Country Inn & Suites Sanibel Gateway

13901 Shell Point Plaza, Fort Myers, Florida, 33908, United States

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Great Hotel for the Money Don't hesitate to stay here

by A TripAdvisor Member

I paid about £60 for a one night stay at this hotel, all in all it was pretty great. We wanted to visit Sanibel, Caprtiva and the Fort Myers area for a couple of days aso this was a great base and much cheaper than staying in Sanibel itself.

We were allocated a king suite on the third floor, it was a disabled room, which at first I thought was awful to have been given but the benefits were that it was huge! The bathroom was huge too! other than having some braille signs and flashing light fire alarms and being large you would not have known it was meant for disabled guests.

After about five minutes of arrival we got a call to ask if our room was ok, i thought this was a nice touch. The room itself was very clean and the linens were fresh, there were tons of towels (quite fluffy) and some decent toileteries for a change.

For all you UK shoppers this hotel is ideally situated opposiite a great outlet called Tanger, which has Ralph Lauren, Coach, Clavin Klein plus loads more - we got some really bargains. If you're self catering there is a publix nearby too.

Breakfast was pretty good seeing as it was included. As much toast, cereal, berverages and preserves as you like, along with yoghurt etc. Every day the hot items rotate so you always get bacon or sausage or eggs etc. Tea, Coffee and cookies are also available free throughout the day.

This is a pretty quiet hotel so there is a nice pool to relax by, there is also a small ok gym.

If I have to give a negative point about this hotel it is that you have to pay $6 to go across the toll bridge to get on to Sanibel - not much I know but think carefully when planning your day and night!

Very Accomodating - Great Place Great Price

by TripAdvisor Member mjj047s

Maybe some people are too hard in their ratings, but this hotel was everything it should have been plus some.
We checked in on a Friday in June, and were promtly checked in around 2, even though I believe check in is at 3.
The rooms are nice, and the AC is cold. We stayed for under $100, which was nice, because it isn't that far from Ft Myers Beach (15 min) or Sanibel (10 min)
We only intended on staying one night, but ended up staying two. Same room same price, very easy.
Breakfast is decent for being included, and their is 24 hr juice. Nice!
We didn't go to the pool, but it was nice looking.
Their is a lot of parking, so don't worry about finding a spot.
We heard some chatter from in our rooms, but nothing that made our trip less enjoyable.
Even the TV has a volume threshold, so you can't crank it up.

Only bad thing is that their isn't a restaurant in the hotel, but who cares! Go check out Sanibel and Ft Myers, and get out of your hotel!!!!

Great Place To Stay

by A TripAdvisor Member

The suite was very nice and clean. The staff seen to our every need. The continental breakfast was good. Usually there is only donuts, no donuts here, the menu changes every day. There is a large pool and it is kept clean. The bathroom was big enough for me to dry my hair, while my husband took a shower. He liked the shower best, usually the showers are built for small people, this one was just right (he's over 6 ft tall).
There is no place close enough to walk to, you have to drive.
We had lunch and dinner at Pincher's Crab Shack, the food was excellent and reasonably priced.

value near Sanibel

by TripAdvisor Member beccas

We wanted to go to Sanibel shelling for the day, so being able to just stay one night this close to Sanibel was a great option. We stayed in a suite for cheaper than most room rates in the area. The hotel staf was friendly and helpful. The suite was clean and had lots of space. You really could stay comfortably for an extended time if you wished. The free breakfast had quite a bit of variety, and a make your own belgian waffle maker. The fitness room and pool were clean and my kids enjoyed them. The only thing I missed
at this hotel was they don't have a hot tub/whirlpool. Other than that, a great value
and comfortable place to stay.

Great situation, comfortable room

by TripAdvisor Member shelter

We stayed at the Country Inn July 22nd for one night. Our queen beds were large as the room, bathroom was ok, the pool seemed to be pleasant, the breakfast was hot and good. The hotel is not on the main road (but not far from it) so it was quiet, it has nice surroundings with lawn . Near Sanibel Island and not pricey but they accept dogs so possibility of barking as we experience...
Overall a nice stay.


by TripAdvisor Member sfwasabi

We booked this hotel because we wanted a place near Sanibel Island that would be nice and easy for us to get to the island and to Ft. Myers. We stayed there from August 31, 2005 to September 3, 2005.

