Desert Inn Resort

900 North Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32118, United States
Rank 28 of 115 hotels
in Daytona Beach
Pleasant (2.5 out of 5.0) 12 reviews
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Desert Inn resort daytona beach

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 8, 2011

rat hole!!!! Roaches in bed , cigarette ashes in night stand drawer in a non smoking room. Paint peeling off ceilings carpets nasty and stinking. Jucuzzi broken and tile missing. Only after threats of calling media and picketing during bike week 2011 were we refunded our money. I would not let my dog stay in this place, very cheesy decor.

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for sping breakers, old, holes in ceilings, bad

by written on January 7, 2011

I would not recommend this hotel for anyone. They used to advertise themselves as Spring Break capital but last year during their one really busy week for Spring Breakers there were dozens of motorcycle cops parked outside when the bars and dance clubs closed. If you like kids and yelling and screaming all night long and rooms with holes in the ceiling poorly patched over this old hotel is your cup of tea. It should be condemned and vacant lots or for sale around it to the South are not moving. Only the Holiday Inn to the North is decent place to stay in the immediate area and it used to be a Days Inn gutted and rebuilt as Holiday Inn. The location is about a mile North of pier and Main Street (center of Bike Week) and isn't bad but the hotel itself is ready for the wrecking ball. It is a disgrace to the town and numberous complaints from near by residents. Taking a walk into neighborhood across from it to the West can be dangerous as numberous home break ins recently and many homeowners are armed and ready to shoot knowing they are protected from prosecution under the Floirda "castle law".

Unique Quality: None!

Directions: Located on Atlantic Ave. about mile North of Ocean Center (Convention Center) and Main Street (Bike Week popular spot) and pier with boardwalk reduced in size to not even half a block long.

Desert Inn? NO! more like Deserted INN

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 11, 2010

I booked the Ocean front Jaquzzi room online for a 4 night stay with my husband. The website was very deceiving because once you get there, it's disgusting and nothing like there website. The minute we walked into the lobby you can smell the moldy, musky odor but we paid anyway. The Elevator smelled like urine, once we went into our room, I said HELL NO! this is nasty. The bathroom has rusted pipes and the paint was chipping. I walked out to the Balcony and it was just horrible. I do have to admit the view is beautiful because you can see the oceab but it's clear management does not give a damn about this hotel. we could also see the pool from the balcony and it was filthy. I remember telling my husband that I was so sorry because I booked the hotel for a romantic weekend. Thankfully I have a very understanding husband and all he could say was "dont worry sweetheart" but once he tried to turn the television, I could hear him say "OH HELL NO". At that point I was already on the phone with front desk demanding my money back because we were not going to stay there another minute. Thankfully we got a refund minus our deposit of 150 which front desked argued with me saying they only took out 50 dollars from my account. When it clearly says on there website, and I quote. Your credit card will be charged one night's stay plus tax at the time of booking. I will be disputing this. Thank god there was a Holiday Inn right next door to this hell hole which was wonderfu and we had the view of the beach.

Unique Quality: There is nothing outstanding about this hotel.

hell hole!!!!

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 15, 2010

Its was my daughter 16th birthday and i wanted to stay at a nice hotel, and the desert inn looked fine at the website, but dang right when we went into the lobby it smelled like mildew and vomit.(: We went to park in the parking garage and it was tiny and really had no room to open the doors without hitting the car next to you and felt very unsafe. The elevators were shaking and nasty. I think i stepped in a puddle of urine O: We went to the room and it was alright at first then one of my daughters friends fell when walking to the bathroom because the air conditioner was leaking water and spraying onto one of the beds and the same bed had vomit on it. the Bathroom had huge cockroaches that i almost could ride on. This poor one legged man fell because of the slime on the stairs to the pool. also there was milk on the carpet "i hope" and the staff were rude. But hey I liked the blacklight in our room though, brought out the vomit on our almost white sheets. Dont stay at this hotel its a waste of money. Trust me.

Unique Quality: the ways this hotel is unique..

1.)Had a great view
2.)the pool was nice... the outside one only.
3.)the bartenders were great
4.)made motel 6 look classy.

