Hyatt Cancun Caribe Resort

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Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe
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Fantastic Hyatt Cancun Caribe!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I just got back from a 5 night stay at the Hyatt Cancun Caribe and I absolutely loved it. It was the most beautiful view I have ever had from my room. We stayed in the main hotel, not the villas, and sat out on the little balcony every morning just enjoying the view. The room was spacious. very clean, and very quiet. We felt very safe the whole time. The staff was fantastic - very pleasant and helpful. The only problem we had was that the first room we were given had a rock hard bed which we didn't discover until very late the first night, and after sore backs, we asked if we could switch rooms the next morning, and the staff was very accommodating. We switched to a room which had a much softer bed. That was the only problem we had, which was resolved immediately. The hotel grounds were gorgeous and were immaculate. There were iguanas wandering around, but they ran when we got too close. There were also peacocks wandering around, but they didn't bother us either. The only mildly annoying part of the stay was that there was only 1 elevator, and the timeshare desk was placed right next to the elevator door entrance, so it was hard to walk by without one of the timeshare employees wanting us to stop and hear about the timeshare. We just said no thanks and kept on walking. They didn't pester us at all. The hotel was in a good location, within walking distance (5+ mins) to two malls with a lot of restaurants. We took a lot of taxis, which were $6-$10 USD per ride. The bus was only 6 pesos (60 cents), but it stops a lot, so of course it'll take longer to get where you're going. And it got pretty crowded sometimes, so we preferred the taxi, but it did add up. The flea markets are all rip offs. You will find lower prices at the malls. We were surprised. And the flea market vendors are extremely annoying. Some were pretty rude. We were disappointed in Cancun's restaurants. There were so many American restaurants - Margaritaville, Outback, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, McDonalds, KFC, Subway, etc. We didn't want to eat at those - we can get those at home. I love Mexican food, but we didn't find many Mexican restaurants with the type of Mexican food I'm used to, which is obviously Mexican-American. We did find a great one though - Maria Bonita. It was excellent. There were a lot of Italian restaurants, which we thought was strange. We didn't eat at any of the Hyatt's restaurants. Too expensive. We didn't take any of the historical tours, because they were pretty far away. Chichen Izta was 3 hours each way by bus, and Xcarta was 1 - 1 1/2 hours. We did take a boat to Isla Mujeres, a little island about 1/2 hour boat ride away, which was very scenic. We bought a package deal for $31 USD at the Cancun Walmart, and it included the boat ride, lunch, continental breakfast, hanging out at a private beach resort, and a glass bottom boat tour. You can rent golf carts to drive around the island, but we didn't do that. Overall we had a great time, but were a little disappointed at how expensive Cancun was. We have been to other places in Mexico, and I guess we were expecting Cancun to be more like those places. I would definitely go back though. If you would like anymore info, just email me.

Really enjoyed the Hyatt Cancun Caribe!!

