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Sehit Ahmet Benler Cad., Bakacak Armutalan, Marmaris, Mugla, 48750, Turkey

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Royal Garden Hotel - Fantastic

by TripAdvisor Member Southseacouple83

Just come home from 1 week at the Royal Garden Hotel, Had a fantastic time! All the staff are fantastic and really friendly and entertaining. The room was very nice and the cleaners did an amazing job at keeping the room spotless! The food selection was great with some English dishes to keep everyone happy. The Dolmus (small buses) are brilliant at getting around town and really really cheap and easy to use. Would love to come back to The Royal Garden Hotel next year and highly recommend this hotel to anyone.

Fabulous holiday

by TripAdvisor Member LeahDevon

I travelled to Marmaris with my boyfriend. We booked the holiday through teletext and it was a bodge job with the different flight companies, tour operators and transfer company. However, everything ran smoothly and we were the first to arrive at our hotel.
Prior to our departure, we had read many different reviews on here and we were rather apprehensive what we would find. But thankfully the entire holiday was amazing.
The staff couldn't do enough for us, they didn't check our bags when we came in daily and the cleaners threw out our water bottles daily, so it was obvious we were drinking produce brought from outside the Hotel shop. The whole hotel was very clean and consistently well presented too.

When we booked we wanted to see Marmaris as a town so we decided on going B&B instead of full board. We had breakfast which included a vast selection of foods and then we ate in town for lunch and evening meals. I'd recommend many restaurants in the town as the food is brilliant and the staff are very good at recommending foods to you. I am a vegetarian and I was concerned there would be limited options at meal time, but there are endless salads, pastas, pizzas and traditional Turkish meals available.
My boyfriend and I loved the entire holiday and excursions we went on. We had a day on a boat around the Island and a Turkish Bath. We went to Icmeler on the hotel transport which was free and was one of the most relaxing days.

Personally the holiday as a whole was the best I have experience, the people, the place, the food and the weather will not be forgotten quickly. From reading the reviews, I feel that B&B is definitely a better option.
Happy Holidays

Lija & Sam

Beautiful hotel, forward men in Turk Bath, maid needs to change

by TripAdvisor Member LondonLassUK

Royal Garden is a beautiful hotel. The staff are friendly, the people are lovely. However, although it is a child-friendly environment, it is difficult for people with children in prams to get to the pool as the only way you can get to the pool is by stairs. However, in terms of getting to your room, there is a lift to all of the floors.

You are not allowed to bring in any food from outside whether you are B&B, half board or full board and are usually searched on your way in (poor people brought water in as the bar closes at midnight, and the water got confiscated).

I went for a Turkish Bath at the resort - it cost me £25. It was a nice Turkish bath as you get the whole treatment all to yourself where if you are paying £6 - £10, you will be sharing it with random strangers. (I tried the cheaper version as well and although the massage was better in the cheaper one, the system for your bath was like a conveyer belt - quick in, quick out). The more pricier one was good in terms of seeing the dirt come off of your skin. However, you cannot take your camera in for a picture; and when you are in the massage parlour room, you are offered sex as a free bonus, which is totally off-putting.

If you're all inclusive, you have to get up and get your drinks from the bar whereas half board and B & B drinks are brought to you by the pool. You're not allowed drinks up in your room and when you're full board, you will get a note left by the maid saying that you should not have drinks or food in your room (but why do they leave a fridge in each room with glasses if you cannot bring anything in?)

The reception staff are exceptional and the breakfast staff were lovely and graceful as well.

Overall, beautiful hotel. Rooms are a decent size (1-3 people will have a double and single bed in their room). The maid would come in and make our towels into beautiful designs on the bed, however, with the hot weather ranging 48 degrees and the pool water, we had to complain TWICE as the maid would make up the bed but never change the sheets for 1 whole week!

Entertainment was cool at the hotel - however, I must have seen Michael Jackson a couple of times there as he was on at least 6 times in the 2 weeks that I stayed there.

They need to change their menu though - many complained of no children food, and the breakfast menu consisted of cornflakes that looked as though it was drenched in milk and dried off and then put back in, salami and very weird selection. The food is basic and repetitive. The omelettes were the only nice thing (and the coffee) and even the omelette is a tad too small.

It's easy access into Marmaris Town Centre (just the number 3 bus which works out to be 40p per person). I recommend Ichmeler market and Marmaris market for buying designer bags and belts and remember to haggle... If you walk away, you'll see how they will run after you for whatever price you're willing to pay!

