Club Armar Hotel

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Yunus Nadi St No 60, Armutalan, Mugla, 48700, Turkey

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Club Armar Hotel
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  • what a pit


    3rd August until 16th August 2011. Room Number 326

    This hotel has to be the worst hotel in turkey; I can’t believe there are any worse. When we arrived they didn’t have a room for us, we had to wait a day and a half to get a room. We paid £60 for a safe in our room we put in our own combination numbers within 2 days it had been opened and £300 taken, the only people with a master key that would override the combination were the reception staff. There was about five other incidents were residents had money taken from their safes. For those that didn’t have a safe in their rooms, there was a room next to the reception with safes in it; the people that hired these safes also had money taken. I tried to report this to the Police as did a few other people, we had people that could speak both English and Turkish but the Police would not us to use these people as translators, we had to use someone from the Police Station and this would cost us 70 lira each .
    The rooms were dirty, the beds were falling to bits, and the whole place is dangerous. While I was there my daughter cut her leg after tripping on raise tiles in the swimming area others broke legs and arms. Live wires hanging out of the wall and ground, the fire escape were boarded up so it couldn’t be use, and gas cylinders were stored under the fire escape, a vine with a truck about 4” across that had grown up over 30 foot collapsed and just missed a person on the sun beds. This was then tied up with string and a day later cut back and retied. In the bar there are two drink dispensers these were for apple and peach. While I was waiting for a drink I had a disagreement with the bar man who was filling the up with water fro the tap and not drinking water! The food is no better then slops in fact my dogs eat better food then we were served. Food left over from the previous night’s dinner was served up for breakfast the following day. The pool had to be closed one day as a light broke in the pool and they were afraid the wiring would cause the pool to become live. The wild life in Turkey is wonderful there is quite a bit around the pool and some even share your rooms with you . If I put down all the faults it would be classed as book and not a review
    If I can give you one piece of advice this is it please don’t stay here

    Unique Quality: turkey is a wonderfull place , with some great trips , and plenty to see
    just pick a good hotel to be based from

    Directions: not sure

  • Club Armar, Club Disaster


    A family hotel is a time defined by the British for sun, fun and indulgence. Only the first you will find at Club Armar although I’m sure they would charge for that if they could find a way.

    Arrival, you will find reception staff who are hand picked. Hand picked not to speak English. The reasons for this are only too obvious when you are making plans to leave!

    Transition however from reception to your room was smooth and efficient. The hotel you will learn is always dimly lit. But not to hide any unpleasantness, the hygiene standards are perfectly adequate. It’s dimly lit because the owners/managers are cheap, with the most budget of sensors on stairwells that almost switch on the lights before you reach the bottom.

    But then you wake up and go for breakfast. Where you will be greeted by a good variety of salad, Turkish “hot dogs”, small chopped and fried pieces of potatoes, beans in a mild sauce and your choice of eggs, be in fried, omelette or sometimes boiled. There are the normal Turkish cereals, concentrate fruit juices or tea/coffee from the machine. But don’t worry if you sleep in and miss it, as you will have exactly the same mediocre breakfast every morning of your stay, with more understanding of its origin.

    As you meander to the pool you will be greeted by the normal European mix, but there is a different tone to the pool, over just the normal manic kiddie screams. There is an underbelly of gossip. People complaining about throat, ear and eye infection. Possibly from the pool hygiene, possibly from the water or possibly from the unwashed laundry you’ll find in your room. Complaints stem from the food, to the bedding, the obnoxious manager, to the scams pulled by the kitchen and surrounding food establishments that they rent your hotel space too. Hotel guests being removed from their rooms because a member dares to question an aspect of the Hotel.

    But you can escape the winging for a moment to venture for lunch. Once you have run the gauntlet up the black stairwell to the dinning room, much as Indian Jones may do you receive the reward of lunch. Surprisingly the salad remains. You can tell this by it’s appearance, the Turkish cheese and meat has been replaced with unlabeled bowls or guess work, chicken, something in a sauce and chips. But don’t you dare panic if you think you have missed a unique luncheon. You haven’t most of it will literally be back again tomorrow. You know this by looking at the bottom of the salad bowl.

    When you venture out to the local Marmaris shops and restaurants you become a target. Mostly for the red band around your wrist. Although the “locals” don’t call it Club Armar, they call it Club Chicken. For reasons I never understood until the next day.

