Hotel Celuisma Dos Playas

Paseo Kukulcan Km. 6.5, Cancun, Quintana Roo, 77500, Mexico

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Afraid of Dos Playas

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I rented a security box located in the room we reserved to keep our money and personals safe. On the first day we noticed money was missing but were not very sure. On the second day same thing happened. By this time my husband recorded the exact amount in the box before we went to eat breakfast. We returned four hours later to discover that on that day we had $100.00 dollars missing. We went back to summarize our spending and balances and discovered we had $200.00 dollars missing altogether in the first 3 days of arrival. We went to talk to the manager Jaime Ortega. He said the code to the box was unbreakable and wanted us to show him how it had been opened and demanded us to tell him who had done it. He didn't even apologize or offer an investigation. We filed a police report and the Cancun police department promised to investigate and they also sent us to complain to the consumer affairs office (Profeco). We did and the manager was called to come to an agreement with us but he said he had nothing to say and nothing to offer. Now we had to return to the U.S., but have our case open with Profeco and they assured us we would get our money back plus a compensation for the two days we spent doing legal transactions to recover our money. The service at this hotel was absolutely terrible. I would never go back to that hotel again. I do not recommend it. I also had to block my credit cards because they were also at the "safe" box at the time the money was stolen. Do not go to Dos Playas. We did not feel safe for the rest of our stay. We feared someone would enter our room and do something to us.

Yo Queiro Taco's Bell

by A TripAdvisor Member

All we know is that Dos Playas may not be the Riu but Taco and Willy have made it so that We would go back there in a seond. We LOVE them and they made up for what Dos Playas didn't have. They always made sure we were having a good time and kept us safe.We have stayed at five star resorts in Cancun before and we will admit they had better food, accomidations and pools...but not once did we have as much fun as we did this trip ....thanks to taco. Plus the price was right. We LOVE you Taco and Willy.....see you in June(Cancun in June!!!!!)

Tranquility at it's best

by A TripAdvisor Member

Dos Playas was more than we could have asked for. All the staff was great, the food, the grounds, entertainment during the day(contests) and at night(club and restaurant hopping with Taco). Security was trustworthy- we made friends with them, told them the days we were going on excursions, and nothing ever went missing. The room was just fine-no balcony with a view of the beach, but it is very easy to change if you don't like it. We ate breakfast lunch and dinner at the same romantic table in a hidden corner. And when we craved a burger or hotdog in the afternoon, we ate at the snack bar instead. The store in the lobby comes in very convienent when you realize you need more sunscreen, film, etc... There are phones right beside the lobby and internet inside- always empty. Dos Playas is sooo romantic. Nothing is better then taking a walk on the grounds after dinner and not be bumping into people. There is always somewhere you can be that is pure solitude The beach was beautiful, better than I could imagine. Very easy to get your own spot to swim and frolic because there are only 111 rooms compared to the other big hotels with the same amount of beach. The food was awesome-watch out for the desserts, they are beckoning enough to make you forget about dinner all together. There is a juice machine with 3 different juices, and a purified water machine. We just filled our 1.5 litre bottle everytime we needed. It's easy to get a chair and papala if you are just a little patient at some times. Too easy in the morning. The bar stays open till 11:00-later if you smile:)and tip. And when all alse fails- there is a convience store about 40 steps away that sells alcohol cheap. Fat Tuesdays is right next door about 30 steps away,crazy there, but your body will tell you when you deserve some crazyness, because you won't find it at Dos Playas. 50 steps away is the Market. Here you will find all the fun stuff-souveniers, hammocks, harachi sandals, pipes, clothes, silver(check for 925) and feel free to barter. I lost my husband in that market and ever person working there helped us find each other again. You can rent cars, sailboats, jetskis, go parasailing, bungee jumping, henna tatoos, right beside Dos Playas as well-no bus needed, so if you need your towel, more clothes etc, just run and grab them from your hotel room. The Carribean Caberet (big lit up boat that leaves dock right beside Dos Playas) Looks like a blast, dancing, singing, mariachi band. I regret not going. And also a glass bottom fairy and aother fairy to take you to Isla Mujeres is right next to Dos Playas. The fairies do not come close to the beach though. You have to walk a long pier to catch one. Pok-a tok golf course(huge) is also walking distance. When it comes to buses you can catch them right outside of the resort to wherever-clubs, walmart, big malls, KFC, Dominos Pizza, McDonalds(eat authentic though, and forget walmart.) Aquaworld is also walking distance if you want to snorkel or feed sharks etc. We studied Spanish two weeks before we left in the comfort of our home and it helped alot for all the little things. Alot of white people(we are white) say "Hey when they come to our country they should learn the language!" Well reciprocate that for when you leave your country to go to another that doesn't. And in the end expect supreme content from all that know you tried. Tipping-please tip, even you stingy ---------it's karma. You give, you recieve. We tipped the maid and got swans making a heart in extra towels on our beds. And everyone is so gracious. As for kids...I saw one. She still looked like she was having a blast. If your child is under 7 and you want to sunbathe, ride the bus to the pyramid for 3 hours, and drink, please, please don't bring the poor little thing. That is just cruel and other people wondering what the hell you are doing with a little baby to fry next to the equator will give you that negative energy. I sunblistered and wore spf45 and my skin isn't young and new like a childs. Missing you terribly Roberto, see you in September.