by TripAdvisor Member superez

We just returned from 7 nights at the Hyatt Cancun Caribe Nov 7-14 and really enjoyed it! The hotel is very clean, well maintained, and I just loved the fact that it was smaller and more intimate than the other "mega" resorts on the strip. If you want a nice, quiet, relaxing hotel with a tranquil pool area (no loud music or activities directors hassling you), I highly recommend the HCC. The front desk staff was extremely welcoming upon our arrival (Silvia was great). We were initially given a room on the first floor that was adequately spacious and very clean. We had a king size bed and a patio area w/ 2 chairs and a table plus an extra area below the patio w/ 2 reclining lounge chairs since we were on the first floor. All rooms face the ocean and pool area, and boy was the view fantastic! Unfortunately we had to change our room due to water coming in from the sliding glass door as a result of the evening storms (not to worry if you are planning on coming soon...they were mostly at night. We only had one full rain day, the rest was a mixture of clouds, sun and short lived showers that were very refreshing..did not spoil our trip at all). We were transferred to another room on the 3rd floor which had the exact same room setup only this time with a balcony (an even better view!). I do have to mention that they are doing some minor room construction on the top (7th floor) floor of the hotel, so if you are planning on arriving soon be sure to ask for a low floor (no higher than the 3rd I suggest...we did hear some of it at around 9am but it wasn't very loud). The pool area was very beautiful, and I was impressed with the cleanliness of the bathrooms out there (fresh orchid arrangements near the sinks, no sandy or stinky floors as usually is encountered in pool/beach bathrooms).
Peacocks and iguanas roam around but are not bothersome at all. We had the EP plan ((I hate all inclusives...what's the point???) but did eat a few breakfasts and one dinner at the Cocay Cafe. It is pretty pricey ($17 for breakfast, and about $24 for dinner) but it was convenient on those days that we had early tour pick ups. The food was very yummy.
Speaking of pricey, I do agree with some of the other postings that the hotel (and Cancun in general!) is very expensive. $5 for a bottle of Evian!!! But here's what you all your water, snacks in town at the convenience stores and don't eat in the hotel zone! Take the convenient busses into downtown Cancun and eat there - we had wonderfully authentic food that was much more reasonable. Also downtown has a more authentic feel to it with more locals, etc. It is only a 15 min or so bus ride, and for 60 cents you can't beat the price. We also bought our tours there - much better discounts than in the hotel zone.And about those timeshare people - beware, they are all over cancun and ready to hassle!! Be especially careful when you arrive at the airport after clearing customs. We had a package from Apple Vacations and we were warned about "imposters" acting as if they are your transportation when in actuality they take you straight to their timeshare! Ignore the people in front of the baggage carrousels who are dressed up like airport employees and say that they can help you with transportation. Then they try to sell you tours through the timeshare.
If you have transportation through your package go directly outside toward the street. You will be hassled left and right by guys saying they can take you to your transportation, when in actuality all they want is a tip for carrying your bags to them. The timeshare people in the hotel were a little annoying but all it takes is a firm "no, I'm not at all interested" and they will stop. All in all the trip was great and I highly recommend the hotel!

