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(formerly Abacus La Luna), Gumbet, Mugla, Turkey

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Litera La Luna

by TripAdvisor Member SHANE56777

Me and my partner stayed at the Litera La Luna for a week from 15/6/08 which is in Gumbet,Turkey.First of all our allocated room was a bit dismall,the carpet was very marked and stained,our fridge was not working,we arrived at 05.30 in the morning and our room light were not working and the hotel man said he would fix them in the morning and he did not turn up till 09.15.
The room was clean very frequently by a very friendly cleaning lady who was very helpfull. I went all inclusive and the lager was ok but would have to drink about 50 pints to get MERRY but myself and partner thought the food was not up to much and we met some friends who stayed there last year and they said its gone downhill since last year.
The staff were very friendly,especially the entertainment staff and the bar staff who were,Yassin,Gochmen,Tampan,Hussein,Hammet,Kelly and Yogi.The hotel is a stones throw away from the beach which was a shingle beach the sea is not very clear near the shore but if you happen to go on a boat trip its crystal clear further out.Lots of bars and restaurants along the beach but expect to be hassled by the bar and restaurant owner to go inside and eat or drink they dont leave you alone.If you are offered a bracelet or a rose on the beach front and told its free mark my words its not they will ask you for a small tip and also an english pound coin.Bar street is very popular loats of nice restaurants and loud bars but beware of the traffic they are crazy drivers.
The weather was beautiful and extremely hot while i was there they encountered a small heatwave and the temperature went up between 43 and 48 degrees when normally in june its around 33 to 39degrees.beware if your a single female especially with blonde hair the turks wont leave you alone you will be hassled from the day you arrive to the day you leave they are just looking for someone who is gullible enough to fall in love and marry them so hey can just have a visa to come to britain and hope the girl will look after them so just take care because one lad fondled my girlfriends backside while i was walking arm in arm with her on the street.Well to sum up a beautiful place stunning weather very friendly people,but this hotel needs a re-vamp.

You get what you pay for

by TripAdvisor Member HolidayLover255

Where do i start!! The food is not great by any sense of the imagination although they do try. Bread WILL become your best friend!! Plates always dirty food cold. My partner and I ate out most of the time. I can recommend Sami Beach Restaurant they do a lovely Lamb Shish Kebab and Sofe not to mention a proper english breakfast. Local GIn Raki Vodka weak beer, vinegar tasting wine and Brandy are included in your all inclusive as well as soft drinks. Be warned however at 11.00 pm you pay for your drinks. This is when the good stuff comes out BUT be prepared to pay nearly £5 for a shot. After 5 drinks a piece we were nearly £50 lighter each night and not even slightly tipsy. The room was ok quite basic but had everything you need. BE warned either bring your own towels or make sure you do not get a single mark on them. A couple got charged £15 for getting tea on a towel. Some girls got charged £15 for make up being on the towel. The hotel never tried to wash either just demanded payment!! Some poor lads were sick on a sheet after a boozy night out and squashed 3 mosquitos on the wall £200 otherwise the police would be called!! you get what you pay for!!! Thank God i'm back. Pay the extra and stay somewhere better the hotel is definately not a 4* at all. May return to Turkey but never Club Litera La Luna- makes Fawlty Towers look like a 5star. Enjoy...................

A Fantastic Holiday

by TripAdvisor Member betsyGreatBritan

After reading the reviews we were a little de-flated and a little unsettled about staying in this hotel, boy did we get a plesant surprise it was a nice clean hotel with beautiful gardens and the Turkish staff were hard working and plesant, the only downside were the annimation girls if you wernt 21 or younger they wernt interested in you ,one swore constantly and had numerous hangovers the whole week we were there, apart from that we had a fab time the four of us are going back in september.

absolute nightmare

by TripAdvisor Member griffoWales

in 14days we had warm water for 3days.
persistent complaints concerning noise from disco
food mediocre and repetitive
this is the worst 4 * hotel I have ever stayed in
I would class this hotel as a 2* if that

