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Blvd Malecon San Jose, Zona Hotelera, San Jose Del Cabo, Los Cabos, 23400, Mexico

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  • Won't be back to this resort. Loved Cabo though.


    Food was horrible
    Front desk staff seemed put out at any request
    Entertainment was lacking

    Unique Quality: Clothing optional but not at the beach

    Directions: Hotel zone - miles of beach

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Second Trip Here Was Even Better

by TripAdvisor Member Goodtimers

This was our second trip to Desire, April 22 to 30, 2007, and it was even better than the first one in November 2006.
If you are looking for a "Couples Only" resort, a place to rediscover your partner, to relax, to meet new people, discover your inner feelings, a place you have never been before, or want to try a clothing optional resort, then this is the resort for you.

When you enter the resort you are greeted with a cold towel, champagne and a nice chair to sit in while completing the check-in process.

There is absolutley no pressure to do anything you don't want to, from the initial offer to do the time share tour, to participate in the activities around the pool, the offsite tours or the lifestyle scene. The golden rule applies and is recognized here "No means No".
We are not into lifestyle activity and were never under any pressure to participate and did not feel out of place.

This is a clothing optional resort, and you will find everything from completely covered, topless , bottomless or nude. Nobody will say anything to you about taking your clothes off, that will only come from you, you will not stand out in the crowd.

The superior rooms here are a little small, but the are very romantic, and the pictures you see on their website are very accurate. The king size beds are very comfortable, the overhead rain showers are perfect, lots of hot or cold water, a/c works well, in room safes for your valuables as well as a fully stocked mini bar. Room service is available 24 hours, a nice treat is breakfast in bed.
There is a 24 hour bar available, pool bar is open 9 am to 5 pm, jacuzzi bar 1 pm to 3 am, disco 10 pm to 2 am. All kinds of alcohol available, Absolut, Bacardi, etc.
They have 3 restaurants onsite as well as the grill at the pool. The food is good in all 3 with lot's of variety.

STAFF, what more can you say, ALL the staff at this resort are great. They really want to serve you and make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Tipping is not necessary and you won't get any better service one way or the other.
To name a few of the workers, Siomara at the front desk will check you in, Sergio will show you around the resort, Carlos, Alfonso and Germain will make your drinks, Erika and Jenny will serve you around the pool, Russell and Sergio will entertain you around the pool or in the Disco, Yamille you seat you for diner. There are so many more to mention, but can't spell or remember their names. The maintenance staff, maids, etc. , everyone is here to serve you.

Many of the problems we encountered on our initial trip have been fixed, the jacuzzi now has ALL the jets working, with the water temperature is between 98 and 101 F. The main pool is around 90 F. The a/c in the disco is perfect.

You will meet people from around the world, Canadians and Americans from coast to coast, Britains, Australians, South Americans. When you sit around the pool or are seated for diner, people will ask when you arrived, where you are from and your freindship begins. The average age here was 35 to 55, but don't let that be a barrier, there were some 20 to 35's and some 55 plus as well.
Be carefull your first day, the tendancy is to overindulge, some folks don't make it back to their room until it's time to get up for the next wonderful sun filled day in Mexico.

We really enjoyed our vacation or getaway and hope to make this an annual or semi annual trip.

Better then expected, great resort!

by TripAdvisor Member FunTrvlCpl

This is our new favorite resort. We have been to the Desire resort in Cancun, both Hedo's and both Grand Lido's, but this place beats them all!

The pool, spa area, bar area's and rooms are all top notch and very sensual. We can't say enough good things about this place, Some extra's that we like was free in-room wifi internet, great cell reception and close to the airport.

We had the couples massage and it was fantastic. The work out room is nice and it faces the ocean. The only real area in need of improvement was the pool bar because the service was very slow while we were there. They need more staff at the bars.

Bottom line: You will love this place, we already planned our return visit.

