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2426 Kuhio Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815, United States

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Hawaii in the heaven,Continental Surf hotel in the hell

by TripAdvisor Member Shimsoolbo

We booked 4 nights through internet,and checked in. From the beginning, Air-conditioner of the room didn't work,and they provided another room,but the room had so bad smell(by dust and fungus in the duct and evaporator).Next day we decided to move out,but they declined to return my money for 3 days by saying we must stay another 3 days.We explained "We are not cancelling the reservation,but changing our plan,and we will pay 1 night"-We know that accommodation standard rule says that guests must pay minimum 1 night even they don't stay. Probably,their business goal is stealing money from their guests rather than providing good services.
Because of their poorly maintained facilities,once they grab people by phone or internet booking(people don't know what the hotel rooms look like until they pay and check in), the hotel never allow guests(their victims) to escape from their trap. Nobody in the front desk advised us about the hotel rule for minimum stays when we booked and checked in (for example, "you must stay 4 nights because you booked 4 nights").I understand if they say that our hotel is so cheap,so you must accept our bad quality. I paid US $73.64/night. I hope Health Department in the City of Honolulu(I guess their must be this kind of authority in Honolulu) can improve something regarding the hotel's dirtiness by viewing the photos I took. I don't want anybody to stay in Continental Surf Hotel in Honolulu unless they want spoil their vacation in Hawaii. Also,I hope the hotel management could improve their facilities soon so that they will not damage all travellers' valuable memories in Hawaii from all of the word.

simple but cheap

by mindcrime about Continental Surf Hotel

The majority of tourists choose a hotel at Waikiki. There is a long avenue, Kalakaua Av. That has most of the hotels, one next to the other. Some rooms are nice because you have an ocean view but double check before book anything because you will pay for the view even if the ocean view means a small spot of the water if you hang your head 1 meters out of the balcony! Kuhio avenue has some cheaper options while Lemon Road focuses on the real budget side.

We preferred a hotel at the Kuhio Av (parallel to Kalakaua Av, which means three blocks away from Waikiki beach only) which also houses two rows of high-rise ugly hotels. You can see Continental Surf Hotel at pic 1. The prices are cheaper here and if you are lucky you may have a good city view.

Our room was at 22nd floor and although it was very simple we loved the city view (pic 2) with the non stop traffic day and night (there was no noise up there). The room (pic 3) was very simple but very clean so we didn’t complain, the price was ideal anyway ($65 per night with taxes). The double bed was comfortable as the room it self (160 sq feet). The table with a chair in front of the window was also nice and helpful to put the laptop and check VT :)
There is free wi-fi connection, a microwave, a refrigerator, a coffeemaker, a TV, a safe box (with key) and above all Air Conditioning of course :)

The bathroom was small but clean also and the wife liked the hair dryer, there was also a iron/ironing board in the closet. They provided us with coffee and new towels every day.

Horrible Nightmare

by A TripAdvisor Member

It would be better not to go to Hawaii then stay at the Continental Surf Hotel.
The picture of the room from their web site doesn't exist. You can expect big roaches in the room to greet you in paradise, rundown conditions, small beds, rude barefooted staff that shout & talk back to you, extra charges for parking. Only one lamp worked in my room and I was given the excuse by the management that it is hard to keep enough light bulbs for a hotel that size. When that lamp burned out I had to use the light from the microwave to see in my room. I witnessed another tourist complain they had no working light bulbs in their room either.
Everyday, I had to ask for towels or tissue paper the maid didn't leave. The curtain blocked the air conditioner so it impossible to cool down the room unless you were willing to give up your privacy.
There must not be enough hotels in Hawaii because people were being turned away even though it was so bad there.

We were robbed!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Hated this hotel. The rooms were small and reminded us of our college dorms but worse! We returned from having spent a lovely day on the windward side of the island only to find my suitcase stolen from our hotel room. Management didn't do anything about it. I did not get reinbursed for the stolen items. We asked the manager to call the police and all the police officer did was write out a report. Every souvenir for relatives and friends along with ten rolls of film was in the suitcase that was stolen from the room. There was no sign of forced entry so whoever broke into the room must have had a key. Which lead us to believe it was a staff member. We spoke to a local who works at Macy's at the mall and he confirmed Continental Surf has had problems with theft. Tourists are better off staying at The Breakers where prices are reasonable and the staff friendly.