I would stay there again - I met some wonderful people at the resort, and the reception staff dealt with all my queries quickly and professionally, however, I would ask them to consider changing the things mentioned above.


by TripAdvisor Member louiseandchrissie

We stayed at the Rayal Garden returning yesterday we have stayed in Marmaris 5 times so are able to compare this with other hotels and it is up there with the best, it is clean modern and staff are great. on our arrival several of the guests (english) were complaining about the food, lack of chips etc, hey if its english food you want then maybe stay in England, the food was superb, breakfast consisted of omelette cooked to order which took a couple of min with a filing of your choice which were lovely. 4 cereals numerous types of bread, toast boiled eggs, different meats cheeses fruits salads and an extensive turkish range of dishes, jams, chocolate spreads, olives etc etc. Breakfast finished at 10 but if you missed it the snack bar opened 12 until 5 for burgers omlettes pizza etc, alongside lunch which was served from 12.30 onwards this also had lots of salads fruits etc all well presented, our party consisted of a 20 year old 18, 12 and myself and all enjoyed the food and trying all the delicious turkish dishes. Dinner was from about 7pm which included a bbq section where two meat dishes (different every evening) were cooked in front of you and always very nice, plus a huge range of other dishes too numerous too mention including fruits salads and deserts, afternoon tea and cakes were also served at 5pm and very nice.
At no time were our bags searched on our way back into hotel regarding bringing in food or drink nor did we see it happen to anyone else but if you are all inclusive you would never need to as food and drink is available all day there are two water machines beside the pool and tea coffee orange and fruit juice which you can help yourself to whenever you like. The other complaint from some guests was the system for ordering drinks. you took your card to the bar then walked along the bar to collect it about 5 steps so not too much bother and we never waited longer than a couple of minutes for our drinks. the range was adequate but no adult cocktails on the all inclusive which was a bit disapointing however there were childrens cocktails.
Our sheets were changed every other day and towels daily, room are very modern and clean with good sized balcony, the pool is fresh water so no horrible chlorine damaging you hair or swim suit, very nice!! the slide is great fun and was open at approx 11am 2pm and 4pm for about an hour at a time and everyone (mostly the men) would go down on lilos or tubes.
The only down side to the hotel for us was the location although the bus to town ony takes about 5 min and comes past the hotel every couple of min to take you to the main street and sea front they stop running at 1am so if like my 18 and 20 year old you want to go to Bar street every night (great night clubs there) you have to taxi home, mind you they could of caught the first buses of the morning home as it was nearly breakfast time when they arrived home some mornings as clubs are open until then, all in all a great holiday excellent hotel, the few comments about it not really being 4 star, I wonder if any paid a four star price, it is as good as ther other 4 star hotels we have stayed in at a very reasonable price which is what we were after so were very happy.


by TripAdvisor Member tabbicles

Just got back from a last minute week at the Royal Garden and can honestly say it exceeded all my expectations!!!
We arrived early and were greeted by friendly staff who were very helpful in showing us how everything worked in the room. We had 2 single beds but these were easily pushed together to make a double (the chamber maids provided double sheets each day after we did this) and the size of the room was fine. Our bathroom was a great size and very clean and modern with a double shower and funky square sink although I am aware some of the bathrooms here were smaller. Clean towels are provided every day.
We were all inclusive which for the price we paid we were pleased about as drinks and snacks can add up! You have a swipe card which you use to get your drinks or snacks and then take the receipt to the bar. This was a little confusing at first but after a day or so once we were used to this was not a problem.
Warning, I must have drank around 10 Vodkas in one sitting and still felt sober so drinks obviously very watered down! I would be interseted to know if they use differnt drinks (i.e with an alcohol content) for non all-inclusive guests. We bought a massive fish bowl cocktail which was 40 lire and funnily enough the alcohol finally kicked in!!
All inclusive stops at 11 on the dot and they can get a bit funny if you get a round in, even for other all inclusive guests. In fact it became a joke between us and others to getting told off for petty things like taking chips from the kids buffet at dinner (there were about 2 kids there and plenty to go round!).
Food was good, there was always something I liked though we ate out a couple of nights. Highly recommend Natalies Steak House on the promenade!!
Pool was amazing. It was a great size and depth and the slide was a great way of getting in! Plenty of sunbeds and shady areas also if required. There seemed to be lots of inflatables you could use that had been left by previous guests.
Entertainment was a lot better than expected after the reviews I read. There were at least 2 different things of an evening and during the day. Saw Michael Jackson twice which was funny but didnt last long.
Never had a problem bringing food and drinks into my room, kept a supply in the fridge and never got them taken away. Also there was diet coke at the bar dispite some other reviews saying there wasn't.
Loved the location. It was a short, enjoyable walk into the main town but also the buses are so regular it wasnt a problem.
We went on Jeep safari, Moonlit dinner cruise and a boat trip for the day. All fantastic and great value.
The Turkish people are fantastic and so friendly. It is hilarious hearing them shout out all the british phrases and accents they have picked up.
Just to warn you about the airport, it costs just over £4 for a can of coke and over £10 for a sandwich so take suppies with you!!
Overall a fab holiday and would recommend this hotel!

