Ramada Ltd Mt Sterling Ky

115 Stone Trace Dr, Mount Sterling, KY 40353
Ramada Limited Mt. Sterling
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More about Mount Sterling


one of the bathroomsone of the bathrooms

living room-not the family roomliving room-not the family room

downstairs halldownstairs hall

Brenda's room upstairsBrenda's room upstairs

Forum Posts

War house on Winn street

by kristin719

Where is the house located on Winn Street? What is the address?

Re: War house on Winn street

by goodfish

I'm giving you a tentative answer here as I've never been there but I think you saw reference to that house in the Warnings and Dangers section for Mt. Sterling? The poster contributed that one single tip, has not been back since he/she wrote it (same day they signed up as a member) and offered no other info about themselves so I'm not sure it's credible.

I also just spent 1/2 hour on the web trying to dig up anything on this house and there is nothing. Either this house doesn't exist, has no real historical value (as it's not listed on the city's historical site list or National Register) or is a private residence that wants to remain so - would not welcome persons running about their property.

So, maybe someone else will chime in here but that's all I can find!!

Travel Tips for Mount Sterling

Things you should bring

by cfranchise

I suggest coming in the summer. Bring shorts, t shirts, sun glasses, cans of bug spray, sun block (Kentucky sun is pretty strong). Most can be bought here. Plus they are pretty cheap. Bring a camara. Just like any trip.

Mt Sterling, Montgomery County

by Ericasmurf99

"Mt Sterling - good location for Lexington trips"

A few friends of mine moved here after high school, due to its location. It is in between Morehead, where my friends take classes, and Lexington, where they have jobs and a better nightlife. So when I come to Mt Sterling, it is to stay/visit my friends.

"Mt Serling Factoids"

Hugh Forbes, the first settler here, was allowed to name the town. He selected the name Mount Stirling, after a town in his native Scotland.
Somewhere, somehow, someone misspelled the name and Kentucky never changed it to the original spelling.

Mount Sterling

by cfranchise

"Gateway to the mountains"

Welcome to the lovely city of Mount Sterling! It is a town that was voted 100 Best Citys For Children. I fall in love with this city more and more everyday.


Mount Sterling, the seat of Montgomery county, was settled in the late 1700s and was originally known as Little Mountain Town. It was renamed Mount Sterling in 1792 for Stirling, Scotland, the home of one of the town founders. The Montgomery Court House post office opened in 1801 and was renamed in 1807. The population in 1990 was 5,362.
Mount Sterling was the western terminus of the Mount Sterling-Pound Gap road, the longest pre-Civil War state road. It was surveyed beginning in 1817 and extended to beyond Prestonsburg, a total of ninety four miles. It became the major overland route to Virginia and the east. Maintenance was a continuing problem and it was turned over to the counties in 1838 and fell into disrepair. The present highway US 460 follows the approximate route of the original road.

Mt. Sterling

by Krumlovgirl

"Mt. Sterling"

I was brought home from the hospital here and later lived here briefly again when I was 10. We only lived there a short time the second time because our house was haunted, thus shortening the amount of time we spent in the house. Everyone who knows me knows about the "haunted house in Mt.Sterling" and I like to take visitors on drives past it even today. It is still standing, although it's empty. Take a look at my houses travelogue.

" Some Things To Take Note Of "

October Court Days- basically a really, really big flea market. If you can't find it here, then you're not going to find it anywhere. I do a lot of my Christmas shopping at this time. But then, I like markets anyway. It's also wise to visit without a full stomach. Lots of places to eat.

Berrymans- my favorite Frosty Freeze. It's arguable that they lost their edge when they moved into the old Dairy Queen building, but their chili dogs are still pretty good.

Old houses- there are some really neat old houses in the downtown area. I lived in my first haunted house in Mt.Sterling. We lived there exactly three months and then promptly moved out. Never really finished unpacking. Really traumatic experience. But the house was pretty! :-)

Quaint downtown- although like most downtown areas in the south, it is drying up due to urban sprawl, but they have managed to keep the buildings looking pretty good. It's nice to get out and walk around in.

Ruth Hunt Candy Company- and you can take a tour, too!