    Retreating from the constant taunting of the knowledgeable you can be safe in the knowledge that there will be inevitably more sun and a relaxing evening meal awaits. The atmosphere in the dinning hall (I say this as it is reminiscent of my school days) would be described by an estate agent as a spacious cosy environment, worthy of setting the mood for the most romantic getaway. I would describe it as a room of mystery. Mostly because you have no idea what grotesque incarnations are going to be passed off as a meal. I can only assume they get away with this shambles because it is so poorly lit again that one wonders what the ceiling looks like. All be it, I now know where salad is sent when it no longer able to visually appeal. It is retired to the mixed salad bowl, cleverly disguised (for an imbecile) with oil, wilting lettuce, cucumber and tomato shreds. But it is delivered with service, they do this in front of you from the other bowls! Although all is not lost, there is a glimmer of hope to your evening meal, there is now a piece of crumbed fish. I say this as I assume that’s an appropriate verb for its presentation, recognisable only by the best of forensic scientists I would guess it is sardine. But never despair, some of the salad has now been replace by a desert, mostly because if it hadn’t they would not be a able to fill the counter. Now you have some brown blamange. Enjoy! Time and time again.

    All is forgiven however by the evening entertainment, there is an eerie air of soberness. But there are reasons, soapy beer, odd tasting wine and local spirits that just can’t be right. All delivered in plastic glasses that are so old they slice your lips on contact. I would question the basic of hygiene practises when I note that they are all washed in the same foam, push in, pull out, hand cleaner. Having enough for one day I venture to my room, taking from interest one red wine from each of the three serving areas (normally only one is open at a time). Never have I seen a red wine served from the same plastic container that have utterly different textures. One with even a layer of grease on the surface. I assume that one was from one of the children using it to throw water from the pool earlier. One glass was almost digestible, the other was reminiscent of Boots best sun tan lotion.

    Entertainment is not lacking either. I have never seen Karaoke used in mental self defence. You may get tempted by the Bingo, but with odds steeper than the national lottery and more expensive than a second mortgage you may dare to part with your money to break the monotony. You will only be spared for a matter of moments as that’s as long as it lasts. The mindless singing of those who are financially stuck within the confines of the hotel will howl on until midnight at which point I assume the management suffer one of their power outages. But why guests are still there is beyond me, as the alcohol stops at 11, and to make a last minute order beyond the size of those in your party will be met with a flat refusal.

    Now it is dark, quiet and the population horse and sober. But that is not where the entertainment ends. I can guarantee a night of violent stomach cramps, excessive visits to the toilet and the realisation that the toilet role is not forthcoming from housekeeping. Despite speaking to housekeeping whilst they were visiting the rooms during the day, and then asking reception twice, it would appear that toilet roll is as scarce as a working light bulb. Liberating a toilet role from one of the public toilets will also be futile. As 200 rooms filled with 500 people have already had that revelation much before you.

    But there is always a saviour to a hotel visit such as this, eat elsewhere and do as I did. Move hotel, although I gave Club Armar, 10 days of chances, only one of those involved my digestive tract.



    Club Armar
    We have just returned from our annual holiday in Marmaris where we stayed at the Club Armar Hotel. Like most families we saved up for the holiday and looked forward to the good times and relaxing in a 4 star hotel during our stay. My wife, my 18 year old daughter and I arrived at the hotel and were allocated a small room at the rear of the hotel with only 2 single beds, we pointed out that we had paid for a room for three adults but were told that the hotel was over full and that this was all they had. After hours of complaining an OLD UNDERSIZED CAMP BED that frequently collapsed was squeezed into the room which I slept on for four days until following endless complaining a new room was issued complete with 3 single beds. Other guests were moved to self a catering accommodation down the street, stacked 4 in a room and in one instance we learnt that a group of 10 lads were all put in ONE room!
    Having got a new room we learnt that there were not enough towels to go round all the guests of the hotel so even after endless complaining we were not given towels for 3 days then only two were allowed. You needed to ask for towels on a daily basis to allow you to shower. There were no pillow slips or sheets on the bed for 1 night as the hotel “did not have any clean ones”.
    Toilet paper was best provided by stealing it for the reception toilet as asking for it could take hours.
    The food in the hotel in the words of ONE OF THE MANAGERS WAS “SH-T”! It consisted of chips, chicken nuggets, burgers, salad, cheese, water melon and cake repeated EVERY DAY!!! The cheese under the top layer was green with mould where it had been left while new was added on the top. The food is a standing joke in all the surrounding restaurants who capitalise on the fact that people need to eat so go out and buy food. The 2No restaurants nearest the hotel have a direct connection with the hotel and during the day different hotel staff can be seen working in them including the cook. This gives the hotel a win, win situation as you do not eat their food then pay to eat food in their restaurants! There are no snacks or ice creams available at this hotel at ANY time of the day other than a helping of dry cake dished out on a table at 5PM unless you pay for them.
    The ALL INCLUSIVE drinks consisted of a small selection of tea or coffee, cheap soft drinks, larger, red and white vinegar/wine WATERED DOWN vodka or gin. I ordered a vodka on the rocks to taste it without a mixer, I would estimate that drink was around 70% water with just enough vodka to give a little taste when mixed with a soft drink. That was the FULL extent of the drinks allowed unless you paid for it in their restaurants of further afield. The hotel was that tight that you were only allowed two drinks per bar visit and the bar clock was set ten minutes fast to allow them to shut the bar early so that you had to leave and buy your drinks elsewhere.
    Most of the staff were friendly other that a few white collar workers who thought they were gods. The young manager mentioned previously was an arrogant, egotistical man who loved to shout at guests telling them that HE ran the hotel and that if you did not like it TUFF! I witnesses several confrontations with the guests were he insulted them particularly young females and people just sick of his attitude towards them, even his own staff disliked him. The 4 number entertainment staff were a good set of lads who did their best on a shoestring budget to entertain the guests through the day and night. These 4 lads made the stay in the hotel tolerable but it would have been nice to have more professional shows.
    The hotel has the potential and the facilities to offer 4star accommodation but due to the poor management, food and drink mentioned above I would not even consider the hotel to be a 2 STAR.
    We ate out most days In order to feed and entertain my family over our two week stay at the hotel costing me around a THOUSAND pounds but it was better than eating and drinking the rubbish at the hotel!
    I wish that I had read and taken advice from all the other bad reviews of this hotel prior to my holiday. I would not stop in this hotel ever again and warn any potential guest to alter their booking, do not book this hotel in the first place or take plenty of money!!!

