El Dorado Royale

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Carretera Cancun-Tulum Km 45, Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya, 77710, Mexico

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El Dorado Royale, a Spa Resort by Karisma
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    Arrival on July 7th for a wedding on the 9th. Stayed in Casitas 31, second floor. I have nothing but good things to say. If I had to find fault with anything it would be that the place was slippery and the risk of falling was great but that had more to do with the weather then the resort as the staff did their best to keep the walk ways dry once the rain stopped. They need to improve upon the shuttle service to the Casitas it seemed to be a big deal to get back to my room from La Isla Restaurant.

    As I was there for a wedding and it ended up raining I cannot say enough about the alternative locations they provided. The food was something you needed to get used to. If you ordered an appetizer there wasn't going to be much there, this isn't a pub where they cater to the late night snacks once you learned that you needed to order 2 appetizers you were fine. There was nothing wrong with the portions for the main courses it's the plate that was too big.
    cookie and you get ice cream along with it.

    Had breakfast at Cocotel and La Fuentes for the buffet...only thing wrong is they needed to crank up the A/C. Also had breakfast at Kampai, Banana Pancakes fantastic.

    Ordered room service and it came within 15 minutes.

    Casitas 31 has one of the gourmet corners and the Thai Wrap there was also to die for. As I said aside from the shuttle and the potential of falls due to wet grounds I don't have anything bad to say about this place. I'd definitely go there again and I'd definitely stay/request Casitas 31.



    Husband & I got married June 25th & stayed @ El Dorado Royale June 26th-July 1st. It was our first time away together & we were extremely excited. Yet, our honeymoon ended up miserable. Everyone has been asking us how our honeymoon was, & I am so embarrassed to say it was such a bad experience.

    Sunday, June 26th, 2011
    •front desk worker explained to present honeymoon package info & marriage license to our American Express Rep
    •checked into damp, moist, muggy room (Room #5512); no pretty towel fixtures, no rose petals, no glasses for champagne
    •left to meet with AMEX Rep. and Concierge Oliver, but got stuck in torrential downpour of rain; my husband asked 3 different workers in Guacamayas if he could use the phone to call our AMEX Rep & Concierge. No one was helpful.
    •returned to room to unpack & realized the bottom of my suitcase was busted open; front desk explained that b/c I did not know if the damage occurred at the airport or the resort, there was nothing they could do; no other options, suggestions or assistance were provided
    •we turned up air conditioning in attempt to adjust moisture issue in room; did not work
    •ordered room service; employee estimated 40-45 minutes; room service arrived 1 hour later

    Monday, June 27th, 2011
    •ordered room service (breakfast) in morning; employee estimated 50 minutes; room service arrived 1 hour later
    •met with AMEX Rep., discussed room moisture situation; he said it sounded as if the filter in the air conditioner needed to be cleaned, said he would put in a work order & have it fixed as soon as possible; I went to give him our honeymoon package information...he explained that it should already be in the system & we would simply have to present our marriage license on the day of check-out
    •Concierge Oliver had to leave early for the day again, so we met with Concierge Issa. I presented our honeymoon package information to Issa, who went on to set up our candlelight beach dinner & spa massage appointments. Issa specifically explained to us that the spa massage was really a lesson in which an instructor would teach us how to give massages to one another, & the total would be $197, so after our $100 credit voucher was processed, we would have to pay $97 out of pocket; husband & I agreed, & Issa set up our candlelight beach dinner for Tuesday night at 10:00pm & our spa massage lesson for Thursday @ 6:00pm
    •husband & I returned to damp, moist, muggy room (Room #5512); room had been cleaned by housekeeping, but still no towel fixtures/ornaments or roses; room had begun to smell like mold; bed sheets, papers on desk & shoes left on the floor were wet
    •husband called AMEX Rep. to receive an update on the work order for the air conditioning; AMEX Rep explained that he had put the work order through & maintenance would be there same day to fix air conditioner filter; Maintenance never came

    Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
    •woke up in damp sheets & mold-smelling room (Room #5512)
    •husband called front desk to request assistance...was put on hold
    •Once worker returned, I got on phone & respectfully & kindly explained, "My husband & I have been in a damp, moist, ill-smelling room for two days & two nights. Maintenance was supposed to come fix the air filter & no one has showed up. We are on our honeymoon & I have been VERY unhappy since we arrived on Sunday. I need you to, please, move us to a cool, dry room as soon as possible b/c we are leaving for a tour in 45 minutes." The worker responded that he would have us moved to a new room in a few minutes.
    •workers arrived to transfer our bags upstairs to Room #5524
    •Room #5524 was cool & dry, with two dove towel fixtures & roses on bed, & roses on bath tub; I was happier, but confused as to why we had not received those specialties in our first room when it was detailed in our honeymoon package
    •I walked towards the balcony door to look at our view, & splashed into a big puddle of water; the floor was flooded
    •husband calls back down to front desk to explain the flood situation; worker said he would work on another room
    •my husband goes to sit down for breakfast at the table, jumps up; he had sat down in a big puddle in the chair
    •I called back down to the front desk, crying; I could not believe we were going through all of this at a multi-star resort; I explained to the front desk worker that I did not understand why we could not receive a decent room with no issues & that we needed to be moved asap to make our tour bus; I was crying too hard to remain on the phone, so my husband continued to speak with the front desk worker
    •husband explained to the front desk worker that we are running late to our tour bus b/c of the room situations; the front desk worker asked husband if we still wanted to go; husband said, "If we don't make our tour bus, will we be refunded our money?" Worker responded, "You would have to speak with your AMEX Rep about that."; this also upset me b/c I felt we were being passed off; our AMEX Rep had nothing to do with our horrible room situations or why we were about to miss our tour bus...this was fault of the resort; the front desk worker was very insensitive
    •workers arrived to transport our bags to Room #524, but b/c we had to go straight to the main lobby to meet our tour bus, we were not able to view our new room & had to wait until we returned that evening
    •upon return to our third room, Room #524, there were 2 dove towel fixtures, roses everywhere & FINALLY two glasses for our champagne; I was unimpressed b/c, by this time, I was too upset about our 3-room change, all the issues and lack of empathy, sensitivity & good customer service to be happy about ANYTHING

    Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
    •we go to Xplore & meet the couple who was rooming right next door to us in Room #525; they explained to us that they also had issues & had to be moved to another room; we both also discussed how we've overheard several other couples having issues at El Dorado Royale during our stay

    Thursday, June 30th, 2011
    •we arrive at the Spa at 5:45pm for our 6:00pm spa massage lesson appointment
    •we fill out the paperwork w/David; David goes to explain the details of our appointment & asks me to sign a receipt for $255
    •I explained to David that Concierge Issa made our appointment for a spa massage lesson for $197, for which I had a $100 credit voucher
    •David explained that there is nothing at the spa for a total of $197 & that we could use our $100 credit voucher towards the $255, but we would have to pay $155 out of pocket
    •husband & I actually discussed simply going along with that deal b/c we were tired of having issues at the resort, until I read through our Travel Booklet under our honeymoon package details & noticed a 1/2 hour massage lesson included
    •I showed David who looked into the computer & said we had no honeymoon package; husband & I were in utter disbelief; I asked David how could we have our honeymoon package right in my hands in writing, along with everything included (candlelight dinner from Tuesday night, daily towel fixtures, champagne, robes, etc.), but NOT have a honeymoon package; David called to the front desk, who also did not have a honeymoon package in their system for us
    •I said, "So even though we have it right here in writing, we cannot, at least, have our complimentary 1/2 hour massage lesson." David responded, "No. I can offer you the $255 massage, allowing you to use your $100 credit voucher, but that's it. I'm sorry, everything else is out of my hands."
    •I was almost hyperventilating; I could not believe after 2 1/2 miserable days (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning) at El Dorado, having only 1 great day (Xplore) which was not even at El Dorado, we had, yet again, come to another horrible experience!
    •husband and I walked to the main lobby & spoke with Supervisor Jimmy at the front desk; Jimmy was very kind & actively listened as I explained our shameful week at El Dorado Royale; Jimmy explained that our AMEX Rep gave us the wrong information & that we should have provided our honeymoon package sheet and marriage license to the front desk at check-in; I explained to Jimmy that I made that attempt, & the young woman told me to give it to my AMEX Rep.; Jimmy said, "I'm sorry...that must have been miscommunication on our part."; Well, miscommunication on El Dorado's part has resulted in our suffering & having a miserable honeymoon
    •15 minutes later, Manager Attila came out and sat down with us & Jimmy; I explained our week at El Dorado Attila. Attila shook & rubbed his head the entire time; it seemed as if he was in disbelief
    •at first, Attila tried to blame the issues in the first two rooms on the weather, but I did not accept that; our problems should have been alleviated with desperation
    •Attila offered us a complimentary Chef's Table Dinner at D'Italia Casitas, along with a complimentary spa massage in the morning before we leave for the airport

