Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

123 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2M9, Canada
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Moldy Pool / Excessive Deposit /Poor Service

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on February 17, 2013

We prepared this statement in hopes that no other family has to endure this type of treatment from this Hotel; Most of our family was going to be busy on "Family Day" so we bumped it ahead to Feb. 9th 2013 - we pre-paid for the rooms (booked 2 adjoining) for a cheaper rate (Note: prepaid has no chance of cancellation or refund - and we knew this) A few days prior to our trip our joint credit card got nailed with two emergency purchases (car trouble and an urgent trip required by a family member). At check in (a very long line up) I had my preferred card in hand and a staff member suggested I go in the "preferred guest" line - great, it was much shorter - when it became our turn for check in, the front desk employee said "sorry, you are preferred yes, but not a gold/platinum customer, you have to go back and stand in the other line" - I admit I freaked out, I was already in the other line when asked to move, I explained this and he then took me to the counter. While checking in we were asked for a $600 deposit - yes, you read that right, $600 - on top of the almost $300 we already paid for the rooms - so, for a one night stay, our credit card was tagged almost $900 - yes we get it back, but we all know you cannot access the funds on hold for "several business days" - the entire check in was a nightmare, at that point we agreed we were not spending another dime in this Hotel during our stay. Our tight budget just got even tighter thanks to this ridiculously excessive deposit amount - it was the same family in two rooms for crying out loud. I called out a manager to explain the circumstances and she refused to decrease the deposit amount, saying an email I received had the $300 x 2 deposit details, it did not and I have just sent the original email back to the front desk manager for review - and get this, their line is "can you call a friend or family member with a credit card" - right, I can imagine getting a call like that, "Hi, I'm at the Sheraton in Downtown Toronto, can you post a $600 deposit for me on your credit card, for a one night stay here?"
Regardless, the amount went through and we were now very, very angry. I had also asked for the free bed and arrival pkg. for my daughter's small dog – I mentioned the dog in our reservation request and to the front desk manager - we were promised it would be brought up shortly - it never arrived. I called down for this item and several other issues during our stay - we had little to no heat (stay out of the Richmond Tower - you will see others complaining about heat here as well) - I needed directions to a Theatre Show, the Pool area, and as well, we needed a late check out. The only time I got through to Guest Services was on the late checkout request the next day, we needed it due to the lack of sleep... it was freezing - I had to go down and use the lobby phone as our phone could not get through, and the line up to the front desk was minimum 20-30 minutes - we were then refused a late checkout in one room - they made us move all of our items to the second room for a 1PM check-out - 1 extra hour - and to top it off, the cleaning staff did not attend to the room we had to leave until much past 12 PM- we probably never needed to move in the first place - amazing how fast the $800+ came off of our credit card, but try and ask for assistance....for any reason...good luck, Note: neither room phone could ever reach staff for help for some reason - it just rang and rang. Now, to back up a bit, once we did find the pool, which used to be the highlight of the Sheraton Centre, we were surprised to find mold/algae/fungus (photos attached) growing around the inside perimeter of the pool – this was long term growth, not over night. The entire stay was a comedy of errors – did you hear the one about the concierge that forgot what day it was (Sunday) and sent an entire family (and several others) 20 minutes down the P.A.T.H. Network to cross into the Eaton’s Centre only to find all the doors locked – it opens later on Sundays (go figure) - There's more to tell, but you get the picture. This was my favourite hotel to stay at while in Toronto, mainly because of the great service it had and the indoor/outdoor pool. In our opinion, it has taken a turn for the worse..just sad really. Hopefully management (internal and corporate) are reading these reviews and will take action before it's too late. We wish you all the best Sheraton Centre & Staff - please appeal to your General Manager and get your Flagship Hotel back on course.

Unique Quality: Great Central Location / Nice Lobby / PATH Network Handy

Directions: Close to Eatons Centre

RedDolphin's Profile Photo

Sheraton in Downtown

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 16, 2011

Upon arrival, valet informs me that parking was either 45.00 for valet or 25.00 self park across the street in a public parking lot for 24 hours. I opted for the public parking because the parking lot was directly connected to the hotel, and was fortunate enough to find a spot a few feet away from the connecting corridor.

