Oasis Viva Beach Resort

Blvd Kukulcan Km 8.5, Hotel Zone, Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, 77500, Mexico

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    I stayed here for a week. A nice and tranquil hotel, very close to Plaza Caracol (mall).

    Calinda hotel is the white bulding at upper left in this picture. Mall is about an inch below and slightly at right.

    Calinda is a nation-wide hotel chain.

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Best deal ever!

by carriecar about Dreams Cancun

Traveled in June 2009. Originally booked a five night trip to Oasis Viva Beach for $450.00 per person (flight, hotel, transfer, tax included) through Apple Vacations. Hotel closed due to low occupancy (this was during the "Swine Flu" scare of 2009). Apple upgraded us to the DREAMS!!!!!

Traveled with 4 other female co-workers. We had a fabulous time and were treated like queens. Everyone at the hotel was jealous of our great deal through Apple Vacations! We absolutely loved the swing bar, and really enjoyed the fantastic poolside service.

Don't forget to stop by to get the Coco Loco's at 4pm! At THE point of the Cancun Peninsula, which provided two beach accesses: one with calm water and one with lots of waves. The views from the restaurants were fantastic. Within walking distance of Carols and Charlies, Hard Rock Cafe, Coco Bongo.

STAY AWAY Oasis Viva

by A TripAdvisor Member

Oh my goodness, where do I start? Let's see, Oasis, good name out there. So we (my friend and my sister) decide to book there. 4 star hotel it says, more like a 2 star. Our first night was ok we saw a few tiny little bugs on the floor so we lifted our suitcases up. We go to bed only to wake up in the morning with the bugs crawling up all the wood and into our suitcases, so we switched rooms. They were good there. I was surprised at how quick they offered us a room. Anyway, Seemed ok. The beach was horrible. There are rocks in the ocean, hard to walk over cause they were stabbing little rocks. Then my sister saw a stingray..fine we are at the ocean. But then another girl said watch out for the prickly things they hurt if you step on them. WOW, they were EVERYWHERE and if you didn't really look you could very easily step on them . A few people did and their legs turned purple. So, needless to say we had to go further down towards the RIU Palace to swim in the ocean. Much better. That is outside. Now inside, the people were rude..they would speak spanish to eachother and laugh in your face. They would not greet you with ola or good morning...they were very strict on their times. If you were 5 minutes late.....boy oh boy..not even a styrofoam cup for a coffee to go. If you were all inclusive you had to buy a packet of coffee to bring to your room. Food was whatever was not eaten the night before was cut up and put into different sauces for breakfast. If you are AI you were limited to what you could drink and if you were in a group of 4 or more you cannot ask for more than 3 shots of liquor because they refused to give it to you cause they only had one glass shotglass so they would give it to you in plastic cups....watch out for their hair cause if you see it they will take it out of course, but with their fingers in front of you and give you back the same drink. They did not have all the stuff to make domestic drinks no banana's no malibu rum...THe bars close real quick they don't even wait until midnight. The security robbed a few young guys of their money...for being on the beach late and because they had liquor in their room. This hotel is being investigated now i think. A horrible horrible experience ifyou need a doctor..my friend needed one and he diagnosed her with one problem and gave her a needle and pills and another girl had something different and diagnosed her different but gave her the same shot and pills. CRAZy!! if you need more infor please email me ..i also have picutres to show you..Please put in subject line OASIS VIVA... mzdiavola@hotmail.com We are definately trying to get our money back now!! I could write more but there is too much........

Pretty good!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I went too the Oasis viva w/ my best friend and had an awesome trip! Now if your looking for any sort of entertainment....this hotel is not for you...you have to go out to the clubs! The beach is beautiful...its very big and all the rooms are ocean view which is great to wake up too! (ask for a balcony room!) The food is not the greatest though....but its edible....the a la carte restaurant is much better then the normal buffet! The staff here are GREAT they are so nice...well most of them anyways and if you find marco he will take you to the happening clubs! Also oasis viva is located right in the hotel zone....walking distance from almost every club in cancun...its perfect..!
overall oasis viva is great...except the food could be knocked up a few levels!

Not bad but I've been to alot better

by TripAdvisor Member jojack

I was at the oasis viva in dec 2003. It was an okay place but i've stayed at better hotles for alot less. The best part was the room awsome view and nice balcony. I did have problems with water presure though. The food was fine. The bar was fine. The bad part about this hotel is that its all inclusive and also non all inslusive. So I always had to sign bills for drinks and meals. It wasnt a big problem but it made me nervous all trip because i was scared of a huge bill at the end our holiday (i was on the all inclusive). We spent alot of our time at a sister oaisis hotel and i enjoyed myself more there. The beach at the oasis viva was also quite poor. I think this would be a nice hotel for a older couple or for people who a looking for a quite time. But as a younger guy i would go to a hotel that has a little more action.