Some growing pains, but excellent overall.

by TripAdvisor Member GritsAndGucci

This was our first stay at this resort, although we have been to their sister resort in Cancun four times. and they compare quite favorably. We spent eleven nights and had more than ample time to assess the place.
The overall resort facilities are excellent-clean and well kept, and very upscale, especially when compared to other lifestyle resorts, such as Hedonism.
On the lifestyle aspect: If you have never been around lifestyle couples, or "swingers"( an outdated term, normally used only by "vanilla's", or non-lifestylers) the crowd will be friendly, and outgoing, but not pushy, and no one will expect you to participate in anything that makes you uncomfortable. Typically, ages will range from twenty-somethings to fifty-something. Nudity is allowed in the pool area, the nude jacuzzi, and the palapas surrounding the pool areas. Sexual activity is restricted to rooms, and the 'playroom' adjacent to the disco. Be aware, this is NOT a nudist resort and NO children are allowed. It is couples only.
The resort itself is very nice, with original sculptures and artwork everywhere, mostly with erotic themes. The grounds are well manicured, and are usually crawling with staff keeping it that way.
The three onsite restaurants have good food, with a good selection, although service can be a bit slow. The director of guest services assures us that this is being addressed, as they become more established. The best is probably Suki, the Japanese restaurant. There are multiple bars scattered around the grounds, but unfortunately the drink quality varies widely depending on the bartender on duty. On the positive side, there is a great selection of premium liquor available, and most of the bar staff is excellent.
The rooms are quite nice, if a bit small, and nicely furnished. The beds are all king sized, with comfortable mattresses, and high thread count linens. There are small refidgerators in each rooms which are stocked daily with water, beer and soft drinks. Some rooms have ocean views. The suites are a bit pricey, but all have ocean views and 4+ person jacuzzi's.
The rooftop jacuzzi is nude, and very large, particularly when compare to Desire Cancun. There are firepits adjacent to the jacuzzi, which are gorgeous at night. (The grounds are also 'mood-lit' at night...very nice!)
The pool is the center of social life, but get up EARLY if you expect to get a poolside lounge chair or palapa. There is also a swim-up bar at the pool.
The beach is gorgeous, and huge, but unswimmable due to riptides. Pretty surf though.
Our overall impression: Wonderful! We'll be back!

What a great place

by TripAdvisor Member Lucky8149

We recently stayed 6 nights here and both agree that we have found our new favorite place on the planet. The accomodations are great. The service was the best. Food was good, especially at the Japanese restaurant around the habachi grill. All three bars were good. The disco was a little week during mid week but built up plenty of steam by Thursday night and through the weekend. The outdoor games were headed up by some very fun energetic hosts.
Always plenty of hot water and towels. Great rooms, beds, pillows, etc. The spa services and facility outstanding.
Though we are more on the conservative side when it comes to playing around, what ever level you are comfortable with is ok there. No one is pushy. They've got an awesome playroom next to the disco, complete with a large screen tv (and dvd playing just in case the mood wasn't set yet) And the ambiance around the hot tub was something out of the hottest video you've ever least it was the last night we were there... 25-30 couples doing what ever with whomever wherever.....well anyway I think my mind has been permenately stretched (if not scortched) after seeing what we saw that night... WOW that was HOT!
Desires is only 20 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from shopping and other good restaurants.
We've been to Hedo II and there is honestly no comparison. Especially regarding the topic of service and facility.
Ramone will go out of his way to make your stay one you will not soon forget.
We highly recommend Desires and are planning our next trip very soon.

First time and already the best vacation ever!!!

by TripAdvisor Member nbunny7

This was our first time to a resort like this, and it was everything I expected plus more. My boyfriend and I had read all of the reviews and it sounded like everyone who had been here all had a great time... so we decided to go for it. We've been pretty sexually adventurous while, but never been to a resort, so we had no idea what to expect. We figured the worst case that could happen on the trip is that we enjoy a beautiful, sun-filled vacation in Cabo drinking margaritas by the pool.

Rooms: Clean and contemporary decor with nice kama sutra artword. We had a normal room, which was a pretty decent size plus it had a balcony, which was nice. The fridge was always stocked with sodas and water. We met some folks with a jacuzzi suite. It wasn't that much bigger, but it was nice if you planned on hosting parties. My boyfriend and I hardly spent any time in our room, so I think we made the right choice.

Food: Pretty excellent for an all-inclusive resort, and I'm a food snob. The asian place was hit or miss. The teppanyaki was good, but the sushi was awful (what do you expect). The italian place was surprisingly good. My boyfriend ordered the beef carpaccio, expecting disaster, but it ended up being great. Even my caprese salad was legit. You can't go to these places expecting 5-star quality food. You'll get better food than most all-inclusive places. Our favorite item of the week: french fries with melted cheese sauce at the grill. Sounds gross, but SO good. If you do room service, I recommend the club sandwich... and see if they can make it with bacon instead of ham. Yum!

