Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

129 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, United States
#48 of 303 hotels in Las Vegas
Very Good (3.5 out of 5.0) 22 reviews
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Stay Safe Stay Away

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 11, 2013

I visited Las Vegas from July 10-16. I was lodged this time at the Golden Nugget off Fremont Street. On this trip folks I rented a car from Budget car rental. I'd skip this if I were you for two reasons. First they stuck me for Loss of Service coverage and stated I had to take it. I argued but they charged me 27.50 a day anyway. Said I couldn't drive away without it. It was a lie. Then at arrival at the Golden Nugget I had no room key yet and was a given a hassle. The valet parking I was told was not free as stated in the ad and the car garage was full up to the sunny 6th level. Of course I passed many empty valet parking empty spaces to park!
Travelers beware trying to cross to the hotel from the car garage. There is no painted or designated area to cross the street. This means almost getting hit by cars and taxis repeatedly(11 times over 6 days) This was not a safe crossing. I definitely would not recommend it.
Upon entry from the car garage you realize that you are on the back side and must lug your luggage through two long halls past bars and pool. On arrival to check-in area I tiredly realized that there were 23 people ahead of me with only two attendants. Finally two attendants that were talking about friends for 10 minutes went back to work.  The attendant I received was friendly. She stated that the Landry card could be used at any site for points. I showed her my Landry card and was assigned to the Gold Tower in room 1118. I received poor directions but after walking around for 10 minutes found the elevators. We(two teenagers 15 and 17) and I went to room and were happy with the state upon entry. Then we had to walk all the way back to the car garage on the 6th floor to get our luggage. That meant 11 floors down over two halls, waiting for elevator for 5 minutes at car garage after being honked at crossing the street. On the way back in I tripped over the gold metal surrounding the carpet in the area in front of the gold tower elevator. I wrenched my knee and banged my leg into the table. The picture of the huge healing bruise is enclosed. Be warned-- sandals would tangle easily. We went up to the room. Tired as I was I was shocked to see a seven dollar bottle of water to greet us(picture enclosed)

and then there was a 10 dollar box of only 4 keurig coffee pods as well(picture enclosed).

We got back up and walked down to the Walgreens at the end of Fremont. I bought drinks, water coffee and snacks that we had to then lug back to the room. I took pictures of some issues I discovered in the room the next morning. Blood stains were on the sheets, rust on fixtures, mold and dirt by tub, stains under sink and dirty carpet throughout(pictures enclosed)

The first full day in we went to the pool. We arrived at 11am. There were no chairs left. The chairs all had towels on them. There were less people then saved chairs. A real issue they have there is not requiring all to return towels on way out. They can leave the towels for hours on chairs. They really need to be like the Wyngate and check out towels by room key number. People would then have to check them in or pay for them. This would keep people from being lazy and saving seats after they have left for hours! Finally someone left and I got a chair. The water was distinctly murky and it was very windy that day so the waterfalls were off. The chairs had zero space between them on left and right. You literally had to climb into your chair from the bottom. The main issue is that the space in front of the chairs and the back of the next chair is so close that as you walked through people could lay their chairs into you bruising you over and over again.(picture enclosed)

My legs are severely bruised by this and painful! The pool was fun and the shark aquarium was awesome. This is the best pool idea ever. I wished a restaurant could have been next to it too. My teens tried the slide and loved it but hated the long walk upstairs to slide. The floors extremely slippery in the bathroom by each toilet. You literally had to hold on for dear life. You cannot bring a towel or take it up, however turning it in doesn't seem to matter. Basically dripping until you get to your room.
On day two we went to the adventure dome at Circus Circus. It had fun rides but the casino and area are highly run down. The area was in high need of makeover. The girls had a ball all day and rode some rides 7 times. The worst past of the day was getting in and out of the car garage and not getting run over. This time we ended up on floor 4 as far as possible from the elevator.
Day three we went to go to the pool. We were totally shocked. The entire pool was taped off with yellow caution tape. The pool was closed all day and into the next. We were told after asking 4 times that it was a bio hazard. My girls and I had just been in that pool. Today back home in South Carolina I just got back from the pharmacy. Get this !!I have ringworm on my neck. Yep and they stated that I had to get it in Vegas most likely at a water park or pool! Icky. We went to the pool the last day as well on the 15th as they stated the area was well cleaned and cleaner then before. I wish the girls had not convinced me to go that day! I broke a nail backwards as the metal rail in the front entering the pool is wobbly. (picture enclosed)