Great time at a great price

by A TripAdvisor Member

I was somewhat apprehensive about my trip-after reading some less than favorable reviews. I thought that we were in for a very "crappy" time. However- I'm not the type of person who needs to be pampered. This hotel was more than adaquite, and the help was more than accomadating--they went out of their way without a doubt! I had read several poor reviews about this hotel prior to departure (actually the night before) and I must say I was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival and subsequent stay, how friendly and helpful the staff was.

If you have read any poor reviews in regards to the "the laughing at the guests" I would suggest that the people who wrote those reviews should learn just a wee bit of spanish before they travel abroad, and then they may have understood that the staff was not making fun of them, but - just enjoying they're work and the life in the paradise that they are fortunate enough to live in! If you are the type of person who needs your feet massaged three times a day, then this hotel probably isn't for you- but if you like a pleasant time with above average rooms, an excellent beach, and a short walk to the most exclusive night clubs in Cancun, then Oasis Viva may be for you. Have fun, and I hope to see you there next time! Hola Cristina- Muchos Gracias!! --- Pablo.

fantastic last minute trip

by TripAdvisor Member riverratmn

we stayed at the oasis viva jan24-28th 2005, we booked the trip 2 days before traveling, so we didn't have time to compare other hotels, so we were a little concerned about what we were getting ouselves into.
i have to say it was a very wonderful suprise, clean rooms, the light bulbs could have been a little higher wattage, it was kindof dark.
the food was good, we had the all. plan. most drinks were included, unless you want scotch which my husband drinks, so that cost us $6.00 per drink. good thing he doesn't drink alot. the staff was great, friendly and fun. the beach was beautiful. you can make yourself even more relaxed with a massauge. we will stay at oasis again. its located on the calm side of ocean, you can walk out into the water quit far and its very shallow, great for kids, they have it roped off where the water gets deeper. the pool is small with a swim up bar, water was too cold for me, but others enjoyed it..

absolutely terrible

by A TripAdvisor Member

I am writing this review almost a year after we stayed at the Oasis Viva because I was on the net looking for a trip for this year when I punched up this resort only to reconize it as the place we stayed at last year. Please beware, we are not fuzzy people, we are from central Sask. Canada and only want what was promised and what we paid for. The good is the beach is great and the water is calm and warm; now for the bad. To start with the bus took over an hour and fifteen (it was supposed to take 30 minutes) to reach the hotel from the airport as the driver and his assistant stopped the bus to go into the bush and retrieve some beer and proceeded to try and sell it to the passengers on the bus.
When we arrived at the hotel and checked in there was no facecloths in the room and after 4 phone calls and nothing happening we finally went to Wmart and bought some. The rooms come with a coffee maker and neither the maids or the hotel had any coffee or water for them.
I don't htink there was a piece of equipment in the so called gym that worked.
The food in the buffet was so-so, but you had to sign a chit for everything even if you only wanted to pick up a piece of fruit (if they had any).
The 4 slice toaster only had 2 slices that worked for the entire 2 weeks that we were there. the service was so bad in the buffet that many times I finished my meal before I got the drink that I had ordered before I went thru the buffet. If you ordered an alcholic drink (I don't even drink alchol) they had to run to the beach bar to get it as the so called lobby bar didn't open till late afternoon. We encountered a couple of days rain (nobody's fault) and the people who wanted a drink in the afternoon had to run thru the rain to the beach bar to get a drink as the lobby bar did not open till 5 P.M.
Regardless if you ordered one softdrink or a alcholic beverage you had to SIGN FOR IT which made it very annoying. We didn't find the snack bar until day 4 as it turned out the snack bar was a patio out front of the buffet restaurant. There was no signs identifying this or stating the hours of operation or the menu. After we found this out if you ordered something that wasn't on the buffet you were frowned upon.
We made a booking for the so called al la carte and were treated quite rudely after we opted not to purchase the steak and lobster that they were trying to force upon us.
I am a male in my early 50's and one afternoon I entered tthe buffet restaurant in a tank top, long swim trunks (not wet) and sandels and was asked to leave and put on a shirt with sleeves. All the sign at the entrance was that you must have sandels, no wet trunks and that you can't be shirtless. Coincidently later that evening we took a bus over to the Oasis Cancun (which is really quite nicer) and dined in the resturant and everyone was in tank tops and shorts. Speaking of using the other facilities you are limited where you can eat and drink and they make you feel about 2 inches high. In the brochure they made out to believe that all facilities are available to you.
Sorry people, but I felt compelled to write this review when I ran across there descrition on the web. We were there 2 weeks and never saw one ounce of daily activites, non motorized water craft, beach volleyball or any evening activities. I never saw no Swim up bar in the one unheated pool on the property. Staff was really rude even if you tipped, elevater didn't work for a while, automatic door leading outside didn't work for a while, I had to get my key card reprogrammed 3 times.
PLEASE PEOPLE CHECK THIS RESORT OUT VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. We have travelled many places and stayed at other all inclusives and I have never wrote a review, complained or felt compelled to write a review, but I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't pass this on. PLEASE BEWARE.