Wifi connection is stronger at hotel lobby, at the 18th floor where I stayed was weak, but finally found a sweet spot near the bed. A wired connection is available, but I only brought an IPhone to check emails.

Room had a great view of the Toronto skyline, directly across the City Hall.

The hotel is near everything, walking distance to the Eaton Center, Chinatown. I chose to walk, and also went to the Toronto underground network of malls.

Unique Quality: Very nice location in the middle of downtown Toronto. Great view of the Toronto skyline

Sheraton Centre- horrible experience

by written on June 25, 2011

This is a letter I sent to Sheraton's corporate office this morning. If/when I receive any resolutions either from the Centre hotel or corporate, I will update my review.

I have removed last names from this letter.

I was a guest at the Sheraton Centre Hotel from Monday, June 20-Wednesday June 22, 2011. My room number was 21XX. On Tuesday, June 21 I departed the Sheraton at approximately 7:30 AM to attend a work function and did not return to the property until almost 6:00 PM. Upon my return, I entered my room and noticed that several pieces of furniture had been moved. The nightstand on the right side of the bed was moved approximately three feet along the wall that abuts the bathroom. The chair that fit under the desk was moved toward the rear of the room against the window and the ottoman from the leather chair was moved so that it was against the bed.

I was alarmed to find my room in such a condition and immediately checked my belongings that were left in the room for the day. The only item of value I left in the room for the day was an I-Pod Nano which was in a case that holds my various chargers when I travel. This case had been in my suitcase and the I-Pod was in a case within the bag along with the charger and headphones. The headphones and charger were still there but the i-pod was missing.
Alarmed and concerned that I had been robbed, I immediately called guest services (around 6:00 PM) to report my findings. I was passed from one person to another three times. Finally a representative that answered the phone told me she would have Security call me back and asked me not to touch anything in the room. Within 5 minutes, Security Associate Michael XXXX called me. I explained in detail what happened and Michael immediately began pulling the information from my door lock. He noted that I exited the room around 7:30AM and returned shortly before 6PM. He also noted that housekeeping entered the room around 9:30 AM and again after 3:00 PM. Michael told me that he would report this event and told me to visit the front desk the following morning before I departed and they would call security who would then give me an update on their investigation. I was surprised that nobody came to my room, but Michael implied that housekeeping entering the room a second time was abnormal and told me that the Housekeeping manager would call the owner of that key card at home to find out what happened.

The next morning I went to the front desk at appx. 7AM. I explained to the oriental woman at the desk what had happened and told her that Michael MacPhaerson instructed me to talk with security before departing. The woman then called security from her phone and asked the person at the other end of the phone if they wanted to “talk to her or should I say you are too busy?” This dismayed me as the woman did not even try to mask her inclination to minimize the fact that one of the hotel guests was robbed. At the conclusion of the call I asked to speak with the manager on duty and was introduced to a woman named Abigail. Abigail began to tell me how safe the hotel is and that an investigation takes quite a while. At this point I began to become upset. First, security had no desire to see a guest room that was in disarray and robbed, then after reporting oddities in a room not one member of hotel management even attempted to contact me, and the final insult was the attitude of the front desk employee who was inclined to dismiss me. To add insult to injury, when the Security Manager, Cory XXXX arrived at the front desk, she essentially accused me of lying. She tried to tell me that housekeeping only entered the room once on Tuesday, and said that the report mentioned that “a piece of furniture was slightly moved.” I told her that if her employee had bothered visiting my room they would have seen instead that three pieces of furniture were moved and also informed her that Michael had told me that housekeeping entered my room twice on Tuesday and noted the times. At this point Cory was taken aback and began condescending to me. She told me she was sorry I “feel like we didn’t handle this correctly” and that she was sorry I “feel like I had been robbed on their property.”