My long nail bit the dust and bled. The pool looked great but the cheapest drink was three bucks. We ate at Carson Street Cafe on the Nugget but were never told until the end that the Landry’s card couldn't be used there. My daughter ordered fries and they were cold. They also ordered fruit compote and it had definitely been made many hours before.
While in Vegas we shopped and wandered through malls. We also went to an ice skating rink. There is tons for teens to do in Vegas but so much walking and everything is expensive.
We went to the Gordie Brown show on July 13th at 7:30 and then to the free buffet that came with the tickets. I bought tickets and when I picked them up I stated we wanted to sit together. Instead the girls sat a seat away. We asked to move forward as the 4 rows in front of us were empty but were told no even though they were general seating. We loved the show even the teenagers loved the jokes. We then went to the buffet. We were not told it was closing soon. We were sat and no one came to get our drink orders for 11 minutes. Then he complained about getting them. The buffet looked like the food was older. It turned out they weren't cooking anymore fresh food and it looked over 3 hours old in areas. The food overall was tough or old. The staff did not want to respond to any questions. The area we were sat in had not been properly cleaned and the seats were dirty. Dirty food was under the table. The desserts looked great but were slightly stale as well. It was very disappointing.
On the last day we also ate lunch at the Italian restaurant in the nugget. We were sat next to the bar. We lucked out and hit at happy hour. They had 7 dollar pizzas. This turned into the best meal the whole trip. The ingredients were fresh and delicious. My youngest ordered spaghetti and loved it, The bartender took our orders and was friendly. He made the teenagers feel special and did not complain at all. Plus they took the Landry card.
The room had another major flaw. They walls were extremely thin. My girls were watching televisions and we heard a neighbor yell shut the F up and

bang on our wall. The help made noise I in the hallways or nearby rooms at any hour of the day or night. They cleaned carpets at 3 am loudly outside the door. The wet carpet became a huge stepping danger as well as moving from carpet to tile. Be aware the low ceilings were claustrophobic. They added a bathroom fan onto the wall at some point. The moisture after one shower would literally cause dirty ceiling water to form and drip on you afterward. There was no airflow to remove the moisture. Another issue is lack of plugs in the room. In this day of electronics it is hard to deal with two teenagers and only two plugs. Also wireless was 12.99 a day per item. This was ridiculous but free wifi is available where we were from
We packed up and lugged all the way back to the car garage after checkout by paper in the lobby. To add insult to injury I tripped over the gold metal around the carpet again adding another bruise. A limousine tried to run us over while crossing to the car garage again. What a way to end this stay!
Well they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: My ringworm, bruises and aching knee disagree.

Unique Quality: There is dirt, mold and danger everywhere. I forgot the pool bathrooms have soaking wet carpets that when you step into stalls you slide right in.
bugs and dirt.
At night I saw someone throwup on chairs and pool.

Directions: Downtown vegas

Best Nugget we've found!!!

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on May 28, 2012

We absolutely loved our stay at the Golden Nugget!!! We even extended our stay and cancelled our reservation on the strip! We spent a lot of time on the strip taking in shows...but just so you know...there is a bus that leaves downtown Fremont street every 15 minutes to take you to every hotel on the can get up to a 3 day pass...very inexpensive!!! So stay here...and hop a bus 24 hours a day!!!