Family has stayed here 25+ years...NEVER AGAIN

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 19, 2010

.Every year my family stays at the Desert Inn. My grandparents began staying when my father and his brother were teenagers. I am 25 years old and have been going with my family since I was 4 years old. This year my grandparents agreed that we will NEVER go back. The hotel has steadily decline over the past few decades. Now that I am old enough to see the terrible conditions of the motel I felt the need to tell others about it. This year we traveled with two small children (5 yrs and 7 months). Our room was WAY too small for the five adults and two children we had in our group (we have stayed in larger rooms before). We had so little space that we could not all sit in the living room together! With one sofa and one small chair someone always had to stand or sit in the bedroom or on the floor. The pull out bed was gross with a large dark colored stain across it. The bathroom door was so warped by moisture that it would not close. The bathroom floor flooded every time someone took a shower because the lip of the handicap shower did not prevent the water from running out of the stall (we wore flip flops everytime we went into the bathroom, like a college dorm!). Only one burner worked on the stove. While cooking one night the cabinets suddenly fell down. The fridge was not the usually size but had been replaced with one much smaller, we could not store food and drinks! One day at around 11am we hear a loud banging sound from next door. The 7 months old was napping at the time. The baby woke up screaming and his mother (my cousin) walked next store to complain. It turns out that maintenance was installing a vent that would empty out on our balcony! (But of course no one bothered to call and tell us so that we could plan accordingly) At least the maintenance guys were very nice once they realized that they had woken up the baby and they apologized several times. And finally, on the day of our checkout we called the front desk early to see if we could have an extension so that we could let the kids play out at the pool before their 14 hr car ride home. We were told that we could stay until 2 o'clock (regular checkout is 11am). At about noon we received a call from the front desk telling us that we had to be out ASAP and that the previous person we spoke to had made a mistake. My cousin Josh walked down to the front desk and advised that the kids were in the pool as the rest of us were packing and that the front desk had given us an extension. The man at the front desk acknowledged that it was indeed the Inn's fault and said that we could have an extension until 2pm. At 12:30 a women from the front desk called and ask why we were not out of our room yet. I explained that we were giving until 2pm and that we were currently loading the cars. The woman was very rude and said that 2pm was too late and that we had to be out by 1pm (do these people not confer with one another???). Thankfully the kids and my grandparents returned within a few minutes after that phone call. We finished loading the cars, cleaned up the kids and left...we will NEVER be back!!!

Unique Quality: Bring a pair of flip flops to wear around the motel and the pool, you will need them! You do not want to walk around there barefoot!!!

Directions: ocean front

Man What a *** Hole

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 25, 2010

I was planning a 3 day visit in Daytona Beach and upon arriving I knew it had been a mistake. Arrived at 4 PM and after getting into the room, noticed the TV did not work, the room smelled like vomit, the room had not even been vacuumed and it was very, very nasty!!! The lounge/restaurant wasn't even opened. When I complained the lady at the front desk told me I would have to wait until 8 until someone was on duty to fix the T.V. Also told there was no manager on duty until 8 AM next day, and no one to address the issues I had. They refused to give me my $50 deposit back. Very rude person at the front desk. For anyone who is thinking about going here, PLEASE RECONSIDER!! I checked out the next day and went to the Holiday Inn next door but my worries didn't end there. After checking my bank account on line a couple days later I discovered they had charged my VISA debit card three days instead of the one day that I stayed. When I called, they were very rude to me. Asked to speak to the manager. Was again told the manager was not on duty, would have to wait until the next day. When calling the next day, was told she would check into and call me back. Didn't get a call back and when I called I was told she was off rest of the day, no other person could help me! The whole experience was nightmare! Had to get my bank involved before I could get the money back. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and to the Volusia County Board of Health. This motel needs to be shut down!

P.S. The Holiday Inn staff and motel is AWESOME!! On my trips to Daytona Beach, this is where I'll be staying from now one.

Disgusting Accomadation

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 29, 2008

Do not be fooled by the pictures on the internet, it looks like a great hotel with massive pool right on the beach. However INSIDE it is a decrepid worn out and dirty hotel.There is evidence of holes in walls and doors being repaired that have obviously been punched out during spring break, bathrooms have rusted fixtures and the whole place smelled musty, almost like urine in the corridors.We booked to specifically use the indoor pool on Christmas Day.When we arrived on Christmas Eve the pool had just been 'fixed' and supposedly was 77 degrees but they assured us it would be up to 82 by Christmas Day.On Christmas Day there was a sign on the entrance that 'the pool is not heated" Nobody on duty that day could give me an answer as to why the pool was not heated. The day after Christmas I complained to the female manager who was very aggresive and she maintained that the pool was now heated and up to 74 degrees.I pointed out that was lower than when we arrived 2 days ago and she just kept saying that 'the pool is heated' and denied that there ever was a sign up on the door.
The front desk staff appear shady and when I raised my voice a big black man appeared from nowhere and the manager asked me to leave! To say the least this was a horrible experience over a Christmas period, the staff just appear dense, there is no customer service thought here, just get your money and run.This might be a great place to stay on a hot day in the summer overlooking the beach from your balcony or on the strip balcony side, but inside the room and the hotel are very very shabby.I think this hotel probably caters to people who are drunk and do not notice anything and just need a place to lay their head and sober up!

I would advise anybody who wants a pleasant and safe stay in Daytona Beach not to stay here.
I think the hotel believes there are enough people who will stay here once only and never come back that they dont or wont change their standards, beware!

Unique Quality: Great outdoor pool with fantastic view but didnt see any evidence of mandated upgrades to prevent anyone from being sucked into outlets by hair on head. Same for indoor pool possibly dangerous

Supposed to be free wifi but was not available

Continental breakfast was orange juice/coffee and something in a wrapper sitting on the reception desk.

Laundry facilities in basement, very dank.

Underground parking but didnt feel safe and parked on street instead.

Directions: Right on the Beach

Best In Daytona!

