Lifestyles Getaway Club

Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio Km. 1.5, Puerto Vallarta, Pacific Coast, 48300, Mexico

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    Better than expected!


    I went to Getaway Club 2 weeks ago with my wife, and our 2 friends (2 couples all together). With all the stuff written about the Getaway Club, we were not expecting much. However, what we found out, is that it seems WAY too many people are expecting a 4 star resort for a 2.5 star resort price.

    When we are looking for a 2.5 star resort to stay in, it is not because we want to lay in our rooms all day and admire the brand new stylings of the painted doors and the drapery. We want to get out and do stuff. That is what the Getaway Club provides. A place to lay your head in between your adventures in one of the friendliest and most enjoyable cities in Mexico. What they also provide, at least on par with the 4.5 star Sheraton next door, is a level of service far beyond what we expected for the price we paid. It is a relatively small resort with a staff that works 6-7 days per week, so you get to know many of the staff members, who work tirelessly on a wage that should be illegal, to make your vacation the best it can be.

    Leno, the man working as the concierge/tour information booth, had any and all information we asked for, including calling his wife for help with a medication that my friend needed to take for his ears. He also provided us with restaurant reservations and suggestions for any mood/occasion we had thrown at him. His efforts were well past his job description!

    Aldo, the "host of the festivities", and the rest of the entertainment group work 7 days a week at what seems like 18-20 hours a day, to help create the party mood that this resort is known for. Although we weren't there for the extent of carnage and debauchery that some go to Mexico for, we still had fun with the portions of the "show" that we chose, and I am amazed at the fact that they don't all collapse from exhaustion.

    The rooms: As I said, we were not there to hang out in the rooms. Some reviews on this site show pictures of rusted or deteriorated door handles/hinges, and this is true. However, looking past this superficial issue, the rooms were nice, clean, needed updating but it was a place to rest your head without worrying about 1. cleanliness (sheets/towels were changed daily, etc) and 2. Security(assuming you follow simple elementary practices such as renting ...and more importantly...using the safe they offer, and locking your door and patio door.)

    Safety/Security: there was no safety concern at all when we were there. Nobody was suspicious at all in the resort, including security guards (which has been mentioned in reviews), and security measures were sufficient. Use the safe, as I said. It is large enough to fit all wallets, passports, pocket cameras and any mp3 players you might have, and more. Why take the chance of having to complain about it after the fact. Just be smart.

    The food: as mentioned before, yes they use weiners in a few things. But not so many that it isn't avoidable. Besides that fact, and the fact that I thought the food should be hotter (almost every hot dish was luke warm), the food was decent quality for the type of resort, and definitely edible, even tasty! We didn't want to eat it ALL week, but it was very nice to have it available. Do not bother with the a la carte restaurant though. The buffet food is actually better, if you can believe it! And the omelette lady, as mentioned, was the highlight of all food there. she is amazing!

    Overall, I highly recommend this place for anyone under the age of 35, or anyone that does not have a problem with more of a party atmosphere that wants to go on a budget. The excellent service of of the staff far outdoes any shortcomings this place has, and its amazing location, among the 4 and 5 star resorts, with its own beach, and its proximity to downtown, makes it THE perfect resort for anyone looking for a vacation without going too far into debt!

    Directions: On the main drag about 1-2 KM down from the marina, next to the Sheraton

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    We stayed at this resort for two weeks during Dec-Jan 2004-2005 (over Christmas and New Year's Eve). Upon arrival, I wanted to cry. The room was very bare and there was water damage on the walls. I'm used to staying at really nice resorts but this time we opted for a less expensive option. Not to worry though, because I was so upset, we walked downtown the first evening. We decided that the hotel really didn't matter too much because there is so much to do in PV!!!

    The story gets better, we learned it's all about treating the staff nicely and being flexible. By the time we left, we had been upgraded to a lovely room and we never had to wait in line because we tipped a lot ( not a bad idea since the palce is so inexpensive). We really didn't eat very much at the hotel since the food in downtown PV is really good and inexpensive. All in all, we had a fantastic time. That said, this holiday season we are going to stay at a 5 star hotel!