Not great, but not bad, either.

by A TripAdvisor Member

We stayed at the Dos Playas over New Years, 2003/2004. First night we arrived was chaos. Although the hotel new a busload of us were coming in (about 15 parties), only 1 person was on the desk to sort us out. What a mess. Then many found that they were not to have the rooms they were promised by the Travel Agents. Typical response of "come back tomorrow, maybe we have a better room for you." We were checked into an abysmal room on the ground floor facing the so-called Tennis Court. Ugh! Dead cockroaches in the lighting fixtures above the closet and in the bathroom. Low, low ceilings! We complained (in Spanish) and were told we could up-grade in the morning. Morning became afternoon. We had to get a bit pushy. Finally got a very basic room near the office, facing the restaurant. However, this room was clean and neat and very comfortable. We knew the Dos Playas was a very basic hotel when we booked, so we were then content with our new lodgings.

The Restaurant is not bad: nothing splashy, but the food was pretty good. Try their soups ! Wonderful. Their website says 'best Margaritas in town'. I don't know about that, but they were pretty good, too. Beach is fine. Its on the calm side of Cancun: no surf. That's good with us. The hotel grounds are nice: lots of lawn. No entertainment available. Pool is right at the restaurant/bar and almost never used as a result. Location is good. Close to a bunch of outdoor cafes on the public beach next door. Great eating there!

We were expecting some phone calls (local friends) and my wife was in the office one day when a call came in for us. After 4 attempts by the woman at the desk to transfer the call to the lobby phone.... still no success. This lobby is extremely small. She could have just as easily passed the phone over to us. Instead,... she did not get the name or number or anything. Luckily we were able to contact our friend another way !!!!

The Front Desk at this hotel takes really NO interest in any of the guests and gives a placating smile and nod to everyone. Many, many unhappy visitors while we were there. They were mostly upset about the lousy rooms they had and lack of good service.

In conclusion, buyer be ware. If you are going to a 3 star hotel, expect 3 star (or less standards) in Mexico. Strive for a little cleanliness and security, and food that won't make you sick. Then you won't be disappointed. (We won't go back to this Hotel, however)

Lots of fun thanks to Taco (Bernardo Rodriguez)

by A TripAdvisor Member

My friend and I visited Cancun Jan 31 - Feb 7. We read reviews and were expecting the worse but it was acutaly better than the reviews. The entertainment staff made it the best trip we ever had. Taco was always there getting us involved in water areobics and beach vollyball. Every evening he had a new location organised for us to head out to. He accompanied the group every time and made sure we were all okay which made us feel very safe. I'll recomend this place to everyone and when you get there make sure you ask for Taco.


by A TripAdvisor Member

The hotel was terrible. Let's start off with the bed, the bed was so hard I felt like I was sleeping on the floor. I woke one morning and my neck and my back was in so much pain from sleeping on the hard bed.
Next how stuff got broken into , the girls next door had 500 dollars taken, the guys downstairs had a hundred dollars. The room are very small and the shower was horrible. We had to wear shower shoes so we did not get a fugus on how feet.

Spring breakers dream. COZY

by A TripAdvisor Member

Booked this trip thru Suntrips. All inclusive pkg.

I must say, Its not the biggest or the hotel with the most amenities, but it is however, big on service. The bartenders, waiters, maids, security and front desk all become familiar faces after the second day.
They are all friendly people and speak English reasonably well, and will teach you Spanish if you wish! The room was ok, the beds on the firm side and the shower never really had hot hot water, but it was ok since I had sunburn since day one and needed cool showers. The room was kept clean by daily maid service that DIDNT TAKE OUR STUFF! (If youve ever been to Cancun, you know what I mean). Our phone didnt work, though, but we were on vacation anyhow! Try to get Taco(fornt desk person) to get you a three bed room as these were bigger! TV had Fox channel, and the rest were spanish stations. You eat in a quaint well designed restaurant like cafteria. The food can get quite repetitive, especially the breakfast, but the food was never bad, and the selection of food was kept to about 4-5 different entrees. The included drinks were only from a small menu which included cerveza(beer), coladas, daquiris tequila shots/ sunrises and rum punch. This is quite enough to get a good time going, especially when you order 4 tequila shots in a row. The Beach is AWESOME and the sand is like powder. You are right next to pier that you can take parasailing/ jet ski rentals/ or walk through the flea market to get last minute gifts. There is a volleyball court and this is one of the ways to make a quick friend. At about 8-11pm, most of the partygoing guests mingle around the bar. This is another great way to meet the people at the hotel. Be prepared to BARTER! Next door there is a club called FAT Tuesday where you can party the warm nights away, every night if you wish. Cover is free there except on Tuesday when its $5. Warning though, Tuesday night it is PACKED!