Drinks: Can't complain. I'm not really a fruity-drink kind of girl, so there was really only one frozen drink that I liked. It was the blue-green drink called Desire (specialty of the house). It tastes like a frozen smoothly. Ah, the mojitos were excellent too. I always felt bad order those because it always took so much effort to crush up the mint. The bartenders were always very nice and if you tip them well at the beginning of the trip, they will take care of you. The bartenders also like to see people doing body shots at the pool bar. They always had the shots lined up for us when we arrived. In fact, I was greeted the first day by some lady wanting to introduce me to a body shot.

Pool: Awesome. I think we spent about 10 hours a day in the pool, usually with a drink in hand. We met a ton of people there. I'm so amazed at how friendly and open everyone was. They have a great activities staff too, that always tries to get you involved in the games. I do have one suggestion for the activities coordinator: kill the bingo, or at least don't cut off the water volleyball that EVERYONE plays for the 4 people playing bingo.

Nude jacuzzi: After the bar closes at the pool late afternoon, people migrate to the jacuzzi bar. They've got beds up there, a couple fireplaces, bathrooms, and showers. You may start seeing all kinds of fun activities taking place. One word of caution, watch out for that damn concrete ledge in the middle of the jacuzzi. You can't see it at night and everybody slams their shins into it. I now have a second knee on my leg.

Disco: OK. We only spent two nights at the disco, so I can't make too many comments. It's alright for dancing and watching pole dancing contests. Nobody seemed to dress up for the themes, though. They have a playroom in the back which gets attention from time to time.

People: Awesome. The age range is all over the place. We were easily the youngest couple there, in our late 20s. Most people were in the 35-45 range. Everyone is super friendly and each couple has a different range of what they expect to get out of the trip. We only met two people that we thought were a little inappropriate. There is absolutely no pressure to do anything. Most of the couples we met were a little more conservative than we were, but we also met couples that well beyond what we were used to. All-in-all, if you are open and friendly, then people will flock to you.

Overall: We had a great time and would go back in a heartbeat. I would like to try the Cancun resort. We heard from people who had been there that it was better. You could lay out on the beach and the resort was always packed. I can't wait for our next vacation!

Fantasy Island

by TripAdvisor Member OSOSMSJT

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and togther for 20. We had our individual reservations before our arrival. However, those were quickly erased with a glass of champagne as we arrived (OK MAYBE A FEW GLASSES). The staff was excellent at keeping the sexual energy charged. The superior rooms are small but were nice. Of course if you are going to this place to stay in your room go somewhere else (lol).

Please let me say we are not in the "Lifestyle" but found the atmosphere very erotic and tempting at times. Specifically the areas were this occurs are the roof top jaccuzi and the disco. The music was great. The bars made every drink we asked for.

My suggestions: Tip your bellman (If you need a room change), one main waiter/waitress (We chose Marco), the entertainment staff and sit back and enjoy the 5 star service. While others stood in line we sat back and enjoyed and endless supply of food, drinks and pampering. One last hint: Tip them up front. Dont wait until after they serve and see what happens.

Now lets talk about the food. All three main restaurants were outstanding morning, noon and night. They obviously have done their homework for their Italian and Japanese Cuisine.

The bottom line is if you are ready to challenge your sexual desires this is the place to be.

Adios, until next year.

Dream Wedding

by TripAdvisor Member WorldTraveller7Salem

My wife and I booked this hotel for our honeymoon, and we also had a wedding ceremony here. At first, we did have our reservations about how everything would turn out for our ceremony, but we were PLEASANTLY suprised. They did a fantastic job decorating the beach for our wedding, and on the day of our ceremony they put rose-petals all over the floor of our hotel room, and tropical flowers all over the bed. Our wedding dinner was also amazing! It was also cool to know that we were the first couple to have a wedding at the resort.

First of, my wife and I are NOT into the swinging lifestyle, but while we were there, the Lifestyles group was also having a get-together. I think my wife was a little worried about this, but honestly they were some of the NICEST and most respectful people we have met in our entire lives. We also were a little nervous about getting naked, but soon you realize that you actually stand out MORE if you keep your clothes on. I think what sets this place apart is the fact that it's couples only, so you don't have to worry about any single men/women trying to hook up with your spouse.

The service at the hotel was outstanding, and we would definitely recommend this to any couple looking to add some spice and romance to thier lives. The only downside is that a cabride into downtown Cabo will cost about $35 one-way.