Our bed was wonderful, the room was excellent, the pool was amazing...we didn't dine here but the buffet at the Fremont was super!!! We didn't want to leave! It is an older hotel but you definitely wouldn't know it...highly recommend!!! Book directly on their website (best rates...we paid $35/night for the carson May) and pay just $25 for VIP service (one time fee) get express check in...and it is so worth it!

Unique Quality: Fremont Street is a must see!!! The Tank pool is unbelievable...and the waterslide was fun for us 45-55 year old campers! It is also an easy hotel to get around! Ladies Night at Gold Diggers is Thursday!!!

Almost perfect!

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 23, 2012

We stayed 3 nights & spent most of our time downtown. The service was superb! Everyone, not just Golden Nugget staff but everyone, everwhere, were very friendly & helpful. The meals were good, prices were on the high side but not ridiculous. My only complaints, though trite, are important; I paid over $600.00 for 3 nights stay & I had to pay for my coffee in my hotel room! I also had to pay $13.00 for internet access, that was for my 4 day stay, so it's not that much, but really? You cannot be a modern, viable hotel without free WIFI. I understand the need to generate a profit, but this is a bit much. An operation in the hotel/service business needs to understand it's OK to "hug" every dollar out of their clients, not squeeze! If it weren't for those 2 items, I would not even shop next time I wanted to go to Vegas, I would call the nicest people that have ever waited on me- at the Golden Nugget!

Unique Quality: Pool, was good, plenty of sunshine & shade (for us pale-faces). water slide was fun. Staff very friendly. Immediate access to Fremont Street.

Directions: DOWNTOWN Baby!

Best choice in "old" Las Vegas ("downtown" area)

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 10, 2010

I think the Golden Nugget is the best quality hotel in the old Las Vegas area(Fremont Street "downtown"). This area has good public bus connections with the airport (#108 or #109A departing from airport level zero, allow 1 hour each way, $2 each ride or buy an all day bus pass).

The downtown area provides great nostalgia for old Las Vegas. The hotel fronts the Fremont Street Experience, a free hourly sound and light show every evening, with additional free live stage entertainment most nights.

When I arrived, the hotel gave me a free upgrade from the older (and probably quieter) south Carson Tower to the newer north Rush Tower, even though I had never stayed here before and am a non-gambler.

My Rush Tower room was very elegant and quite large (about 500 sq. ft. = 50 sq. m.). The room was decorated in medium to dark brown tones, with a large marble and tile bathroom, a king bed, and an attached sitting area with a large sectional sofa. At less than the cost of a single buffet dinner on the Strip, my room ($39 US mid-week) was a great bargain. In appreciation, I doubled my usual service tips to the various hotel staff.

The staff were very friendly and efficient throughout the hotel. The breakfast buffet was a good value at $10, with good variety and nice presentation (but avoid the pastries, all of which were stale). I did not try any other meals in the hotel. The pool area is relatively small compared with the hotel size, but it is entertaining because of the shark tank and water slide in the center of the pool.

I found only two drawbacks to staying at the GN. First, the public "Deuce" bus which shuttles passengers along the Strip runs well in the morning, but by afternoon is jammed, and by evening is worthless due to excess demand. Second, Rush Tower rooms facing north (Fremont Street) are somewhat noisy from about 8-10pm while live entertainment is going on -- a band played Johnny Cash tributes at 150 decibels, and even the double glazed windows could not keep the noise (music) out.

Still, I recommend the GN for anyone who wants to stay in old Las Vegas and does not have to shuttle to the Strip for shows or shopping (there is a good premium outlet mall only a mile from the GN anyway, on bus #108).

Directions: On Fremont Street pedestrian zone

cdw0218's Profile Photo

Golden Nugget - Renovated now the service needs it

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 24, 2009

We visited the Golden Nugget for the first night of our 3 night stay in Vegas. We arrived on a Thursday thinking it would be easy to get in and get checked in so we can start our 3 night get away. First it is hard to get the the parking as the streets are all tore up, construction everywhere and they don't let you know a head of time on their webpage anywhere nor when you reserve. Very dis-appointed.