time share trap/dump

by A TripAdvisor Member

You may be bumped from Oasis Beach and Spa, to this hotel so the sharks can lure you to their timeshare trap, "The Hyatt".

Maybe six tables are in the lobby with 1 or 2 reps per table giving advice on activities, THEN they slip the time share thing on you.

The hotel was said to be reopened for only 5 days prior to our arrival, December 29/04. The first room they gave us was overlooking the roof of the buffet dining room. We could not see the beach. There was a table, no chairs, a balcony, no chairs, fresh paint on the walls, complete with large holes. The bathroom had a granite or stone counter, however it was cracked and was uneven by approximately 1/4". The sink was also cracked and was repaired with epoxy or?. The lamp shades were all dented and crooked, and the overall clenliness was about a 3 out of 10. We took pictures for our records and will share with anyone that wishes to see them. This was the worst New Years trip we have ever been on. Read all reveiws, especially the bad ones, they are accurate!!!! , about the rooms having a coffee maker but no filters or access to buy coffee, no facecloths, a bar fridge that is empty, (supposed to be all incl.) locked so that you cannot even keep your own drinks cold in the room. Leaky air conditioners, and oh yes, a workout room that is not in service. The food, 3 out of 10...evening leftovers for breakfast, disguised, Phone information is only in spanish and most of the staff at the main checkin/out counter have very little english. It is very difficult trying to find out how to call home collect unless you speak some Spanish. There is a couple of phones in the lobby that allow collect calls to Canada and the USA, that helped a little. Lastly our bus was late getting in and all of the resturants were closed, we had to spend $100.00 us on a meal outside that was so-so. There is no overlap in the hours of operation of the resturants.
We could go on and on and on......Mike, cybertude1@yahoo.com

Many trips to Mexico!

by carriecar


Cancun visits:

June 08- 5 nights, Great Parnassus, family and friends vacation

June 09-5 nights, Oasis Viva Beach, fun trip with teachers I work with! (soooo ready to go!)
**Edit: Viva Beach closed due to low occupancy. Apple Vacations UPGRADED our group to the DREAMS!!!!!


August 05-Cruise on Carnival Inspiration.
July 09-Cruise on Carnival Holiday.

"Calica/Playa Del Carmen"

July 09--Cruise on Carnival Holiday.

Forum Posts

1st time in Mid-May..Oasis Viva Cancun

by Sylar

Im going mid may..whats the weather like during that time?

Also, im staying at Oasis Viva Cancun..whats the hotel like?

Re: 1st time in Mid-May..Oasis Viva Cancun

by YVRDave

Weather will be HOT.
Hotel I don't know

Re: 1st time in Mid-May..Oasis Viva Cancun

by Wendy67

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  • Yesterday

    I was there on April 2014 from 13th to 20th.
    The hotel personnel are friendly as much as they can be. Nothing out of the ordinary good.
    But one of the misleading trap is that it says it carries mini bar in each room.
    By mini bar they mean 2 SOL beers a day to your mini fridge in your room. All other drinks you would have to go down to the bar to get. After hours if you want to have any drinks you have to go to the only bar open in the hotel. My conception of a mini bar is that there is a bottle of tequila, rum, vodka in my room and is replaced when done.
    Also, there are sales shark that will try to make you buy time share with them. In a vacation nobody wants to be hassled like that.
    Food I would say its 3 star worthy. Sunwing misleads by saying they are 4.5 star.
    Oh, also safety box key is extra which is included in RUI chain.
    Room service costs 15 USD after hours, even when they claim to be all inclusive.

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