MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109, United States
(4.5 star hotel)
#35 of 326 hotels in Las Vegas
Great (4.0 out of 5.0) 75 reviews
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Based on 13417 reviews
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RavensWing's Profile Photo

Oh It's Grand!

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 3, 2013

I stayed in the King Executive Suite and it was grand! The room was huge! - 675 sqft. There was a couch and chair in the 'sitting' area of the room. The king size bed was on the other side of the TV stand - worked great as a break in the room and the TV swivels between the two areas. I was on the mountain side of the hotel so when I opened my curtains I could see the mountains.

The bathroom was very big. It has double sinks with a tub/shower and a separate shower. I guess having 2 separate showers means you get ready faster?

I would stay there over and over! The only downfall is it's at the end of the strip.

Africancrab's Profile Photo

Great Room with a view

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on May 18, 2013

The sheer size of the establishment alone is mind blowing. What took me by surprise was the room we got at the price we got it for. It was an impromptu stop as we drove home from a 4 nights getaway to Yosemite National Park. We had just toured Death Valley National Park when I decided we should make a stop in Las Vegas to pamper ourselves after a few days communing with nature.

I got on my iPhone, logged on to and found a wonderful deal for $79 for the Deluxe Queen. The interior of the room was inviting with beautiful art decor. The amenities are definitely high quality. Refrigerator with drinks that you can have and get billed to you at check out. Flat panel TV, computer desk with quite modern desk light and white leather chair.

The bathroom was large with a great bath tub. The counter and wash sink looked new and modern with fine and cool colors that gave it a cool feel.

The beds were incredibly comfortable, fresh bed sheets, soft pillows and beautiful long accent pillows.

The electronic control panel for the blinds was awesome. We were able to get the room pitch black by pressing a button.
The floor carpet was colorful giving the room a cozy feel.

My only disappointment was there there was no microwave or coffee maker in the room. But then I guess they are in the business of making money anyway they can. That explains the 3 Starbucks shops I saw in the part of the Casino floor I was able to walk through.

My daughter on the other hand was disappointed because we took time to go swim suit shopping for her, only to find the hotel pool had closed at 6:00 pm. That was really frustrating for me too because I had planned on getting me a martini to drink by the pool.

I must say I enjoyed my one night stay and will surely go back.

Benson35's Profile Photo

MGM Grand

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 4, 2013

I stayed in the MGM Grand in 2006 with my sister when I came for my 21st birthday. We were so overwhelmed by the fact that this was our first time to America and we were in LAS VEGAS (!!!!) that we didn't get the most out of our hotel.
It's position is at the bottom of the strip, but there is a bus service called 'The Duece' that will take you all the way to Freemont Street (Downtown) if you wish.

When we arrived, their computer system was down and there were huge queues of people wanting to check in as a flight had been cancelled and this was the hotel all of the passengers were being 'put up' in (not bad eh?!).
The staff couldn't be anymore apologetic. Our luggage was put in storage and we were given tickets for free drinks in a few of the bars they have in the MGM. We were asked to come back in an hour, which we did, and were upgraded to compensate for their computer system. We were upgraded to a room with a view of the strip - it was amazing!!

This hotel has everything you could possibly need - if you wanted, you would never have to step outside. There are places to eat (e.g. fast food and The Rainforest Cafe), drink (e.g. Bars, trendy clubs and Starbucks), shops (for anything you could need), entertainment (shows and theatre's), lions, gardens, the casino floor and a sports area. There's a swimming pool and spa, it hosts boxing matches and award ceremonies, there's a wedding chapel and business centre.

We never used this hotel to its full potential. On my 3rd visit back to Vegas I'm still discovering more about this hotel that I didn't know about! - Very bad planning on my part!