I've stayed in worse hotels, but not often.

by TripAdvisor Member ConansDaddy

I stayed at the Continental Surf as a last resort (and I use that term loosely) when I failed on priceline(-) bids and had to book a (budget) room for a trip the next day. The price ($79/night) and location (central Waikiki) are about the only good things about it, and I suppose what should one expect for last-minute booking in Waikiki in January? The rooms are very small, the double-size bed was OK, though sheets pretty cheesy. Requested extra pillows but was told there were none (in the entire hotel???) No lanai; window opens though. OK city/mountain views from 19th floor. Only 2 elevators but wait wasn't bad. Used the refrigerator often but microwave kind of grungy. Peeling/chipping paint in bathroom, which was small but functional. Internet stations in lobby "out of order" during entire 5-day stay ($6/hr if they ever are working). 19" TV, basic cable, no remote, but it's so close to the bed you can reach it from there. One desk chair, small desk, and dresser are the only other furnishings. A/C (if you need it) works well but cycles a lot and is kind of loud. Some tiny little bugs crawling around, recommend you quarantine your luggage when you go home (but this is the tropics, and lots of people take food to their rooms). There's a bus stop right outside the entrance, very convenient if you're using that system to get around the island, which I do recommend because of it's frequency, convenience, and low cost ($20 for a 4-day pass). Ubiquitous ABC stores, Food Pantry grocery, fast food places all within 1-2 blocks, the rest of Waikiki walkable from here. Would really give this place only 1.5 stars if that were an option, not terrible but more than a few problems for many people. Recommended only if you don't mind a little seedy and want to do Oahu on the cheap.

Clean rooms, great location, excellent value!

by TripAdvisor Member sarahc123

We stayed here for 2 nights last week and were extremely happy with our room. We paid around $50 a night and got a very clean, comfortable room with a quiet and powerful air conditioner and a little kitchenette. Yes, the room was extremely small, but that's what $50 a night gets you. Plus, it's not like you're going to spend a lot of time in your room when you're in Honolulu!

Based on some of the other (negative) reviews, I'm wondering if rooms on certain floors have been renovated and others not, because our room was very pleasant without a single insect to be seen. We were on the 16th floor. When making a reservation here, maybe one should consider asking if some rooms are newer than others, as many budget hotels have some newer/nicer rooms and some older/worse rooms.

We found the front desk staff very helpful and pleasant, without exception. We got extra coffee for our room free of charge and they happily stored our luggage in a secure spot for a full day - the front desk guys wouldn't even let us help them carry it, and we had a lot of stuff! True, there can be line ups at the front desk, but in my experience, this is common even in really nice hotels.

The location was excellent - only a few minutes to the beach, the bus (to Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Chinatown, etc), restaurants, and shops.

Our biggest complaint about this place was the elevator. It took FOREVER to come - we once waited 10 minutes for it to arrive, and a 5 minute wait was the norm. And, there is no staircase (apparently there is an emergency exit staircase, but it is not available for use). The desk staff said that one of the elevators was broken and they were getting it fixed, so maybe that would solve the problem (although we noticed it was still slow even when both elevators seemed to be running). Anyway, even with the elevator problem, we were really pleased with this place. To get a clean, quiet, comfortable place in Waikiki for $50 a night is a fantastic bargain and I would put up with a lot more than a slow elevator for that price!!


by A TripAdvisor Member

I came to Hawaii with a Girl Scout trip and we stayed one night at this hotel. The rooms are very small, smell wierd, and were dirty. Our toilet didn't even work. After over 20 hours of traveling with the time change, the last thing we wanted to deal with, was bugs in our room, and toilets that didn't work. The next morning we went to the Pacific Beach Hotel which was a few blocks down.I HIGHLY reccomend that hotel, we had no problems at all and the staff was very friendly