    Though we had an incredible night at the Chef's Table Dinner & the morning spa massage, aside from our candlelight beach dinner, those were the ONLY 3 great moments at El Dorado Royale in 6 days. I wish I could erase our honeymoon from my memory, rewind and do-over. I would not recommend El Dorado Royale to anyone.

    Unique Quality: Candlelight beach dinner was gorgeous

    Chef's Table Dinner was phenomenal (ours was complimentary, but we heard it is quite expensive)

    The Spa is amazing...Employee David was the not the most helpful or kindest person.

  • Choose Elsewhere...our room was given away


    Stayed at EDR recently, and paid for a swim-up suite, which was given to someone else without any explanation. We were downgraded to an Ocean View suite, which was really not much of an ocean view...for half of our vacation. They did upgrade us to a Casita, which was nice, but by then half of our vacation was over and it started raining the day they moved us and continued for the next day and a half; so we got no use at all of the swim up suite that we requested. Too...while the food is good, it is not gourmet...maybe it is gourmet by their standards, but it isn't really gourmet. The menus rarely vary, and you must pay extra for lobster or good wine. You must plan to get a prime seat at the main pools or beach, because they are gone by 10:00 a.m. each morning...meaning get up early and reserve with a towel. Lots of fun...getting up early each day while on vacation. The plus side of the resort...the majority of the staff are friendly and helpful, and the resort is beautiful and well maintained. The K-team (entertainment staff) work hard to make sure you have a good time in the evenings...putting on various theme nights. Housekeeping staff were wonderful, room always clean and mini-bar stocked with juice and beer. Would I return....No. I have traveled a good bit, and there are many other resorts that are just as beautiful, but without the irritation of being downgraded to a different room..and fighting for beach beds each day. Not exactly 5 star service.



    Our stay at the El Dorado Royale Resort was three good days followed by one awful day. On our last day before leaving we noticed that all of our souvenirs were missing from our room. Resort security found some of the items in the Housekeeping closet but most of it was still missing. We quickly realized that hundreds of dollars and several hours spent shopping in Playa del Carmen was wasted and that the resort appeared very disinterested in resolving it prior to our departure. We wasted several more hours inventorying our belongings and filling out security forms. No managers, or the General Manager would speak with us before our departure and we ended up leaving very unhappy. Our 15 year anniversary was ruined. I would never recommend this resort to anyone I wished to remain friends with, especially if this situation happens to them. Everything good that we experienced here was undone by the resorts lack of interest in our predicament and we have yet to be contacted by anyone from customer service. DO NOT GO HERE!!

  • Not recommended...


    My family of four stayed here from 12.25.08 to 1.1.09. We booked our trip through a travel agent.

    Overall impression: A large middle-market property, lots of tattoos on women and pony-tailed men my age, beer pong at the pool, huge waistlines, guests are bobbing and weaving before noon. The topless scene at the beach gives the place that Euro flare; the bottomless dude is pushing the boundaries...

    Rooms: Okay. Our “upgraded” rooms—on something called the Lazy River—are at the far end of the resort, but they’re quiet and we’re enjoying the walks to restaurants, the beach. We can hear the ocean. No internet access. Get to the bell desk at the entrance very early to get a copy of the Miami Herald. Water hammer is a problem I haven’t encountered in years. A slow-to-drain sink calls to mind the Motel 6 we stay at when visiting my wife’s kin in Kentucky. At the other end of the resort—literally and figuratively--are the “Casitas.” These certainly look more upscale, but guests there use the same eateries as us riff raff. We can move for a few extra bucks a day, but why on earth would we give these banditos any more money?