The hotel wasn't bad, smelly or dirty, and it was the closest affordable hotel to Sanibel Island, but I booked it because the exterior and lobby photos looked new and nice so I was expecting the rooms to be newer and nicer. Once you got to the rooms, they looked older and average.

The pool is small, but they have a good breakfast buffet - pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, biscuits and such.

Overall, it was an average, clean, roomy, older, good value for the money room.

Loved staying here

by TripAdvisor Member TouringSM

I loved this hotel! The staff was terrific, the rooms were very clean, comfortable and spacious. It is conveniently located right near the bridge to Sanibel Island and I couldn't have been happier here!

Breakfast "entree's" change everyday. Sometimes the food is just awful, sometimes it's good. Anytime a place serves "eggs" that are all the same shape, size and consistency, you know it's not going to be the best cullinary experience.

The beds were very comfortable. The pool was great.

I really liked it here.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

by TripAdvisor Member daytonagirl

We had stayed at this hotel a few years was a great bargain with a coupon in the Traveler's Discount Guide and it's close location to Sanibel Island was a plus (since hotels on the island were at least twice as much).

So we returned last week for my boyfriend's birthday, planning on staying 5 days enjoying the beach, pool and relaxing. We are both hotel workers from Daytona and wanted nothing more than a peaceful, event free week without bothering the hotel staff, because we experience that at our own jobs.

Check in was a breeze, Trisha was helpful and delightful. We entered our first room and turned on the air conditioner and it wasn't working well. My boyfriend, who works hotel maintenance, opened the closet where the air conditioner was located announced that it was leaking all over the floor and there was a big puddle. No problem...we took it in stride. We know these things happen. We called down to the front desk and Trisha took care of us another room that was just fine. The rooms are well appointed, clean and the beds are comfortable. A nice detail oriented touch I always notice is the way the bathroom is set up. Towels folded all fancy, the first square of the toilet paper folded in a point, nice little shampoos, etc. ... very nice. The rooms have irons and full size ironing boards, blow dryers and lots of closet and storage space. The mini-fridge and microwave with a small bar sink is always handy. Our suite had two rooms, with two tv's and a nice view.

The next day we were heading out to the beaches of Sanibel (red tide and bacteria...complete with dead fish...not pleasant...but problem...we took it in stride and collected some great shells and focused on the positives...deserted beaches) Before we left, I noticed my boyfriend's wallet on the table and announced "You're not going to leave your wallet out, are you?" Because, again, we work in hotels and we are cautious. He says that he doesn't want to take it with him, he is wearing his swim trunks, and because there was no money in it...just cards and regular guy wallet stuff...we decide to put it in a duffel it up and put it in one of the closets. No room safes, mind you.

We return from the beach, get ready for dinner...and I actually make a comment about how impressed I am at the job housekeeping did. Fancy towel folding...the fact that we had all the pillows from both beds on the one bed we were using, and the housekeeper kept them that way, arranging them nicely. She even gave us extra coffee. Then my boyfriend goes to retrieve his wallet out of the duffel bag in the closet and it's not there. We search EVERYWHERE...even the car...even the microwave. It's nowhere. Well, there goes happy hour in Ft. Myers beach.

We go down to the front desk and Trisha is working again. We announce that our wallet has been stolen from the room. It's 4:30. The manager, Pat is not there. Gone home for the day. Trisha calls her at home and Pat instructs Trisha to tell us that she'll interogate the lock in the morning and file a report with their insurance company. What? want the police called. So Trisha calls the police for us. We tell Trisha (who was, again, very helpful and understanding) that we would like the manager to interogate the lock tonight...I want to know who was in my room...and who is responsible for our wallet missing. She calls the manager again. Nope...she's not coming in...but she'll send someone else to do it. They'll be here in 15 minutes. So she has us fill out incident reports and we wait for the police and Denise, the Front Desk Supervisor. Denise comes in and reads the lock. The police show up shortly after and we file a report. Only one person entered our room...the housekeeper and the police said they would turn the case over to the detectives and do what they can. Denise was helpful and apologized that this happened. We had to cancel two debit cards and 3 credit cards including the one that we paid for the hotel. Denise was helpful in making sure the charge went through before we had to cancel the cards. What a hassle. Along with cancelling the cards, my boyfriend has to get a new ID, insurance cards, etc. All we could think of is him ending up as one of those annoying identity theft commercials.

