Makaha Resort And Golf Club

84-626 Makaha Valley Road, Waianae, Hawaii, 96792, United States

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Makaha Resort was Great!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Me and one of my friends stayed a little over a week at the Makaha Resort. We loved our room and everthing in it. The cleaning ladies was very nice and cleaned very well. I loved the location of this resort because if I wanted cramped up city life I would have stayed some where else. The only problem I had was the waitress was very slow and didn't give us much ice in our drinks and didn't refill them as often as she should have. I loved the plumeria flowers there and the view was amazing. They don't get mad at you for picking the flowers either (like most resorts or motels)

Don't Go To Makaha Resort

by A TripAdvisor Member

Our golf group stayed at Makaha Resort and it was not an experience that I want to remember. The food was cold and the beer was warm, rooms were dirty and there were bugs everywhere, staff was untrained and looked under managed. Front desk would shut at 11 pm so no more incoming calls are allowed, something from a horror movie. The resort is old and tired, they tried putting a coat of paint on the resort that made it look even worse. The person who picked the paint colors must be color blind. The pool is cold an dirty. The only good think that happened was when we check-out and got out of there. Stay away, this is not worth your time. We purchased on there web site and then found out they were selling it cheaper on other sites, just a bad feeling all around.

Honolulu - Makaha Resort & Golf Club

by love-2-travel about Makaha Resort & Golf Club

This was an exchange for our Time share and even though it was rather distant from other tourist type attractions it was a nice place to stay at. Clean, pleasent, good pool, nice staff, etc. If you don't mind driving about an hour to get anywhere and don't mind being really out of town then don't chooses this place.

At first we were a bit freaked out that to get there you have to go through some beautiful beach sites that were unfortunately occupied by I assume homeless settlers - the ones walking the streets were rather scary! OK they did not bother us per say but it took some getting use to. My doughter loved the pool & especially the resort cats that became more friendly with us as time passed...the last day they even climbed into the bed to say goodbye.

Makaha Resort should change the name to Makaha Motel.

by A TripAdvisor Member

Makaha Resort? It is at the same level as a motel. The property is less than you would expect with a Motel 6 for quality and service. The prices on the other hand are at par with a upscale resort. My husband and our two children stayed there for 5 nights. Our kids didn't like the cold pool and there is not much else to do for them . My husband played golf and we waited in the room, very boring. We then went to Waikiki for 3 nights and there is so many things to do for me and the kids. My husband could still play golf and we went shopping, movies, restaurants and to the beach. We were afraid to walk around town in Makaha because there were so many bums and homeless people that we didn't feel safe at all. We realize that Makaha doesn't want to show you the homeless on there web site or the bums at the 7-11, but it is not very nice to see when you are on vacation and you think about a resort. They should change the name to Makaha Motel and charge motel prices so people would know what to expect.

Vacation Hell is Makaha

by A TripAdvisor Member

I would not recommend the Makaha Resort to anyone, unless I really hated them. We moved 3 times due to problems with the room, either noise, bugs, dirty sheets, or broken bed. On top of that we had to pack and unpack each time we moved - the staff did not accomodate us with anything but just excuses and never said they were sorry. When they do move us we wait 30 minutes for the shuttle. we move the suitcases while the shuttle driver just sits on their lazy rear. My family got sick after eating in the restaurant, while my husband was throwing up in the bathroom the waitress demanded we pay the bill immediately. We walked back to the room in the rain, 5 minute walk, nobody at the resort seemed to care much. We went swimming in the pool and it is ice cold, not heated, nobody tells you that. Pool was dirty with build up on the side and bottom of the pool makes it very hard to hold on. There is no Staff or Managers around because they are a low service high price resort. Where is the manager or anybody when you need someone. My family from California tried to call at 10 pm Hawaii time but the front desk is closed so not calls can come through. What if there is an emergency! Guess they don't care about that either. Just pay your room bill and shut up is the policy for the guests at the Makaha Resort. They do come in first for being the worlds worse vacation resort in the universe. Vacation From Hell. was ok

by A TripAdvisor Member

I only stayed here one night, but it was definitely an experience I wont forget. First of all, the road leading to the resort is hard to find, and at night is a little scary because there are no lights. However, its nice that you can see the stars on your drive up to the resort. The resort looks very nice from the outside. The rooms are incredibly far from the main lobby, we had to walk quite away, but at least they have a shuttle that will carry your luggage when you check-in/-out. The room we stayed in was cute and had this huge king-size bed, with working AC, small fridge, & TV. The view was not that great, because all we saw was the golf course (go figure, its a golf resort/club, but it still would have been nice to see something else). The pool looked wonderful, but we didnt bother to take a dip, because why should we when its HAWAII and there are beaches everywhere?! One incredibly bad thing was the food service. First of all, all of their plates and utensils that they gave us WERE DIRTY, the servers were bad, and the food, although warm, took forever to come and tasted horrible. One thing I really did love was all the plants around, especially all the plumeria trees; you can pick a flower everyday! That is one thing that most Waikiki hotels lack... real Hawaiian scenery. This place is very remote, so it would be good for those who would like to get away from the extremely, over-hyped touristy hotels of Waikiki. HOWEVER, don't eat their food, try a local place instead.