    Food: Fortunately, I need to lose a few pounds and it won’t be hard to do here. This place fancies itself as a gourmet dining destination, but what was conceived in the executive chef’s kitchen has to be completely different from what’s presented tableside.
    *Small portions of poorly-prepared, tasteless food—Friday night’s salmon (an ordering error to begin with) went back to the kitchen and replaced with an edible shrimp dish.
    *Tuesday night’s deck-of-cards sized steak drizzled with a white chocolate mole: Pam and I played half the deck and folded.
    *A ceasar salad at beachside Jo-Jo’s was a laughable attempt at minimalist deconstructionism—someone’s been watching The Food Channel.
    *The Health Bar makes a mean smoothie, but a decent cup of decaf is near impossible to find.
    *The pan-Asian Kampai is a Panda Express with linens and booze, but at least we got enough to eat.
    *We’ve discovered that room service breakfasts are an okay alternative.
    *Maybe I shouldn’t knock airline food. Our lunch on our return flight was as good as any consumed at EDR.

    As the week has progressed, we’re increasingly grateful for the few decent meals we’ve had.

    Service: Fair to poor with a notable exception or two. This is a big place with lots of guests at a busy time of year and the staff deals with it like that. The charming hospitality and well-trained staff we enjoyed at the Royal Hideaway are absent. The litmus test—it’s been difficult to find staff worthy of a tip. My efforts to speak to the property manager about the Christmas Day Flood in room 5202 - an inch of water throughout the suite - were blocked repeatedly; it wasn’t until I went to the front desk and insisted that I would wait indefinitely did he show up. Alejandro Lopez turned out to be a decent fellow and gave me the apology I was strangely obsessed with obtaining. Mauricio and Alex—our waiter and wine steward—at Friday night’s dinner were personable and helpful, particularly Alex, a French-Canadian with an impressive knowledge of the resort’s mostly overpriced wine list. “For New Year’s Eve, we’re offering a 10% discount on $900 bottles of Cristal.” Yes, really.

    Amenities: Gym—too many out-of-service signs—lots of use and not much maintenance; the place is dirty. Did I mention towel cards—shades of Club Med! The amigo who restocks the fridge doesn’t take “no” for an answer—bounding in to carry out his duties while my wife’s in bed saying “Not now” and I’m out. I was able to stop the insecticide guy from spraying our rooms, only because we were in them when they began. The girls love the beach and not the Las Vegas-wannabe pool scene.

    Property: The landscaping is lovely and well-tended.

    Transportation: During the day, the resort staff transports themselves in golf carts that “share” the 6’-10’ wide pedestrian paths. Guests quickly learn to walk on the edge of the walkway and to look carefully to the left and right before crossing. At night, the carts run with no lights, which makes the sport even more entertaining.

  • easterntrekker's Profile Photo

    Adults only


    The hotel itself was truly beautiful with some of the nicest rooms ever. The pool was huge and fabulous but the beach was tiny and rocky.

    The food was not the best either , we expected much more from a 5 star hotel . They were often out of items on the menu.

    I can't really recommend this place.

More about El Dorado Royale

Loved the El Dorado Royale

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just returned from spending seven nights at the EDR. We had a wonderful time! When we arrived we requested to be upgraded from garden view to ocean view for $25 per night. It was worth every penny! I read all the reviews before we left and have to admit we too were a little nervous! Everything was great! The food was OK, service excellent, but be sure and bring water shoes because the beach is very rocky!! Once you get past the rocks you can swim, snorkel, etc. We really enjoyed Mexican Fiesta night on Wed. food everywhere!! The rooms were beautiful! We would go back in a minute!

Relaxing at El Dorado!

by A TripAdvisor Member

What an Excellent Resort! If you are like me right now you are reading this trying to decide if the El Dorado Royale is the right place for you. Well, I was there and took the chance to go...my wife and I owuld go back in a second! It was AWESOME...the rooms are great (we had the Garden View and trust me this is plenty!) The service is wonderful!
About tipping, bring lots of singles...Mexicans are among the nicest people in the world and VERY HARD WORKING!!!! You will be glad to help out in any way you can.