Unique Quality: Leo the Lion outside the hotel is huge and stunning!

bennforlife's Profile Photo

Don't be fooled by their "view of the strip" rooms

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 28, 2013

I took a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas and this hotel was right around my price point. The rooms were very nice with borderline contemporary/modern design. I loved the huge windows and the automatic blackout out curtains! I slept like a baby in their comfortable bed.. 24 hours of straight gambling and drinking may have contributed.. The only complaint I had was their sell-up that our room would have a view of the strip. The view was far from spectacular. All you could mainly see was the roof the casino, followed by some of the skyline.

All-in-all my stay there was very nice, and I would consider booking rooms there on another visit... after I sample some of the other stays on the strip =)

Unique Quality: One of the better casinos on the strip. Maybe not as young and risqué as planet hollywood, but it definitely had a classy feel.

aiclc's Profile Photo

maybe next time...

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 8, 2011

Ive been to Vegas 7 times, but have not yet stayed at MGM. We should though, since we hang out here like 85% of our trip! This last time our friends stayed here and we had a pre party in their room. It was a nice room, nice view and the bed was comfortable. So maybe next time!

Unique Quality: love those lions.

Rough Start but worked out well!

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on February 23, 2011

We went in 2009 with another couple and booked on-line a "deluxe" room through expedia. When we arrived we were told that there were no rooms available with a view of the strip....oh well we thought as long as the room is nice. Off we went with our luggage to the West Wing.....we kept going and going and going....we soon realized as the hallways started to change in decor and feel, we quickly knew that we were headed to the bowels of the MGM!! It was awful. The rooms were small with NO WINDOWS and we turned right back around and asked for another room.
We got another person at the front desk and she put us in the main part of the hotel with a view of the strip. Not sure why we were put into the west wing in the first place but it was rectified within an hour of us arriving.
The stay was nice and it is a a good spot on the strip. We spent a lot of time at NY NY which is literally across the street.

I would receommend this hotel as long as you do not get the WEST WING!!

Unique Quality: The location is very good. Central to many great hotels and features of the strip.
The lions are a neat thing to go see and also to take in some of the shows playing at the hotel.
Very clean and comfortable beds.


Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 17, 2010

We went to the 7:30 show of David Copperfield. We were impressed with many of the illusions even though David seemed like he was just going through the motions and didn't seem to have the energy and excitement that made him so famous.

At the end of the show David throws large silver balls into the audience to pick people to be on stage for a trick. Picture this - Large silver balls flying around hitting tables and spilling $18 drinks. WHY????? My wife's drink is hit and smashed all over her, covering her in margarita. Our neighbors drinks are also spilled on the floor. The “souvenir” glass lands on the floor and is chipped.

We don't even get an apology from one of the workers, or a replacement of the drink and glass. My wife and I are left to clean her up and our table.

The show ends and we head to the ticket concierge to voice our concern. He in turn calls his supervisor who sends us to the front desk manager. We make the 5 minute hike across the casino of the MGM to the front desk where we have to wait in line to speak to the front desk manager. When we finally get to speak to him, he has no idea of what is going on. So we explain the story again, to which he says "That happens all the time".

He offers to have my wife's clothes dry cleaned, however we were leaving the next morning so this was not an option. As well we had tickets to Zumanity in 45 minutes and did not have time to get back to the Wynn, changed and back to the next show.

We asked for a refund, which we thought was a reasonable solution. We were then told that $200 was too much money for the casino to refund. Who are they kidding? They make $200 every minute...

We asked to speak to his supervisor, but she was "busy". We were then offered a refund if we filled out a security report to which we said “fine, just make it quick, please”. The front desk manager said security was on their way and would be here soon. In fact security took their sweet time and were not in any rush to see us. We now have 30 minutes before our next show.

Security arrives and the first thing Neanderthal Officer Perryman says is "How can I help you?"

Really have they never heard of communicating between the departments? Here we go again! We explain the situation to the security guard who asks "What would you like us to do?" We said “Please just refund our tickets” and he says "I can't do that" he then offers to pay for dry cleaning, I reply "It's $200 for the dry cleaning" too which he replies "I'll need a receipt!" Why did the front desk tell us they would refund the money, yet officer Neanderthal is saying “No, that’s not going to happen.”

