Grand Pasa Hotel

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Durmazlar Cad 15, Marmaris, 48700, Turkey

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    We arrived at the hotel and noticed that it was in a very built up area where the website showed the hotel alone, however it looked grand. The reception area was stunning. The staff were very friendly - they bring your bags to the room which is an extra bonus :-) and makes you feel like a VIP.

    The rooms were of high standard and although we didn't have a sea view, the town was very beautiful especially the mosque when it was lit up at night!! Truly beautiful.

    The food was excellent as a whole, what spoiled it for me was the Germans who are very rude - pushing in etc, but I suppose there has to be one downside!! The staff were very friendly here too. When we went it was some kind of Turkish festival and there were beautiful food sculptures carved into fruit! Be aware of some of the waiters though, some try to take your plates when you start on you desert. One did this to us and spilt it on my new white dress, however the hotel had this dry cleaned and it was returned the next day.

    The bar staff were fantastic, great fun! Bars close at midnight so that was a bit of a down side!!

    Entertainment was POOR :-( no one really joined in. It showed how poor it was as for each night we were there the entertainment room and disco were empty, i love a good dance and you just couldn't unless you wanted to dance on your own in an empty room!! The best entertainment was the Turkish night, but it ended quite quickly!!

    Beware of the photographers lurking just outside the restaurant!! They are quite expensive and hard to haggle down.

    The Turkish spa in the hotel is well worth a visit, we paid for a luxury pack and felt like a million dollars when i came out. First you go into the sauna and steam room, then a swim, then you have a turkish bath - which is superb!!! then you have a massage and face pack. - EXCELLENT

    As a whole I really enjoyed the stay, the only major thing that let it down was the entertainment!!

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not such a grand pasa

by TripAdvisor Member holidaylover12373

I would like to give an honest view of this hotel and marmaris. We checked in about 4.30 in the morning, having boarded the coach transfer about 1.30 we spent 45min on this coach then we were told that we would be stopping for fuel. We arrived in a petrol station / dodgy takeway joint. We were told we could buy refreshments etc, almost everything was priced so high you couldn't imagine 9 lira for pringles, 5 lira for a 550ml soft drinks (no prices anywhere, only on asking or when paying would you realise). Why so expensive i asked, the response was that we were now in a tourist area??? so basiclly they could charge what they wanted. We carried on were after about 15min, no fuel was purchased was just a ploy to get people buying from only these particular shops. Once we arrived in the resort we spent about 45mins offloading holiday makers in the many hotels in this area. We checked in at 4.30 as i said was happy to see a bed. Was a decent room almost like a business room, you could see it was brand new very clean, one double bed and one single. Transfer 3/10

The next couple of days we spent poolside, it was so crowded not only was there not enough space if you came late down from breakfast you couldnt get a parasol/ umbrella, so by midday people were shuffling aroud trying to find shade, not so nice as it was very hot, you just couldnt relax properly. Also the entertainment was at 2.00 darts, could set my watch by it 4.00 water polo this went on for 10 days, if you were unlucky enough to be at that end of the pool you would be ducking and diving avoiding being hit by a heavy ball poolside 2/10

Onsite businesses Haidressers, ice cream seller, a little shop selling all sorts,jewellery shop what an absolute rip off, not only expensive but imagine your pooside reading a book and all of a sudden you have the actual stylist walking around trying to get you to have a haircut a shave, new style for the mrs come on im on holiday, after a few days once they know you by face they leave you alone, only after you have about 10 leaflets, PLEASE im on holiday 0/10

Tip boxes everywhere, why??? for everything tip box for the driver tip box for the waiting staff i could understand, but tip box for the chefs tip box for the drinks person tip box for everyone that worked there.0/10

The food wasn't great they were re using food from the breakfast menu, for lunch then dressing up the food from lunch into a dinner menu. was so blatanly obvious, the mossaka we had at dinner was tomorrow cold starter. Leftovers were brought out in the afternnoon snack bar. This went on for ten days, the al carte menu was the best it was basically whatever was in the main restaurant, without the choice and was served to you.3/10

Walking around the resort and further into town was alarming never seen anything like it, reminded me of amsterdam were all the pushers walk around trying to sell you stuff you would buy. Must be so bad out there some businesse advertise NO HASSLE, on sign outside there businesses. Centrum 2/10

