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At the end of the day we had fun at SalemAt the end of the day we had fun at Salem

Ferni caught by the Captain's "hook"Ferni caught by the Captain's "hook"

Some would say I "deserve to burn"!! Ja, ja, jaSome would say I "deserve to burn"!! Ja, ja, ja

You've been a baaaaaaaadddddddd boy!You've been a baaaaaaaadddddddd boy!

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Salem in December

by cazzza

Hi, we are planning a trip to the US from Australia and want to visit Salem in Dec 2010. I have noticed on the different websites that some attractions are only open until October/November. Can anyone advise us as to whether it is worthwhile visiting this time of year as we are making a special trip to Boston just to visit Salem. Thanking you in advance
Carol in Australia.

Re: Salem in December

by bocmaxima

Most of the stuff in Salem is seasonal so, honestly, if you're just going up there for Salem, it's really not worth the trip. I don't think Salem's that interesting in the summer either though.
Boston is going to be excessively cold in December anyway. Think _highs_ of around 0C (likely lower) with plenty of snow on the ground. It's just not a time to go there.

Re: Salem in December

by alansm

What was the "draw" in Salem that made you originally interested? We might be able to better able to help you if we knew that. Boston, by the way, is a vert charming city on its own. And December isn't always cold and snowy in December, although it certainly can be.

Re: Salem in December

by cazzza

Hi, thanks for the replies. Our draw to Salem is the history of the witch trials
One of our travellers is extremely interested in it, so we thought we would come and have a look. But if it is going to be snowing and lots of the places closed down for winter, is it worth still coming? Is there plenty to see in Boston that time of year? we were thinking 2-3 days there, then on to New York for 4-5 days. There is nine of us, so we really want to know if it is worthwhile financially etc.
thanks again

Travel Tips for Salem

The Visitor's Center

by cjg1

The Salem Visitor Center is located right across from the Peabody Essex Museum. They have a gift shop, information desk, various guides and maps to Salem and other areas of Massachusettes and maritime exhibits. It's normally the first stop I make when visiting Salem.


by LoriPori

For 200 years, SALEM was one of the busiest ports in North America. Its early settlers began to "harvest the sea" soon after their arrival in 1626. The waters of the Massachusetts Bay and the nearby Grand Banks were teeming with cod, mackerel and flounder. Fishing provided an attractive alternative to farming the rocky New England soil.
In the 1630's local merchants began sending vessels laden with salted cod, lumber and other exports to the West Indies and Europe. This trade quickly replaced fishing as the city's primary industry and provided the foundation of many a local fortune.
Salem's lucrative trade was disrupted during the early years of the French and Indian Wars (1689-1713) when 54 of the 60 vessels in the town's fleet were desroyed or captured by the enemy. But in the peaceful decades that followed the end of the conflict, Salem's maritime activity and prosperity grew to unprecedented levels.


by moiraistyx

While we were walking down the streets I came across a container of bags with a sign directing people to clean up after their pets. I had never seen this anywhere before and thought it was just the funniest thing. Salem is obviously pet friendly so take advantage of the bags provided by the city if Fido makes a mess on his walk. Seeing the clean up after your pet bag holder.


by kazander

Salem would be a wonderful place to visit any day, but going there on Halloween is very special. You are surrounded by so many other people who genuinely love this holiday. There is never a dull moment because there is just SO much to do! We loved it and plan on returning, not just on Halloween next year, but on a slower regular day as well. Just being caught up in the excitement of the day. Running around trying to fit in as much as we could before collapsing together on the train back to Boston. THE best Halloween of my life.

The Salem witch trials

by goingsolo

The Salem witch trials originated from events taking place in 1692. In January of that year, it is reported that several young girls began to exhibit "strange behavior". These girls identified three women as the cause of their strange behavior.

The three women were arrested. One of these women, Tituba, a slave, confessed to practicing witchcraft. From this point, the town erupted in a mass hysteria with numerous reports of witchcraft, numerous arrests and the supposed trials of alleged witches.

During that year, many people were tried for the crime of practicing witchcraft. 20 were executed. The plaque in the picture bears the names of the first 5 women to be executed, all of whom proclaimed their innocence.


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