Nothing but the best

by A TripAdvisor Member

The view was excellent. The hotel is surround by mountains. No noise. No disturbance. They have a swimming pool that we never use (the ocean was about a mile from it, duuhhh). My kids got up just to feed the peacocks every morning and they were thrilled about it. Away from the Hustle and bustle of WAIKIKI. The place is about 40 miles from the famous WAIKIKI but the drive is worth it. You are going to see the West side of Oahu. At times traffic is slow but you have to remember one thing ""YOU ARE ON A VACATION". Your BOSS is not there to rush you. If you drive another 15 minutes more on highway 1 all the way to the end, you will find a beach with no one but the lifeguard. WE WILL GO BACK AGAIN!


Hotel GREAT.....Oahu, ?????

by A TripAdvisor Member

We recently returned from a 10 day stay at Makaha Golf Resort. Having read some very negative reviews, we were a bit apprehensive at best. Our stay was really great as far as the hotel itself was concerned. But be aware that it IS very far out of the city and the traffic is HORRIBLE most times of the day. Expect at least an hour into Honolulu and much more traffic after you get there. Also the signage on the roads was not nearly what is is most places on the mainland, so be prepared to make last minute decisions as to off ramps etc and to get honked at a LOT! Maybe if you know exactally where you are going it would be ok, but for tourists, very bad! Hotel was excellent with clean rooms and good service. Food in the area was mostly fast food, and not a lot of them. However we ate in a lot of the local small restaurants and had some great experiences with both the local food and the people as well...very friendly! One other food note. When you turn off the road to go to the hotel, on Saturdays and Sundays, look on your right for a sign that says "Mango Bread" and stop and get a loaf from the most delightful 82 year old lady that makes it fresh! It will be the best $1.50 you will spend while you are there. My feelings are that if you are looking for a very cheap nice hotel, and don't mind the long drives to get to things, this is the place to go. Very quiet and beautiful grounds. If you cannot handle the bad traffic and long delays, best to stay in town and walk. We have decided that because of the traffic, when and if the time comes to go back to Oahu, we will stay either on the North Shore or the East. Much prettier plants and such there due to the rain on that side of the island. (VERY dry and dead looking on the West side) Also, be sure to get a shave ice or two at Matsumoto's. You won't regret that either! Makaha is a quiet, beautiful place, if that is what you seek.....It just has some everyplace does. All in all, we had a great time!!

Loved it!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just got back from our trip to the Makaha Golf Resort and loved our stay. It is perfect for the person who does not want the hustle and bustle of the big city. It is up a secluded road about two miles off the main highway located in a really beautiful valley with great views of the ocean and golf course. When we got done with a tiring day of sightseeing it was such a pleasure to go to a hotel where we easily parked our car and had a pretty walk to our room. The place is definetly not a brand new resort but is very adequate with clean rooms and linens. My only complaint with the room was the mini-fridge. Our first one did not work, we requested a second which they responded with a different one in twenty minutes. However the second one worked no better than the first.

1st Trip to Hawaii

by love-2-travel

"Cruise on Pride of Hawaii - Norwegian Cruise Line"

July 22 - Honolulu - 8pm
July 23-24 - NAWILIWILI (KAUAI) - 8am to 1pm
July 25 - HILO - 9am to 6pm
July 26 - KONA - 7am to 6pm
July 27-28 - KAHULUI (MAUI) - 8am to 9.30pm
July 29 - Honolulu -

"Makaha Resort & Golf Club"

This was an exchange for our time share.

A bit distant from the normal tourist attractions but a very nice hotel with great pool and sufficiently equiped rooms.

July 20 - August 3rd 2007

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Good Eating on the West Side of Oahu?

by rmdw

I'm going to be visiting Oahu soon. I'll have access to a car. Last year when I was there I took an elderly friend of mine up to the Turtle Bay Resort for lunch. This time around, for something different, are there any above average restaurants on the West side of Oahu, perhaps in Makaha or Waianae?

On a related note, from a photographer's perspective, are there some good vistas on this side of the island?


Re: Good Eating on the West Side of Oahu?

by travelgourmet

Hannara Restaurant in on Farrington Hwy in Waianae is a local style hangout with great hamburger and even pancakes that are good. They are open seven days a week from 6am. Most places are plate lunch style like L & L. On the west side, not many, if any above average restaurants. The only one I know of is at the Makaha Resort. You have to stay in Honolulu,Waikiki for most of the above average ones.

Re: Good Eating on the West Side of Oahu?

by rmdw

Thanks, Larry! By the way, do know of any good places in Kailua or Kaneohe?


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