Good Room, Bad Food

by TripAdvisor Member bare-le-there

We just got back from Desire 2 days ago, and we already want to go back. From the moment we walked in the door we felt totally pampered and taken care of. The Champagne during our check in, the butler, who took care of our luggage, had our minibar stocked, and ensured the room we had were in perfect order was wonderful. The bartenders were fabulous and the entertainment staff was very likable. There were not tons of activites, so if that is the kind of resort you are expecting, look elsewhere. This resort allows you to spend time with each other.


1) The food was not all that wonderful. Breakfast was certainly the best meal of the day. Lunch at the grill by the pool was adequate, but the menu was never posted, so you had to be inventive with the ingredients you knew the grill had on hand. The items on the buffet we always the same. By the time dinner rolled around, the food was almost inedible, but the presentation was beautiful. Suki proved to be our least favorite. I had a chicken hibachi meal and the fried rice was totally inedible. The rice with the sushi was made all wrong. It was sweet, and not sticky enough. Service was slow, and the waitstaff was completely confused the entire meal. The Italian was mediocre at best. I ordered the ravioli and it came out cold and uncooked in a tasteless 3 cheese sauce. I also had the pork chop and steak, both ok, but nothing wonderful. I ate tons of salad and fruit on this trip. **Warning: the food seems to mount Montezuma's Revenge on most people in the resort. At any given time, walking by a bathroom would almost ensure you hearing the effects of someones meal going right through them.

2) You seriously have to get up at like 7:30 to get one of the beds around the pool.

3) People tend to be a bit insensitive and cliquish. I heard and felt many times that I was being excluded in activities because of my physical appearance. I am used to the world of Nude Recreation where people are accepted as they are. The attitutes of some of the guests really surprised me. If you can ignore this, you will have a good time. I had a hard time finding the courage to dance for fear of scrutinization.


1) Housekeeping services were awesome.

2) There were Towels aplenty!!!

3) Bartenders were friendly and knowledgeable. Poolside waitstaff was fabulous.

4) This is one very clean, well kept hotel.

Becareful what you wish for....

by TripAdvisor Member pinkblueflower

I booked 2 nights at Desire with my fiance because I did not know what to expect and wanted options if we were not comfortable at the resort. All I can say is that 2 nights is not enough to enjoy this place. It took a day 1/2 to take my top off who knows what would've happened day 3.

I have to admit that if you fall asleep you miss alot like I did. My fiance was offered someones girlfriend he declined and quickly hurried back to the room before temptation came over.

There is a nice balance of age range, body type and race. My initial thought of the resort before arriving was old fat people! Sorry, nothing against them but I was hoping for a mix and there was all of the above. Beautiful women and nice looking men. Everyone was friendly, mature and non-prejudice.

The food is not fantasic but what all-inclusive hotel has great food? The staff is extemely attentive.

The room was small but why do you need a lavish room if all the action is outside?

The timeshare orientation was aggressive but what commission based salesperson isn't?

We are looking forward to the Cancun resort next year.
Hope to meet more great couples.

Wonderful vacation

by TripAdvisor Member Robb236

My wife and I went to Desire Cabo July 12th-July 17th, 2007.

The flight down on American Airlines from Kansas City Missouri with a layover in Dallas was uneventful. Once we got to the Cabo airport it was a little confusing. Like any Mexican airport that you have never been to. Got the green light and off to find some transportation. I thought this part was the most confusing. We finally got a shared van. Waited for approximately 15 minutes before we left. Desire was the first stop, which was nice. There were a couple of girls in the van that gave us a smirk and then a dirty look as we pulled up to the front doors. Oh well they do not realize the fun that they were about to miss.

As soon as our bags were taken out of the van a bell hop was getting them. He showed us to the front desk. Check-in was smooth and easy. The glass of champagne and wash cloth was nice. The staff at the front desk was friendly and helpful. We checked-in at 1230pm. Much to my surprise the room was ready.

After check-in we met with customer relations. He explained the resort, the area outside the resort, and other important facts. He did mention a welcome breakfast. However, we told him that we were not interested and that was it. Nothing else was mentioned.

The bell hop grabbed our bags and took us to our room. He was friendly and also helpful. He took us to room #122. We were disappointed in the location of our room. We like being on the top floor, so we can see the area better. However, the location turned out to be very good and we were pleased. The room was near the 24 hour bar. This was a small issue one night when a group was yelling and screaming at five in the morning. However, if it bothered us that bad, we could have just gotten up and joined them.