When we walked in it was very nice, the casino, pool out back everything for an older hotel and casion. The check in process took forever. We had maybe 6 people in front of us with 4 people checking visitors in and it took over 30 minutes at 10:30 at night on a Thursday. The bar in the hotel is awesome and the location to Freemont street does not get any better. We loved that.

The room was very nice and the bed was pretty conformatable with 42" plasma TVs in the room. We were in an older tower and our room was really nice; however we did have a few of the wall of the tower next to us, but that is ok that night was for partying anyway.

Finally, the check out was not that great. We tried to check out from the TV, but it was not working. We tried to call down, but no-one answered after 25 minutes on hold. So speedy check out is not an option. We ended up going down stairs and check out at 11:30 on a Friday which took about 20 minutes, to say thanks and leave it on the card.

In short the accomodations, casino, bars and pool are very nice. The service very lacking!

Unique Quality: The pool is wraps around the center the pool area with a huge water slide that goes thru a fish tank. The tank is in the center of the pool area and has water falls. The pool area is one of the nicest I have seen.

The bar as I mentioned before we loved. It has a balcony outside that overlooks freemont steet. We loved having a couple of beers and watching people. People watching there is choice. We had some great laughs. LOL. If you go to Golden Nugget for nothing else, the bar is worth a visit.

Directions: Downtown on Freemont Street
129 E Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Nice but long check in lines

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 8, 2008

The Golden Nugget is the nicest hotel downtown. But, the check in lines are always long here. Expect to stand in line for an hour when you arrive.

Unique Quality: The pool is outstanding. It's heated and very cool with the shark tank and the slide. But, it's not really a pool you can swim any length in.

MartiniMike's Profile Photo

"The Nug"

by written on July 17, 2008

It is the crown jewel of downtown.
I am a veteran Vegas goer.
I have stayed at The Plaza several times & El Cortez several times.
I won't stay at either again.
All remodeled but clientele at El Co & Plaza seemed to have gone downhill along witth the helpfulness of staffs.
Golden Nugget has a newly remodeled pool & rooms, etc. Very nice.
Good deals too. I was originally going to stay at any # of other places on this upcoming trip.
You can shuttle or cab to strip when you want.

Unique Quality: 3 level pool with a big slide and shark tank in the middle! One of the best buffets in Vegas.

Directions: Downtown

Yaqui's Profile Photo

Nicest Hotel on Fremont

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 23, 2008

We stayed here on one of our many wonderful anniversaries and were very pleased with the comfort and décor of the room. It was fun being in the old original downtown gaming area and had a wonderful time wondering to each of the other casinos and restaurants. We had to the pleasure of seeing Don Rickles who was the headliner at that time. Wow, we were very glad not to be sitting up front…LOL. He was merciless to those upfront. What is also so unique is its in the heart of Fremont Street. So you get free shows every night.

Alazzo1's Profile Photo

Glden Nuggett a Strip Sandwich

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 29, 2008

We had a wonderful Veterans Day three-night weekend stay at the Golden Nugget. We made it a Strip sandwich a less expensive way to spend a week and a weekend in Vegas. This was our first time at the GN and they exceeded my expectations, the GN was first class all the way. Corrie our bellman asked if we were just arriving in Vegas and when we told him we had spent our first few nights on the strip he told us that "they were going to spoil us" and he was right. The overall look of this older hotel was impressive. The Strip takes a lot of energy, long walks, crowded busses. It makes good "cents" if you have a weekend book downtown for less money but still a first class hotel and room. Our room was less than $100.00 and the service was great.