Since this Security Manager, Cory XXXX essentially called me a liar by claiming I felt like I had been robbed, and the apparent manager on duty, Abigail, allowed her to speak to me this way, I immediately ceased the discussion and walked away. Before I made it to the top of the escalator my cell phone was ringing- it was Abigail calling to apologize for the way Cory spoke to me. She told me it was inappropriate and she wanted to make things right and would I accept a $200 credit to my final bill. I explained to Abigail that my disdain was not about the value of the I-Pod but about the apathetic treatment I had received by everyone at the Sheraton since I first reported that my room had been entered. I then told Abigail that I wanted to speak with the General Manager of the hotel.

Later that morning I reviewed my final bill and noticed that it was inaccurate. On Tuesday morning I ordered room service breakfast that included a small pot of coffee and a berry bowl which I recall being $10. On Wednesday morning I ordered only the small pot of coffee. These are the only charges I incurred to the account other than room & tax during my stay. My invoice reflected that on June 21 I charged $32.34 and that on June 22 I charged $11.70. Since the only difference was the berry bowl which I remembered being $10, I wondered why I was being charged over $21 additional.

At approximately 2PM I received a call from someone named Tony who told me he is the hotel general manager. I told Tony how I was treated and how disappointed I was with the way his employees treated me. He apologized and told me that Abigail is a new manager and that Cory is a “good manager.” He then told me that their investigation discovered that housekeeping decided to steam clean my carpet and change my curtains on Tuesday. That is why my furniture was moved. I asked if anyone admitted to stealing my I Pod and he said that was still being investigated. I then addressed the discrepancy on my folio and told him I felt I had been overcharged for room service. Tony said he would remove the $32.34 charge. I told Tony that I did not want the charge removed but that I did want to know why I was being charged more than I should be. Tony then assured me he would call me in 1 or 2 days to discuss the investigation and that he would contact me via e mail the next day to tell me why my bill was incorrect.

That was Wednesday afternoon, June 22. It is now Saturday, June 25 and the only correspondence I have had from the Sheraton Centre was an e mail from a Winnie XXXX with a copy of a revised invoice with the $32.34 room service charge removed. The explanation promised to me was never provided and I still do not know the status of the investigation into my missing I Pod. I am now at a loss. It’s very clear to me that the management at the Sheraton Centre Hotel has no concern for the safety of guests or the integrity of their paperwork.

As a frequent business and personal traveler, I spend over 100 nights per year in hotels. In almost 20 years of business travel, I have never had to report to any hotel that my room was robbed or in disarray. Yet at your property I was made to feel like I was exaggerating the sense of invasion I felt and that my trepidation was unwarranted. Your security manager, the very person that is tasked with making guests feel safe and secure was rude, condescending and offensive to such a degree that the manager on duty felt the need to call me less than 90 seconds after I terminated the discussion with Cory.

Understand that I expect nothing in the manner of monetary compensation or account credit. Despite the impressions that the management of the Sheraton Centre Hotel may have of me, the major source of my agitation was the indifferent and degrading response to my report of irregularities in my room their blatant disinterest in learning what happened to my I-Pod. I do, however feel that perhaps the Sheraton/Starwood Corporate office might care a little bit more about guest security and satisfaction than the management of the Sheraton Centre Hotel.

Directions: Entertainment District- use the Marriott Eaton Centre instead. Safer and friendlier staff.

TheTaj's Profile Photo

No Better Place To Be

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 11, 2008

I first arrived at the Sheraton Centre Hotel on July 23rd, 2008 around 12:38PM. After an early morning flight from New York to Toronto and then a long train ride to the hotel, I was beat. My assistant, Angelina, was even exhausted than I, as she arrived via bus and was at the hotel since 8:00AM.

Wehn we walked to the reservation desk, a hotel concierge named Max Choy was more than happy to assist us and was extremely accomodating. We exchanged friendly banter, and then I mentioned that we came to Toronto to celebrate Angelina's birthday. He told me that he would upgrade the room for use free of charge. It was so kind of him and so unexpected. Not only that, he gave us a great listing of places to go and things to do. As someone who used to wrok in customer service, I realize that it's the little things such as this that makes one's trip even that much more special.

Anyway, Angelina and I eneded up getting a room on the 39th floor with a spectacular view of the citty and the CN Tower, which lite up and changed various colors at night. Also, the great thing is that we were steps away from everything in the scity.

