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Forum Posts

Golmar Beach, Icmeler

by Mulley1234

We are off to the Golmar Beach Hotel for the last two weeks in August with our two children (aged 7 and 8). Is there plenty to do in the evening with the kids? Ideally, are there plenty of restaurants where the kids won't get bored once they have eaten! and we may want to sit for a while. Also can anyone let me know what currency to take over there? Is it Lira/Euros or even Sterling? Can someone also advise me how strong the Lira is to the pound and whether Turkey is as cheap as they say..... many thanks.

Re: Golmar Beach, Icmeler

by Tdiver

Bring pounds and change it here currently 2.65 to 1 pound.
Not as cheap as it was but still good value.
Sorry don't know that area.

Re: Golmar Beach, Icmeler

by redrhino12

The Golmar is at the far end of the beach near to the new marina.
You have three good bars close at hand that have nightly entertainment that will keep the children amused these are Liberty Bar, Harmony Bar where the free Stella drag show takes place and the Deniz Kapisi Karaoke Bar,this bar stays open late.
You also have the Golmar beach bar.
The Lira is up and down and is 2.55 YTL to the £ at the moment.
Take about £50 of Turky Lira with you to start your Hols and the rest in sterling or travelers cheques if you are more comfortable with the security these give you.
Also take £10 and £5 notes for making those purchases on the market.
Change your money at the local shops or bars you will get a better rate.
I would say its about 18% dearer this year than last due to the exchange rate and a slight increase on the local prices.
A 10 minute walk along the promenade will bring you to the canal area a picturesque place with some good restaurents.

Re: Golmar Beach, Icmeler

by Mulley1234

Thanks Redrhino and TDiver for your replies. Found the info really helpful, especially with the currency exchange rate. Can't wait to go now. Only 56 more sleeps!!! Thanks again, Jane.

Travel Tips for Icmeler

Mosquito repellent

by doreenellen

Take almost, empty bags for the bargains to take home Shoes so cheap to buy, do not pack many Everything available there Take loads of photo equipment you will need it for the scenery and fun nights out.

Lovely meal in a Nice setting

by redrhino12 about Mimosa

Serving several kinds of international dishes in a intimate atmosphere.
The music played during the meal is quite and unobtrusive.


holiday waffle

by steveacrowe


A travelogue 2006
Arriving at Dalaman airport was certainly an experience. After the quiet efficiency and modern facilities of Glasgow international, our introduction to Turkey appeared to be a giant, grey concrete factory. The staff there did nothing to lift the dour atmosphere. So much for the friendly Turkish people! And this is apparently the new, improved airport!
We were ushered through immigration control to the luggage carousel where after a short lifetime our baggage arrived. Hooray! Time to get outside and after six hours of travel to have a long awaited cigarette.
The ground outside was soaking, the heavens had opened up that night, appearing to have stopped just as we arrived. Coupled with the incredible heat the air was humid and suffocating. It was a relief to get onto the air-conditioned coach for our transfer to Icmeler, even though this was still two hours away.
After only one drop off, we arrived at 2 am. at the Babadan apartments. The manager, Simon, introduced himself, in what we were to find out is such a typical Turkish manner, by giving us a business card for his Goldsmith’s shop. We bought some water and were shown to our apartment where we were informed that the bar would still be open after we had unpacked. So, after duly doing the case emptying bit, we find ourselves sitting in the bar at 3 am. for our first introduction to Turkey’s liberal licensing hours. I must admit that after a whole day of travelling we were back to the apartment and in bed by 4 am.
After 10 minutes in bed we could do nothing but laugh as, very close to us, a cockerel began crowing then, despite his best efforts, we fell asleep. The next thing to disturb our slumbers was the most almighty thunderstorm we’ve ever heard. Beginning at 6 in the morning, it raged for 4 hours. Icmeler lies at the mouth of a very steep valley. The mountains seemed to contain the thunder clouds and amplify the thunder which seemed to shake the foundations of the building. However, at 10 am the rain stopped as if someone had just pulled a lever and by 10.30 the sun was shining, heralding in a day that would see temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Centigrade.
Thomson’s welcome meeting was supposed to take place on a boat. at 11 am. However, due to the weather, it had been cancelled and would be held in a local restaurant instead. The boat trip would now be held on Friday, so we opted to go then.
We headed into Icmeler to explore. The first thing you have to realise is that you are going nowhere fast. Every restaurateur and bar owner (and there are hundreds of them in Icmeler) wants you to eat and drink in their establishment. They are very persuasive and have come prepared for every excuse you can think of. Likewise shopkeepers and stall holders. They all haggle. Sometimes this can turn into a little game but can sometimes be a little intimidating especially if you don’t yet understand the exchange rate or know the value of things. The best advice I can give any window shoppers is to wear mirrored sunglasses and look sideways at everything. I bought Rhonda a handbag for 25 ytl (£9.25) and think I was stung. It’s also worth pointing out at this stage that I bought everything. Now that might sound very gallant or chauvinistic of me but you have to understand the Turkish culture. Women are very much revered but a man is expected to provide and purchase. This will not, of course, stop the Turk “selling”, in the most charming way, to your wife while haggling with you.
After a while we headed back to the apartments and did what holidaymakers do. Like great pink seals stranded on a rock, we lay and sunbathed by the pool. The Babadan has two pools so we were very lucky in respect that our nearest pool was at the back of the buildings. This meant that the majority of screaming little darlings were at the front pool thus leaving us adults some degree of peace to read or listen to the strains of Peter Green on the mp3 player whilst irradiating in the Aegean sun.