The room itself was a standard room. It had everything that a person could want. Some people complain about the beds. I thought it was great. I prefer a very firm mattress. The only issue I had with the room was the door for the toilet area. There is one thing I like to do in private and the glass door did not provide that. My wife did not seem to have an issue with it. Other than that the room was great. The mini bar was stocked everyday with water and other beverages. Housekeeping always had the room made up early and did a great job.

After we got settled into the room we headed for the pool. Most of the people were completely naked. A small amount of the women were topless only. And even a smaller amount of men/women had clothes on. However, no one seemed to care which was great.

We had only been at the pool for about an hour when we started meeting people. Everyone was so nice and friendly. We meet a lot of nice people from all over the United States.

The bad thing about my wife and me on the first day of vacation we forget to pace ourselves. We have to try one of everything. So, by early evening I needed a little nap. Luckily we had started hanging out with a lot of great couples. She went with them while I took a nap. After dinner they came back to the room and got me. And the party started for me again.

The disco was a very nice place. We went to the disco every night. The contest was always fun to watch. The music was great. The dj always was spinning good music. The playroom was interesting. It was not used much. I believe one night when we were in there; about 3 other couple was there. It was always clean and had plenty of clean towels.

The food we thought was good. Breakfast always had a good selection of whatever you wanted. The lunch grill was good. My only request would be that they would have more traditional Mexican dishes available. What they did have was great. We ate at Suki a couple of times. We thought it was great. Yes, the staff was a little slow and confused. However, that gave us more time to have a cocktail and visit with people. We ate at the buffet one night. We were a little concerned about buffet food. Much to our surprise that was one of the best buffets we have ever eaten at. They had a chef grilling fish, steak, pork, and chicken to your liking. It was great. We did go off resort one night to eat. We ate at the Tropicana. The lobster was wonderful.

The hot tub was a great social place. About 5 pm everyone would go up there and have a few cocktails before it was time to get ready for dinner. After the disco everyone would go up there. Some nights it was busy and other nights it was not. Also, the temperature seemed to be an issue. One night it was so hot I could not sit in it. Also the crowd made the hot tub fun. One night it was really going good, body shots, and other activities were occurring on the bar. Then a girl who had a little too much to drink got sick all over the bar. That kind of stopped the party.

The bartenders and wait staff were great. Always working hard and making sure you had everything you needed. At no time did we feel like we were not treated like we should have been. Yes, we did tip. However, we do this to help the staff out and to show our appreciation. I think we would have gotten the same great service if we had not tipped.

The employees as a whole were great. Always smiling and friendly no matter what time of the day or night it was. Also the entertainment staff was great. Always trying to get people involved, but not to pushy. They were always good for a laugh.

We think the attitude of the couple going on vacation and the guest at the resort make the vacation. We went with open minds. And the other couples that we met made the vacation.

Would we go back? Yes in a heartbeat.



big rocksbig rocks

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Are there any beaches and pools in Los Cabos (Baja California) where I can go topless?

by evebabe

Are there any beaches and pools in Los Cabos (Baja California) where I can go topless?
My husband and I are planning a trip to Baja California & Los Cabos. Are there any beaches and pools where I can go topless?

Re: Are there any beaches and pools in Los Cabos (Baja California) where I can go topless?

by delta1082

I only know of one Resort where you can currently sun bathe Topless. The resort is TEMPTATION RESORT AND SPA, LOS CABOS. It is located in San Jose Del Cabo. It was formally a clothing optional resort by the name of Desire resort and spa. The current resort holds "DESIRE WEEK", in which they revert back to the old standards of Desire resort, so you may bare it all for a whole week.
Good Luck.


by pedalpusher

I am going with 2 of my girlfriends to the Cabo area over spring break. One of my friends want to go to a nude beach. Does anyone know of any?? If so, which one is the nicest?



Re: beaches

by MonoBichi

There are no nude beaches in that area. Nude bathing is a bad idea in Mexico: dangerous, insulting to locals, gives bad image of foreign women to Mexican men, against the law.

Re: Re: beaches

by alfredop

That is right although there are some nude beaches at some areas (not sure of your destination). Anyway, even on those places local's oppinion are exactly that.


Re: beaches

by delta1082

I only know of one Resort where you can currently sun bathe Topless. The resort is TEMPTATION RESORT AND SPA, LOS CABOS. It is located in San Jose Del Cabo. It was formally a clothing optional resort by the name of Desire resort and spa. The current resort holds "DESIRE WEEK", in which they revert back to the old standards of Desire resort, so you may bare it all for a whole week.
The only catch is you can only be topless/nude on the property grounds, not on the beach adjacent to the resort.
Good Luck.


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