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Cobblestone streets/Historic District

by Pawtuxet

Cobblestone streets are almost extinct in the United States, but here in New Bedford you get to rattle along and really FEEL the age of the old city. Some of the sidewalks are partially constructed of huge slabs of old blue stone mixed with bricks and other remnants of the past. Roadways are narrow and you might be confused by one way streets, but if you park and begin to walk the neighborhood, you will begin to feel like one of the old mariners coming down Johnny Cake Hill.
I plan to go back for some more poking around. Hope you'll get there too.

New England Whaling

by donpaul77

"A Proud History"

I recently took a day trip down to historic New Bedford, which is one of the three largest fishing ports in the United States.

The downtown area is actually a National Park, made up of cobblestone streets and old buildings with tremendous historic significance. Much of the history relates to the whaling industry, as well as the ongoing and thriving fishing industry.

"Mellville Country"

Perhaps what the residents are most proud of is the city's association with Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick. Melville had set out on a whaling voyage from New Bedford, a journey which inspired him to write his masterpiece.
There are several places of Mellville-ness in New Bedford.

"Working Waterfront"

Perhaps the most engaging aspect of New Bedford is the working waterfront. The fishing industry here is flourishing and this is evident all along the pier, with hundreds of rugged looking boats. A tour of the waterfront by boat is a great way to experience it all.

NEW BEDFORD ~ Whaling capitol of New England

by Pawtuxet

"Salty and a bit gritty, but fascinating as well..."

New Bedford is a famous old whaling port which continues to earn its living from the sea. With a large fishing fleet and working waterfront, there are many working class neighborhoods whose residents depend on the sea in one way or the other. A ferry can take you to Martha's Vineyard from here, but you could probably find charter boats for a private fishing adventure with your friends or a tour boat to explore the coastline, among the extensive offerings.
Herman Melville shipped out of this port in 1841. The experience inspired him to write Moby-Dick.

And then there are the All American DINERS Don't cha just love diner food? It's so bad for us, I know... but where else are ya gonna get a juicy burger or a huge breakfast such as you find in these great old diners. Check out the one on my Restaurant tips.


"Whaling Museum"

Atop Johnny Cake Hill in the heart of the historic waterfront district, the New Bedford Whaling Museum is a complex of several buildings which fill the block between William and Union streets. The museum is dedicated to the history of New Bedford, with particular emphasis on the story of whaling in the age of sail.

Come into my tips to learn more about this wonderful and unique museum.

"Clawfoot anyone?"

I visited the NewEngland Salvage Co. with my friend who is a preservation architect. If you need some salvaged pieces or parts for an old house it might be a good idea to check them out. Have you dreamed of having a clawfoot tub? This place has a few! It's a pretty stunning sight when you get to the top of the stairs and see a sea of bathrubs all lined up like they are about to parade down Main Street.

New Bedford

by Tom_Fields

"New Bedford: Historic New England port town"

Founded in 1787, this old town became the center of New England's then-booming whaling industry. English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold first explored the town's harbor in 1602. Today, it remains a busy fishing port.

The main attraction is its whaling museum. While here, sample some of the town's excellent Portuguese cuisine.

"New Bedford's fishing fleet"

This is still a busy seaport and fishing community. There are a lot of fishing boats here.

"New Bedford's beaches"

This town has some fine beaches, great for water sports or just strolling.

New Bedford

by mikelisaanna

New Bedford is an old port city on the southern coast of Massachusetts. Its primary attraction is the New Bedford Waling National Historic Park, which was created in 1996 to preserve the history of the whaling industry in New England. While much of the city has seen better days, the whaling historic park area is worth visiting if you like history. It has a good museum and a number of historic buildings and boats.


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