Away from Downtown Marmaris.............. thank goodness

by TripAdvisor Member embee58

Back today from a lovely week in Turkey - our first visit. Used TripAdvisor before booking last month, and Royal Garden generally had good reviews if you excluded the ones that focussed on food. Booked b and b as we knew there'd be lots of eating out options in Marmaris. Heard some guests complaining about the All Inclusive, but sounded like they expected typical British food, and endless alcohol. That's their problem - not the hotels.You're in a foreign country for goodness sake!
Everything kept spotless/ daily linen and towel change. Pool towels free.Effective air con. Tiny bathroon, but not the end of the world!
Location was few mins Dolmus ride from beachfront and all the hustle and bustle/traffic/ endless shops/bars and neon lights which was ideal for a more relaxing holiday. No 3 bus passes hotel every few minutes - 40p for any length journey - will stop anywhere. Recommend staying on til far end of beachfront near Ataturk Statue, then strolling along harbour front and into Old Town.

Out of This World

by TripAdvisor Member redtummy

Me and a group of 4 other mates arrived in Dalaman at about 7am Turkish time, so I was dressed up in trousers and a shirt thinking it might be a bit on the chilly side... how wrong I was :P I took 2 steps outside and was hit by a wall of stuffy heat... so just a word of warning, dress cooly or you will suffer ;D

The transfer was already waiting at the airport to take us directly to the hotel, which was about a 2 hour coach trip away... just a word of warning, the driving in Turkey is slightly different to what most people are used to; don't be surprised by overtaking at 50mph on a blind corner on the edge of a cliff... it was an experience at any rate.

We arrived at the hotel feeling tired, apprehensive, but nevertheless cheery, and were greeted by a sea of friendly staff faces, all very willing to help us in any way we wished... the porters took our luggage straight up to our room as we were briefed about what the all inclusive contained... soft drinks, Efes (the local, and pretty much monopolised Turkish beer) and spirits with mixers. With yellow wristbands attached we ventured up to our rooms (1 double room and 1 triple), which were reasonably sized and astoundingly clean and fresh.

Our first night was spent in the hotel, sampling the delicious buffet meals that were included in our bill... I must admit, there was never a day that I wasn't able to find food that I disliked; although, obviously it is a foreign country so you do get the odd food that is suited to those with an acquired taste :) But, the vast majority of available food was spot on... including the kebab night that they had... I won't be going back to the Charcoal Grill in the high street I tell ya ;)

The next 5 nights we ventured into town after dinner and sampled the night life along the beach front and in Bar Street. The beach front seemed slightly more touristy, with smaller bars and clubs, whereas, Bar Street contained more locals, but had absolutely top notch clubs... Remember, you are in Turkey and can haggle for anything, including drinks in clubs; normally you can get a couple lira off a drink and get a free shot of something thrown in... though the shots are pretty weak, but it's alcohol none-the-less. Just a word of warning, Bar Street was slightly more expensive than the beach front... although, one of my friends got her bag stolen while at a night on the beach, but she did leave it on the beach while she went swimming... sooooo.... probably her own fault really ;)

The rooms were cleaned every day by our fantastic cleaner, who had to put up with a lot of stuff piled up in every corner of our room... can't have been too much fun for her, but she always came in with a smile on her face :)

I cannot fault any of the staff at the hotel, as well as the patrons... all of whom were happy to chat and have a laugh, regardless of age, gender or nationality. Ozzie, one of the barmen is an absolute legend, but make sure you let him have his cigs or he will get moody ;D

Obviously, our attitude was that you get out what you put in, so we joined in with the evening entertainment, dancing, singing... my mate even tried his hand at break dancing, legend :D Our time at Royal Gardens couldn't have been better and I really think it was down to the friendliness and professionalism of every single staff member that they employ; each of whom seem to genuinely enjoy the job that they are doing...

I would definately recommend Royal Garden to any of my friends or family that wanted to go for a relaxing, yet energetic holiday... hopefully I will get to return to the hotel in the future, and to be honest, I hope it hasn't changed too much because they seem to have it spot on!

Royal Garden

by TripAdvisor Member emma82

We booked a week`s holıday ın the royal garden through last mınute, all ınclusıve for a very good prıce. The transfer from Dalaman ıs quıte long at about two hours - not the hour that we had been told. The hotel and rooms are very clean, the maıds are excellent. One problem ıs that there are rooms on the ground floor next to the receptıon area which plays musıc tıll around 11pm, hence ıt can be quıte noisy.