The hotel room itself was extremely nice and very comfortable. Also, the Club Lounge...I don't know how to describe's's like God's Waiting Room. You have to see it for yourself to understand.

All, in all, the trip was amazing and the outstanding customer service provided by Max made my visit to Toronto more than I ever hoped for.

Unique Quality: Clean rooms, perfrect temperature settings and daily changing of towels made this a place that I want to come to again. Also, a nice flat screen TV and free internet (providing you use the telephone cable).

Directions: Take the TCT to Osgoode station and then make a left and there it is.

nwestwood's Profile Photo

top marks.

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 23, 2007

Just returned from a 6 night trip to Toronto staying at the Sheraton Centre. We could not fault this hotel, the rooms are nice and clean with very good beds and large lcd tv's. I did email the hotel before booking to ask for some requests, when we checked in all of those request had been made. Has all the other posts have stated the location of the hotel is the best, we only used public transport once and that was just to try out the underground. Over all for seeing Toronto city you can't really go wrong with the Sheraton Centre Hotel.

Traveldi's Profile Photo

Great Location, Buzzy Feel & Brill Pool!

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 24, 2007

Although the girl at check-in was a bit brisk, and both the conceirges not quite on the wave length... My family and I had a great
one night stay at this hotel. The pool was a great indoor/outdoor affair and the lobby was buzzing, the hotel had great facilities and nice rooms. The lower floor level brought you down to the PATH (underground shopping system - very handy!) The bus to the airport and for our trip to Niagara Falls picked us up just outside so all very handy. I would shop around for day trips etc a bit more, as the hotel had a special desk, and it seemed to be a bit pricier. I like a hotel when the lobby area is busy, there was a bistro etc at night, fun rocking chairs that you could plug your earphones into while enjoying looking at a fountain. I think you will love it!

ATXtraveler's Profile Photo

Downtown Toronto, brought to you by Sheraton

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on February 22, 2007

Thanks to a well scheduled business trip to Toronto in the middle of the winter (thanks team), I was able to enjoy some of Toronto's finer accommodations. Located directly in the middle of downtown is the Sheraton Centre hotel (ironic, eh?). Overall, I am very impressed with this location, it was clean and orderly and absolutely in a perfect location. The subway was within underground walking distance, and alot of attractions were merely a hop skip and a jump away.

I was disappointed in the service of the valet parking team however. The Sheraton is attached to the convention center, and when big events are on, they allow convention guests to use valet parking, which then overflows the spots for guests. In my opinion if you are paying the kind of money I paid for a hotel night stay, you should reserve a parking spot for me. The valet's answer to full parking... "there are spots available in that parking garage three blocks down". Not acceptable. I parked the car in the "Hotel Manager" spot in front and handed them the keys. I said when the next valet guest leaves, the manager can have his spot back.

Unique Quality: Sheraton's sweet sleeper bed makes for a great night sleep.

malianrob's Profile Photo

Convention Hotel

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 16, 2006

The lobby area of this hotel was huge and very nice. But I wasnt impressed to much with the rooms. The other thing I liked about this hotel was that we were pretty close to everything in Toronto. We walked over to Eaton Center a few times to shop and we are surrounded by different restaurants. Overall I really liked this hotel and wouldnt mind staying here again.

Unique Quality: The restaurant i huge. when we stayed here we were given a room facing city hall, so that was a nice view since at night city hall lights up. On the down side we could here that damn clock all night which wasnt too cool. it goes off evry hour and half an hour.
Inside the hotel there is a waterfall.

mattreider's Profile Photo

The middle of it all

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 2, 2006

We stayed at the Sheraton Centre for four days over the New Year's Holiday. Everything about the place was great. It's location was key to our enjoyment of Toronto, with everything a long walk or short subway walk away.

The Sheraton Centre was centrally located for the New Year's Party as well, being directly across from the new city hall where the stage was setup for the full party.

The room was big, with a nice TV and chair. The views were great from the 31st floor where we stayed.