The pools are excellent and the bars are great! The activities were OK during the day (not great...but adequate) at night the entertainment was fine - again, not great but certainly enough for us. The Mexican Fiesta on Wednesday night was great too. All in all a great trip and worth every penny!

Heaven on Earth

by A TripAdvisor Member

El Dorado Royale is heaven on earth. The staff is always there to help (cheerfully) with anything at anytime day or night. The area and the hotel are gourgeous. The cleanliness is unmatched. We never lacked for anything. There are all kinds of activities. If you can't have a good time here, then it is your own fault. It is a fantastic getaway for anyone. We spent five nights there. The food, drink, staff, are all five star!

Looking for relaxation?

by A TripAdvisor Member

EL-Dorado Royale is the perfect place for relaxation. My husband and I just loved the place simply because of the atmosphere, cleanliness, friendly staff and the rooms. We had the Garden View which was absolutely beautiful. The things that we didn't like was that they do not have any top shelf liquor, the wine and champagne selection was not that great. They only have one Jacuzzi at the resort which does not work. Also, the beach is not open all night, they close it down like at 1 or 2am. But other than that, My husband and I had a great time and I highly reccomend this resort to couples who are getting away for relaxation.

Want a really fun relaxing time go there!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

We went to the EL Dorado Royale resort for a week in July (July 6-12 2003). When we arrived at the airport it was as humid as expected and my advice for all you unsuspecting Calgarians is wear shorts on the plane or you will COOK!! We found eveyone really helpful in finding our tour rep. some too helpful so remember to either tip the help or hold on to your bags tight. DO take advantage of the beer they offer in the truck on the way to resort it is nice and refreshing. When you arrive at the resort you get all the champagne you can handle and a nice tour of the grounds in a golf cart. The food was very good except we found the beef a little lacking (biased Albertans I guess), the activities were plentiful and there were a lot of not to badly priced tours and remember everything in Mexico is up for negotiation so try and get a better price when ever you get a chance, palms can always be greased!!
The only thing lacking about this resort is the beach. It's rocky so bring water shoes that was a tip we got from others who went. For all you ladies out there, the always talked about "sexy" Fernando is really there but is harmless and fun just be careful if the live band starts playing the Tequila song and he is walking around with a Tequila bottle, you will without a doubt be getting a mouth full of it.

El Dorado Royale

by Excaper


The driveway into the resort is quite long and twisty and the resort appears only “okay” as you pull up to the front. When you enter the main lobby you will have a much better feeling. Only 3 couples got off the airport bus at the El Dorado Royale.

We had booked a Casita and the check-in was not in the main lobby, it was in the office of the concierge for the Casitas so after being given a glass of champagne we were wisked away on a golf cart to check-in.

Raymundo was our concierge and he quickly explained things like booking dinner reservations, etc. and gave us our key. The golf cart took us to our room. We had requested a second floor Casita but none were to be had. The place was fully booked. Raymundo’s office is located under the Japanese restaurant and he is usually there from 8:00am to 5:00pm, although we have seen him working much later. This is also where you can borrow CDs, books, and DVDs.

"The Casitas"

There are two types of Casitas. Although they are identical on the inside, they are pros and cons to each in terms of the outside. There are two buildings in each Casita section that each house four Casitas. Then there are several individual Casitas as the sections curve towards the beach in a semi-circle.

The Casita was gorgeous decorated all in cream colours with dark woods. It had a vaulted ceiling, a king-size bed, two bedside tables, an armoire housing the TV, a minibar and a CD/DVD player. There was also 2 closets and a table with three chairs. The safe is in one of the closets. There is a mosquito net above the bed, which was entirely esthetic and just added a nice little touch to the appearance of the room. The bed had an extra pad under the sheet and was very comfortable. There are also an iron and ironing board, a coffee maker with coffee and condiment packages, and bathrobes for your use.