Scam/ Scam Please Read

by TripAdvisor Member lobsterjamaima

well...I have many things to say about Cancun/the Hyatt Cancun Caribe/ and traveling in mexico in general...however i will spare you the details and get to the point. (1)arrive in Cancun...all is well...get in your little shuttle and go....tip the guy...give your luggage to the Hyatt people / check in and get to your room where you will see a lovely water in the world! (2)The Hyatt Cancun Caribe as a fair...the hairdryer sounds like a 747 on a landing strip...the chairs by the pool are falling apart..but ill get into that later...your at the feel good ...right? wrong! (3)the message light beeps on your phone...what is this? no one should be calling on vacation! right? wrong! Timeshares...they wont stop...everyday a new message...with scare tactics like..."we are the shuttle that gets you back to the airport so you have to come see us.." then they lure you into the timeshare crap! trust me with this...if your pen meets the have just engaged in a timeshare with financial obligations!! (4)Theres a little label on the two(2) 1 liter bottles of water on your bar(in your room) that say"although our water is purified... we provide bottled water free of charge"...wrong...this little label dissappears from your room once you leave it and they charge you around 14 bucks for the 2 bottles of water....14 BUCKS????!!!!!....if you have the water sent to your room(which was the only way i knew to get it) they'll charge you surcharges/taxes/tips/ etc....(I ASKED THE MANAGER WHAT THE LABEL WAS REFERING TO.-THE FREE WATER THING-..AND HE SAID "THE WATER THAT COMES FROM THE SINK IS FREE"...AS IF IT WAS A GIFT) (5)your room...its your safety net....when all else fails..go to your room...right? wrong! I put the little sign on my door that says "DONT COME IN!"...I heard a knock at the door and a little mexican maid with golden teeth smiled at me...we both looked down and mysteriously the sign had fallen to the floor...allowing her to enter our room....we gave her tips every day...and this is the type of crap you have to deal with! (6) the pool...well...when you stay at the Cancun really get the mexican feel if you know what i mean....theres tons of mexican children running around the pool(they have no respect for Americans/they hover around the steps that lead you in/out of the pool)..and I assumed they were children of the hotel employees...I speak spanish fluently...I can hear...the children arent that smart! (7)a weird stentch next to the steps that lead down to the beach...smells like a rotting human corpse....probably some dumb American who got killed for his liver or kidneys....partly joking...partly serious! (8)if you have children...keep an eye on them for gods sake....there is a 10 ton tractor that sweeps the sea weed off the beach and they arent too carefull about avoiding bathing americans...I saw a few near-death experiences... (9)you get hungry...dont wanna pay for high priced crap at the hotel...right? you wanna call dominos? well.. if you were dumb enough to give the front desk your credit card...they will charge you 1 dollar for each call(local)...EACH CALL!!!!(you can not make a local phone call anywhere in the hotel without paying money!) know those little coffee things you get in the states for free at ALL the get charged 4 bucks for each of them....THESE PEOPLE WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET YOUR MONEY!!! (10)if you go to get a taxi...MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT WILL COST TO GET WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!.. these people have hidden signals , if they think you are stupid..they will try to rip you off EVERY TIME!!... (11)MAKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR not do not do not book your tours with the hotel....theres only a couple places worth going to..i forget the names but one is a snorkling paradise called "Xopia" or something...around an hour away....another is a little island that you can get to by ferry for about 20 bucks a head(cheap...make sure you show up at the harbor when the ferry leaves or you are stuck!..i saw this happen)....the hotel will try to get hundreds from you for these trips....the Jungle tour is a joke...literally....if you ask around you can go parasailing for around 30 bucks(instead of Hyatts 100 buck deal).... (12)Here is my advise....when you get there,,.....WALK TO THE MALL(LIKE CARACOL OR THE ONE WITH THE HARD ROCK CAFE)....go to the grocery store and buy a buch of stuff.....cokes, chips, salsa, cheese, wine, liquor, etc.....take a cab back to your hotel(4-10 bucks depending)...and stash your stash......these people like big groups because people are embarressed about being "cheap" they sucker you into buying stuff without looking at sensable!...go to the malls....stay away from the flea markets.....the flea markets have every scam in the book including -sexual harassment, stealing/robbing, cons, EVERYTHING....I had some crazy "lost in mexico" american try to start a fight with me....he tried hard....I was afraid someone would take my wife while he distracted me in the fight or steal my was a scam!!...ITs all a scam.... 13...Just remember....3 things....the little island(the ferry-shuttle is near the big communistic looking Mexican flag)...youll see it....also...the little snorking place-XEOPIA(swim with dolphins etc, swim in caves, jump from cliffs, see fish.....its nice....try to get a nice cheap shuttle there or maybe rent a car for 1 day.....lastly...the mayan ruins...they are cool and theres a little beach you can go to there....(i wouldnt go back buthey...whatever you want.....on a side note...the tour guide was quite the much information....he also informed us that the reason mexican people are short is because there has been less genetic mixing in their culture....while us Americans have lots of genetic mixing which alters our genetic make-up making us taller.....translation=Mexicans are PURE....and AMERICANS ARE MUTTS) 14...If youve booked the Hyatt....your okay....JUST DONT SPEND MONEY THERE....they have cheap ciggarretts and beers are cheap(3 bucks) but all else is a rip-off...BIG TIME....I'm talking RITZ prices at a 4 star hotel AT BEST!!! 15...if you walk carefull of the "lagoon" side....there are crocodiles in cancun and they lay out around the sides of the lagoon just waiting for a tasty set of stupid American legs to eat......walk on the other side of the street! 16...the HYATT CANCUN CARIBE says it includes have to have them sent to your room and if you get them....the room service charge will be hefty!! 17...all in all...Cancun is beautiful...clearest water in the it worth it? NOOOOO....go to Florida my friend....If you stumble even a little in cancun...the officers will arrest you for public intoxication and then make you bribe them to stay out of jail.....100's of dollars!! this is truly a scary place if you dont know what you are doing.... 18..LASTLY...I WANT TO SAY THIS...I BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THE HYATT LEAVE POSITIVE REVIEWS HERE IN ORDER TO GET STUPID AMERICANS TO COME TO THE HYATT CANCUN CARIBE.....i think a lot of the reviews here are money motivated.....if you have to go to cancun....stay at one of these places: Marriot, RITZ, or maybe Club International......At the club international there are free sailboats for you to take, food prices are 7 bucks for a 1st class luxurious meal....the meals at the hyatt are like 50 bucks a head AT LEAST!!!!....if you do the "all inclusive" youll end up hanging out at the hotel to get fed and be forced to watch Flying, walking, boating advertisements.....ANYTHING TO GET YOUR MONEY!!!!ANYTHING!!!! please feel free to contact me....I'm going to send pictures to the Hyatt Corporate offices with descriptions of my tired of this type of crap! you should be too!