"More Photos"

I have more photos in my external photo album page. Check it out here. My Mount Sterling Photo Album

The Mount Sterling Horror

by Krumlovgirl

Note: Please don’t take this as a stab to Mount Sterling. I love Mount Sterling and I loved living there. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite places in Kentucky. The following story has no bearing on the town. It’s just about my experiences in one specific house.

Years and years before the atrocities of my experiences in New Hampshire, I lived in another house that was frequented by otherworldly visitors. On the plus side, we only lived there for three months. On the downside, I was just a kid and there was lack of communication in my house regarding what was going on. If I had been more open and talked about what I was seeing, or if Mom and my cousin Jack had talked about it to each other, then we probably wouldn’t have stayed as long as we did. To this day, this is the scariest place I have ever been to and even after a quick visit over the summer of 2006 I still had nightmares a week afterwards.

We were very excited to be moving into the Mount Sterling house. You can’t tell it from the pictures, but the place was huge and had thirteen rooms, including a big-ass basement. It had been part of the underground railroad and had all sorts of little nooks and crannies and hidden doorways and stairwells. Initially, it was only going to be me and Mom living there but a couple of weeks after we moved in, my thrirtysomething cousin Jack moved in with us as well. The house was so big that we could all be home and never know the other people were there so it worked out well.

Things started happening almost immediately. The first thing we noticed was the blood. As a kid I was a little bit afraid of the dark and other things so I mostly slept with my mom. Almost from the day we moved in, we noticed that whenever we woke up in the mornings, tiny flicks of blood spotted our sheets. At first, it wasn’t that noticeable. Maybe ten or twenty. But as the nights wore on, they became more prominent. We would go to bed with clean sheets, but when we woke up in the morning, our top sheet would be covered with blood spots. We checked ourselves over, thinking that maybe we were coughing up blood in our sleep or scratching ourselves until we bled, but there were no marks on us. This went on for a couple of weeks until finally it got too cold to sleep in that upstairs room so we moved to one of the downstairs bedrooms.

Then there was the lady. I didn’t know about the lady until after we moved out. I’m glad I didn’t know.

One afternoon I was out riding my bike and Mom was upstairs cleaning one of the bedrooms. We had a winding staircase leading from the front door to the upstairs and as Mom cleaned she got the feeling that someone was watching her. She walked to the doorframe and peered down through the stairwell, locking eyes with a slight, older woman, with gray hair. Thinking that a neighbor might have wandered in, Mom smiled and asked her if she could help her. The lady didn’t answer. So Mom asked again. The lady disappeared.

About the same time, my little friend Teri came to spend the week with me. In the middle of the night, I came down with a horrid fever, 105 degrees, and was sick out of my mind for about a week. I have no recollection of that entire time and felt horrible. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me and nothing helped. They were about to put me in the hospital when one afternoon Mom went out to buy me some Gatorade. I was going in and out of sleep and Terri was alone with me. All of a sudden, I was awakened by Terri’s scream. She was standing by the side of my bed, pointing. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that a gray-headed woman (whom she eventually pointed out in a picture of my deceased grandmother) had been sitting beside me on the bed, touching my head with her hand. From that moment, my fever broke and I was fine as if nothing had happened.

For reasons that I am still not aware of, we didn’t sleep too long in the downstairs bedroom either and eventually moved to the family room where we let out the fold-out couch and slept. Jack took over the back bedroom. I still played upstairs because my bedroom was up there, but I took a fright one evening when I was playing alone. I got the feeling that someone was watching me and when I turned around, my child-size rocking chair in the corner of my room was quickly rocking back and forth. I took a step toward it and it abruptly stopped. As I stood there and watched it, it slowly began rocking again, faster and faster until it tipped over and I went flying down the stairs. I went up a few other times, but from the minute I walked in the room a cold draft would hit me and it would feel as if my entire body was submerged under water until I couldn’t catch my breath. Eventually, I stopped going up there at all and forgot all about my toys.

Once Jack moved in things got really weird. The activity in the house increased dramatically. Mom and I were still sleeping in the downstairs’ bedroom when my uncle Junior and his girlfriend came to visit us. Junior is a really rough truck driver with multiple tattoos (some his girlfriend gave him at home) and his girlfriend herself looked like she could kick some serious booty. They were supposed to spend a couple of weeks with us and we put them upstairs. After a few nights they quickly packed their stuff and left. It was years before they would tell us why and even to this day we don’t have the whole story. They heard or saw something and it scared the living daylights out of them.