The bathroom had double sinks, a separate area for the toilet with small doors so that two people could easily use the bathroom at the same time with reasonable privacy. There was a shower in a large tub with glass doors and a window that looked out over the outdoor shower. Two things about the indoor shower: If you have decreased mobility, this is a difficult shower to get in or out of. There is a handle on the wall but an older couple we met didn’t find it all that helpful. I am 38 and in relatively good shape and I found it a little difficult. The other thing about this shower is that there is a “moat” of sorts around the tub and when you shower the water builds up faster than it can drain through two small holes to the outdoor shower area. This will probably not be an issue during one shower but we found that when we showered one immediately following the other, the water would get too high and start leaking through the doors. To resolve this we took the bathmat and rolled it up and put it against the doors. It worked relatively well but it is still something to keep in mind as the room is all marble floors and it gets slippery when wet. The outdoor shower is huge and is built with stone, both walls and floor. There is, of course, no ceiling. The water came out of a huge wooden “sculpture” for lack of a better word, and was beautiful. Our shower could be seen from a window in the Casita above although the window is in the Jacuzzi area of that room and the likelihood of anyone looking out would be minimal. If this bothers you, I would suggest requesting an upper Casita or one of the individual Casitas.

There is also a Jacuzzi tub at the front of the room. It has windows (with curtains) on three sides and opens to your room on the fourth side. Bubble bath and towels are provided as well as a candle on the side of the tub. Very romantic!!

The patio or balcony area is oversized and each contains two hammock-type chairs, two regular wooded chairs, a table, and a hammock. Wonderful place to sit in the morning or the evening!!! The patio/balcony lights come on and go out automatically so don’t waste time looking for the switch like I did.

"The Common Areas at Casita Section"

The common area in each Casita section has a seating area with tables and chairs in the shade of a huge palapa. Also under the palapa is the pool bar. The pools are small but large enough for the number of people staying in each section. There was never a day when there were not lots of lounge chairs around the pool. No one really used the “saved by a towel” method around the pool. There are also lots of lounges on the beach. We did notice towels on the chairs there but there was really no need for it, unless you want a beach lounge on the big palapa with a raised wooden floor and a roof big enough to shade three lounges. These were probably the most coveted chairs on the resort! We saw a few arguments when people left their towels there around 6:00am but then didn’t return until noon and expected their towels to still be there. The pool has a swim-up section with about six or seven stools. It also has a very shallow area where there are always a couple of lounges where you can enjoy lying around and keeping cool at the same time. The chairs, tables and lounges around the pool are all wooden with thick ivory pads and the beach lounges are plastic with fabric netting. All very nice.

"The Resort"

The beach has beautiful white sand but also a lot of rock or coral at the water’s edge. This doesn’t have to be a deterrent to entering the water, as there are also lots of sections where you can walk on sand between the rocks to get in. There are rocks on the beach that you have to walk around in some sections in front of the resort but there is lots of room to walk and you can walk a good distance in either direction. The snorkelling is very good for “off-the-beach” snorkelling because of the rocks and coral. The surf while we were there was rough and you have to be careful getting in or out of the water and it can sweep you off your feet. It was a lot of fun though! There is a man-made breakwater a small distance from shore that helped most, but not all of the time. I do think it was just the weather while we were there as we did see a lot of storms off-shore in the distance.

Around the center point of the beach there is a saltwater pool. This has rock steps that make it easy to get in and out of but it is very deep at points. The bottom is almost all sand. There are usually some interesting fish in the pool as it is fed in several places from the ocean.

Each of the three or four Casita sections had its own pool but there was also a large main pool where there is much more action. Lots of people but I usually still saw chairs to be had at any time I was there. There are a couple of fountains and bridges at the main pool and it is really very nice. There are also activities going on in and around the pool for most of the day.

El Dorado Royale - Riviera Maya

by stockton

"Resort and Room"

Well after reading lots about this resort on the Web, I can finally report on it. The bad reports are not to be believed. It is an adults only - with about an equal split between Canadians and Americans, with a few Italianos, Deutschen and Limeys. Average age would be 35 to 40 (estimate only) as young couples (three weddings) right thru to folks in their sixties.