Unique Quality: Our noon check in with Val was flawless just a short wait in line, bags were delivered to our oversized nicely decorated king non-smoking spotless deluxe 15th floor room in minutes. The bathroom was beautiful, nice amenities, plush towels and a large lighted make up mirror in the sitting area outside the bath. The lobby and halls were well kept and the friendly maids did a great job keeping everything clean. The Café serves reasonably priced meals and the line moves fast due to a friendly well-trained staff. You can give them your name and they will call you in turn if you do not want to stand in the line. We ate there three times for breakfast and once for lunch for under $20.00 and the food was very good. We loved Fremont Street, no one clicks cards at you every few yards and the Veterans Day events were outstanding. Walking is limited and the more relaxed low-key fun atmosphere was a nice break from the strip. We met our friends from California there for the weekend and they had a room with a beautiful view looking right up the strip. Dinner at Lillie Lang try’s was enjoyed by all the food was very good and the service was excellent, our waiter suggested that we add two house rice dishes to our order when we received the bill at $7.00 each I'd avoid this when we go back. The casino was great, full of people having a good time. The free show in the lounge had people clapping and dancing. I took advantage of the free 10:30am Pai Gow Poker lesson from Dave and had a ball playing the game.

When we took the cab from the Strip my wife noticed the Vegas Premium Outlet Mall off of 15 and it was one of the first places we went on Friday afternoon. It would be a five-dollar cab ride but our friends drove so we went over. The girls had a ball shopping but four hours of this was enough for me. Overall Fremont Street was great fun the Golden Nugget is a super hotel at a reasonable price and we plan to return on our next trip to Vegas for another Strip sandwich. Try it you will like it.

Directions: Located in Downtown Las Vegas on Freemont Street. A unique Freemont Street experience is the older casinos like the Nugget, Binions and many other "blue collar" hotels. Nothing is a long walk here this is the old Vegas and was a treat to have found it.

doug48's Profile Photo


Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 20, 2008

if you plan to stay downtown the golden nugget is the best hotel in the fremont street area. personally i prefer to stay on the strip but if you are on a budget the golden nugget is an excellent value.

Directions: downtown.

SteveOSF's Profile Photo

Nice Place to Stay in Downtown Las Vegas

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 10, 2007

We decided to stay Downtown for a change and the Golden Nugget offered some good mid-week deals. The room was spacious and fairly nice. The downtown location is convenient for those who like to wander about to other clubs. They have a swimming pool with a large adjacent fish tank and a water slide that goes through the fish tank. This pool is a center of activity for the hotel. Three gaming tables and a bar are poolside.

The hotel’s Italian restaurant, steakhouse, and coffee shop all serve
decent meals. The hotel does charge $11.95/day for internet access which seems a bit of a rip off, considering many roadside motels provide this free to their guests.

The show Strictly Ballroom was enjoyable. The lounge "Rush" has some overpriced, but decent, specialty drinks and occasional fun live entertainment.

The casino has a decent poker room. The other table games like blackjack are a little better than average for what is offered today in Las Vegas, given the long decline in the table games (during which the house has increased its advantage primarily through adverse changes to the rules).

The staff at the hotel was helpful.

Directions: Downtown, Las Vegas

Renovation of Hotel is Grand/Room was a bit tired!

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 31, 2007

Stayed at the Golden Nugget for 5 nights, Jan 9-14 of 2007. The staff was excellent, friendly, personable and pleasant. This includes the front desk, dealers, cocktail waitresses, housekeeping and security, etc... Everyone smiles and greets you here! The renovation of the hotel areas are fabulous! The new pool area is gorgeous and inviting. The shark tank is quite intriguing, as well. The water slide is a nice touch, too.

The gambling was great for blackjack - did quite well. The slots were only o.k. for wins. Roulette was good, also. The "24 Karat Club" however, is quite lacking. We gambled for many, many hours and received VERY FEW points. This included many hours of playing $25-50 hands of blackjack. Quite disappointed with that system.

The new buffet was actually dreadful and boring, unfortunately, with cold food. Room service was ordered twice and was excellent. The food at the Carson Street Cafe, we ate their twice, was very good and reasonably priced.

