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Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by Donna_in_India

I'm trying to send a fax (for a visa) to Dubai from the U.S. The fax number I was given has 2 leading zeros but every other fax number I've seen online for Dubai doesn't have the zeros. We have tried every possible combination (taking the papers to 2 separate office/business centers) and we have not had any success. If anyone has called or faxed to Dubia FROM the U.S. please help! (P.S. Half the papers had to be scanned and emailed and the other half faxed so please don't suggest emailing.) Thanks.

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by JohntheFinn

The double zero is code for international dialling. Substitute the international code used in the US and you will be fine.

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by Donna_in_India

Did that - no good. Number given was 00 971 - used that as well as just 971.

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by nhoolb

As said: delete the 00 and substitute it for 011.

Or...tried already? 011-971-xx....???

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by Donna_in_India

I think they tried 001 and 011 Noel. What is the 011 for? That's India's country code and normally I just use that to call or fax (I believe) with the number following. Maybe they tried 001 00971 - so maybe we'll try 001 971 or 011 971? Thanks. Oy!

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by nhoolb

011 is the international dialing code FROM the USA to abroad.

So: 011 followed by the country code (in this case 971) and then the number itself.

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by nhoolb

By the way, just checked: India's country code is 91-according my information...

So you probably dial 011-91-xx.... when calling India FROM the USA. Am I right??

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by Donna_in_India

Ahhh, yes you are correct. So I am thinking that 011 971 will work. Yay! Thanks.

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by nhoolb


Good luck!


Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by Donna_in_India

Nope, that didn't work. :-(

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by chrisbilal

I've faxed to UAE from the states. It's as suggested - 011 + 971. . . .

There might be a different problem involved if that isn't working (ie wrong number)

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by colin_bramso

Donna, international code access from the US, then 971 for UAE then 4 for Dubai followed by the individual fax number.

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by JessH

Perhaps the fax machine you're sending to isn't working properly? (many companies in Dubai have ancient fax machines...)

I'd also say it's 011-971-4-fax number

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by 37SingleMaleInDubai1

It seems you have to call them and ask for another fax number!!

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by Dan30

Donna - when I was in US few years back - my mother was in the UAE I used 011 Then 971 then City code it was 4.

As VT members said maybe fax number is not working.

Re: Faxing to Dubai from U.S....

by Donna_in_India

When all else fails, do it yourself. Four different people at three different places couldn't manage. Did it from my client's office - 1 try. It was 011 971 4. Thanks all. Of course, the hotel "lost" the email my husband sent with all the rest of the info and he had to resend that. Wow, I hope this is all worth it.

Travel Tips for Dubai

Safety for a woman in Dubai...

by Pedrodelgado

I think you should stay in your place. What is wrong with westerners having these stupid questions about the safety in Dubai and United Arab Emirates ???
I am from western Europe and i have been living for three years in Dubai, after also spending years in North America, a country where teenagers shoot each others at school and when millions of people and their industries still do not want to admit some of their responsibility in the global warming...

Dubai is actually one of the safest place in the world, criminality being near 0% and if you do a crime, then you pay for it..

In Dubai, you can leave you car with the key on to avoid turning off the air conditioning, while you go buy something in your favorite local grocery stores, no one will steal it.

The airport is one of the most advanced in the world, with a huge duty free, security everywhere, cameras and a staff of helpful people to help you find your way or simply to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you are waiting for your connection.

So please, stop talking about Middle East and the Emirates as it would be a risky third world country place, as there is way more chance for you to get stabbed by anyone early in the morning, when you open the front door of your villa to pick up your daily newspaper or bottle of milk.