Real Relaxing (albeit Humid) at the Caribe

by A TripAdvisor Member

Our experience at the Hotel and Cancun in General was outstanding!

The staff at the Hotel exceeded all our expectations. This review is broken down into several areas:



When we arrived into the terminal, there were many tour operators which appeared to be "tourist information" booths but they are time share salespersons. Our recommendation is to avoid those persons in the booths along the walls and go straight to the baggage area and if you truly need info regarding your hotel, etc, then ask your airlines rep (check their tags). We had a timeshare person who asked to see our "hotel voucher" and he was a little pushy about it. They are not there to rip you off, but definitely they will try to get you to talk to them. If you are politely assertive and ignore them, they won't follow you more than a few feet from their booths. Then as soon as you get your bags, you go through immigration and they may or may not check your bags (random checks). From there, you will exit the airport doors and your tour operator should be there (runaway tours, etc) and they can provide transportation to your hotel.


The Hotel was a little older looking but still very elegant and peaceful to us. There are peacocks all over the resort and in the morning, sometimes they make a bunch of noise but not that could be heard much from our room. They have a high-rise style for the standard deluxe rooms, but what you want is their "Regency Club" rooms which is what we had. It costs a little more, but definitely worth it. Our room had a big balcony and was OCEAN FRONT and a few steps from the sand.
The high rise rooms have a ocean view (at an angle) for all of them, but they are farther away from the sand. The pool had two sides connected by a small passage way covered by a little bridge. The water in the pool was like a Jacuzzi (they had one of those also). They have tennis courts (bring your own rackets, because they charge $10.00 an hour), and the court is free to use. There is a 200 meter jogging track (8X=mile) and a small workout course for pull-ups, etc.


Our room was marble floored with marble columns for support and decoration. A King size bed was included, and a small sitting area located near the window. A/C, Cable TV, Mini-fridge, Large shower, and our balcony was one of the biggest balconies I saw there.


We had heard there was a hard-sell for timeshares. I guess my definition of high pressure is different from others on this list. I was asked several times by different persons (mainly near the tobacco shop and elevator area) and each time I said "no thank you" and was not bothered any further. You don't have to be unpleasant with these folks, just remember that you're on vacation and smile and tell them you're not interested and keep walking.


We didn't use the Blue Bayou and it was empty most every night. We ate at the indoor buffet one night and the food was good and it had a nice pool side view. Every morning, I had my bagel w/cream cheese, and coffee at the Cocay Cafe near the front desk. The Cocay Cafe has coffee, ice-cream, croissants, sandwiches, etc, and you can eat their every meal if you wanted something similar to a poor man's Subway. Hugo is very nice and he will give you bigger sandwiches for same price if you're nice! Vanessa and Crystal are also nice but Hugo was definitely more customer service oriented. Give him a buck or two every now and then and you'll feel like your a King. The pool side eatery has Great Pizzas for about $10.00 and where else can you have a pizza made right near the beach, and eat it fresh within a few moments. At 3pm, it's happy hour and you get 1/2 price on drinks at this same eatery/bar. At the pool, waiters circle like sharks to get you your next drink before your finished--Great Service! If you want a restaurant outside the Hotel, I would definitely recommend Lorenzillo's seafood restaurant. A little pricey, but well worth it. Wonderful view on the water at night and a doting staff made a for a romantic evening with me and my wife.
For authentic Mexican, the place is "La Destilleria" which is also on the water and has some entertainment at night. I am leaving off the rowdy American places which we did not go to. But for those inclined for that type of entertainment, I've heard "Senor Frog", "Fat Tuesday" are ok, or for those really progressive, try "Coco Bongo".


