Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco

Km. 24 Carretera Penasco-Caborca, Ejido Miramar, Puerto Penasco, Northern Mexico, 83500, Mexico

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    The Mayan Palace is located all over Mexico. In Penasco it is about 25 min. out of town. If you walk in or call in first to see if there are available rooms. Its origen is TIME SHARE - but they have walk in rooms also available. It is beautiful there..quiet...nice....if you want to go into Penasco to shop you can - but if not, the Mayan has three restaurants, a little store, all the rooms (if they are a suite) have a kitchen. The beaches out on the Peninula of La Pinta are beautiful. They have 18 hole golf course that is OPEN and ready to go!! along the sea - very pretty!! They have an in door pool when it gets cold or too windy. A spa also...and entertainment (karoake, dance classes, etc) ..

    Unique Quality: Beautiful quiet beaches...the tide goes out and leave beautiful shells on the beach!!

    Directions: The street Fremont in Penasco if you go south - runs into the hwy...go about 20 min. and you will see the Mayan Sign. You drive about 5 miles toward the beach from the hwy.

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by TripAdvisor Member AZbuzz

We vacationed at the Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco from 05/23 through 05/30/04, our first stay since purchasing a timeshare from this chain in October 2003. The resort is located 20 miles outside Puerto Penasco and is, well, palatial. A cavernous and opulent lobby overlooks a lagoon, the massive swimming pool, the beach, and the ocean beyond. The grounds were lush and immaculate. The staff was courteous and accommodating. Many spoke English and those who didn't were able to locate someone who did. This was not an inconvenience; after all, it is Mexico. As owners, we were not approached by sales staff. The room was clean and attractively appointed. We stayed in a suite so were able to prepare some basic meals. The food in the main restaurant was delicious and exquisitely prepared and served, as was the food at the cabana bar. Prices were very reasonable given the setting. The entertainer in the main restaurant was good. Daytime activities were plentiful (volleyball, water volleyball, arts/crafts, salsa lessons, quad runners, pool, beach). Options in the evenings were more limited (a small theater, a game room, pool room, and lobby bar). The lobby would benefit from live entertainment. The Sea of Cortez is absolutely gorgeous here and the beach was immense and scarcely inhabited. The water was warm and seashells are abundant. Overall, it was paradise.

Horrible Customer Service

by A TripAdvisor Member

The Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco almost managed to ruin our entire 16 family vacation to celebrate our father's 75th birthday the week of June 19th. Our extended family owns 4 Mayan Palace timeshares which we have owned for many years. As any family set to travel on our yearly vacation, we were absolutely flabbergasted when one week before our departure Mayan Palace reps. called three family members (all of which own on a Mexican contract) that our confired reservations were cancelled due to a malfunction in the air conditioning. Our one family member on an American contract did not receive the same cancellation call. They told us we could not use the rooms on the week we were confirmed to go. Fortunately, we were able to book other condominiums at the wonderful Sonoran Spa resort but of course additional full cost of that resort. Because we were so upset about our Mayan Palace cancellation we went to the Mayan Palace resort to see if it really was not operating. It was clearly a lie. They obviously overbooked or preferred to rent the rooms at their very high prices. The head sales staff we dealt with at the resort told us there was no problem at all with the air conditioning and they did not understand who called us. In fact their response was you should never have accepted the cancellation! Because we wanted an explanation, she put her boss on the phone, who not knowing we were physically in her office, proceeded with the same lie. This is a horrible way to operate a resort. There was no compensation or solution offerred of any kind, despite all was paid in full. I found it very interesting that people on Mexican contracts are being treated very differently than people on American contracts. When I brought this to their attention, they had a very interesting smirk. If they think mexican people don't have money to spend on their resort, or are a less desirable clientele, they sure are ignorant and badly mistaken. With this type of business practice I would recommend all mexicano go elsewhere and spend their hard earned money at another resort!
As far as the Sonoran Spa resort goes it was wonderful. The beach, pool, rooms all were clean, great, beautiful views from all the terraces. The only draw back was that the restaurant does not open everyday.