The food can get rather repetitive, chicken almost everyday! But ıt is generally of a good standard. The snack bar will often close ıf there ıs no-one around despıte beıng advertised as closıng at 5pm, whıch ıs quıte annoyıng. The hotel entertainment ıs okay albeıt a little cheesy, karaoke and mıchael jackson, but its nıce they make an effort. Everyone at the hotel, and ın Marmaris, is really friendly and welcoming.

Beware the Brıtısh quarter on the seafront!!! It ıs dısgustıng! The marına ıs much nıcer as ıs Icmeler beach. However beaches everywhere are manmade and crowded wıth sunbeds wıth lıttle room to lıe on the gravel (not sand). If you get the free bus to ıcmeler do not stay on the tıny beach they take you to, walk round and you`ll fınd some much nıcer areas.

Trıps are recommended, dıvıng and boat trıps are both good, as ıs the aqua park whıch ıs a great day out.

Thıs hotel ıs nıce enough for us to recommend ıt, but we wouldn`t come back to the Marmarıs area, ıt ıs just too tourısty, especıally wıth Englısh. There are some very nıce places here, you just have to dıg to fınd them.

Hotel OK but wudn return to Marmaris

by TripAdvisor Member h0lidayfreek

We booked with Travel Republic and they were brill. We got to hotel at midnight and was very impressed by hotel very clean and modern. We checked in, and as it was just the two of us it was a fast check in. Reception could have explained about the three cards we were given but we found out how to use them the next day off another couple. You get three cards, one obviously for the room, another for towels in the daytime and the other is like a credit card - you use it to pay for things. The breakfast does get a little repetative and some mornings i wouldnt have fed it to my dog. I did make room for us being in a different country and all that but it still wasnt the best. They do do Omlettes and they are ok so we lived off them.
Marmaris is quite a walk away but the No.3 buses that come past every 4-5 mins are v.good and priced at 1lira which is 40p each. We went on three wxcursions - a lazy day boat trip (be aware that they say its all inclusive but people were gettin charged for COFFEE!!! Also there was a family with 2 children and they were having icecream ALL DAY not knowing that they werent free and got charged a 60lira bill!!!!!!!!!
Anyway we went on another trip - Jeep Safari - it was quite good (if you liked getting soaked!!!).
The last one my partner went on a Scuba Diving trip for the first time and he said it was worth it think it was 70lira which was ok.

Last but not least the pub down the road from the hotel is AMAZING we ate there every night for 11 nights in a row NO HASSLE and its english and turkish owned. Its bril Diane is really welcoming and so his her partner. (the chicken shish is the one to have!!!!)

Overall it was an ok holiday but would NEVER return to Marmaris. too much hassle and the people are not very nice. Will try Olu Deniz in few years time.

Any questions please email me

Fab Hotel

by TripAdvisor Member Treza64

Have just returned from a weeks all inclusive at the Royal Garden. I went on my own with my 8 year old son and we had a marvelous time. Have to say what a lovely hotel it was and definitely value for money. The food was good, entertainment albeit short was good and the staff all very friendly and welcoming. Rooms were spot on (even the hairdryer was usable which was a first for me!) and the air conditioning perfect. Very clean, spotless hotel and definitely a 4 star. Would return to the Royal Garden any time especially if I was meeting up with people I met whilst there (Isla and Debbie hello!). The pool was great, the only thing was that the kids club wasn't open but I did go out of peak season. This didn't prove a problem however because there was more than enough for my son to do and he had a great time. The no. 3 bus which takes you into Marmaris was very regular and cheap (1 lira). I didnt go to the local beach as I was advised it wasn't very good but then Im not a "beach" person and prefer the pool. The area down by the Marina is very nice and pretty, lots of nice restaurants if you want a break from your AI. Definitely recommend the Turkish Bath (either in the Royal Garden or on a trip) and the pedicure is absolutely wonderful. I booked through and would recommend these as they were spot on and very helpful. All in all one of the best holidays we've ever had.




Boat trip from MarmarisBoat trip from Marmaris


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Royal Garden Hotel

by davaarisland

Can any one tell me what is wrong at this hotel.We would like to rebook this hotel.

Re: Royal Garden Hotel

by leics

It is closed at present, it seems:

There has been a recent discussion about it here:

As for why it is closed, unless someone who works at the hotel happens to see your question (or perhaps a Marmaris Vt-er has some inside information) I think you will only find out if you discuss the matter with your travel agent or travel company.

VT is not a travel agency so has no access to additional information other than that from local members or the internet.


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