As you can see wasnt a great time we had but i have to say this wasnt the worst of it. One night after watching turkey win against croatia me and my partner came down from our room for a drink to celebrate, as we had been in the room for about two hours watching this highly tense game i needed a drink. Went to the lobby bar and asked for a two beers, the serving staff turned to someone beside her, can only assume he must have been some sort of supervisor/ manager, he responded by saying the all inclusive ended at 12 and that we would need to pay for these drinks, i looked at the clock behind him it was 12.30. i reponded by saying its fine not that i didnt want to pay, firstly i never new all inclusive ended at 12 we were 5 days into our holiday and i hadnt stayed up that late for drinks believe it or not and also i never had my wallet on me. So i said that was fine we would leave it, as we walked away still thirsty i asked if it was ok for me to get a glass of water from the cooler, by his time the senior looking person had come around bar and was sitting, he said ok. i went over to the cooler pressed my glass to the dispenser, only to find it empty maybe a mouthful if that came out, i asked if that was all the water they had he shrugged his shoulders, so i left the water on the bar beside him and said "ok then you drink that". he wasnt happy, seeing that the water was empty my partner started walking out of the lobby towards the downstairs bar beside the pool, i began to follow. i could hear that same person behind me saying "what do you mean i should drink that water", He began to follow me out of the lobby towards the pool. As i reached the door he came around me blocking my exit, right in my face and was still saying what do you mean by saying i should drink that water. I said if that enough for me too drink then it enough for you to drink. He was fuming looking around, at that moment i guess i was lucky enough that one of the senior managers was passing through the door he was blocking so he kind of realised what he was doing and backed off and walked back to the bar area. I was a bit shocked that he responded the way he did to be honest, the following morning i reported this incident to the general manger who was alarmed by what i had to say. he said that he would be takening action against this volatile member of staff and that he was sorry for what had happened. I was personally upset by the whole incident and upto the point of speaking to him was considering checking out of the hotel, he reasured me that he would take care of it. 2 days later the same person was still walking around the hotel, i was reading our departure time for the follwing night, he apprached me again and asked me if my name was mustapha, i said no and why was he asking he replied that a friend of the owner was staying in the hotel and he wanted to know if that was me, worried i guess for obvious reasons. Then he just walked away looking me up and down. What an experience, never have i come across anything like that.

Would i go back there...Never, would i recommend it... what do you think?


by TripAdvisor Member BronzeAdonis_8

Me and my partner have just returned from two weeks at The Grand Pasa hotel. And I have to say it is the best hotel we have both ever been to. The rooms are fantastic and cleaned every day and the hotel in general is spotless! The food is about the best you could ask for at a hotel there was always a big choice at every meal. Your not going to get a full english breakfast though because your not in England!!!!! Toast, cerals, eggs, fruit,etc... was more than enough for breakfast. You had to get up early to get a sunbed and parasol but you will struggle to find a hotel where this is not the norm..... The pool was great and the slides were welcome entertainment for kids and adults alike. Everyone at the hotel, waiters, entertainment team and shop owners were so so friendly and always made time to speak to you. Its hard to believe after reading the bad reviews about this place(only a few) that it was the same hotel! We really cant say a bad word about the place and we really didnt want to leave. The resort as well was lovely and if you just acknowledge the shop owners with a simple "no thanks" they were fine.
We had such a good time and met some great people I would recomend this place to anyone especially if you like playing pool....

Fantastic hotel

by TripAdvisor Member B0nny

My boyfriend and I have just returned from a two week stay at the Grand Pasa Hotel. At 3am we were delighted to turn up to a spotlessly clean, very nice looking hotel with a large room and a huge bed. The beds are slightly hard but I actually like this! The pool area is fantastic although you do have to wake up early to reserve a sunbed. This wasn't a big problem cos u get up at half 8, put your towel down and then crawl back to bed.

We did find that the food gets slightly repetitive so we ate out a lot. The food on offer is very nice and a big variety but we just prefer eating out on holiday. Plenty of nice places to eat near the hotel, particularly Picassos for nice pasta and Van Goghs for nice food and hilarious waiting staff. My boyfriend particularly enjoyed 500g T bone steak for the equivalent of about £9!