"Tuesday part 2"

After the sun had dipped a little, we decided to go to the mini Tansas supermarket. Now there’s an experience. How to shop in a foreign land in a currency you can’t yet convert for products you don’t recognise! Ah, ha, I thought, as I looked in a fridge and saw a familiar looking carton with a familiar blue lid and a picture of a cow on it. Real milk, yes, I’m sick of coffee with UHT in it. Well, wasn’t it lucky for us that an English gentleman leaned over and pointed out my mistake. What I was about to purchase was, in fact, a drinking yoghurt. Milk has a red lid and is called sut. Of course, all supplies of sut had already ran out that day!
After 40 winks we went out on the town. A very persuasive young man managed to get us to eat in his restaurant, Sweet brothers. He recognised our accent and tells us that he worked in Penicuik, near Edinburgh. He shared some of his knowledge of William Wallace and the wars of independence with us and, although I had to correct some of his facts (well he had to choose me), he put a helluva lot of Scots to shame. I have to say, that although Sweet brothers has never been recommended to me, I will have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. The meal, that we both had, was lemon chicken breast with all the trimmings, a glass of wine and a pint of Effes plus coffees. All that for the princely sum of 41.50ytl (£15.37).
After our meal we went for a wander and made the mistake of looking at a leather waistcoat hanging outside a leather shop (this was about 11.30 pm). We were invited in and tried it on and haggled for ages. However the shopkeeper wasn’t going to come below 70ytl so we left. When we got back to the apartments the first thing I did was sit down with a calculator and make a currency reckoner in my little notebook. A little gem that was to be my saviour from now on.


Wednesday is market day in Icmeler. If in any doubt as to where it is, then just follow the crowd. Now, I’ve been to busy markets in this country. I’ve been to Ingliston, to the Barras, I’ve even been to the Saturday one outside Birmingham’s bullring. Nothing in this country can prepare you for the tangle of bodies as you enter this market. Bodies are squashed against bodies, sometimes your feet leave the ground but you stay upright and you just have to hope that the person who has just grabbed you is actually your wife looking for some reassurance that your bits are still intact. Thankfully this does thin out after you are through the initial bottleneck. We wandered about in the searing heat of the market before deciding to escape for a while. However on the way out we were stopped by a young girl selling Jewellery. After some haggling, we bought a necklace and bracelet for £10. This was the poor girl’s first sale of the day and, as a result we were able to witness an extraordinary custom where the tenner was taken, wiped against her forehead then wiped on the ground. This is supposed to bring good luck and good trading for the rest of the day.
Having escaped the market, we decided to have a full English breakfast. The Red lion was handy so we went there. They were showing the Scotland international that evening so we planned to go there later to meet the fellow Scots.
So, back to the market with a fake Scotland strip on top of the shopping list. Got one for 15ytl (£5.55). I also managed to get a leather waistcoat for 50ytl (£18.52), 8 tee shirts (D&G, Diesel etc.) for £10, 5 ladies tops for £10 and 2 beach towels for £5.
Back at the apartments we sunbathed and had a well deserved Pina colada by the pool before retiring for the, by now, customary 40 winks at tea time.
In the evening we went to the Red lion and I had sea bream while Rhonda had a T bone steak before watching the match on the large screen TV (commentary in French). Scotland, despite our avid support, succumbed to a 2-0 defeat. The only consolation of the night being that England were also defeated. I was so elated at England’s defeat that I had to have a celebration drink back at the apartments among the English tourists !!