Heritage sites and Places of interest in Dubai

by 37SingleMaleInDubai1

Heritage sites and Places of interest

Dubai Museum
Al Fahidi Fort, which houses the dubai Museum, was built around 1787, and once guarded the landward approaches to the town.
Revonated in 1971 for use as a museum, its colourful life size dioramas vividly depict everyday life in the days before the discovery of oil. Galleries recreate scenes from the Creek, traditional Arab houses, mosques, the souk, date farms and desert and marine life. One of the more spectacular exhibits portrays pearl diving, including sets of pearl merchants’ weights, scales and sieves. Also on display, are artifacts from several excavations in the emirate, recovered from graves that date back to the third millennium BC.

Sheikh Saeed’s House
The official residence of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai (1912-1958) and grandfather of the present Ruler, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktourm, has been restored to stand proud again on the Shandagha end of Dubai Creek.
The house, which dates from 1896, today houses a rare collection of historic photographs, coins, stamps and documents that record Dubai’s history.

The Bastakiya
The old district of Bastakiya with its narrow lanes and tall windtowers provides a hint of okd Dubai. A Short walk from Al Fahidi Fort, it is the largest concentration of traditional courtyard houses in Dubai.

Hatta Heritage Village
Nestled among the Hajjar Mountains, overlooking a fertile oasis, the 16th century Hatta village provides a fine example of traditional style village architecture. Dating back four hundred years, it consists of two watchtowers, a mosque and houses constructed of stone, mud, reeds and palm tree trunks built around the imposing Hatta Fort domination the village.

Burj Nahar
One of the many watchtowers that once guarded the old city, built in 1870, the restored Burj Nahar in 1992 in its picturesque gardens in Deira is popular with photographers.

Wadi Hayl - One of the last unspoiled Wadi's

by kuwait_david

Head for Fujairah and turn right at Masafi. Once you get to the outskirts of Fujairah at the first traffic lights on the way into town look for the sign saying Hayl Crusher follow the road straight past the army camp and keep going. You will then get to the recently restored Hayl Palace which if you are in a saloon car is as far as you can go. This is a great spot for a picnic and still very quiet with few visitors, with most people preferring to head onwards towards the beaches around Fujairah.

For the 4x4 drivers go past Hayl Palace turn right down past the oasis and you quickly get to the hill seen in the photos, make the effort to get up it (10 minutes with someone guiding you over the rocks) and in January / February time you will see an unspoiled blanket of flowers totally undisturbed in a wadi rarely visited.

Keep driving and you will end up in the steeper wadi where a great hike further up the wadi makes for a great day out / picnic or undisturbed overnight camp.

From Furniture to Pet Care

by Rinjani about Oasis Center

Oasis Center is located between Interchange two and Interchange three (Sheikh Zayed Road) The mall is not too big but it’s quite interesting to look around here.
My favorite shops are Splash (fashion), Areej (beauty and cosmetic) and Lifestyle (beauty products, skin care and fragrance).

Sat-Thurs - 10am-10pm
Fri - 2pm-10pm If you are looking for the home furniture, Home Center is available here. For pet lovers, you will love Pet Land. The shop has a lot of variety treatment, food and products for cat, dogs, rabbit and birds. Credit card and cash

Public transport is cheap but tricky

by mi5chelle

Ok, everything in Dubai is expensive, including taxis. You will have to pay 20 diram, as a start, to take a taxi from the airport. You can take a public bus for 1.5 dirams. The trouble is that the buses are a bit difficult to use in the sense that you really have to watch out for your stop - definitely talk with the driver and tell him where you want to go. If you miss your stop, you are likely to be stuck on the bus for a long time because of the layout of the city -- long roads, few bus stops and its not too easy to just cross the street and take another bus, if you make a mistake. However, there is good info available on the internet.

One interesting thing is that you will not find any tourists or Emirate people on the bus - they all have private or taxi transport. You will find the guest workers, mostly from Kerala, India or the Manilla. It is definitely worth the experience to see this underside of the flashy city.

The other interesting item about the buses is that women have their own seating, separated from the men, in the front of the bus. Sometimes, men will sit in the women's section, but you should tell the driver since those types are usually there to cause trouble.

02, 02, 06 all go to Deira City Center mall, a popular destination.


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