all inclusive is only availabe at a few set times during the day so food is not available like it should be, you cant make your self a pack up if your going out for the day. there is only one bar you can get very limited alcohol from all day.
the alcohol is seriously watered down every one was complaining.
the hotel staff are ignorant and unfriendly.
there are few tiolets and they are miles away from where you need them.
the entertainment for families in te evening is absolutely disgusting do not take your kids to it, people we leaving as they simulate sex scenes and are taking there clothes off most of the time, even the belgums were complaining.

oooop salaaaaa

by TripAdvisor Member StaffsLady2

it was a long day to get there but on arrival were greeted with very modern reception and for the time in the morning very friendly and helpful staff. The whole hotel is finished to a very high standard especially the rooms and the cleaners are worth their weight in gold because they work tirelessly all day.
We are a young family with children of 5 and 3 and they really loved it,its true there is not many english but sometimes this is quite nice.What you do find though is most people know bits of english so you can talk and make friends just like i did.

The pool is the best i have seen in a resort of this sort ever for cleanliness,it is not slippy but ther are not many sunbeds so you need to get up early but that is what you should be doing on hols not lying in bed.

There are plenty of activities both for me at 25 and both my children. The mini club was brill i hardly saw my son unless he wanted a drink,the two girls that run it are very welcoming and include everyone.
i was playin french bowls then waterpolo then after dinner was waterpolo again then darts then volley ball or football,the waterpolo and football is also available for the kids too.
All of the animation team are top class ,so easy going they dont stop all day from 10 am till 2 am

whoever said that the evening entertainment was no good must have been at a different show to me because every night was absolutely hillarious even if i did end up on the stage dressed as a ballerina.Animation team never stop and every night was different and we were there for 2 weeks could not fault it.....superb

the food in the restaurant was more than adequate a wide variety of hot and cold with soup, salads, bread, fish, meat and loads of puddings!!

I feel that the only thing that lets this hotel down is not all bars are all inclusive so if you want a beer while you watch the show you have to walk back to the pool bar but the rest of the hotel and staff more than make up for this.In fact i didnt mind going to the bar because the staff were that friendly

To summarise i would say that the Ersan is set in a gorgeous location is immaculately presented is full of really helpful and friendly staff(especially the animation team) and i would not hesitate to go back again......ooooooop salaaaa!!!!!!

oop salaaaaaaaa.... wonderful holiday!!!

by TripAdvisor Member parrsworld

well, where do I begin? Just got back from a wonderful week at this hotel. There were four of us in our party, which included two children. We arrived in the midle of the night, service was excellent, taken to our room- and no cot had been put in. Oh no, here we go, I thought, but after explaining to the porter it was promptly delivered to our room. The room was small, not really big enough for a family, balcony way too small and no view, but hey, you only sleep in the room!!!!

ok, we only ever managed to get a sunbed after 5pm!! But with two young children this did not really bother us as we spent all our time in the pool with them anyway!! All the pools are excellent, main pool, kids pool, slide pool and infinity pool(only went in this one once as way to deep for the children). Pools are kept very clean but some maintence needed to tiles.

food was excellent, plenty of choice, the kids menu does stay the same lunch and dinner every day though!!!!

entertainment is brilliant, they DO try to include all nationalities.

It was nice to be around people from other countries, if you want to be with just English people this is not the place for you. Our children played quite happily with other children who were not English.

Over all we had a fantastic holiday, we would go back and would recommend to friends. We would not want to go for more than a week though.

Couple of draw backs... only one all inclusive bar... and is miles away from where the entertainment is. Also toilets needed near the entertainment. MY 5 year old did actually pee in a bush a coulple of times as he just could not wait that long!!

Not a 5 Star Hotel

by TripAdvisor Member Marilyn79

This is not a 5 star hotel. after arriving it took us 1 hr of getting nasty to get our Superior Rooms. There is hardly anyone who speaks English. The mini bar consists of 1 bottle of water whitch you fill up yourself everyday. [please note the water tastes very drinks [1 bar for fully inclusive only served from plastic cups .In general the rooms was clean the food if you like salads its ok. not a lot of english food.if you get a sun bed your very lucky the germans and russians dont understand queing they just push past you. there is only one toilet block outside and one area stank of urine where i would imagine people get took short. . the pools were nice we went to the infinety one most days has there is only so many times you wish to here oooopsssssla.A trip to bodum is worth it go on a tuesday for the bazzar where they sell the fake d and g channel bags tops and sunglasses also a trip to the castle is worth it. the bus is outside the hotel and runs most of the time there and back. There are no lifts and I found the 72 steps to my rom very tiring. i wouldnt reccomend this for the elderly im 56 quite fit but those steps to much for me even the youngesters were puffing and panting.
I would not go back to this hotel.,

Never again - this is not 4*

by TripAdvisor Member Hohols

This hotel is 2-3 star max based on quality and service.

On arrival we were checked into a room directly over the pool with no view whatsoever, a balcony the size of a postage stamp and pumping noise all day - as we'd booked a superior sea view we asked to be moved but they had no record of the 'superior' booking and no sea view availability until the next day - needless to say it cost us 200 euro to upgrade which I'll sort out now I'm home!! Make sure you get superior confirmation and if you want any peace whatsoever ensure you request a room away from the pool - not that they'll honour it! Be warned though, the superior rooms are up an awful lot of steps - I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone with a disibility. Even with an upgrade, the wardrobe was broken, the toilet flush broken and the dead cockroach on the doorstep was there for at least 4 days next to the ant run and the discarded plates that were never removed. The bath was cleaned once and the delightful beige nylon carpet never hoovered during our stay!!

The main bar which is the only place for AI alcohol is horrific - plastic cups, loud, packed to the gills, dirty, metal chairs and tables and extremely reminiscent of sitting in a well known burger outlet - definitely not what you want to relax in. There's a seperate Turkish bar where you must pay and even at £20 per bottle of wine minimum it was better than being in the main bar. We didn't even bother to look at the entertainment - long treck away from the only bar - but, as it's outdoors, we heard it until 2am every morning!

Other reviews about the customer service rep are true - she definitely needs some training.

The external resort is ok ish! Nice sun beds (only ran out on 1 day), nice jettys to lie on, good views from the top rooms and lovely gardens. Unfortunately there's nothing at all around the hotel to walk to - you need to catch the bus.

We didn't mind the restaurant food - repetitive but lots of choice and not too bad but as always other nationalities don't know how to queue and there was always a queue! By the time you'd finished getting the food it had all gone cold. The Turkish restaurant was ok with great service. The Italian was a total let down - don't bother. We ate there on our last night and the food was so bad we left it all and returned to the main restaurant for something decent to eat.

Bodrum is only 10 mins away by the bus which stops at the hotel - 2 lira each way. We went in all but one night as there was little to do at the hotel - if you fancy eating out one night try The Garden restaurant on the beach front - lovely food and great location.

I'm just grateful we got good weather otherwise this could have been a complete disaster - never again.


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 Ersan Resort & Spa

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Club Ersan Bodrum
Ersan Hotel Bodrum
Ersan Resort All Inclusive
Ersan Resort And Spa

Address: Icmeler PK 357, Bodrum, 48400, Turkey