The girls at the front desk were really friendly and professional.
Silvia, Monica, Addy, and Adradna were very attentive. Ruben was also nice. Jesus, the manager, will also help you in a pinch! He was a true gentleman. In fact, I didn't have one bad experience with any of the staff on this property.


There is a nice quiet beach in front of the hotel and you can have food/drink delivered there if you like. The sand is Bright White, and the water is very warm. On most days in the morning the condition was "GREEN" meaning calm, but toward the middle of the day, it has some minor waves but not enough to keep you out of the water. At night, the condition can be "RED" and they advise not going in. Plus, at night there is no lifeguard on duty (only 9-5pm).


The only thing we felt betrayed by our travel agent was for the weather. Although the temperatures were in the high 80s, the humidity was 85% which made it like a steam bath at any time of the day or night. It's horribly uncomfortable during the day and at times, we would have to retreat back into the room. At night, it's still a little uncomfortable but not as bad. If you dress up for a nice evening, expect to take a shower when you get back to the room because you'll be drenching your clothes!


The "Best Day" tours agent (near the elevator) was polite. Ask for Andy, (he's not a timeshare salesman so you are safe). We went to Chichinitza (not chicken-pizza) and Tulum. These are two famous Mayan sites and there are pyramids! You can even climb up the 91 steps at Chichinitza and be like a Mayan God! It's definitely worth the trip, but bring sunscreen. Also, the Xel-Ha water park was fun and you can float around the safe water park and snorkel and see all kinds of fish.
One word of caution! It gets fairly crowded at Xel-Ha so you may want to go early and get your gear before the masses arrive. We didn't do any other events so no other events are mentioned.

CONTACT: If you would like to ask me more questions about this resort, just remove the SSS from my email address below and retype it into your email "to" block. I add the SSS to my address below to keep the auto-spammers from sending me email.

my email:

Good service, keep your $

by A TripAdvisor Member

In general, a decent hotel with nice views, great staff, good service, but a little older, and expensive phone calls !!! The staff was very attentive and kind. We had a great service from the concierge (Ariadna was particularly nice) and so was the lady in Cocay restaurant). Great views from hotel rooms. Although it's an older hotel, the premises are kept clean. I made a quick 1-min phone call to the US to give them my room #, it costs me $8. I was with Apple vacations, and I had 50% entrees, which I think is a good deal. Also, say no to all the timeshare people, especially if they ask you if you got a "Welcome Package". Overall, a nice experience and attentive staff.

Very average

by TripAdvisor Member florent

We booked an oceanfront view suite at this hotel this summer and really found out what average means for a so-called 4 (or even) 5-star hotel.
Despite a very good regency club and very professional employees up there, too many "little things" to complain about such as the front desk guys who have apparently forgotten the word efficiency as well as the "average" quality of the housekeeping even after we mentioned it.
Won't stay again in this hotel, but we definitely will go back to the Blue Bayou.

