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Celal Tezisler Cad. 248 Sk. No: Siteler, Marmaris, Mugla, 48700, Turkey
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Booked Sun Maris beach put somewhere else

by TripAdvisor Member TCVancouver2005

As soon as we arrived at the Sun Maris beach we checked in and they told us that we were staying at the hotel across the street - I had heard of really bad things about people being put in the sunflower hotel so wasnt impressed straight away. However, I then found out we were in Gozpinar hotel and apartments - literally just across the road.

Gozpinar apartments were really good, rooms very basic but everything we needed, cleaner came round all the time and was really helpful. Plus this hotel had a great bar - Andy's Bar, which most people end up in - so turned out better for us in the end.

We ate at the sun maris a few times, food was ok, could always eat something - one night was really dissappointing, we were given fish fingers for dinner - not even birdseye!

Breakfast seemed a waste of time, dont have toaster for bread or butter, just strange cereal and warm milk. or hard boiled eggs - enough to get you through to lunch. Dont expect luxury food because it just doesnt exist - but the food was mostly edible and warm, so could have been worse!!!

Bar was crap, only one bar, plastic cups, beer was terrible, coke not too great - fanta was ok though so we mostly had that and bought drinks from bars outside the hotel.

Didnt use the pool of the sun maris beach because we always got up too late and by that time the sunbeds were all taken - in the other hotel we were put in the pool was smaller but always had sunloungers, so we stayed there or went to the beach.

I wouldnt book the Sun Maris Beach, its not an "all inclusive" hotel, you dont get snacks throughout the day and the staff seem to get annoyed if you go up for seconds or ask for more.

I would honestly say, if you want a basic, but clean, great atmosphere hotel/apartment then book the Gozpinar cause the food and drink in the sun maris beach just isnt worth it - just eat out it is cheap enough!!

Love it!!!

by TripAdvisor Member MarmarisHot

Do not believe all these stories.. I was in the Sun Maris Beach hotel from the 31st of may till the 10th of june, so at the same time of some of the other reviews. We (2 young girls) arrived around 7 pm and we were brought to our room. It was good sized and clean and had a small balcony, what do you want more?????? You are only at your room to have a shower and to sleep! Then we went to have dinner, it was ok. Many salads and 4 kinds of hot meal every day. Much chicken, but that's normal in Turkey. We didn't liked the food every day, but that's just different tastes. I admit, breakfast wasn't very good. Breakfast for us was everyday a 3 minute egg and some bread. But if you want an english breakfast, it is possible for 3 pounds in the hotel, or you can get it at the Black Mirror bar next to the hotel. Drinks are out of bottles, but are ok. One time there wasn't water in the hole hotel, but it was fixed in half an hour.

Staff: Brilliant!! Al the guys (and 2 girls) are working around 12 hours a day, and have only 1 day off in 10 days, so they are working hard! They are always friendly if you act the same way to them. They are in for a good laugh! Front-office manager is also great! One night he even brought us home from barstreet, because there was no bus back.

Location: perfect for younger people! It is only 50 m to the beach. Then you are at Baran karaoke bar, for the ones who have been in Marmaris already. So longbeach is around the corner.
10 minutes walk to the center and every night at 11 a bus goes to barstreet for free. And if you are lucky it goes back at half past 2 haha.

Price-quality is in proportion. For young people it is perfect!

We had a great holiday, despite of the fact that we were the only Dutch people in the hotel, surrounded by English and Russian people. Hope that I gave you some usefull information about this wonderfull hotel. Thank you!

this is long winded but worth a read, quite helpful i promise

by TripAdvisor Member NorthWestBabyjeans

oh dear me

i have just returned from the sun maris beach hotel in marmaris, turkey.

we booked our all inclusive two week holiday through teletext, and for the price we paid we weren't expecting luxury but i have never been more disappointed or felt more let down in my life!!

firstly, we were left waiting over 90 mins on the transfer coach before leaving dalaman airport. we didn't stop on the way to marmaris and the trip took roughly an hour & 3/4.

the coach stopped in the dirtiest scrubbiest place known to man, and the rep shouted "sun maris!" so we got up, thinking "oh god. this really is the bargain basement!" The driver took our bags off the coach, and led us down a side street (the coach wouldn't even drive up to the hotel!!) When we got to reception, as the rep was talking to the receptionist I was looking round at all the prostitutes wandering through the hotel - no i'm NOT joking!!! Plenty of turkish words were said, and the rep took our bags & led us back to the coach, saying it was the wrong hotel so I asked "how many Sun Maris's are there??" to which the reply was "Four." I have since learnt this first hotel was Sun Maris City.