Worst Vacation of my life!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I was one of about 75 girls who were taken to Hawaii with all the money that we raised by selling girl scout cookies and doing SOOO many other fundraisers! We were all exhausted by the time we got to the hotel with the 20 hour flight we just wanted a room to relax in and hang out. That wasnt going to happen that night though. We got our keys after about an hour and they were short about 5 rooms even though we booked this far ahead of time! I went up to my room with my 2 friends who i was sharing a room with and we tried to open the door but it wouldnt open! It looked like someone had broken into the room with a crowbar which REALLY scared me since i was thousands of miles away from home without my parents! To get into the room one of us had to turn the knob and then another person literally had to run into the door and hit it with your shoulder to get into it! Not that that was bad enough when we went in it was all moldy and musty! The windows were shut and you cant open them. And the room was very creepy, it seemed like someone had died in that room. The whole place was dirty! We tried to get another room but they didnt have anymore. We were unhappy with this hotel so we put all of our stuff in the rooms and we left to find another hotel. We couldnt get another one for that night so we went back and there was a strange bottle with a blue substance in it that wasnt there when we left. The beds they give you to sleep on are very uncomfortable. Not one person in my room slept the whole night. When we got up in the morning all of our backs hurt and we only had another long day of walking ahead of us. We left the next day and went to the Pacific Beach Hotel! That hotel was awesome and i would highly recommend that if you are staying in Wikiki Beach

3 yrs later & still traumatized!

by TripAdvisor Member CyberChar

A friend & I stayed at the ghetto Continental Hotel in 2002. Even though its been 3 years I've been traumatized by the hotel experience. I felt the need to warn all of the other travlers expecting an ohana experience! I will NEVER stay here again, you are better off at a hostel!

Room: the size of a college dorm room w/2 beds, microwave, tiny fridge, desk, tv, closet.
Bathroom: newly renovated
Parking: gated
Location: liquor store, cyber cafe & beach just 5 min walk
Staff: Slow as turtles, didn't seem to care about customers. When asked for room towels had to call in 3x to get service. Rude & inconsiderate

House Keeping: There was none! Room was never cleaned only on the first day!

Bathroom: Black guck spewed out of the bathtub

Parking: $8 probably went up now. You have to honk for them to open the gate, but that won't work so you have to get down & hollah for them to open the gate!

Location: Beware of the prostitutes they are on the street & even in the hotel. I think the hotel can be used for monthly rentals. Like if you were kicked out of your apt and had no where else to stay!
Beds were new & firm.

It was just fine

by TripAdvisor Member flansy

We stayed for five nights at this hotel over the New Year holiday. This was not the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in, however it is also not the most expensive hotel I have ever stayed in. The advertisement photos are misleading, and I would liken this hotel to a Motel 6 or other budget hotel.
However, the location was amazing. I’m impressed you can stay this close to the beach for as cheap as we did. We had a rental car and were able to find parking every night regardless of how late we stayed out. The front desk was a little slow, but then again everything seemed a little slower and little more relaxed on the island.
The room had a full size bed, normal sized bathtub over shower, TV, good air conditioning, microwave and a mini-fridge. Considering this was a place to store our belongings, sleep and shower, this place was right on the money for us. You could stay at a nicer place, and if you’re the kind of person who spends a great deal of their vacation in their room then choose another hotel. If you want to save your money for food, souvenirs, and activities and be right by everything this could be the hotel for you. Just keep in mind it is small and basic, but we really didn’t need more.


Continental Surf HotelContinental Surf Hotel

room in Continental Surf Hotelroom in Continental Surf Hotel

view from Continental Surf Hotelview from Continental Surf Hotel

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affordable hostel in Oahu

by kuting

Hi!I am travelling to Oahu this June to take an exam in Prometric near Bishop Street. I am looking for a place to stay preferable a hostel. I will be staying in the island for almost 17 days. Is there anyone who knows affordable place ( less than 20 dollars per day). An area of the place where one can study (a quiet one please:), do the laundry and a kitchen will be very helpful. Your replies are very much apreciated.

Re: affordable hostel in Oahu

by Hensly

I'm not familiar with hostels on Oahu (Especially under $20). However, if you have any relatives on Oahu your best bet would be to stay with them. As for a quiet place to study I would suggest the Hawaii State Library near downtown. There are many tables in the courtyard and reference materials arer readily available.

Hope this helps!

Re: affordable hostel in Oahu

by kuting

Thank you Hensly:)

Re: affordable hostel in Oahu

by RogerOma

The only one I am familiar with and that is simply because of it's location is Hosteling Int on Prince Edward Str. Since it is less than a block away from the hotel we have stayed at the last few times I'd say it's a good location but sorry don't know about the rates.
The Royal Grove has rooms under $50 a night and normally discount for a week or longer stay and the Aqua Continental Surf is a budget hotel both are about a block from the hostel I mentioned.


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