At this point I called the security gaurd "Useless" to which he took offence. I'm sorry, but really he was completely useless in this situation. He started walking away, so I asked for him his name so I could speak to his supervisor, to which he replies “No” and covers his name tag. Really???? He then calls for back up!!!! Like I'm threatening him...

At this point my blood is boiling and I just wanted to leave. My wife says no and fills out their stupid security form.

Next the head Front Desk Manager comes out, but she doesn’t come and talk to us, instead she heads straight over to the 2 security gaurds. WHAT????

They in turn have a long conversation about us and then she comes over to us. She explains to us that she would have refunded the tickets but because I “escalated” the situation with security it would now be in the hands of MGM risk management and we were given a Claim # to reference the situation. The head Front Desk Manager then tells us she is ending the conversation and has nothing else to say and leaves.

We head off and are late to Zumanity, my wife in tears and my blood boiling.

Thanks for ruining our 10th wedding Anniversary night David Copperfield and the MGM grand.

David maybe you should FIND A NEW WAY of picking your participants, and shame on you MGM this issue should have been a non-issue and taken care of much more professionally.

Very Poor Customer Service!!!

by written on September 21, 2010

I checked MGM's webiste for hotel rates and was happy to see very low one's, for the month my family and I would be visiting next Spring. I called to book a reservation for 2 seperate rooms w/identical amenities and upon receiving my confirmation by email, I noticed that only 1 room was on there but I had been charged a deposit for both. I immediately called back to confirm that I had 2 rooms and was assured that I did. Well 2 days later, I received an updated confirmation by email reflecting that I had 2 rooms however this time it only showed charges for 1 deposit. At this point I was confused and called to see if a new/updated confirmation would be re-sent reflecting 2 rooms and 2 deposits being charged. The rep. said she could not do that and put me through to a supervisor who got on the phone was not pleasant or warm at all. In a nutshell, the supervisor heard my story and said she would re-sent me updated confirmations immediately. 2 hours passed and I had not received them so I called back to see if my email address was correct in the system and the rep. who answered the phone rudely transferred me to the supervisor I previously spoke with, stating that I needed to take my concerns up with the person I spoke with. I dis-connected that call and called back to cancel my reservations period! If a place of business doesn't feel that their customers or their concerns are important, then I will not patronize them. While my issue was really minor, it could have become serious due to the minor errors that were not corrected which could have cost me more un-necessary money or short of a room I requested. My overall experience and feeling is that the customer service representatives are not very friendly, they don't make you feel good when your reserving your room (ex: asking questions) and they are not happy to assist you with problems or concerns that you as a paying customer may have. With that said, if the experience over the phone was sour, I can only imagine what it would possibly be like in person. Therefore, there are tons of hotels on the strip, so why give these people my money when I can go elsewhere and be treated nicely and be happy!

suz1957's Profile Photo

MGM Grand: Grand, but a Bit Sprawling

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 15, 2010

In 2008, we spent our Christmas holidays in Vegas and while there, we visited (but didn't stay) at the MGM Grand because we wanted to see and be photographed with the lion cubs. Well, romance wasn't in the cards for the lions that year cubs. But we were impressed with the hotel itself and decided that in 2009 we'd make the MGM Grand our Vegas base.

Our room was in the West Wing where we were treated to a very comfortable, very stylish room (350 sq. ft) fitted with a never-want-to-get-out king size bed. Our only problem with the bed and its location in the room was that watching the television (not an overly large screen) was difficult, especially if you have middle-aged vision. Meaning: it was difficult to see, especially if you were watching something with subtitles (e.g., 'Inglourious Basterds').

The bathroom also was in a modern style, but with limited shelf space. As a diabetic, I carry a lot of insulin pump equipment and that, combined with the usual jumble of toiletries for two, made things a little tight. However, the huge walk-in shower was a true treat!

Like most Las Vegas hotels, the MGM Grand features a large shopping area with stores of varying products and price ranges. The Starlane Mall offers souvenirs, jewelry (Pearl Factory), magic (Houdini Magic), Rainforest Cafe Restaurant and shop, there's even a store that sells nothing but magnets!