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 26, 2007

I just stayed at the Desert Inn for 3 nights during the Turkey rod Run in Daytona beach. This hotel is awesome! We reserved a "Deluxe room" which came with 2 double beds, a small fridge and microwave, along with an ocean front balcony. They had secure parking for all of the show cars and 24 hour surveillance. The lounge was lots of fun, good drinks and a friendly crowd. The front desk and maid staff seemed very friendly, and willing to help. I already booked my next res and signed up for their new V.I.P club for the repeat customers. I love this place!

Unique Quality: Indoor heated pool, Ocean front lounge, FREE WIFI

Directions: Right on the main strip a1a

Best Stay

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 14, 2007

I had a wonderful experience in the Desert Inn Resort. Loved the DJ, Had a Huge 2 bed 2 bath room suite with a great view of the ocean, my wife and friends came together and had a very comfortable stay here

Unique Quality: Pool Deck is big, Indoor Pool, store, restauruant, Bar, Computer room, Gym

Directions: Near Boardwalk, Shopping centers, On the Ocean, Veryy nice!!


Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 13, 2006

The Desert Inn is a great hotel. It was recently remodeled and it looks wonderful. I stayed there for 3 nights in October and I was very happy with my accomodations. My room was exactly what I had reserved. The beds were comfortable, the Room was very spacious, and the entire hotel is emaculate! The ocean view from my room was breathtaking! In all, I was very satisfied and would definatly recommend the Desert Inn to anyone looking for quality time in Daytona Beach!

Unique Quality: The hotel has a unique "personality" looks like Vegas in Daytona
The pool deck is HUGE

Directions: Close to all of the atractions!

Great Vacation

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 12, 2006

I had a great time in Daytona Beach with my girlfriend and her daughter, we came the weekend of the Turkey run to watch the classic cars ride by and ejoy the ocean, we didn't miss a thing because the room we had was right on the main road along the beach, we had a balcony room on the 3rd floor. my girlfriends daughter had never seen the ocean, we all loved the view from the pooldeck they have, it was a lil bit chilly so we couldn't swim, but the hotel had an indoor pool which worked out for us. we were able to have computer access, we had access to a resturant that had nice food, it was a quiet and comfortable weekend, I recomend this hotel if you plan on visiting Daytona Beach.

Unique Quality: Good Service, Checked in fast, room was ready, Indoor pool, computers, Resturaunt, nice large pooldeck. Great view of the cars During Turkey Run

Avoid at all costs

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 11, 2006

We reserved this hotel for a spring break trip (7 girls), and we expected in to be a nice resort, since we paid a reasonable amount of money for it. We viewed the hotel on its official website, and it looked nice. HOWEVER, after chiecking in, we noticed numerous safety and health issues. We no longer wanted to stay there. There were piles of trash in the halls and lower lobby. The elevators and halls were stained and smelled of pee and vomit. Towels in the hallways were covered in vomit. The parking lot was littered with broken glass and trash. We weren't even comfortable parking our cars there because of the crowd the hotel attracted. A man was peeing in the center of the parking lot when we entered. Holes were punched in walls. Outside our porch, on the rooftop, there were beer bottles, a used condom, and even a pair of diry underwear. There was a fresh blood stain on our comforter. They attempted to show us another room, but there was standing water in the hallway. We didn't mind paying for the first night because we had slept there, but they would not refund our money for the rest of the week. I suggest stay as far away from this shady establishment as possible.

Unique Quality: pool- surrounded in broken glass
porch- looked out onto trash, used condom, and used underwear
elevator- simply entering it is risking your own health

Directions: Down the street is a Hilton it was $306 per person. I paid $255.80 at this dump. I ate that charge and moved to the Hilton. Stay at the Hilton instead its just down the street.

FireGuy35's Profile Photo
FireGuy35 Jun 8, 2013 at 10:31 AM

Bed bugs!!! Cruel management especially woman named Mary who claims to be the manager, not Marie. I will be waiting to speak with her Monday. Left at 3am after we were woken by bugs biting our arms in the bed. Prior to this we changed rooms 3 times that evening due to hotel saying no refund when asked to please leave. Crack heads on balconies smoking dope all night long. Broken jacuzzis. Animals in rooms all around. Smoking permitted inside. Bugs everywhere. Broken glass all over pool deck. Condom wrappers on pool deck. Blood on floor. Urine smelled throughout. Very scary dirty creepy facility. I'm a local so I'm particularly ashamed this place is not shut down yet. Bugs everywhere. Total nightmare and cost us hundreds of dollars in the end. I would've rather slept on the streets. Horrible horrible management that will call you names and tell you your lying and mock you. Just terrible and very sad. Very bad business which I cannot stress the terms cruel, horrific, and gross enough. I have pictures of the bed bugs and yet I am still, according to management, a liar! So much for a much needed "stay cation" I feel so bad for out of state visitors who travel to actually come here. Please do not do it!

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Desert Inn Resort

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  • Desert Inn Daytona Beach
  • Daytona Beach Desert Inn
  • Desert Hotel Daytona Beach

Address: 900 North Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32118, United States

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  • Free High Speed Internet

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