The one compliant we would make about the hotel was that our power kept cutting out in our room. Whenever the power cut out the air con would switch off and we would wake up in the middle of the night absolutely boiling. We complained to reception about the problem but they blamed it on bad power in the whole of Marmaris. Having spoken to other hotel guests I don't think this is the case as they didn't expreience the problem as often as we did. It might of been because my boyfriend ept accidentally taking the key card in the pool! (the key card powers the electricity)

Overall fantastic holiday in great hotel with guaranteed sunshine at bargain price, would definitely go back and would recommend it to anyone!!

Nice building......thats where it ends.

by TripAdvisor Member markandstephen

My partner and I have just returned from a 7 day holiday to the Grand Pasa Hotel. I would like to say first off that I have been to Marmaris 4 times in the past as well as Lara beach and Bodrum so i would like to think that i have a pretty good knowledge of the country and its hotels. Turkish Hotels have their own star rating and are not rated officially like other European hotels.

So if you book a 4* hotel it is more likely to be of the standard of a 3*. The Grand pasa hotel has a Turkish rating of a 5* AI hotel and is rated by Thomas Cook as a 4* AI. It is also regarded as a new style of hotel which is very modern and very grand (on first impressions) for turkish standards.

The Hotel is definately grand when you first see it. The modern style and lovely foyer looks stunning when you first enter the hotel. The first thing you will notice is how clean the hotel is, it is certainly one of the cleanest hotels i have ever stayed in. But for a 5* you would expect no other. The hotel rooms are very clean and modern and are cleaned to a very high standard every day. Imagine a very good premier travel lodge for the rooms and you wont be that far out. Now all of this sounds nice up to now, BUT!!!

1) The hotel is set back from the hustle and bustle of the main road and beach so you would expect it to be quiet and relaxing. unfortunately if you get a room which faces the hotel opposite (the Pinatta Deluxe) you will be woken up every morning with the sound of elephants, birds and monkeys and the song GOOD MORNING. This happens at 1000am every morning and I know what your thinking (who sleeps till 1000am on holiday). We did not arrive to the hotel until 0700 in the morning on the first day so decided to catch a few hours, this was not possible as after the GOOD MORNING song the Pinatta hotel then decides to play Rave music for the remainder of the day normally until 1700hrs. The music is that loud you really do think there is a Dance festival going on. This happend every day...except on a Sat and a Sunday where it all kicks off at 1015am.

2) The hotel pool is nice but is far too small for the are crammed in like sardines to the point where you are literally touching the person next to you. Thankfully the way the hotel is facing you cannot hear the music from the Pinatta.

3) Most of the staff are rude and there faces would crack if they tried to smile. Don't get me wrong no one expects them to be smiling or polite all of the time, but some of the staff barely even make eye contact. The managers do nothing but walk around and have no problem just standing and watching the bar staff struggle serving the way very rarely did you find more than one member of bar staff at the main bar.

4) The food is the worst i have ever had in Turkey.... I have read other reviews on here about this hotel and its 'SUPERB' food. I dont mean to be rude and every person is entitled to there own opinions but "REALLY" have these people ever stayed in a five star hotel before or even a 4* star hotel. Even 4* standard food in Turkey is better than this. The food is like canteen food and even that is being generous. The lunch time food is the same as the night time dinner and check the pizza slices before you eat them....we found the bases to be green mould, when reported to one of the chefs he calmely stated that he could see it was mould and walked away, and yes the pizza was still being given out to guests. When we mentioned the standard of the food to the rep she stated that the hotel uses mass catering food for guests as there were that many places to eat outside of the hotel it was not worth providing better food in the hotels.

5) If you have a late night flight, you have to check out of the room at 1200 mid day unless you are lucky enough to keep your room on...but peak season forget it, you have no chance of getting your room all day. You are then left to have a shower later on in the fitness suite...but they do not provide a courtesy room. If you are a thomas cook customer you are allowed to keep your AI wrist band until you get picked up for your return flight, however go with any other tour operator and you lose your band at 1400hrs and have to pay for drinks and food.

It is such a shame about this hotel as it really is a lovely hotel for Turkey standards but the above problems totally spoilt the experience. You will get others on tripavisor who will disagree with this report, but this is a totally accurate and fair report and its there to help others make the right choice. Thanks for reading.