The Studio Walk tends toward higher-end fashion shops (for men and women), including Bernini, Xclusiv and Marshall Rousso.

There's also no shortage of places to eat, also in a variety of price ranges. Higher end retaraurants include: Joel Robuchon (and his $$$$ L'Atelier), Wolfgang Puck, CraftSteak ($$$ but offering excellent food and service that's well worth the price) and others that cater to all tastes from Japanese cuisine, Mexican fare, Italian and seafood. There's also a food court (the usual offerings) and other casual dining spots, the best of which (in our experience) were Stage Deli and 'wichcraft, a truly four-star sandwich shop with affordable, made on the spot yummy sandwiches. We only ate breakfast at the Studio Cafe, medium priced, but delicious.

My only real drawback? The MGM Grand, even in comparison with the other casinos, is very large and very spawling. It took us the better part of a day to remember the closest way to get back to our room (the wrong way will get you an adequate walking workout). There are lots of signs, but they can be confusing at first, too.

Happily, this year there were lion cubs! The lion habitat is fun (if not usually crowded when the lions are out) and features see-through walls and floors (don't worry, they're very thick) so you can watch the lions doiing their everyday lion things (well, everyday for lions in a hotel...). Expect a long line for photographs with the cubs--and you are not allowed to take your own pictures (of course not, they want you to buy theirs)--so check the schedule and get there early. The only disapointment there was not being able to really pet/hold a cub. You're only allowed to put your hands on the back rear of the cub while the photo is taken. Hey, they're very soft little critters! This is a great attraction for kids. They all seem to love it!

The biggest show attraction is Cirque du Soleil's 'Ka'.

Overall, the MGM Grand is a great place to stay. You can get good rates, the service is good, the staff is friendly and it's a good venue for families as it's quite close to M&M World, Coca-Cola Global and GameWorks.

Unique Quality: A unique feature of the MGM Grand is CBS Television City. If you want, and you have a spare hour or so, you can register for a small group (under 20) review of a television show to be shown on CBS or one of its subsidiaries. In addition, you can opt to receive Neilsen surveys from time to time via email. For participating, you'll also receive a bag with discount coupons and special offers throughout the shopping area, includin the CBS gift shop, where souvenirs from some of the network's most popular shows (you can buy a Charlie Harper-style bowling shirt...), including mugs, t-shirts, pens and other assorted tiems.

Directions: On the Strip.

Court94403's Profile Photo

MGM Grand: "Maximum Vegas"

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 7, 2010

19 of 25 of the worlld's largest hotels are in Las Vegas, number 3 on thet list is the MGM Grand.

With a total of 5,044 rooms, (4,293 rooms/751 suites 16 restaurants, nightclubs/bars (Tabu, Studio 54, Zuri, West Wing Bar, Rouge, Vida, Centrifuge, and the ultra pool bar; Wet Republic), shops, The Convention Center, The Grand Spa, Garden Arena, CBS Television City, 3 permanent shows (KA', Crazy Horse and Paris), 5 outdoor pools, rivers, and waterfalls that cover 6 acres, a lion habitat, and a grand casino.
"Maximum Vegas" would be a good description for it.

There are other accomodations on the property; SkyLofts with 51 Lofts, The Signature Towers with 576 suites and the Mansion @ MGM with 29 villas. With all of this and more you have just created you own little city! This is definitely the place for fun, rest and relaxation. the rooms/beds are comfy just enough to let you know you are or can be catered to if necessary.

Promoting the name as the City of Entertainment, you should come and see why. The green facade of the MGM Grand was from the Wizard of Oz theme inside, ("The Emerald City"). During the remodel in the 1990's, the theme was changed to "Classic Hollywood", but the mascot, "Leo the Lion" still sits atop his perch keeping watch over his "City of Entertainment".