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    Shabby Chic... sorta short on Chic


    I am writing this brief note from the internet cafe across the way from the Getaway Club, actually I can see the Hotel from the window as I type this.

    First impressions are that if you can get a great deal, then this place is not bad. The economy rooms look it, the place has a look of minor neglect (broken stuff, missing stuff), and the linen has seen better days (a few holes in the towels).

    We do not regret booking here because we got it for cheap, if however you find somewhere comparable in price with better reviews, go for that one instead.

    Unique Quality: Pools are nice and so are the grounds. They do not provide Shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc. The safe in the room at a charge of about $2 US per day. The buffet is overall nice enough, but throughout the resort you find that there is not enough staff because line ups are everywhere... at the bars, and especially at the omelette/pancake station at the buffet.

    Check out the prices posted, it is not always clear whether they means Pesos or US dollars... makes a lot of difference :)

    Directions: Walking distance to Pto Vallarta downtown, that is a nice feature. Bank machines and internet cafe across the street. Internet at the hotel is three times as expensive as at PVNEt which is where I am typing this.

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    Adult Resort


    Definitely for the younger crowd! The lobby bar can get pretty noisy. There is 24 hr porn channel on the TV. The ocean water is usually rough and not safe to swim at night.

    Unique Quality: The food is Ok, not the greatest and at time predictable. The location is good as one can walk to town or take a short bus trip. There is a large grocery store when you exit the hotel on the left where you can get last minute necessities and prices are good. So is the Liquor Store (same side) -their prices same as duty free.

    There is an internet cafe across the street and a national bank with atm machine.

    There is no disco/club time I was there (2002) but they have the usual theme stage show at night.

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Bring the Immodium!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

My friends and I visited BBG PV Sept 3, 2002 - Sept 7, 2002. We had stayed at the one in Cancun twice before, so we thought it would be a safe bet. We were so wrong! We were all sick at one time or another by the second day. We aren't sure if it was the buffet or the if it was the water used to "clean" the cups and plates. Bad stomach cramps is not what you need at a "4 star" resort. Some of the food at the buffet sat for hours with no temperature control, the cleaning staff was not friendly, the rooms in the main building had loud a/c units and smelled like wet dog, the toilets need to flushed at least twice, swim up bar was always closed, and we ordered the same drink several times and it always came back different than the last. I will never go back there again!

Great place to stay

by A TripAdvisor Member

Our party of four went to the Blue Bay Getaway, (now called Sun Getaway) from September 8th thru September 12, 2002, and had a wonderful time. Before leaving California, I read some of the reviews in this column, and was horrified. I arrived at the Getaway with a bad attitude, expecting to get the worst of the worst, but was pleasantly surprised with a spacious clean room, extremely wonderful service and above average food. The only part of the vacation that I could complain about was the hot humid weather, which was no one's fault but our own for choosing this time of year to travel there.

We met many interesting people from various countries that stayed there and never did we hear anyone complain about their accomdations. I also saw a man washing dishes in soapy water behind the snack bar. I was worried about sanitization after reading the previous reviews.

Puerto Vallarta is a town of very friendly people and we look forward to visiting them again. Please take advantage of the many excursions offered. We took two of them and enjoyed them very much.


Perfect honeymoon

by A TripAdvisor Member

Obviously, some people did not stay at the same resort that my wife and I did. My wife and I took our honeymoon and first anniversary trip to Puerto Vallarta, and stayed at the Blue Bay.

We were treated like gods.

Firstly, let me say that we drank the water from the bars, crunched the ice, ate in all of the resturants in the resort, AND NEVER HAD A PROBLEM with taste, hygiene, or service. The staff was beyond friendly, courteous, and attentive to our every need or want. The room, while unpretentious, was comfortable and clean. The cleaning staff was prompt, courteous, and almost affectionate. As for the elevator in the tower, you don't go to the tropics and not expect to sweat.

The bartenders at Arthur's, (Jose Luis and Ulysses) were PHENOMINAL. I never had a dry glass in the two weeks we were there, and my wife NEVER had a watered drink. Oh, by the way, MY beer was always cold. Try treating them with some respect. You might be suprised at their reaction.