It had rained overnight but was dry, but slightly overcast when we awoke. Unfortunately it stayed overcast all day. The temperature only reached 25. We did hear a few rumbles of thunder but not in our valley. The difference between overcast in Scotland and overcast in Turkey is definitely the clothing. As the great sage, Billy Connolly, once said,
“there is no such thing as bad weather. Only the wrong clothes”. How true. I ask you, would you wear shorts and sandals on an overcast day in Scotland? Aye, right.
After a wander through town and some coffee in the Venice, we went to the Tansas and managed to buy some real milk (hooray). While we were in the Tansas the heavens opened. We had to stand for ten minutes in the doorway before realising that it was never going to stop.
“Oh, what the hell. It’s only water” and lets admit it, the little clothing that we were wearing was only going to get soaked through once. So we took out our wallets and cameras, tied them up in the polythene bags we had just acquired, and stepped out into the rain. Well we would have but it stopped, just as suddenly as it had come on.
In the evening the air had cleared so we went out for a meal.
We had heard good reports about the Wayside and must admit that we were not disappointed. Very professional, silver service restaurant. The meal was excellent, 2 pasta dishes, cheesecake, coffees and a bottle of wine for £26.This was the most expensive meal we had but was well worth it. We’ll be back!


After breakfast in the apartment we, eventually, went on Thomson’s welcome cruise. The weather was hot and a morning in the sea breeze would certainly be welcome.
There was a presentation onboard but the reps certainly were not pushy about buying excursions. Just as well as there trips are always more expensive than buying from local operators.
During the presentation we sailed to Marmaris bay. From there it was sunbathing on the top deck as we sailed to a swim-stop off the island of Nimara before heading back to Icmeler.
The rest of the afternoon was spent at the poolside sunbathing.
The evening is a great time to shop. We discovered a marketplace hidden under a hotel. There were every imaginable kind of “fake” being sold there. We are now a three Rolex family. At 15ytl each (£5.55) we should have bought some as Christmas presents. Damn!
Evening meal that night was return visit to Sweet brother’s. We were recommended to have the Ottoman kebab for 2. Not knowing what this was like at all, we sat in anticipation, eating our starters. You can imagine our surprise when we saw it. A three foot platter sizzled in front of us. On it were chicken breasts, meatballs, lamp cutlets, shish kebabs, pan-fried vegetables, pitta beads, rice and chips. We must confess we couldn’t eat it all. We left one or two chips to leave room for a fresh fruit dessert. All that for 44ytl (£16.29).


This must have been an energetic day. After breakfast at the Apartments, we decided to walk inland toward the Old village. We hadn’t went very far when we came upon a tour operator. In fact it was just next door. They were selling maps so we went in to purchase one. There we were met by a lovely, English lady called Vivienne. She welcomed us in and, despite the fact we were only going to buy a 3ytl map, gave us an extensive run down on Turkish customs, transport systems and people. When she found she had no change for us we offered to pop in later with the money.
“Oh, no hurry. Drop it in tomorrow or leave it on the doormat” She said. Such faith in our honesty. She elaborated the honesty of the Turkish people by telling us that if you dropped money in the Street, no one would dream of lifting it in case you came back for it. If you didn’t, then it would be left for the “real poor” to find.
Anyway, armed with our map, we headed into the Old village. It’s sad to say but the Old village is disappearing fast, replaced with holiday apartments. We did see a peasant woman, loaded down with a huge bundle of olive branches. She looked like a moving tree. Testimony to her speed and agility was the fact that I didn’t manage to get my camera out quick enough for a shot.
As we meandered, in the soaring heat, we were aware of the ground rising. Before long we were rewarded for our efforts with a view over the town. We took an off road track and were rewarded further with a clear view that also took in Nimara and the sea.
In the evening, after a lovely Turkish meal at the Waterfall, we went to Deniz Kapisi, a local karaoke bar. The “Michael Jackson” show was certainly entertaining. What an entrance! “Michael” appeared from the sea on the back of a speedboat that was festooned with fireworks before his bodyguards escorted him to the stage.
After the “Michael” show, this being a karaoke show and me being the shy, retiring type, I just had to show them how it’s done.


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