Then we stopped at the Sun Maris Beach. I asked the rep three times "Is this the right hotel? Are you SURE??" She said "yes,"
so off we came with our bags & were led to reception. We checked in, and a porter came to carry our bags. He then proceeded to take our bags out of the hotel, round the corner, and across the road, to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HOTEL!!!!! called "The Sunflower".

Now, The Sunflower was actually quite a clean hotel. Basic, but clean. However... I did have to ask the manager for three consecutive days, for a fridge, and some curtains!! I eventually got them, then was told I had to pay for the fridge, even though other guests were NOT charged!! There were no tea&coffee facilities in the room, and not even a plug in the sink!! The hot water went off twice during our stay, and the shower was blocked. But apart from that, I can't really complain much about the hotel.

So what's going on with the different hotel thing? WELL!!! Apparently they'd overbooked the Sun Maris on such a ridiculous scale, that FIVE other hotels had to accomodate all the extra guests, including us. On a trip to the bar in the sunflower, we discovered that the all-inclusive we'd all paid for didn't extend to the hotels we were staying in, we had to go back over to the Sun Maris to get our food & drink. Not that bad, you'd Think!! But when five hotels' worth of people are all trying to get free food & drink, that doesn't leave much room around the pool, in the restaurant or the patio area, In fact there was none at all. We visited the Sun Maris in total TWICE in the 15 nights we were there.

On one trip, we discovered all the drinks were watered down, including the coke, which was flat and warm. We were allowed a small plastic cup of a drink each, and only one ice cube per person!! If it was warm & the ice on the bar melted, the staff didn't make any move to refill it. The staff were just plain rude (my partner was refused entry to the restaurant for not having a shirt on, however when I had a closer look round there were many girls wearring bikinis, with nothing else on, sitting at the tables eating their meals, some even had thongs on!!) , and whatever food was out for lunch and left uneaten was put out for the evening meal aswell. On the other trip, we discovered breakfast consisted of 5minute boiled eggs, or 3minute boiled eggs, thrown in a tray with the shells cracked, lord only knows they may have recycled those aswell! There was no bread or toast to go with the eggs, but a platter of withered salad, containing not cucumber as I first thought, but GHERKINS!!! Who in the right mind wants to eat eggs & gherkins for breakfast??!! Also, a bit of a conundrum I thought, why was there an aged jar of jam, an uncovered bowl of congealed, separated marmalade, and a vat of (what i can only describe as) SEMEN present at every meal???? There was no form of bread/toast as I said before, and as for that pale gunk, well I've no idea what that was for!!

At first we were so annoyed at not having any proper All-Inclusive facilities (i.e. in the SAME hotel as I was SLEEPING!) that we marched over to the Sun Maris Beach hotel, at 2am one morning and demanded to see the manager. we were told he wouldn't be available until after 9am, and to come back then. When we went over (this being Wednesday) we were asked to take a seat to wait for him. we were waiting around forty minutes, and he turned up, having walked past us twice in the lobby already, with a smug look on his face. I told him that we had paid for all-inlusive & to stay at a Sun Maris hotel, and therefore we wanted a room AT a Sun Maris hotel. He told us there wouldn't be one available until after 12pm on the Saturday. The next day, I got talking to quite a few people, some who were staying at the Sunflower with us, and some who were in the Sun Maris. The people in the Sun Maris said that their rooms were dirty and for the past week or so the electricity had been going on & off frequently, for hours at a time & there were no fridges, So we decided to stay in the Sunflower because at least it was clean, and by this time we had curtains!! Result!! And a fridge too.