Mayan Palace Cancun Timeshare Scam

by A TripAdvisor Member

I have been badly misrepresented and lied to by Mayan Palace Timeshares near Playa Carmen and they have been paid a deposit of US$3640 in July 2004.

Due to child sickness and traveling home to Canada, I was unable to cancel within the 5 days, but I cancelled on the 9th day, which is within the VISA international 10 day limit. In fact I did not attempt to cancel within the 5 days because they stated that I was not able to cancel this contract due to the property being a resale, which I believe was illegal for them to do. They now say I was 4 days too late to cancel and that as a result I have lost all US$3,640 of my deposit, which for a young family (thanks Steffano you're a real pal!) is about 2 years savings. Some of the lies they told me at the presentation include:

1. The 4 sales reps told me repeatedly that I was buying an investment which would earn me $1,450 rental income per week on all 4 weeks equal to 35% per year of my purchase price. Yet I have now seen the same property being rented for as low as $200 per week. They repeatedly said it was an excellent investment giving examples of people who had bought 8 weeks for $69,000 just for the 35% rental income. However, it now appears that if I needed to sell this timeshare contract it is only worth about $3,500. What kind of investment is that, surely you must agree I have been lied to?

2. On the free day when I returned to the resort I learned that the meals were not $6 per person, but $15 each just for breakfast. For a family of four, that is Cdn$80 just for breakfast and if they had told the truth regarding this I would not have bought because I cannot afford this.

3. The free facilities turned out to be significantly more expensive than even the most expensive local services: e.g. $4 for 15 minutes Internet, $60 for 30 minutes jet-ski etc.

4. They told me that the air fare would be much cheaper through RCI and they showed us a framed ticket showing an RCI flight discount from Calgary to Cancun for $260. RCI complained when I telephoned them about this saying Mayan Palace was harming their reputation, because this was barely sufficient to pay the airport taxes.

5. Despite me saying that the beach was the most important part of our holiday it turned out to 90% rock and my son actually cut his foot trying to use the beach when we returned for the free day. If we had been allowed to see the beach at the time of the presentation we would not have bought the timeshare, but on two occasions the sales advisor said he was unable show it to us because it was too far away. The beach is the most important part of our holiday and consisted of 90% rock.

6. Whilst attending the presentation, which dragged on for 4 hours, the kids club supervisors who were supposed to be attending to our 5 and 7 year old boys left them totally unattended in the swimming pools with their clothes on which were much deeper than we would have allowed them to play attended or not. This level of service is dangerous and unacceptable to us as members of a resort. Because I was drying and changing the children I was unable to hear the legal contracts and my husband initialed the points on my behalf. As a result, this contract may not even be binding.

7. I have also discovered that I was deceived at the presentation regarding there being a resort in Houston USA, there are no resorts in the USA.

I do hope that you can understand why I feel very bitter about my holiday experience in Mexico and I hope that you can help me get my deposit of $3,640 returned. For just 4 days delay I have to lose 2 years savings? Besides Profeco, I have also taken up the matter with VISA International, with the Mexican Consulate in Canada and with the Better Business Bureau in Houston TX. I want to urge all the authorities to put a stop to these criminals immediately. The internet and the Better Business Bureau have many similar complaints about their lies and business practices.


BE WARNED !!!!!!!!