The towel boy at the pool (Haim) is a complete and total sweetheart. I would trust him with my child.

In closing, let me say that my wife and I will stay nowhere else in Puerto Vallarta.
Our experience at the Blue Bay was nothing short of marvelous, and we are going back next year. No questions asked.

the best holiday ever

by A TripAdvisor Member

i cant believe all of the reviews that i have read here. i came back from this hotel about one and a half months ago. i went with my boyfriend minni-me (just incase anyone is reading this who was there), my best friends tom and marie. we all thought it was brilliant. i would go so far as to say it was the best holiday i have been on. the staff were brilliant especially victor, darla, omar and annic. we made some really good friends there. the food is great, the resort is very clean, there is a really good range of activities throughout the day and the night. all of the staff were falling over each other to try and talk to us and help us with stuff. i would fully rccommend this hotel to anyone thinking of going to pvr. we loved it and we are going back next year.

Dont beleive the hype

by A TripAdvisor Member

Here's the latest scoop. I was there just last week and felt I had to clean up some of the mess people have been writing about this place. This, coming from a 25 year old male on vacation with his boy (close friend).

First, if you are looking for a really nice hotel with amazing restaurants and variety at the bar, stay away from 3 star hotels in general...

Here is the truth. The hotel is not fancy or mondern in any way, it serves is primal purpose to house those there for a great time. Its $30 pesos from down town which is about $3 us dollars by taxi, the bars in the hotel are open from 10am to 6am so you gotta expect those drunks to be passed out on the tables every night after the clubs, "Larry"...

Its true about the buffet restaurant, the only meal we ate there was lunch which was ok. Never made it for breakfast though I hear it was quite impressive. For dinner you have to make reservations at the nice restaurant under the falls (you'll see it) and tip the 'capitan' nice and he'll take care of you the whole week. Ask for a spaniard coffee, the show was impressive!

I must agree that this is one of the most friendliest staff that I have ever met. They really do go over their head to make sure you are having a great time, Darla.

Bottom line. Think about what you are going for! If you want romance and peace and quite, dont go blue bay. If you want topless and "crazy time", do blue bay. Word of advice, the rooms in the tower are small and cozy. The rooms in the other lower complex are much larger and updated.

About the cups, yes they do just rinse them out behind the bar. Like I said, think 3 star and have a great time, trust me, there is no way you won't!

Don't be scared to email me for more...for all you from England last week, you are mi and his girl especialy funny with the 'balloon popping race'!

Chao for now.

We had a great time!!!!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

We stayed at the Blue Bay Getaway from Sept 7-14 and had the best vacation ever. Me and my girlfriend Lori, both 19 years old really enjoyed the "party" like atmosphere that the BBG offers. There was always lots of activities to do, the staff was really friendly, and the glasses were definetly CLEAN. Although we only stayed in a standard room, the size of it wasn't anything to complain about, it was average!!!!! We didn't spend much time in the room anyway, so it didn't really matter to us. We also really enjoyed the nightly activities such as the the night clubs/disco's, and the nightly performances. We met a lot of fabulous people, and saw a lot of beautiful sites in Puetro Vallarta. Some of the staff that made out stay so enjoyable were Jose Louis(who is very fond of blond canadian girls), Victor, Omar, Louis(performer). Overall we would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a great time!!!!!!!!!

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Travelling alone


Can anyone please give me some info.I'm a single guy going to getaway club dec20-jan3 2006-07.Any chance of meeting single women .Has anyone ever been there.Any info will be appriciated thanks and happy travels.:)))

RE: Travelling alone

by map4kids

I was in Puerto Vallarta in November 2004. Weather was hot 98F+... as far as meeting women, try the local bars, they seemed to be jumping. I had my kids with me so needless to say I did not go into anything that seemed not go to the Hard Rock cafe...we went at night for a late dinner and it was absolutely DEAD. Or try bars within the hotels themselves, they might be good. Be wary of the people that approach you on the street, they are all scammers- timeshare solicitors, etc...

RE: RE: Travelling alone


Thanks for the info map 4kids


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