Awesome villa room!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Stayed at the Hyatt Cribe Sept.23 to 28. Researched various web sites for rates, but still found the lowest rate direct at Hyatt's website. The room is a Regency Club king,.. located in one of the Villa,.. not in the main building. its one of those little buildings all around the property. Got a room overlooking the beach, with private access just a few steps away. The Regency Club also provided free Continental Breakfast every morning our stay, juices, danish, cereal, etc. The Rengency club was only between 7:30AM til 10:00AM for breakfast and open between 6:00 PM til 9:00 PM for Happy hour, basically served finger foods and unlimited drinks,.. all free. Part of the Regency Club Villa Room only! The room itself is nice, clean. The Bathroom is a bit dim, not enough lights. We had a balcony with two chairs and a small table. The mini-bar is well stocked but extremely overpriced.If you stay here, definitely reserve is a Regency Villa Room, and be sure to request a room on the beach... i stayed in Villa 9, top level.The Blue Bayou was excellent, but expensive.It missed the EXCELLENT rating only because the air conditioning in the villa i had was extremely loud, even in the low setting,....The Beach area is absolutely terrific,.. the sand was white, soft, cool,... some areas may have rocky bottoms, in the water, but there the sand in the water is nice and soft.... not to mention the crystal clear and warm waters......Watch out for Peacock poop,... that right,.. The property has around 6 Peacocks roaming around,.. they leave droppings along the way,.. so watch where you step.Lastely, when you walk through the Lobby, you will be hounded by Time share/vacation sells people,... just say no thanks or simply ignore them... even if they ask if you got your "Welcome Package".. its a trick to make you sit down to talk to them.... just walk away,.. you have better things to do.A word of warning,.. when you arrive in the airport,.. you will absolutely be attached by various people trying to sell you something,.. either for tours, vacation rentals, time shares, shuttle service, more tours, tours... ignore if you want,.. I did,.. but just be prepared for it.Note on TAXI:... always negotiate the price before you get in. Yes negotiate,.. since the taxi's do not use meters, the drivers usually have a set price... but most will lower the price. If you get a driver that refuses to lower the price,.. just get another Taxi... some Taxis have air conditioning...The bus ride to the same destination is only 60cents US.... but it may get extremely crowded and stuffy,.. since the buses has no air conditioning....Hope this is useful information. Remember you're on vacation.. just relax and enjoy!

Great Trip Nov. 1-4 2003

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just got back form Cancun and had a great time. The hotel was perfect for me and my family. I have a 16 month old nephew and the Hyatt was the perfect place for us to stay. It wasn't too big and it was family oriented. We had plenty of room at the pool and a nice ocean view. The next time I go I will definately do the all inclusive package. The food is a bit on the pricey side. We did eat at a good seafood place across the street. It was expensive but worth the price. The only annoyance was the tour guides harassing you everytime you get on or off of the elevator. You have to be firm with them and tell them that it isn't your first time in Cancun and you have already done all of the tours.
Nov. was good time to go. No College kids! Keep in mind that it is very touristy and full of American restaurants. If you want to relax by the pool and beach, I'd recommend Cancun.

Wonderful time

by A TripAdvisor Member

My Boyfriend and I had to change our flights and so we stayed here for our extra night in Cancun. We stayed in one of the villas, it was soooo pretty and it really felt like our own private little place. The beach in front was semi-private with really soft sand, there wasn't any sharp rocks or shells like in the other hotel we stayed at. Our supper was a buffet in the restaurant inside the hotel (the name has slipped my mind, though it was not the Blue Boyou) it was absolutely delicious, we had breakfast there as well and found that gorgeous too. We had our dinner in La Conchita it was nice not brilliant but quite nice and we enjoyed eating beside the beach among peacocks that are quite friendly if you feed them. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My only complaint would be that the hotwater for the tub was not at all hot and I love hot baths, though I make a complaint as we were only there one night, but I believe they would have fixed that if I had. Altogether I really enjoyed my short stay there.

Forum Posts

Oasis, Cancun for the Holidays

by Nathan_S

I have read reviews of the Oasis online and there are quite a few complaints about the cleanliness and party atmosphere. I can understand that happening over spring break or in the summer, but how is the resort over the holidays? I don't imagine a lot of college kids getting together for a Cancun vacation over Christmas.

I am going with my girlfriend, her brother, and her mother from the 3rd week of December. We are looking to drink and have a good time, but don't necessarily want to be bombarded by loud and violent college kids all night long. From the reviews, I imagine vomit filled hallways and rude staff.

Can anyone vouch for the resort over Christmas?

Also, what EXACTLY is covered by the all-inclusive package? I have read so many different reports on this.

Re: Oasis, Cancun for the Holidays

by YVRDave

The Royal Cancun is nice but no decent beach. Their sister property next door The Gran Caribe Real is not bad either. I'm in the Lobby Bar typing this now.
Usually the all-inclusives would have more college kids and the hotels like the Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Caribe and the Westin with pay as you go may repel college kids


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 Hyatt Cancun Caribe Resort

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Address: Blvd. Kukulcan Km 10.5, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, 77500, Mexico