Beach home rentals rockypoint

by moonsicles about seaside

My family has had a beach house in Mexico for over 13 years, & we have been going down there for over 20. I never get bored of it & it’s a great place to go! There's all kinds of places to stay in town, there are a lot of inexpensive places that are still really nice. The fish market is a really neat place to go to if you don't mind the smell of fish - there is a long row of buildings facing the ocean with the road side completely open, each shop will try to get u to buy there fish for cheaper then next door- getting u good prices on all kinds of fish ,clams and shrimp. & The restaurants around the fish market have waiters out front offering u free drinks and appetizers to eat at “their” restaurant, all of them trying to offer u a better deal then the next. The shops around the fish market have gotten pricier in the last couple of years, but u can still bargain & find some really good deals. Another great shopping area is Rodeo Drive - it’s cheaper & has a different variety of things. just ask someone for directions. There are places in town where u can rent quads to get around easier. Balboas is a great place to eat, it over looks a shipping dock Good food, good view, & right next to lobo del mar headquarters. has good prices on scubadiving, parasailing, sailboating & one night sunset cruises. If u like a bit of adventure I would suggest going out to seal Island with them. U can snorkel or scuba with the seals that are all over the little Islands. If you go during pup season you have a chance in seeing some sharks as well. If u like your privacy I would suggest renting beach homes, its best to go threw a company such as * They rent private homes in all different areas and beaches, each home is completely different & has its own style - u choose. Our home is in Playa Mira Mar, which is a wonderful beach that has a few rentals to choose from as well. It’s about 35 min. outside of rocky point. Its more secluded & quite. For the most part u can expect to see very few if any other people on this beach—it doesn't get to bad during holidays either. Unfortunately they put in a Mayan palace less then mile from the end of the houses but the people don't come down by the houses. The tides are amazing, the water comes up close to the houses and goes really far out exposing coral and leaving puddles-where u can find trapped fish, crabs, octopus, big sea snails, sting rays. I Suggest bringing hard bottomed water shoes. If u are up for a walk or have four-wheel drive head down to the estuary GREAT fishing, claming and crabbing. Just be careful lots of sting rays, crabs, a nasty current, and once in a while sharks. When the tides out u can walk across the entire estuary and find all kinds of treasures and life in the puddles, rocks and buried in the sand. OVERALL Try to avoid drinking the water, Specially in the home rentals because their water comes from tanks and it will get u sick, No worries Showering and doing dishes with the water wont hurt! The locals r really friendly & accommodating most of them can speak really good English so no language barriers! Remember RESPECT, it may be Mexico but that doesn't mean u can go everywhere in your swimsuit, use your best judgment in that area.

Bad Stay at the Palace

by A TripAdvisor Member

We went to the Mayan Palace and were immediately impressed by the beauty of the resort. I became apparent that the architecture as the only beautiful thing in the area. With one notable exception I found the service very poor for the prices they wanted to charge ( the exception was a lovely young lady who was our server at the hotel resteraunt). Twice at the pool bar we were quoted a price for drinks only to be charged a different price when we got the bill. We waited 11/2 hours for 4 desserts to be brought to our room one evening! All of this substandard and almost rude behavior was all presented with a gratuity included. There was no incentive for these people to give better service. During out stay we voiced several complaints that weren't handled, finally at check out I lost my temper and had to have a showdown in the lobby over the room service bill mentioned above. WE will certainly go back to Rocky Point, but never to the Mayan Palace. Indeed we will warn everyone we meet not to go there either.

Do not go!!!-Time share rip off

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I were invited to the Mayan Palace for a time share presentation on July 5th :
[1]The Mayan Palace is a very long way from Cancun;
[2] It is still being built [After how many years-only God knows];
[3]Salesmen try to intimidate one into purchasing; a Mr. Gill (---); he tried the old bait and switch and when that did not work, he told us that we had wasted his time - right; and
[4]one feels as if one is being held captive because the Mayan has the only transportation back to Cancun; we were "held" there from 10-4pm.
My husband told everyone whom we met about our sojourn to the Mayan palace. Do not be fooled. They need your timeshare money to complete the resort.

Loved it ,Best place on earth!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

The Mayan Palace is the greatest place on earth!!Especially the Program directors were nice and especially Israel he interacts with the kids very well. They have movies,cyber cafe,a gift shop ,3 restraunts,1 indoor, one in the outside pool area, and one in the inside heated pool area.There are two pools and 3 bars.There is always events going on if your an early bird a late night cruiser or an all day person the Mayan Palace is right for everyone of all ages.There is lots of fun for the whole family and there is painting starting at 5.00 and also braiding starting at 1.00 per braid.