I wanted to stay forever!!!

by TripAdvisor Member Claireybaby88

Ignore all bad reviews about this hotel - it was the best holiday I've had in years!!! We are a couple in our early 20s and spent 2 weeks at the gorgeous Grand Pasa.

Hotel is stunning! Room was top class and very clean and tidy! We had a view of another hotel but had the sun on it at about 4pm - GREAT!

Pool area very nice! Always waiters and pool attendants cleaning up any spillages and collecting glasses. Pool was lovely, really refreshing in the soaring 45 degree heat - but not freezing! Plenty of sunbeds as long as you get down there b4 about 9am - who sleeps late on holiday anyway!!!

Food was outstanding - really exceeded expectations! Huge choice, you would really struggle to not find something nice. Don't expect any horrible English breakfasts! - they will however make you eggs and you can have pastries, cereal, fruit, yoghurt... Waiting staff are fab - lots of them and they are all so friendly!

Bar staff made my holiday enjoyable - they are sooo much fun! Miss those boys like crazy!!! Very cheeky boys!!!

Entertainment - well...hate to say this but it lets the hotel down! During the day it was great but at night they lack ideas! They really do try tho!

Spa - again not great - it is closed most of the day to accomodate the ppl who are paying!!! And you can have the treatments much cheaper at a Turkish bath outside the hotel! We paid £12 each for 2 hours of treatment (booked with a street vender).

Hairdressers is fab!!! They really look after you. I got hair extensions at a fraction of the price you'd pay in UK and they fixed any that had tugged out... Arif is lovely!

If you are walking along the beach be prepared to be hassled lol! We walked along during the day and EVERY SINGLE bar hassled us! At night it's not so bad. Go to Barans Karaoke bar - BRILLIANT - waiters are gorgeous and so much fun! Also eat out at the Taj Mahal - chef is from Bradford - BEST INDIAN MEAL I've EVER had!!!!

The best thing about Marmaris is that the locals really look after you whether you want to be entertained, pampered or perhaps a sercret rendevouz on the beach at night ;) I'd go back in a second... fallen in love with the country and the BOYS!!!


by TripAdvisor Member lyndzd88

Where can i start we got back last week and did not want to come home this hotel is beautiful, i cant see why some people have half an hour to sit there and slag it off the food was not great or the entertainment but there are plenty of cheap places to go out and make the most of it 1 week is too short.
You must have a turkish bath they are amazing. DO NOT GO on the Dalyan trip it is awful we are only early 20s and they took us to a carpet factory why do we want to see this then a mud bath it was just dirty water then by the time we got to turtle beach we just wanted to get back to hotel it was 13 hours of travelling.
The hotel was amazing so there should be tip boxes the staff did not stop all day and were more than happy to help all the time, they would all introduce themselves they were fantastic.
We will not hesitate to go back next year same hotel definately.
The Beach was not great but you didnt need to go the hotel was lovely the pool was massive and 3 water slides fun all day long, the only reason you cant get beds is that you dont get up we got up 7.30am and got good ones every day with umbrella then went back to bed for an hour.
I could not knock this holiday its great its better shopping for men than women and some of the clothes you cant tell there fake.
Grand Pasa entertainment team are lovely and make you smile all day and have time for you if you have time for them the night shows are not great more for kids but there was a breakdancing show and fire show which was good they had me up doing a Miss Grand Pasa 2008 competition.
All inclusive there was always something to eat for everybody not so on the drinks no nice liquers really but you dont mind paying for a malibu because they make your hoilday.