If you are not sociable, do not go here as you will see the same people day after day. This was great for us as we made friends with all of the other guests. I guess you dont get this with the bigger hotels as you may not see the same people the next day or ever again.

Mix was about 50/50 Canadians and People from Northern California.

You might want to bring sleeping masks/eye covers as the sun shines brightly in the early morning. And you'll be up at 7am wheter you like it or not.

So, for what we paid on Spring Break, this place was definitely a great place to stay. Would do it again in a heartbeat. You got to meet everyone in the hotel, and then party with them later, and have breakfast with them on the beach again the next morning. Dont feel like you should stay in a place that will just rip you off, all of then things you need are right here. Its cozy, cheap and friendly!


Chichen ItzaChichen Itza

Beach in front of Girasol condo, pretty white sandBeach in front of Girasol condo, pretty white sand

This is the guy above for real...This is the guy above for real...

Beach at Cancun on a hazy nightBeach at Cancun on a hazy night

Forum Posts

Need Advise Urgently

by NGCH2

I am thinking of going to Cancun in mid oct ( 2 weeks from now). It's a last minute decision. I have a number of queries which I hope someone can help :

i) I am travelling alone.... can someone advise how a safe and affordable hotel ?

ii) I assume that it is safe to travel in Cancun since it's so tourist resort.

iii) Any quick advise on the must do and must see

iv) Any VT members out there willing to show me around ?


Re: Need Advise Urgently

by nospam

Sorry for the late response

In Cancun the Hotel Dos Playas or better yet the Crown Paradise.

I'd say skip Cancun and go to Playa del Carmen and stay at either the Allegro Playacar or Ocean Maya. Playa is smaller, you can walk to town/shopping/bars/everything.

It is quite safe, no problem, just follow the standard safety rules for anyplace and you can travel around, shop, whatever.

Must do's? Mayan ruins like Coba or Tulum. Water parks like Xelha or Xcaret. Adventure tours for Zip line, canopy tours, cenote river swims and scuba.
Don't worry about the activities because you can easily read all the info at your hotel and choose then.

I leave the Cancun area on the 18th October, maybe we can wave to each other at the airport - have a fantastic time.

Re: Need Advise Urgently

by brkilbourne

Flamingo for your hotel-suite all inclusive if you drink at all, food is better then alot of more expensive hotels. Avoid salads leafy vegetables. Ice and drinks are OK in most tourist areas. The strip is safe, dowtown at night not so much. Ruins, Isla Mujeres, Excaret more ruins, downtown shopping, sveral malls on the strip. Check out my vt pages on the area.

Safety in Cancun

by NennaHoney

I've often heard people say not to venture outside of your resort when traveling in Mexico. I'm traveling with a group of 11 people in early March (staying in Dos Playas) and was wondering if we should be concerned with safety issues when traveling around Cancun. If anyone could help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it!

Re: Safety in Cancun

by pedrocarlos

Dont worry,Cancun is safest city in Mexico.

Re: Re: Safety in Cancun

by jmhenry1123

You should be fine travelling outside the main resort strip. Of course you should be cautious anywhere you travel.

Re: Safety in Cancun

by Chenbaaxal

You must have met some seriously timid people, who miss a lot when travelling. One of the joys of travel is going out and exploring what is around you. I especially love finding and eating in good restaurants that have only locals in them.

That advice you got about being super cautious might be good in Jamaica or Beirut, but not in Cancun.

Re: Re: Safety in Cancun

by Sandi-2004

I just returned from Cancun and other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula. I researched it quite a bit before going & learned that Cancun and surrounding areas have almost no crime, especially no violent crime.

Of course, as others have said, take the same precautions you would in any tourist area, but you should feel safe. We found - and I've heard and read this from many travellers - that the Mexican people are kind and honorable people.. It will probably be other tourists that could cause a problem. But crime there is almost non-existent.

When we were there, we met a very attractive young woman who had come there from Canada by herself to spend the winter. She didn't know anyone there and was staying in a hostel. She felt perfectly safe & was looking forward to exploring the Yucatan Peninsula.

Re: Re: Safety in Cancun

by cachaseiro

if you dont leave the resort then what is the point of travelling all the way down there?

mexico is not a dangorous country to travel as long as you are sensible.
i spend 2 months touring the country by public busses myself and never had any bad incidents.

Re: Safety in Cancun

by Natalllya

As long as you're not an ignorant tourist then you will be perfectly fine.


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