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club armar - better than expected

by TripAdvisor Member samtez

the club armar - I read the reviews 2 days befor I was due to travel,I wished I had'nt as they were not too good,felt like my holidays was ruined befor we got there . What a suprise this hotel was much better than I expected, and just wanted to say we had a fab time, I would go back and stay at this hotel again,and would just like to add, there was a little bar next door called JADE,the guy in there was so friendly and helpful , he did an excellent FULL ENGLISH breakfast,just what we needed befor our lazy day boat trip,If you want to book any excursions, there is a guy over the road to the Armar called Kevin, he will be able to sort you out, and give you the BEST PRICE.

dont book armar waste of money not a 4 star more like 2 star

by TripAdvisor Member SPUDNOSE

16th august 2007 to 23rd august 2007
just got back from club armar what can i say 2 words FAULTY TOWERS.not a 4 star hotel more like 2 star.foodis very basic loads of chicken and salads breakfasts rubbish.getting served at bars was a nightmare 1 person serving very slow.get a couple of drinks .bars only serve till 11pm then you have to other thing we noticed was that the only drinks that were free were wine,vodka,beer,gin and coke lemonade,fanta you had to pay for fresh orange and any other spirits or cocktails.entertainment was none existant .we ended up eating out most nights.hotel is a good 20 minutes walk to beach.the only good comment i can give was our maid was very good fresh towels everyday.get up early to get a sun lounger.i had to get up at 7 most mornings and even then most beds had final warning when you get to airport take drinks with you 4pounds for a can of coke. small burger and fries 21 lira which is nearly 9 pounds.dont like moaning about things but just be aware of what your letting yourself in for.

this hotel is excellent

by TripAdvisor Member neetpetite

after reading bad reviws about this hotel we were dreading going on holiday.ignore these reviews because this is by far the best all inclusive hotel we have stayed in in turkey. it is very clean, the staff are all very nice, the pool is very good, the rooms are very nice and the food was excellent. the daytime and night time entertainment are great too. infact i cant think of one bad thing to say about it. we all had a brilliant holiday and are going back to club armar next year again. so do not be put off by the bad reviews.


by TripAdvisor Member watford436

Well, Club armar hotel. Perfect for families. I went with my daughter. It was good enough for us so it will probably be good for you. Clean room, fridge (inside a cupboard). It was fun for me and fun for my daughter. 3 swimming pools (1 indoor,2 outside). The front swimming pool features 3 water slides. The food was mostly nice but was the same selection every night. My daughter who is nearly 11 had a great time. She said she would go back again. Friendly staff & a great place to stay. I recommend it for families with children. I would rate this hotel a 4 star. If u go you will have a FANTASTIC time.


by TripAdvisor Member LILY-LABS

I stayed at the Club Armar hotel with my partner and 2 stepchildren in April 2007. It is meant to be all-inclusive but I must say it is the worst AI hotel we have ever come across, and we have been to quite a few around the world.

The selection of food was very minimal. Great if you like salad as you get that for breakfast/lunch/dinner and normally rice/chips and a meat option (no good for veggies). The food was normally luke warm and both me and my stepdaughter went down with a stomach bug for 2 days of our weeks holiday (we didnt touch the tap water). The AI drinks consisted of Vodka/Gin/Beer/Wine and that was it! No chance of a bacardi let alone a cocktail!! and if you wanted fresh orange juice with your breakfast you had to pay extra for it. You also had to pay extra for ice-creams, the pool table and table football and if you wanted a drink before 7.30 then you had to pay extra for that, as one of our children found out when they asked for glass of squash!