It cost us a lot of money every day to be eating out all the time, as we had to buy every meal outside the hotel. We couldn't sit around the pool or patio area during the day as there was no room, so we had to find somewhere else to sunbathe & swim, and therefore had to shell out for drinks elsewhere all day, every day. If we had known what we were coming to, we wouldn't have paid the extra to go all-inclusive!! Also there was no possibility of getting anything to drink past 10.30pm, unless you were prepared to pay. We, however weren't prepared to pay; we weren't giving that hotel any more money for the filth they served up.

BLACK MIRROR BAR, in the grounds of the Sun Maris, anyone staying there was meant to recieve 15% of their bill, which we never got, the manger was a bit rude so we weren't impressed. The final straw was when we went to a BBQ night there with so called turkish belly dancers, break dancers, and a michael jackson impressionist. The belly dancers never turned up, i think the Sun Maris chef cooked the BBQ because it was awful, the Jackson impressionist turned up late and the break dancers were terrible. We were also annoyed because when we booked it we paid for the whole night, including entertainment and the break dancers walked round with empty base balls caps collecting money off all of the customers after their pathetic set. HOW RUDE!
Also, because we'd been moved from the hotel we were meant to be in (The Sun Maris City) when the coach came to pick us up to take us to the airport to go home, no one knew where we were and so a coach of 40 people were waiting an hour waiting for us to be located and brought to them so we could all get on our way..

Also upon booking the holiday we were told by the sales rep we had an extra 5KG of luggage, so coming home we thought we had 20KG each. At Dalaman when our cases were weighed, we were told by the check in agent that our cases were 42KG therefore, 12KG over weight (we only had 15KG each) and asked to pay £72 excess baggage charge. It was only the shocked look on our faces, the threat of my tears, and us both insisting when we booked our holiday that we were told over the phone we had extra luggage weight that we were let off with the charge and just had to pay £12 instead. So also watch out for this as if you are told over the phone you don't have proof at the airport when things go wrong..

So that's my complaining over with. On to the nice bit! :)

During the day, we found a lovely rooftop pool bar & restaurant, called the Rover's Return just two minutes stroll away from the Sun Maris Beach hotel. The staff were WONDERFUL, the drinks were excellent, fizzy and cold!! We didn't eat there much as it was quite expensive, and as we hadn't planned on eating out all the time (having paid for all-inclusive) we hadn't budgeted for it. Although we did have breakfast there a few times, and it was lovely!!
Across the road from the Rover's Return, was the Mayfair restaurant which again was lovely & really cheap!! ^_^
The food & service was great, the staff were fantastic & friendly, and we had a good time there. We ate there mostly.

A few nights we went to a restaurant called "Nostaji" This was a bit more expensive but we ate there four times & every single member of staff remembered the names of all six of our party. Even if we weren't going in, just walking past they would stop what they were doing to say hello to us & ask how we were. The food here was awesome!!

The bar at the Sunflower was called "Albatross" and we drank here most nights whilst listening to 60s-70s music. The staff were great, brilliant atmosphere, and at least one of the bar staff each night would add a bit of entertainment to his job by bottle-throwing & juggling while he served us. (All the bottles were on fire, so this was really interesting to watch!)

Andy's Bar was next door to Albatross & the Sunflower. This was a bit more lively, nightlife entertainment with karaoke, more suitable for us 20ish year olds! It was more expensive though. Again the staff were friendly there, and we found out that the guy who owns Andy's Bar also owns a hotel where you could go self-catering! Found out that the rooms all had their own little kitchens, and wish I knew the name of the hotel!! If it comes to me I'll edit this. My point being , if you're booking a holiday for marmaris, book andy's bar hotel, self catering, not the Sun Maris hotel (any of the four of them!)

Our trip hasn't put us off Turkey at all we are probably going to book for next year, as we met so many lovely people there and we did have a great time, apart from the hotel and A-I there. We will just be more careful next time, we are going to book for Andy's hotel self catering and take enough money this time to eat out every day &night.


by TripAdvisor Member elle1814

I`ve just returned from a weeks holiday in the Sun Maris Beach, and I must admit it was basic and I mean basic, but I`ve certainly stayed in a lot worse.