Ignore the bad reviews

by TripAdvisor Member RippedoffYorkshire

We stayed at this hotel for a week from 2nd June, were really concerned about the different reviews. We had a great time, I am really fussy with food but always managed to find something every day to eat. The food was always fresh and the sweets were fantastic and also the soups were really good. What did people expect for the price you pay. If you want a 5 star hotel with 5 star food and accomodation then pay for it. I must say though that our room was in a good position and not too near the disco so we did always manage a good nights rest. The staff were always friendly and really hardworking, the room was very clean and you do only sleep there. As for the review complaining about mosquitos, what do you expect especially with the gardens but you just use common sense, like dont have your balcany door or window open especially with the light on. We found that using a simple fly spray made sure that there were none in the room and also a repellant before going out for the night helps. The resort of Gumbet was great, we have been to Kusadasi which is good and Marmaris but loved Gumbet more. We found a great Karaoke bar called Ali Babas where we sat outside and even if you dont sing Ali was a great guy and a real good laugh, and there is also a handbag shop across from there called Ruveyda Fashion Leather Shop. If you are looking for handbags or belts he will give you a good price I know this may sound like an advert but you do get sick of the hassle some times but this guy could nt be more helpfull and you dont get the hassle. Try to visit Bitez which is the next resort you can get a taxi to the beach or go into Bodrum on the minibus and get another one to Bitez. The sunbeds are right on the beach and are free providing you buy any drinks you want from the bars that own them. There is a new place called the Lemon Tree which had just opened we were his first customers for lunch and had a fantastic chicken sandwich with chips and salad. When we worked it out the whole day had only cost about £17 for everything with lunch and drinks all day and we were waited on hand and foot. Try and get there and say hello to Marco from his fist customers. We went to see the Dream Girls show on Thursday night and were crying with laughter. We cant wait to go back and have started looking for another good deal.

Best Holiday I've Ever Had

by TripAdvisor Member oxoxoxo

First I would like to say to the people who wrote bad reviews, I dont know were your coming from. I stayed at La Luna Hotel for a week and didn't want to come home. The food was great and the staff were so friendly. There's always something to do like playing pool, sitting around the pool or the beach which is free. There is even a go carting place which is really good for people of all ages.The hotel itself is very clean with beautiful gardens to look out on and I would definitely go back next year.

better than expected

by TripAdvisor Member lyndeeee

My friend and I (both in our 40's escaped for a last minute break recently. The hotel was overall good value for money - We paid £270 all inclusive. The hotel was absolutely spotless and all the staff worked very hard. Please note all Turkish men appear to have been to the same charm school!

Good points:
Free sunbeds on beach (beware of womanising beach bed man!)
Close to beach and town
Close to bus stop to Bodrum
Nice gardens
Friendly staff
Towels changed daily/room very clean and modern
Suitable for all ages

Not so good points:
View from balcony overlooked unfinished hotel with squatters!
Restaurant laid out like a canteen complete with plastic chairs
Too loud disco starting at 11.30 every night
Entertainment could be better
Not enough sunbeds
Deposit on arrival of 30 turkish lira for breakages which the tour operator did not warn us about (Goldtrail)
Not much choice of all inclusive drinks

Hope this is helpful

A Fantastic all round value foe money holiday

by TripAdvisor Member mb32

we stopped here in the kids holidays in may/june and everyone we spoke to including ourselves paid around the £250 to £300 mark for a last minute week away all inclusive. So i bear that in mind when i review the overall experience we had.
I went with my wife and my 2 kids not expecting anything other than faulty towers before we set off ...... how wrong could i be!!!
Dont get me wrong the flight itself is extremely basic and i would recommend you take your own food on board as its quite expensive and from my own knowlegde the sandwiches taste like cardboard!!!
And on to the hotel itself well i can say this that as long as you are in luck with the draw of room allocation it certainly can make a massive difference to your stay but our rooms were right in the centre of the complex so we were perfectly placed as the closer to the pool you are the more likely you are to experience some noise from the disco bar that starts up at 11 and quietens down around 1am. That is my one and only poor remark about this hotel.
So the rooms they are clean and yes simple but more than adequate with large bathrooms (no bath), fridge and more than ample storage space. Some balcony's are larger than others but mine was small was hardly there to stay in my room all day!
Food- excellent. Evening meals were varied and choice beyond bbq was really good salad bar was fantastic. Breakfast was good and dont be stupid enough to expect bacon its a muslim country for god sake, i heard so many people moan about this i obviously ignored them!!
Drink- Well the beer (flavoured water) wasnt great and neither was the wine but hey its FREE what do you expect. all spirits were local ones but just as good and as potent as the branded ones. Theres plenty of choice soft drinks wise.
Entertainment- the guys were great really good fun always up for a laugh both with kids and adults doing plenty of stuff; pool, darts, rifle shooting, water polo etc through the day. Then nighttime is varied enough and my kids loved the disco.
The staff were excellent really helpful and fun to be around regardless of language barrier.
In reflection this was without doubt the best value for money holiday i have ever had and would quite happily pay up to 3 times as much we paid for the holiday for what we got.