Meanwhile, in the downstairs bedroom I wasn’t faring so well. At ten years old I had never had a problem with wetting the bed but suddenly I started doing it every night. I didn’t even wake up as I was doing it. In the past, I might have a dream that I was in water or something and wake up just as I was about to pee, but I had never wet the bed like that before. This went on for weeks. Every single night. Mom was not amused. We couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Eventually, a doctor told us that it was psychological. That my mind wasn’t letting me wake up. I think it’s because I was too afraid to go to the bathroom alone at night so I just wouldn’t let myself wake up.

Then we moved into the family room.

This being an old house, ever room had a door to it. We could be in the family room and completely shut ourselves off from the hallway. At night, we closed those doors in order to keep the heat in. One night, those doors blocked us from something.

It was late in the evening and Mom and I were in the family room, reading. We had all of the doors shut. It was very quiet and we didn’t have the TV on or anything. I can remember hearing the front door open and sounds coming from the front of the house. I was pretty jumpy by then and didn’t think much of it, but as it went on I finally looked up at Mom and asked if she had heard anything. She had. “It’s probably just Jackie playing a trick on us,” she said. We waited for a few minutes and as we listened, footsteps came down the hall and stopped outside the door to the family room. We waited, only to hear them turn around and start up the stairs. We heard the steps slowly going up the stairs, and then heard them overhead, walking around my bedroom. At this point, Mom jumped up and said, “Put your shoes on!” We ran out the family room, into the dark hallway, and out the front door. All the while, we could hear the sounds of the person (or sometimes it sounded like people) walking around above us.

Once outside, we parked ourselves across the street on the sidewalk and watched the house until Jack got home. Now, there were only two rooms upstairs, one on either side of the stairwell. A large window separated the rooms. If anyone had crossed from one room to the other we would have seen them through the window. If anyone had come down the stairs, we would have seen them since the staircase was located directly in front of the front door. When Jack got home the three of us, armed with a broom, went back in the house to investigate. We walked all around the house. Nothing was there. Nobody slept very well that night.

After that, things went from bad to worse. Voices in the night, whispers, laughter, footsteps that walked toward the bed and got a few feet away before stopping…Knocking on the walls and doors. Singing. I heard singing coming from upstairs once and I can still hear it. Sometimes I get it confused with the rocking chair incident and it all merges together for me, even though they didn’t happen at the same time. Mom was a schoolteacher and we started staying really late at school so that we wouldn’t have to be at home as long.

Eventually, we decided to move. For the weeks leading up to the move, the three of us slept in the same room. Mom and I moved mattresses into Jack’s room and we slept in there. He had been hearing and seeing things as well and was afraid to sleep alone. The last thing I remember was that one night my stomach was upset and I had diarrhea. I had to keep getting up and going to the bathroom and I was so afraid that every time I went I cried. I would sit there on the toilet and listen as someone or something would walk up to the bathroom door and tap lightly, before whispering something I couldn’t understand and dart away. At one point I even started praying to my grandmother to watch out for me. Okay, I was ten.

We moved out and I hadn’t been back to the house until the summer of 2006 when I took my friends there. They’re really into old houses and ghost stories and they wanted to see it. It’s been abandoned for fifteen years or something and it’s really falling in, but you can still walk around inside if you’re careful. Mom took one step inside the front door and then went back to the car and shut the door. I stayed a little longer, but when I tried to go upstairs I couldn’t get nay further in my old bedroom than the door. Jim and Ashley toughed it out and explored but when Jim came back out the first thing he said was, “There’s something bad in Becky’s old room.” Yeah, I know.

Something had to have happened in that house. Those were not friendly spirits. It was not a good feeling to be there. And I often felt that it wasn’t even the same spirits that haunted it. I know that for a while the house was separated into apartments so maybe that had something to do with it. I don’t know. But I still get creepy vibes whenever we drive past it.


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 Ramada Ltd Mt Sterling Ky

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