Unique Quality: MGM Grand is a perfect place for fun, fun, fun. You can never leave the hotel and find plenty to do the staff is courteous and the rooms are beautiful and clean many rooms have an excellent view of the Strip.

The MGM Grand can be a little pricey, on weekends Fri & Sat nights hotel prices tend to be a little higher in Las Vegas than during the weekdays, check out for special deals.

Yaqui's Profile Photo

Family Friendly

by written on May 31, 2009

This is very family friendly. I've had some friends stay here and they loved the family pool area. The kids were really happy with the pool, restaurants, and the rooms. We have always enjoyed the restaurants.

Number of rooms: 5,034.
Casino: 171,500 square feet.
The MGM Grand has the following dining options: Joël Robuchon, L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Seablue, Craftsteak, Pearl, Diego, Fiamma Trattoria, Emeril's New Orleans Fish House, Nobhill Tavern, Rainforest Cafe, Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, Grand Wok and Sushi Bar, Shibuya, Studio Café, Stage Deli, Grand Buffet, 'wichcraft and the seasonal Cabana Grille; plus three Starbucks and a food court.
Entertainment includes: Cirque du Soleil's KÀ; MGM Grand's Crazy Horse Paris; visiting headliners at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, a 17,157-seat special events center; The Hollywood Theatre, a 650-seat theatre and lounges.
Studio 54 nightclub, and Tabú ultra lounge.
A 27,000-square-foot Grand Pool complex features five pools, a 1,000-foot-long lazy river pool and three Jacuzzis.
A 29,000-square-foot Spa at MGM Grand with more than 20 treatment rooms offers multiple types of massages and services. The spa also has Cristophe Salon, a full-service salon.
Studio Walk (a 115,000-square-foot shopping promenade), Star Lane Shops (a variety of shops and an arcade), Front Page News Stand, Grand Spirits, MGM Grand & Co.
Wedding chapel: the The Forever Grand Wedding Chapel offers a number of wedding ceremony packages.
Convention rooms: a 50,000-square-foot Premier Ballroom, 62,000-square-foot Grand Ballroom/Exhibit Hall, 5,000-square-foot Vista Ballroom, more than 30 breakout rooms, two boardrooms, and more than 50,000 square feet of pre-function space.
A seven-story parking garage.
Standard room amenities: Air conditioning, alarm clock/radio, remote-controlled cable TV, desk, on-command/pay-per-view movies, hair dryer, electronic door locks, in-room safe, iron and ironing board, telephone, voice mail.
Hotel amenities: Concierge, laundry, luggage and maid service, currency exchange, safety deposit box, wake-up calls.

Directions: On the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo Blvd.

Salverston's Profile Photo

Stay Near the Elevators

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 15, 2009

My latest stay in Las Vegas included one night at the MGM. As always I was truly happy. The great part is it has some very nice comfortable rooms, of a solid 4-star quality, but if you shop right you can land some really cheap rates, especially now that the economy is excellent. One of my favorite aspects simply are the beds. they are always cloud soft, and I have never failed to drift immediately asleep no matter how wound up I am. Truly a great way to relax and recharge away from the chaos of a Las Vegas vacation.

The major thing to get around is the simple size of it all. Ask for a room near the elevators or else you can be walking forever it seems.

Lobby side there is an excellent selection or restaurants, running from easy on the wallet to good for children to top end romantic spots. Everything is just top notch.

Unique Quality: Oddly enough, I've never tried the pool, but there are lots of other things about the MGM to enjoy. I always enjoy spending some time just watching the lions in their habitat. There is also one of Las Vegas' top poker rooms and sports book, which I appreciate at least. Even better there is a wide range of other activities either in the complex or nearby, such as a movie theater, the discounted Tix4Tonite outlet, as well as no end to shows and special concerts or events to keep you going. Finally, its location makes it an easy place to explore The Strip, since it is at or very near monorail stops running as far south as Mandalay bay and as far north as the Sahara.

