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There are only two ways to get...

by hcameron

There are only two ways to get to Churchill. One is by train and the other by plane. There aren't any roads leading there. The planes are an experience. Calm Air (the airline servicing Churchill). They routinely overbook flights. Air Canada makes the reservation but they are not connected. On my flight there, I go to Winnipeg and the flight that I had a ticket for did not exist. Air Canada treated me extremely well and recovered in great style. On the return flight, Calm air did not put my bag on the plane because of the planes weight. (Many passagers had connections that never saw their bags. US bound passenger go through customs in Winnepeg.) All flights on the day that I left were late at least 45 minutes and there was no weather or ATC delay. I couldn't believe it. Note: All pilots out there. I asked to sit in the jump seat. 'No problem'. I sat up front from takeoff to approach. It was one of the highlights of the trip and soothed a lot of the travel pain.
The town is so small that you walk everywhere. It is way north so even in Sept. or Oct. have clothes ready for winter weather.


by LouisianaTraveler

"Winter Winnepeg"

Winnepeg was a basic one day trip while staying in Fargo. My answer to the Border guards for the reason I was going to Winnepeg was "because it's there". They were not amused.

I really enjoyed the architecture of the city and since this was my first venture into Canada with a rental car, I was very careful where I went. I particularly enjoyed a drive up the Red River toward Lake Winnepeg, seeing the ice fishermen and just old fashion sight-seeing. Attempting not to look too conspicuous and appear to be the visitor I was, I stepped out on the ice toward an ice house. The second time my body touched the ice was on my posterior with my feet and legs in the air. It's a wonder I didn't crack the ice but this ice fisherman was undaunted over my presence.

"Up the river"

Up the river from Winnepeg,.....or is it down the river?.....the river flows north, anyway, north of town, I found this really neat Ukranian Orthodox church.

A weekend of fun

by segonius

A group of 7 friends and myself drove up to Winnepeg from Rapid City, for a kind of classic college roadtrip. The purpose was clear, as we were all underage in the states, it was time to go to the latnd to the north to indulge.

Driving Across Canada (Our Honeymoon I guess)

by aqazi

"Driving across Canada"

So it looked 8 inches long sitting at my office in London (UK) (the distance from Sherbrooke in Quebec to Nanaimo in BC!). The map that I printed out showed the route to be pretty staight and I calulated that the journey could be done in 5 - 7 days with two drivers completing no more than 8 hours a day.

So day 1 from Sherbrooke to Montreal, not far, but then this was our first day together as a couple.

Day 2 from Montreal to Sudbury....we were still an hour away from North Bay until we pitched up our tent (Algonquin Park I think.

Day 3 from from North Bay to Thunder Bay.....we pitched our tent up an hour north of Saut St Marie on the shores of Lake Superior. We are now around 4 hours behind on our drive.

Day 4, we're supposed to be getting from Thunder Bay to Winnepeg. We manage to put in a long days drive and get as far as Kenora but we have to put ourselves up in a Travelinn as it was too late to start pitching a tent and starting a campfire.

Day 5 should be from Winnepeg to Saskatoon to drop in on family, a long drive puts us in Saskatoon by the end of the day and we're back on shcedule.

Day 6, Saskatoon to Banff. We're too tired and decide to have a rest day and enjoy the delight of Saskachewan,.

Day 7, supposed to be a planned rest day in Banff but we're driving there owning to our unscheduled stay in Saskatoon.

Day 8, should have been making our way from Banff to Nanaimo. Instead we stay in Banff and do some treking around Lake Louise.

Day 9, should be looking for an appartment but we're driving our way through BC. Manage to catch the last sailing to Nanaimo.

So if you're planning to travel/move across Canada plan plenty of time. Two weeks should be sufficient enough to see more than just through the window of your car.

If you're from the UK then drving over here is much easier and not stressful at all. Best think of all is that they don't have "little Chefs" or Granada service stations.

Ontario is one big province and gets monotonous after a while, the skies in Saskatoon are wonderful and parks in Alberta and BC are the best. Nancy wants to drive back to Quebec in 2004......I said fine, and she can pick me up at Dorval when she gets to Montreal, I'm not about to drive cross country again!