by A TripAdvisor Member

I only wish I could of checked these reviews before purchasing a time share in rocky point at the mayan palace. We went to the mayan palace with the intent to purchase a time share only to be treated like someone wanting a free gift. After dealing with sales staff we purchased a $89,000 time share for $6000.00 however we have yet been able to use it. The mayan palace clearly plays games with us in canceling our reservations over and over again (4 TIMES). Well we are now in 2004 and we tried to book our time share yet once again only to find out we could not because we were on the biannual plan. We explained to them that they cancelled our reservations 4 times in 2003 to call in early 2004. We went to rocky point to see if we could get our money back we even took them to court in houston at there US headquarters with no luck. We have lost $6000.00 dollars. We have tried to sell but mayan will not transfer ownership "because of the cheap price they sent us" so we did not send in the required maintenance fee ($369.00 a year for one week) and they repossesed our time share and put it on our credit report as a repossesion. I am a doctor take it from me that these people at the mayan in rocky point will try to ruin your life. I know that all of those good reviews are sent by employees of the mayan palace. We now have a group of 276 people that have had this same exact problem and we have informed AZ Senator John McCain that his fellow Arizonans are going through in rocky point email me to get on the list.

Relaxation at the Mayan

by TripAdvisor Member cito90

Just returned from the Mayan Palace in Puerto Penasco. Our stay was from July 24 - July 31. If relaxing is what you are after, then this is the place to go. Every morning we woke up to sunny skies and 95 degrees it was awesome. We went to the pool where there were always enough lounge chairs for everyone during any part of the day. The pool is long and curvy ( s shaped ) it is only 3 1/2 feet deep at all points and was put to good use during tequila water volley ball games. Other days we went to the beach where you always had lounge chairs with the typical straw umbrellas to releive you of the sun if thats what you wanted.
Everyday at 4:00 pm there was Happy hour at the pool bar 2 for 1 drinks not bad!! The drinks are not strong at all but those Mango Margaritas sure were refreshing YUMMY!! After happy hour it was time to shower and get ready for the 30 minute drive into town to have FRESH seafood dinners every night. My favorite restaurant was Senor Amigo at the "Malecon" ( Pier ). If you like spicy food you must have the "Diablo Shrimps" they are Fantastic as is their seafood combo plate. Dinner for 4 was $65.00 that included 2 appetizers, 4 coronas , 2 margaritas and 4 pepsi. No room for desert on that day.
As far as the horror timeshare stories, It did not happen to me. Upon check in a lady came to greet us, offered us free breakfast, I answered no thank you because I did not want to go to a timeshare presentation. She said why not? I said I do not want to hear the presentation. she said OK enjoy your stay. And that was it, I was never approached by anyone else about timeshare sales during my week stay. My advice is, if you want to relax and don't mind driving 30 minutes into town everyday for a delicious meal GO FOR IT.
I forgot to mention, having a car is a must at this resort because it is so far away from town. I believe it will cost you $10.00 U.S each way per person by cab.
And don't expect much for entertainment at the resort after dinner. There aren't any shows or disco on the premises. LIKE I SAID RELAX!!!



Forum Posts

Alcohol in Puerto Penaso

by Rocketeer78

I'm going to the Mayan Palace at Rocky Point and I'm unsure whether to take liqour with me or wait and buy it in Puerto Penasco. Can anyone who's been there tell me:

Can you buy liquor in P. Penaso? If so, is it cheaper?

What is the limit on liquor that can be taken into Mexico from the US?

Thanks - Rocketeer78

Comments (1)

  • May 27, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    Not going back to this resort. Buyer beware! Have been an owner for five years, and every visit the Palace at Mayan is more run down than the last time we were there. Makes you wonder where all those maintenance fees are going right? Lazy river in the works? Was in the works five years ago. Resort in Hawaii? Cancelled about three years ago. The sad thing is we like going to Rocky Point and we intended to follow through with our end of the bargain. However the poorly maintained pool, overpriced food, and incomplete kids area is just too much to see time and time again. Save yourself the aggravation, and simply drive over to Sandy Beach and stay at any of the Resorts there.

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 Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco

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Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco Hotel Puerto Penasco

Address: Km. 24 Carretera Penasco-Caborca, Ejido Miramar, Puerto Penasco, Northern Mexico, 83500, Mexico