When we arrived at the hotel after being dropped off at the wrong one by the transfer company, the reception staff were polite and friendly and told us we would be staying at the Sunflower hotel just accross the road.
We were taken to the other hotel where we were shown to our room which was very basic but very clean. The bathroom was tiny but had everything you needed, a very small balcony but again it was quite sufficient for myself and my partner.
There were no tea or coffee facilities in the room, but I always take my travel kettle with me.
There were no channels tuned into the TV but who goes on holiday to watch telly anyway??
There was plenty of space for clothes and toiletries and the sheets and towels were very clean.

We went over to the sun maris to find the bar, there were meant to be two bars but only the pool bar was open.
All drinks were in plastic cups, it was like being at a kids party, through the day this is fine as its safer around the pool, but it wasnt good at night so we went to bars outside the hotel every night.
The food was edible but didnt vary at all, it`s fine if you like salad, salad or salad!! Great for the waistline but when you pay nearly £800 for all inclusive it`s not so great.
One night the hotel had a turkish dance group for the entertainment which you had to pay for!! I had expected that to be free. We wernt that bothered anyway because our balcony overlooked the entertainment area so we saw it for free!!

Apart from all that, the hotel was not that bad, the resort was great with loads to do, plenty of bars restaurants and shops.
One thing to mention though... if you go on the beaches the sunbeds and parasols are free. But the beaches are sectioned off and run by the beachfront bars, therefore you are usually expected to by food and drink from them to compensate the free stuff. We usually just got a drink each a day and that cost around £7 so it`s not cheap!!
Talking of cheap, neither is Dalaman airport. Please take own drinks and snacks as the prices are the worst we`ve ever seen!! We paid just over £10 for two cokes and a small bottle of water. also McDonalds charge £12 for a big mac meal. Yes, you read correctly £12!!

So, We will definatley be going back to Marmaris, just staying in a different hotel, we checked out a few while we were there.

We booked our holiday for a very needed break and we enjoyed every minute of it. The hotel Sun Maris Beach certainly wasnt the best hotel in the world, but it wasnt the worst either.

It's like doing time!

by TripAdvisor Member TimnJules

Me and my boyfriend decided to go on a last minute holiday here on June 13th 2008. When we arrived after travelling through the night we were unable to get into our rooms until about 7 hours later so we had to sleep on the beach and get changed into swimware in the loos! Breakfast lunch and dinner are all the same! Disgusting! We only liked the bread so everything became a sandwich! He he it's amazing what can go into a sarnie! We started to eat out regularly and basically couldn't stomach the crap drinks at all - are you into rola cola?! We just endured our stay at this dirty hotel, I cleaned the room daily as when they washed the floor it smelled like sick! Read the rest of the reports that say it'sdodgy - cos that's the truth. It's more like a 1-2 star than 3. If you wanna rough it this is the one for you so DONT BOOK IT if you're in your right mind!! By the way weather was great! 49 degrees!

never ever ever ever ever again!!!!!

by TripAdvisor Member scouselizzie

well as u can tell im not best pleased !! ive been home from the place they call a hotel ( more like a monstrosity) for 3 days now which im overwhelmed about because getting away from that hotel was the best thing that had happend all holiday!! I booked this holiday over the teletext for a total of £844.00 which was a complete bargain for me and my fiance going all inclusive for 2 weeks for our first holiday 2gether. Well the airport was good we flew threw really quick the people who picked us up wer even great but as soon as we walked in2 the " hotel" the staff where absolutely rude they made us wait 20 minutes whilst they kept answering the phones and when they decided they wanted to talk to us they where rude again by interuptin mid sentance to answer another ring of the phone without excusing them selves. When we managed to get put in a room we was happy untill the bathroom ceiling started to leak throught every crack and even by the end ov the holiday the ceilin nearly caved in on us so when we was tryin 2 get a shower the peoples soap suds and water came in ontop ov us! then at a meal time all u get offered is sloppy vegetables with fish ( the skin still on it) batterd in a very greasy batter thats fat squirted up at me! that wasnt it tho every mornin noon an night all u get is salad wid different variations of sloppy what i can only call prison food! its good for losin weight but it physically and mentally drains you of all energy! We where that upset by the end ov the first week i was cryin 2 go home but instead we went to our ever so unhelpful rep who told us that if we wanted 2 move hotels ( even to a sister hotel) we would have 2 pay £600.00 ontop of wat we had already paid! Well apart from the terrible food,staff and rep i had been suffering from serious dihoreah for the first week and consipation for the second week also it didnt help with massive shooting pains in my stomache and head so if you considering booking at this hotel really think about it cos im tellin you that you will be infront of your computer next week doin the same thing as i am now!