Cost wise our route was around $400 in fuel (Dodge Caravan), around $150 in food (Subway's!), $50 in misc camping gear, $350 in hotels (one night in a motel and two nights in a hotel in Banff), $50 for camping fees. We stayed at relatives for three nights, one in Montreal and two in Saskatoon. We completed 4300 km and ran over at least two furry aninals. If you're wondering why we didn't fly, well so was I but had a car and all our possesions to take with us.


by Toughluck

"The 'Greats' of North Amierca"

Great Lakes
A glacial calling card has been left from one end of the continent to the other. The most noticable and least recognized are the Great Lakes. This includes the traditional 5 Great Lakes along the US and Canadian border [Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron, Michigan, & Superior], but it should include the the 4 others in the Canadian west [Lakes Winnepeg, Manitoba, Great Slave, & Great Bear].

Great Plains
Streatching from the arctic woodlands south through Alberta and Saskatchewan into the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, through eastern Colorado, western Nebraska and Kansas, across Oklahoma and into Texas, the Great Plains run for thousands of miles N-S and hundreds of miles wide. For many, they are a vast empty land of flatness. If you take your time, you'll find lots of variations from the "Llano Escatado" of Texas, the sand hills of Nebraska to the rolling mineral flats of Saskatchewan.

Sonoran Desert

"Must see places!!"

North America
Canadian Rockies
Great Lakes
Bay of Fundy
Great Plains
Sonoran Desert

"Tropical to Arctic"

Three Major Nations and many smaller ones make up North America. Several European Nations are part of this continent.

Major Nations
Canada, United States of America, Republic of Mexico

Small Nations
Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador

Island Nations
Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Antigua n Barbuda, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent n the Grenadines, Barbados, Grenada

European Nations
Denmark - Greenland
France - Grande Miquelon, Petite Miquelon
France - St. Barthelemy, Martinique, Guadeloupe

Netherlands - Netherlands Antilles
United Kingdom - Anguillia, Turks & Caicos Islands, British Virgin Islands



Black-tailed Prairie DogBlack-tailed Prairie Dog

Administrative BuildingAdministrative Building

Tomb of Louis Riel,St.Boniface,Manitoba.Tomb of Louis Riel,St.Boniface,Manitoba.

Forum Posts

An only SLIGHTLY more specific question.

by devmicha

Thanks for all of the advice before. i think i may do my first couple weeks by Greyhound and the next bit by train. i like the sound of the offpeak VIA Canada Rail pss... KEWL!! SO I go in September and October... And I have my trasportation. the cities I want to hit are Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff, Calgary, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Winnepeg, Toronto (and area), Montreal, Quebec, St. John (NFLD), Moncton (And Fredricton), Charlottetown and Halifax. Then i want to head back to Toronto to work for the x-mas season before I head down to Brazil and see a friend. (and carnival!!)
So my questions:
1. I have family and friends in BC, Alberta and New Brunswick (maybe in a few others) who i can stay with. i am on a VERY tight budget. Can you reccomend any good places to stay in these cities?
2. I am only familiar with the weather on the West coast. What is the weather like in Sept and Oct accross the way... i will have winter stuff sent to Toronto...
3. What should I bring? i am hoping to backpack it.
4. What is there to do? I want to really see these cities and the surrounding nature. What are the most important things to see?
So realy I am just asking for any general ideas or advice you may have. What can help me be a little better prepared.
I am ready to just go and see where it takes me but I have to think about money... I hate to think about it but... There it is!
Any advice at all will help!

August Train Ride Across Canada

by Annieonline

Hi All,

Okay here's my plan... during the month of August I'd like to take the Via Rail from Toronto to Edmonton aboard "The Canadian". It travels the route between Toronto and Vancouver stopping at Junctions along the way in Sudbury, Winnepeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper and Kamloops covering the lakelands, praries, western plains and rocky mountains. It's a 3 day journey, and you can get off anywhere you want (even if there is no scheduled stop).

Via Rail is running a promotion where seniors (60+) purchasing a ticket can have a companion ticket in comfort class for FREE, or a companion ticket in sleeper class for 75% OFF. I am in my early 30s, and was wondering if anyone/couple/group with a passenger of 60+ years would like to split the cost of the first ticket so we can travel for half the price. The cost of both tickets in comfort class would be $480 ($240 for each of us) or for sleeper class which includes all meals, shower, bed and perks $983 ($492 for each of us). I'm flexible with the dates in August, and would prefer the comfort class because it is cheaper but am game either way. There is a coffee shop and restaurant onboard in addition to junction points along the way with restaurants and shops which would be far more economical in the long run.

Please email me at with any questions or interest.

RE: August Train Ride Across Canada

by rmdw

2 Finnish friends of mine just did this, from Saskatoon to Vancouver. They loved it!!!


RE: RE: August Train Ride Across Canada

by Annieonline

I'm really looking forward to the journey!!! I've never been on a train before, but I've heard some great things about the scenery.


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