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Las Vegas in June

by ChrisKross


We´re arriving in Vegas in the middle of June and have a few questions about booking. (I´ve tried to look through the forum, but can´t seem to find answers to my questions)

1. Is it a good idea to book a flight/south rim coach tour (e.g. Scenic Airlines) in advance or are we better off waiting till we arrive in Vegas. (We know people have been able to get 2-1 offers. Where do they find those offers?) I have checked all the Vegas booking sites I can find through Google and some of the coupon sites, but can´t seem to find anything useful. Scenic are charging $224 for a flight to the South Rim and a coach tour over there to Mather point and another look out. Is that a good rate?

2. I knwo people have asked about this before but when´s the best time to book hotels? We have already made a booking at a hotel, but it´s refundable. We will be looking out for better offers, but how long in advance do the hotels start releasing good deals for June?

3. Once in Vegas is it easy to get hold of coupons and discounts? Are people handing them out everywhere or are there any tips we could take along with us on our way? If anyone´s got tips on a pub to pub crawl which only includes happy hours, please let us know. ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Re: Las Vegas in June

by PinkFloydActuary

Regarding the hotels, you should start seeing deals now - if you check out a few websites, you can see what is out there (for example, Aria has a deal where if you book now, you can get a $50 a day resort credit.) As you mentioned, as long as you can cancel, some of these are decent to jump on now and look for something else.

As far as the coupons go - depends on what you are after. There are many of the free "What to do" magazines in hotel lobbies, taxis, near the monorail, etc. that will have some 2nd tier show coupons, maybe a few dinner coupons. Some of the better coupons you can get by signing up for slot clubs as part of their "welcome" package (buy one, get one buffet, drink, etc.)

Re: Las Vegas in June

by xymmot

usually somewhere of 250 is the going rate....take a helicopter if you can...I think it is more fun and same prices and they don't just drop you at the south /rim

cheers tommy x

Re: Las Vegas in June

by ChrisKross

Thanks for your advice guys. At least now I know what to expect price wise. I´ll be looking out for hotel deals on

If anyone knows any other useful pages for discounts etc. I would be really greatful for any tips. :)

Re: Las Vegas in June

by MapleMoose

In respect to hotels, check out this website. You can subscribe to their email and get offer codes on hotels. I recently booked 11 days at 3 hotels using their offer codes and got great deals in May. You just take the offer codes they send you and use it on the hotel's website when you look at their rate calendar. The difference can be huge. eg. I was looking at the Rio the first week of May and the regular rate was $109. With the offer code it changed to $46.

Re: Las Vegas in June

by HBKMensa

Hey if that website doesnt come up with the goods for your June trip give this one a try, usually the odd great deal:

Travel Tips for Las Vegas

Vegas shows - book in advance or leave to chance?

by St_Vincent

If you're looking at a specific top show then I would say book in advance to ensure you are not disappointed. I usually go through the hotels own website to book and you then collect the tickets, usually the day before. If you're happy to take a chance on which show you see, or are looking for the lesser shows then there are cut price ticket outlets at the Forum shops on the Strip and within the Four Queens Casino on Fremont St. You can usually get tickets at up to half price from these places for shows either same day or next day.

Walking the Strip

by ejvigil

Sounds good and all but beware, the strip is long and in the summer, it can take a beating on you. Wear good walking shoes if you are going to tackle this feat and when you're tired, "taxi taxi!!"

One summer, me and the girls decided to take a stroll and before we knew it we were well along the strip in 115 degree heat. The heat was bearable since it's a "dry heat" but the flip flops weren't! Ummm... what's happened in Vegas, has stayed in vegas. And those photos?... well, let's not talk about them!

Las Vegas Tip

by Lotta51

When I first arrived in 'LAS VEGAS', back in 1974, MANY of the large resort were NOT AROUND on the FAMOUS LAS VEGAS STRIP> There WAS> 'LANDMARK', 'HACIENDA', 'SILVER-SLIPPER', 'CASTAWAYS', 'DUNES', ALL MEMORIES< NOW!!!

Shop Your Games -- Part 2: Machines

by SteveOSF

----- Video Poker!

Video poker machines do not all have the same payouts for various hands. Look at what is offered and select the game with the best payout. This game might be in another carousel (a group of machines) or the casino next door.

At jacks or better draw poker, you may encounter a machine that payer 8 coins for flushes and 5 coins for straights, whereas nearby another machine may pay 9 coins for flushes and 6 coins for straights. Or a progressive jackpot for one group of twenty-five cent jacks or better machines might be $1,200 when nearby there could be another group with a jackpot of $1,900. The chances of hitting the royal flush are the same, so why not play the game that pays the best?


One should review the payout schedule of a slot machine if not intending to play for the maximum coins. Some machines might pay a jackpot of $600 for three sevens if three coins are played, $400 for two coins, and $200 for one coin. On these machines the payouts are all in equal proportion to the size of the wager. On these machines the player is not loosing any additional percentage of the amount wagered for playing less than the maximum amount.

However, other machines might pay equal proportions for the smaller payout of bars and cherries and such, but not pay the jackpot (say of $1,000 for three sevens) unless three coins are paid. Imagine your grief when you if you hit the three sevens and get nothing because you were a dollar short of wagering the full amount. If you want to play for less than the full amount possible on a slot machine, then be sure all the payouts are proportional to the amount bet. ----- Shop Around!

In a gaming town, it is advantageous to shop around for the best games offered.

Your Vegas Itinerary

by giampiero6

Party! Here is your itinerary...
1)Arrive by car (or plane) approximately 11 p.m
2)Drop off bags. Relax.
3)Go to casino
4)Play black jack for as long as it takes to get a few free drinks (small bets)
5)c. 1:00 a.m. Go to club
6)Do not enter club. Have drinks at the bar near the entrance (usually as much fun as club itself)
7)Go to club party
8)Scare up some fun of another variety (your choice)or have drinks at bar outside club.
9)Breakfast approx. 8 a.m.
10)Return to hotel.If you remember.
11)Change into swim gear.
12)Go to Pool
13)Enjoy beverages while tanning and observing local fauna poolside
14)Discuss with friends all the stupid things you did last night
15)Go back upstairs..relax...change for evening meal 16)Go to (buffet)
17)Eat to heart's content
18)Gamble. Listen to music. make friends at the table and enjoy a few free drinks
19)Drink at clubside bar
20)Enter club. Mingle with other freaks who are out to have an excessive time.
21)See where evening takes you
22)repeat steps 3-14
23)return to your home
24)rejoice that you are alive. plan return to Vegas


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