O.M.G. Dont stay here!!!

by TripAdvisor Member toplayer

My girlfriend and i booked this hotel through goldtrail holidays who rated the hotel 4 star. Not having been with this company before I did not know how they rated their hotels. Having stayed there granted only for 1 week and late on in the season. i personally would not rate this hotel as high as 2 star . I have an easy going pallet and a try anything attitude to food but some of the stuff we were given I would not feed to a dog. The hotel was very basic and the entertainment was a joke. The drinks from the hotel bars were ALL watered down and the only plus side i noticed was that you didnt have to walk too far to get decent food and drink . We spent most of our week away from the hotel and would have been better off in a tent .

I must be honest and say i would not recomend this hotel to anyone not even my worst enemy ------- sorry its a no go area in my opinion.

Just a few irritations!!!

by TripAdvisor Member Catherine50

hotel and staff were pretty good over all , pool side was kept clean and tidy ,rooms were adequate and clean(but somewhat noisy at night) fridge didnt work (we took the electricity card off of the key fob and left it in the slot in the room but the fridge never worked all week the rep said it was because we took the card out ....??) slight glitch when we arrived in the fact we were not on the hotels list and had to wait one and a half hours in reception till a room was found but were offered a cold drink while waiting,we were lucky as the whole resort was over booked and lots of people were complaining ,after booking in we had to pay 25 POUNDS FOR A REMOTE CONTROL FOR THE AIR CON FOR THE WEEK AND 15 POUNDS FOR THE SAFE 40 pounds we never expected and this is not refunded at the end of the week ,the animation team (entertainment guides ) were brilliant with everyone they were a couple of english girls who unfortunately left when we did.Now the FOOD you get what you pay for so be warned tinned veg packet soup and unusual meat kind of reminded me of school dinners with a twist ,our interiors unfortanately rebelled at the cullinary delights ,it may have been the salads were washed in local water or the water was used for ice so think about how things are prepared before you eat.... or better still try to go b&b and eat out the local food is fabulous a turkish steak dinner in a local restaurant is 23 turkish lira with free garlic bread and a bottle of wine just about 10 pounds each person and superb quality lots of other choices from 3 or 4 pounds upwards ,for the less adventurous there is Macdonalds and Burger King if all else fails,the temperature when we were there was high 40s daytime and high 20s at night absolutely melting so cool loose clothing is the order of the day and night , my final gripe was the airport it was 5 euros for a can of cola thats 4 pounds sterling to have a slice of pizza to eat and a cold drink it was over 12 pounds so save some money for leaving chips were 4 euros ,remember when you arrive in Turkey you have to pay 10 pounds each for your entry visa when you get to passport control all the extras add up and they DONT ACCEPT SCOTTISH NOTES SO CHANGE TO ENGLISH NOTES BEFORE YOU GO they accept euros and sterling and the exchange rate is better there we got 2.14 here and 2.37 over there but not in the hotel at tour centres and shops .but after all that the place and people of Gumbet are amazingly kind and friendly to all tourists and the place is amazing.


Gumbet WindmillsGumbet Windmills

SG 115 Pacoz Bay, Bodrum.SG 115 Pacoz Bay, Bodrum.

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How far does my lira go?

by ladymt

I have a few questions as I've never been to Turkey before! We go on Saturday 2nd to Gumbet and there seem to be loads of Lira to the pound! How much is a beer, a coke etc? I've no idea what 5 lira will buy? Are we safe walking about at night? Are there quiet places as well as banging nightlife if we want a change? Thanks all!

RE: How far does my lira go?

by sadik_akdag

beer is 3 lira in most of the cities. but in bodrum it should be 5. it could be 10 in the clubs, discos. a coke is 2 lira mostly and a meal should be probably about 10 and 15 lira. it is safe to walk in the night. and there is really nice nightlife in bodrum. on the other hand there are lots of quiet places...

is this the LadyMt i know from before?

by joeybroco

LadyMt, this is joel, i forget my old chat name, but i think it was "jobrandco" from msn. if this is you, you had me download a Greek song and i have lost it and the name, but it was beautiful and i've been searching for years. hopefully you will remember and have mercy on me and email me at

i hope all is great for you, tho i already know that it is.

best wishes, Joel


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