Resort Location:
It is south of Cancun and north of PLaya Ddel Carmen, so we were the first to be dropped off and last to be picked up on the return. It is quite a ways off the highway and those seven speed bumps can get pretty tiring.

Had the cheapest GardenView room which was more than adequate. The upgrades give you ocean view or ocean front, but who needs it as you're only in your room to sleep. Big shower plus a 2 person Jacuzzi. Only complaints re room are the saggy mattress and lack of hot water in the am (need to run tap along time if you're an early bird).

"Activities and Pools"

Pools were the best feature - there's about 7 or 8 which is a good thing as the ocean is a little wavy. Most pools had a swim up bar.
Animation staff were good at trying to get people to participate in the activities. Usually there was a water volleyball going on. Also there was ceramics painting (charge), dancing and cocktail lessons, bikes, yoda, etc. Weakness was at night in that the shows were not comparable to those we've seen in Cuba.

Free shuttle into Playa and Cancun. We booked the Tulum/Xel-ha trip in Playa for $71 US versus the $90 or $95 that the reps at the hotel wanted.

"Restaurants and Meals"

There is the La Isla which is a la carte for breakfast, lunch and dinner - no reservations needed. You need to make reservations (up to 2 days in advance only) for the Oriental, Mexican, Italian and Grill restaurants. Nevefr ate at the Grill at night but was said to be popular. The best (in order) are Oreiental, Italian and Mexican - our Mexican entree was just too damn salty for some reason.
All meals feature appetizers, soup, salad, entree and dessert. And although the portions are not huge, ordering all courses should be more than enough for the average person. And if you're still hungary, next time order two appetizers!!
The also set up a grill by the pool at lunch and cook hot dogs, hamburgers, steak and chicken. (Steak is muy bueno). A secret is that the Oriental is also open for breakfast with a sub-set of the choices at La Isla.
Staff are great - especially those in La Isla (hola Carlos!!). The bartenders vary - some need to look at the drink menu to see what is in the drink!
One complaint is that the brands are all generic (even no Kahlua) with only Jack Daniels and Jim Beam to be seen.
Another is that the meals are never hot, just luke warm. This may be because there are no heat lamps in the kitchen.


El Dorado Royale Maya RivieraEl Dorado Royale Maya Riviera

A poolside Cabana at night at the El Dorado RoyaleA poolside Cabana at night at the El Dorado Royale

Forum Posts

El Dorado Royale - have you been ?

by louie76

Hi Guys,

Can anybody tell me if they have been to this hotel ? My boyfriend and I are looking to book but we are worried it may be too quiet in terms of entertainment ect. We want the peace and luxury but maybe a giggle or too at the evenings ! The hotel looks gorgeous, can anybody give us their experiences, we would be so grateful !!!

Cheers, Louie.

RE: El Dorado Royale - have you been ?

by planxty

Might I suggest you check out the pages of VT member into-thin-air. Rob is just back from Nepal (again) and he has started a forum on this very subject. He is very knowledgeable about the country.


RE: RE: El Dorado Royale - have you been ?

by planxty

Sorry, don't know how that happened - that was a reply to a totally different question.


RE: El Dorado Royale - have you been ?

by smokey13

I heard that the beach isn't the best and that while beautiful, it is a little "sleepy." I was considering this hotel along with its sister the Seaside Suites. We have opted for the seaside suites because it is a little more off the beaten path and smaller. I have also been looking into the little sister hotel, Mi Hotelito, also from Karisma. I don't know if that one is open yet.
Have you been to tripadvisor.com? TONS of advice on your hotel of choice and many others.

RE: El Dorado Royale - have you been ?

by emskihammer

Hi There

I have also booked this for our honeymoon on the 8th august 2006
it does look amazing.
Other websites have amazing reviews on this place, also a friend of mine
has been and says that it is beautiful


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 El Dorado Royale

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

Eldorado Royale
El Dorado Royale Mexico
El Dorado Royal
El Dorado Royale Cancun
El Dorado Royale Spa Resort
El Dorado Royale Hotel Riviera Maya

Address: Carretera Cancun-Tulum Km 45, Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya, 77710, Mexico