This was our third stay here in 6 years. We had a deluxe north tower room and they are a good size, BUT honestly the room is looking a bit tired and drab. The ceiling was filthy with what appeared to be black dust chunks stuck to it, there were burn holes in the bedding draperies, the windows were VERY, VERY filthy. The furniture is beat up to a level it should be replaced. It is time to update the rooms, folks. The bathroom is still VERY small, but the marble is still beautiful. The vanity with the make up mirror in the room is a great plus here!

Unique Quality: The new pool area is fabulous!!! Period!! The sitting areas and lounges are plentiful and very inviting. The three tiers are gorgeous. The water slide through the shark tank is a awesome and unique feature. The shark tank itself is very intriguing and beautifully done. The proximity to Fremont Street experience is a huge plus also. Staff is very professional and grade A!

Directions: Downtown on Fremont Street

golden era of marbel/brass and beveled glass gone

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 23, 2006

stayed over the labour day weekend and am very disappointed in what the new owners are doing to the once elegant GN. The beautiful marbel is covered with wood pannelling, beveled glass and brass mirrors on the ceiling are being changed to brown paint. Construction walls are up every where. Upstairs in the hall outside the new buffet the walls are dark and depressing. It is so dark you feel like your in some smelly old hotel. We have been going to the GN for 8 years and they have had 3 different owners but what's happening to the once elegant hotel is a crime. The casino has very tight slots and for those who play 5 cent machines there is only stools without backs. I have sent all three owners suggestions to replace the stools with chairs with backs if they are interested in their customers playing there for any lenght of time. Nickel players, playing 9, 15 and 20 lines are in fact spending more then the $1.00 machines each pull. Also they slots are very crowed together.

The guest rooms are always clean and comfortable but the bathrooms are the smallest I have ever seen. Staff are pleasant and the location on Freemont street is great. The pool has been closed since Easter for construction of a new pool. Carson Street Cafe is the only thing that is still great. The new buffet is nothing special and you can get better out side the GN.

I can only hope that when it is all completed it will be nice but so far it looks like the "new refreshed look" they are trying to acheive has the opposite effect. The GN did not need a new refreshed look it was elegant and polished and now its dark and depressing.

Unique Quality: We have never had a great view but if you are staying at the GN ask to be in the North tower because it is beside the casino and next to Freemont street. If you stay in the south tower you will have a long walk to everything.

The pool is supposed to be open in October but I would be sure to ask before I booked as we were told it would be open this past summer and when we booked they said it would be October and from the look of the construction I doubt it will be open this October.

Directions: freemont street experience

rexvaughan's Profile Photo

Off the strip but great

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 13, 2006

The Golden Nugget is away from the newer strip area in the old downtown part of Vegas. However we found it to be a jewel of a place. It is beautifully and lavishly decorated and the exterior at night is a blaze of lights. Our room was large, comfortable and quite clean. The staff was quite attentive and cordial, the parking is free and there are several restaurants in the hotel that are nice and reasonably priced. But the biggest plus for us is that it is on Fremont Ave which is a pedestrian area with fantastic light shows on the canopy of the street every night.

I have read in some reviews that the area around the hotel is not the most desirable. Apart from Fremont Ave it is pretty nondescript. I don’t know if there is any danger at night but also don’t see any reason you would be wandering around at night other than on Fremont which is always full of people. If I had not seen a few comments about the rest of the area I would not have given it a thought. I would not hesitate stay at the Golden Nugget again and give it high marks.

There are frequently special deals on rooms so that they can range from $69 for a double room (plus tax) to well over $200 on heavy weekends. Weekends are of course the highest prices but you can frequently find special promotions.

BerniShand's Profile Photo


Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 23, 2006

Away from the mega-huge casino hotels of the strip are the smaller places that have been around for many years. the prices here are cheaper and the hotels a touch less impersonal

the Golden Nugget was very comfortable, there is an expansion programme underway but we saw little or no disturbance.

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Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

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  • Golden Nugget Las Vegas
  • Downtown Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Golden Nugget
  • Golden Nugget Hotel Las Vegas

Address: 129 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, United States

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