We found the staff ok, although one of the days we were the last people eating in the restaurant (but we still had half an hour before closing) and the staff just turned the lights off while we were still eating and cleared away all food so no chance of seconds.

The rooms were adequate and beds made everyday, but carpets had the same crumbs and dirt for the whole week from the day we went in, so obviously hoovering wasnt a priority.

There was no evening entertainment whatsover and the pool with the slides in was being painted when we arrived and didnt open until the day before we went home, so kids were really disappointed.

All in all this was not a good stay and we would never recommend this hotel but it didnt put us off Turkey and we will definitely go back at some point but we will be a bit more weary in our choice of accommodation in future.

I loved it BUT would i go again ?

by TripAdvisor Member Aimzz

I went to Club Armar Hotel a few days ago and i thought it was great. It was my first holiday day out of england so really it was a proper holiday and i thought it was amazing.

I stopped in the hotel from the 25th May 2007 untill 1st June 2007 for a week and it workers/ staff who worked there was so polite and helpful to the guests. I went away with my boyfriend and his family and they had been all over the place BUT they said it was that good it was there best holiday they had EVER had. It was my first holiday (out of england) and the best. the workers/ staff would always come over and ask how you are and if you have just had a meal they would ask if you liked it enjoyed the food.

The pools they had were amazing they have got a main pool out doors and a indoor one. At the front of the hotel is one more pool which has got water slides on and the childen would love them when i went i went on them i loved them and adults also go on them as i saw lots of people go on them. The best part about all of the poolsare that they are never over crowed for people to swim in. When i was there i was always in the pool it was great i was swimming and playing games in the pool.

When i went the was entertainers there what are there all the time and they AWLAYS play games with the quests such as ping pong and water polo WICKED !. even when it rains as it rain 1 day and they done a magic show in the ball room on the second floor :D (smile).

I was there for a week and for a few of them days i went on trips the best trips i went on it was the turkish bath and a jeep safari and i got photos from the turkish bath and on the jeep sufari and got a dvd of the hole day as a man films the hole day and we went to a waterfall and we jumped off it and could sit on it :D (smile).

As my Question was "I loved it BUT would i go again ? " yes i did love the hotel and the hole place i went to and my answer to would i go again would be YES as i liked it so much i am planing on going this summer or if not it will deffinatley be next year i would ALWAYS GO BACK !!! no dought about it :D (big smile).

The hotel is onmly a **** (4 star ) hotel and i think it should be a ***** (5 star) hotel as it a Excellent !!!!

Absolutely Superb

by TripAdvisor Member thereardons

PLEASE DONT LISTEN TO THE [--] the club amar was brilliant we were a family of four me my wife my son and his girlfriend who are both 14 we had a great time allways found something to eat the staff couldnt do enough for you rooms were cleaned every day ok the entertainment wasnt brilliant but what do you expect in turkey we have just come back stopping from the 25 th may till 1 june please dont listen to the others go and have a great time at the amar

No, no, no, no, no and again - no!

by TripAdvisor Member pilot1200

My friend and I went to an 'all inclusive' vacation in Turkey. We paid quite a lot for this trip and was expecting to have the best time ever. This hotel totally ruined our vacation!

Warning #1: There is no air conditioning in the hotel!
The rooms supposed to be air-conditioned (even though we heard from other guests that oftenly they don't work) but the rest of the hotel isn't!
We were there in the heat of july, 34 degrees and high humidity. There are no fans even! Eating in this heat is a health risk.

Warning #2: The 'All inclusive' is a fraud!
When you check-in you get a paper saying 'hotel armar all inclusive policy' which tells you that there are certain times for meals, and you can drink only water (cold, not mineral), pepsi, pepsi diet, 7up, fanta, or cheap local beer.
Want mineral water? EXTRA.
Want a cocktail? EXTRA.
Want a drink after 23:00 (even water)? Pay!

Their 'all inclusive' is simply 'full board' and nothing more!

All in all, this is NOT a 4 stars hotel, not even 3. Two stars will be suitable.
No a/c in the heat of July!
Rude staff!
Cheating in the 'all inclusive' idea!

I would certainly return to Marmaris.
But never never ever to this hotel!

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claub armar HOTEL

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RE: claub armar HOTEL

by codemi

Hi , I'm going on Monday to Club Armar ,so I'll let you know what it's like , (back the week after) I've read lots of differing reviews about it on the internet though , some people have thought it was awful and others have said it's fantastic. I'm just going to keep an open mind !


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