Directions: Corner of Las Vegas and Tropicana, take the Tropicana exit off I-15

freddie18's Profile Photo

A Grand Hotel in Las Vegas

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 11, 2009

It was indeed an exceptionally grand hotel as its name implies. Very close to the strip is this luxurious hotel with amenities like the wet republic ultra pool, spa & health club, grand pool complex, concierge, saloon, and a wedding chapel.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino offers reservations for hotel rooms and suites to meet every customer's needs. Available accommodation can be booked online to any of the following: Grand Tower: Bungalow Suites, Hollywood Suites, Glamour Suites, Marquee Suites and at the West Wing: Celebrity Spa Suites, Premiere Suites, Terrace Suites, Signature. and Skylofts-Penthouse Suites.

The Bungalow Suites have 2 luxurious queen-size beds and can accommodate 4 persons per room. The rate starts from $169.99/night. The Signature at MGM Grand has a private, gated entrance that is attached by tunnel to the MGM Grand shops, restaurants, and the casino is a gambling spree just moments away.

Unique Quality: I actually did not stay in this hotel on my first visit to Las Vegas but definitely be considering on my next. This tip is posted as I have seen this luxurious hotel and I believe the information I gave will be of help. Moreover, for more detailed information and online reservation, visit the website I provided below.

Jefie's Profile Photo

The green monster on the Strip!

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 12, 2008

The hotel/flight deal we found included a 3 nights stay at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, and I quite enjoyed staying at this hotel. I thought the location was nice - it is located at the beginning of the south end of the Strip, just in front of the New York, New York - and of all the hotels and casinos in this area, I thought this was the one where there was the liveliest atmosphere (it probably helps that "The Dream Match", a fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao, took place on the Saturday night while we were there).

Our room was nice, clean and comfortable, much better than I expected from one of the world's largest hotels. Check-in and check-out were fast and easy, and the staff working at the front desk was very friendly and helpful. Even though the place is huge, it is relatively easy to get around. The pool area was nice and the water was quite warm, which made it possible to go for a swim in December :o) Of course, there was no coffee maker in the room (we quickly figured out that they want you to spend as much time downstairs as possible), but there were a few Starbucks on the main floor. With 16 restaurants, finding a place to eat was not much of a problem, and I was relieved to see that there was something to fit every kind of budget, from a McDonald's to Joel Robuchon's (where you can order a 7 course menu for a mere $500 per person!).

You can read more about my experience at the MGM Grand in the "Things to do" section!

Directions: On the Strip

chengie_19's Profile Photo

The Lion's Lair

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 6, 2008

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino personifies the spirit of Vegas, complete with posh accommodations, exciting live shows and nightlife and services that are more than enough for even a king. This grandiose hotel is fit for everyone especially to those who are adventurous and daring. A fun-filled hotel that even kids, yes, kids would love to stay in. A million and one facilities and special activities awaits those who stay here.

Unique Quality: The hotel has a lot of unique and world-class facilities such as the Grand Garden Arena which hosts world class-boxing events and concert tours by the best performers alive. The resort also features a Lion Habitat with big cats decended from Leo, the original MGM lion. The casino offers table games, slot machines, poker, and a race and sports book. Massages and beauty treatments can be arranged in the MGM Grand Spa. The pool area contains five outdoor pools, three whirlpools, lazy river, lush gardens, waterfalls, and private cabanas for rent. Other amenities include golf arrangements, a wedding chapel, several luxury shops, tour assistance, and a stop on the Las Vegas Monorail.

Directions: The hotel has a front-door access to the Strip and is walking distance to almost all the tourist attractions around.

Nearby MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

  • Mgm Hotel Las Vegas
  • Mgm Grand Hotel Casino
  • Mgm Las Vegas Hotel
  • Mgm Casino
  • Mgm Grand Hotel Las Vegas

Address: 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109, United States

109 Photos of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

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Amenities at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

  • Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Room Service
  • Fitness Center
  • Free Parking
  • Business Services
  • Casino
  • Shuttle Service
  • Free High Speed Internet
  • Spa
  • Suites
  • Bar / Lounge

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