Not a 5* holel

by TripAdvisor Member suzandgraz

This is the first time we have felt we needed to write a report. The first impressions on arrival at the Grand Pasa were very impressive. After checking in at 2am the bell boy put our cases in the lift ready to go to our room when we were informed there was already someone in our allocated room. We refused another room ending in 7 as advised in previous reviews. After standing our ground we were shown to another room but not on the top floor as requested. The bedroom and bathroom were of a good standard and always kept clean. Staffs always appeared to be cleaning especially around the bars and pool and were always polite and helpful. However when we entered the ‘cafeteria’ for our first meal we were horrified to see so many people smoking. There was a small non smoking area right next to the smoking area. Dress code was non existent especially in the evenings. You do not expect to see men in vests, shorts and flip-flops at dinner in a 5* hotel. Children were allowed to run amok at meal times. The pool area was very crowded, sun beds crammed together and never enough parasols and you needed to get your sun bed by 7am or you would not get one. Our main problem was with the very many Eastern Bloc guests especially from Poland, who were extremely rude, arrogant and unprepared to wait their turn to be served at the bar, to force their way into the lift before allowing people to get out first. Smoking was permitted everywhere and was at times very annoying. It would have been nice to have had a quiet non smoking area. Day time entertainment was on the lines of a holiday camp with continuous loud music and the evening entertainment was absolutely dire !!! Bingo,tombola games and ‘comedy’ shows (of a bad taste.)To reach the beach was a good 15 mins walk across a very busy 4 lane main road. The beach is very poor, no sand just grit. We enjoyed the glorious weather ( 40+ in the shade ),the excellent staff and good rooms but it was all spoilt by the Eastern Bloc guests who drank alcohol all day (there were 2 fights whilst we were there ) This was certainly not a 5* hotel probably just a 3+,and as you have probably guessed we won’t be going back.

Fantastic hotel!!

by TripAdvisor Member lindsaygoulding

The hotel is great the staff are friendly and quite witty. The pool area is compact but you can move your loungers to a bigger space not too much hassle!! As for the towels being like sand paper there towels and there're free its just to sit on as the heat practically dries you in 10 mins! I think people forget your in a foreign country your not getting english cusine! Ok its not english 5 star but its the best star rating you gonna get in turkey! The food was ok but yes a little dull after a week! The entertainment try to involve you in the night shows they don't pressure you, they just want you to have a good time, the same with the the day activites water polo aqua arobics darts etc. The hotel is brilliant and if want to have fun or just relax its the place for you! The entertainment staff are brilliant friendly funny and upbeat! lovely hotel nice people.

Best Hotel i'v been to in the last few years!!!!

by TripAdvisor Member emma86

Well to start i just want to reply to the woman who complained about no sausages and bacon at breakfast, well of course there isnt you are in a Muslim country.
I felt the meals were great and i am quite a fussy eater but i managed to find plenty of food to eat. Breakfast time wasnt seen often by me but that was drink inflicted! When i did go there was cereals, fruit, cold meats, cheeses, croisonts, every style egg - scrambled, boiled, omlette, fried. plus other hot items just remember that pork is not eaten by muslims.
Lunch served a variety of hot dishes and salads if you cant find anything you like which i find hard to believe the snack bar opens at 2.30 which has chips burgers etc.
Dinner served different food from lunch everyday, same set up as lunch but with more hot food on offer. The soup was always nice, gulash being my favourite.
The sprit drinks were not watered down and always big measures, cant comment on the effes lager as i didnt drink it.
The waiter staff in the resturant were lovely and the bar staff in the snack bar were so friendly and made every night good fun. If your young and want to go out nightclubbing i recomend having a very very good drink in the hotel as Bar street marmaris is just as expensive as England!!
The Rooms were of a very good standard, rooms were cleaned each day unless you put the do not disturb up, towels were only changed if you left them on the floor, little card in room explains why, enviromently friendly. If you want them changing each day leave them on the floor, as for them being like sand paper i didnt think they were and i burnt myself.
The pool towels are great, save your sun bed with your own beach towel and use the pool towel to dry off after being in the pool or down the crazy slides, which kept me and my boyfriend quite entertained through the day,
The ice cream is a bit pricey but the the ice cream seller is lovely, we went out the night Turkey got through to the semi finals of euro cup, with ice cream man (he told us that was his name!), Frankie from the jewellers and a few more of the staff, they looked after us all very well as it all got a bit CRAZY to say the least!!!
The spa although more pricey than outside the hotel you know it is clean and if anything does go wrong which i dont think would, the hotel would get a bad name. The turkish bath and massarges are wonderful, lovely way to end my great holiday.
Overall my two week holiday was the best me and my boyfriend have been on together, the hotel i have no complaints at all, which is a first!

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grand pasa hotel ,pool dance song

by ady_tiesto

hello to all,i was in marmaris to Grand Pasa and i want to know what is the name of Pool dance song,i was on July 15-23


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 Grand Pasa Hotel

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