Hated this hotel

by TripAdvisor Member Misquiz

We booked this hotel with teletext as a last minute booking but was still around £300 all inclusive for one week. We had troubles with our transfers so were not best pleased when we had arrived early hours of the morning to discover that this hotel was REALLY bad. I got to the hotel and cried my eyes out. The hotel is really basic and could have dealt with this but the room was top floor so my partner was unable to stand up, we were constantly banging our heads on the ceiling. The bathroom mirror was black with dirt, there was a brown ring on the sink and the floor tiles in the shower were cracked, the hot tap fell off when my partner turned it slightly. Our toilet wouldnt flush and when we complained the person repairing this did so only by taking our shower and putting it into the cistern to fill with water which was gross. The lift had no front so when going up and down all u saw was door wall door and it smelled bad. There were several people moaning about this hotel. As for the food, which was just as good as the hotel. Breakfast was cucumber, tomatoes, sausage mush and a boiled egg in shell. Dinners were like processed meat in gravy and our soft drinks were bottled in the sun all day so were extremely warm. The only good thing was the rep who transferred us next door free of charge which is when our holiday began and we were very grateful to him. To sum everything up I would never recommend this hotel to anybody!

What did we do to deserve this, absolutely disgusting!!

by TripAdvisor Member tinkerbelle249

well where do i start....i didnt expect 5* quality for what i paid, but i certainly didnt expect to stay in an unhygenic sesspit.
We first walked in and were checked in. the hotel seemed nice, but wen we stepped in our room, well that was a differnt story.
The Bathroom...... the shower had never been cleaned, the sink was falling apart and you had to be careful not to touch it or it rocked, the toilet bowl had never seen a bloody scrubbing brush and as for the floor, well i will let u see the pics and you can decide for yourself. when you turned the taps on, the smell of pure drainage wafted through the room and was utterly deisgraceful. the shower curtain had rotting mould on it, we complained about on the first day but they only changed it on the last, even then all the maid did was cut it in half so now there was only a bit of material hanging fom the ceiling.
the maid never cleaned the room once and u had to wear shoes around the room as the floor was that dirty it turned your feet black.
The food was awful, for breakfast u could either have boiled eggs, cereal or fruit, dinner was left overs from lasts nights dinners, and dinner was either past in oil or stuffed peppers.
the pool is small.
Although we had a big balcony, beware as people flick there fags and ash from above onto your balcony.


by TripAdvisor Member READITNOW

For god sake if you want to stay something even half decent do NOT book this hotel!!!

We arrived at 7am and booked in, ok we thought then we got to our room. Well they have ONE plug socket!!! The air con drips, and do not get me started on the food, all inc? well the make you pay for anything half good!!! The rest is awful!!!

We did have complimentary mould though around the bathroom, with a lovely smell of eau dor... what i can only describe as ... well you can imagine. The sink was off the wall.

You get the worst beds ever and if you think clean sheets will be given then think again, you just get your bed made.

So please for the sake of the one holiday you save up for all year do not waste it in this poor excuse of a hotel because you will come away crying!!!

What A Hole Aint 1 2 Moan But Dont Stay Here ! You Will C

by TripAdvisor Member lutonboyEngland

WARNING DO NOT BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY AT THIS HOTEL ,here are a few things that will put you right off, the bar shut up shop at 10.30 and bar staff very rude, beer flat kids drinks also flat, rooms aint bin cleaned for weeks bath room dirty , as for the food would not even feed it to my dog!!! hell hole and those rude and arrogrant russians every were!!! please dont stay here chris from luton town, england




Still, there was one bright spot!Still, there was one bright spot!


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Sun Maris Beach Hotel

by jo_tilley

Has anybody stayed in the Sun Maris Beach Hotel - I have booked a/i for a week at the end of May and was wondering what the food and drink is like???


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