We, of course, request that we do not have the same housekeeper, and Denise assures us that the housekeeping supervisor will be present when a different housekeeper cleans our room tomorrow.

The next day we expect a call from the General Manager. Nope. We call down at 10:30. She's at lunch. Won't be back for awhile. Ok. We try to make something of the day and head down to the front desk, just to confirm that our room will be safe. (we, from that day on take EVERYTHING of any kind of value with us and lock it in our car...also a hassle) We got a little bit of an attitude from Housekeeping. First they said “nobody will go in your room” and then I reminded them about what Denise had suggested. We didn’t want to get into accusing anyone…we just didn’t feel comfortable with the same person and we were told there would be an extra person there in Management to supervise. Hey…we’re the victims here…remember? We went out for lunch, returned at 4:00...again asking for the General Manager...nope...she's gone home. When I asked when she would be there...I was told she works 9-5. But it's 4:00? Um..yeah, she went home early.

Our room was minimally serviced. No fancy towel toilet paper triangle, no coffee, just a pile of towels and a made bed.

So the next day was my boyfriend's birthday. My mother came out to spend a day and celebrate and we tried to put everything behind us and have a good day. Tried again to talk to the General Manager...not available. Does this woman even exist?

When we check out, our last night was put on my debit card along with one night on my mother's room. I get a reciept and everything looks fine. Again...the Manager is not there. Every day since the incident, we notice that as the housekeepers are cleaning the rooms, they are leaving the doors ajar by swinging open the privacy locks. So...either the housekeeper has our wallet or the housekeeper left the door open for someone else to take our wallet. make matters worse...two days after we return I check my bank balance and they have charged me double for those last nights. I call and I am immediately told I must be mistaken...I ask for Denise and she figures out that...yes...I have been charged double. She apologizes and says that she will issue a credit immediatly.

So much for a drama-free vacation. I know things can happen...and we tried to take everything in stride...but c'mon...Pat...Ms. Invisible General couldn't take five minutes to talk to the poor people that had their wallet stolen out of your hotel? Every General Manager with an ounce of customer service would have at least made an effort.

Unfortunately we will never return to that hotel. We will return to Sanibel and we will write a letter to corporate...and we will try not to let us ruin the positive memories we had on vacation. But we also know how a good hotel is run, and that ain't one of them.

Great choice for families

by TripAdvisor Member MassLass

I chose this hotel based on the reviews on this website, and I was very happy I did. I was in Ft. Myers to visit my grandchildren and they spent part of the time with me at the hotel. The staff was very cordial and helpful, the room was spacious and clean, I was able to get an extra cot without any difficulty, the breakfast was perfect for all of us, we all enjoyed the pool, and the location of the hotel makes it perfect for a visit to Sanibel Island.

Very nice

by TripAdvisor Member CTTravelwriter

I stayed there 12/8/06-12/11/06. Efficient check in- I was checked in within minutes. A simple but very clean room. There is a nice sitting area with a (gas) fireplace and small library from which you can choose a book (children too) and read there or take to your room. The included breakfast can be healthy (yogurt, fruit, etc) or you can make your own waffles. In any case, there's plenty there. Upon checkout I was able to print my boarding pass and be on my way. They were very friendly. They do allow dogs and not just small ones (I saw a Great Dane!) but I didn't hear a peep (and there's no dog smell anywhere). It's only a few bucks more than those in Ft. Myers (city) but MUCH closer to any of the beaches (only a few minutes from Sanibel Causeway). Overall, I would recommend this place without a second thought.


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