Unique Quality: The 3rd floor pool was a great experience, with it being slightly heated and both indoors and out. Although a bit chilly for my Floridian wife, I enjoyed the cool water even more with snow falling around me. The hot tub was nice as well. I wish I had taken advantage of the workout room, although that is for the New Year's resolution, right?

There was also a nice central garden with a waterfall, relatively small but a nice oasis in the city with views from the always crowded central area. Lit up with Christmas lights!

Directions: Right downtown, between the Osgood and Queen Street stores. Directly across from Nathan Phillip's Square

cfuentesm's Profile Photo

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 18, 2005

I am very disappointed with this hotel. I booked it specially for its comforts so that I would end my vacation happily. Instead, it was a nightmare. Eventhough I prepayed my stay, when I arrived they didn't have the room I had reserved. They sent me to a stinky smoking room. Then I was moved to a suite, but it didn't have a bed. Then I was moved to a bungalow that was like a motel room, opening to the street, noisy and dirty. Finally the next day I was given the requested room. The hotel is too big, too crowded and extremely noisy since it's a convention center. And the food was just awful.

enzhu's Profile Photo

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 7, 2005

Very nice hotel, very convenient location and great view from guest room. We got it for only $65 per day during the labor day holiday, unbelievable. Here are two photos in the hotel, for the view of the hotel, please see my Toronto travelogue.

davidtahd's Profile Photo

Downtown Toronto Hotel

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 18, 2005

We stayed at the Sheraton City Centre in July 2004. The rooms were nicely furnished and clean but the air conditioning couldn't adequately cool the room - the outside temperature was around 90 F during the day.

Unique Quality: Great central city location directly across from the Public Square where Toronto has it's annual Jazz Festival. The Hotel has a great large swimming pool and hot tub outside above ground level.

birchy99's Profile Photo

One Of the Best In Toronto

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 14, 2004

This is our third stay at Toronto Centre and I must say we have not been disappointed in the least. Twice we were upgraded to rooms that were either more spacious or had a better view. Once we had a suite that overlooked the "waterfall" area, then we had a view of the old City Hall, and this last time we were in the Club Section on the 37th floor with a grand view of the CN Tower and Lake Ontario.
The service has always been very prompt and courteous.
The hotel has many levels of dining. We usually take advantage of the Bar-Bistro on the main floor for late night eating after a show. There is also a steak house and early morning coffee shop. However, there are two Starbucks within two blocks plus a Tim Horton's right next door for your morning coffee and doughnuts.
My only complaint was that the window needed cleaning as I found it difficult to take pictures when the sun was shining through the water spots. Other than that, the bath was extremely clean and well furnished. Maid surface was iimpecable

Unique Quality: Everything you can ask for in a first class hotel. It is a convention center, so it has meeting rooms, excellent food service, very competent concierge service and convenient location to downtown. It also is on the underground pedestrian route for cold weather visitors. One block from the subway, next to the beautiful city hall, next to Eton Centre and only about a ten minute walk to the theatre district.
You pay, but you also get what you pay for.

Directions: Right next to City Hall and about five blocks from the convention centre.

coolpanda87's Profile Photo

Sheraton @ the heart of TO

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on February 18, 2004

Located right across from Toronto City Hall & Nathan Phillips Square, Sheraton Centre Hotel is located right in the heart of downtown Toronto. It is also connected to Toronto's Underground walkway PATH, allowing you to explore the core of Toronto indoors! It is right beside the financial district, and is very near the Entertainment district & the Eaton Centre.

coming soon...

Directions: Across from Toronto City Hall

TTC: Queen subway station, walk on PATH (West) to reach Sheraton Centre.

travelteacher's Profile Photo

In the middle of it all

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 4, 2004

The hotel accomodated all of my needs, including a very early (6am) check in. Rooms on the City Hall side of the hotel are much nicer than those in the other tower. Beds in the hotel were very comfortable.

Unique Quality: The hotel has a spa as well as an indoor/outdoor pool. In the center, there is also a garden with waling paths ans waterfalls.

Directions: Across from City Hall

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Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

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  • Sheraton Hotel Downtown Toronto
  • Toronto Sheraton

Address: 123 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2M9, Canada

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