New York New York Hotel & Casino

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3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109, United States

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New York - New York Hotel and Casino
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  • Hermanater's Profile Photo

    One of the Many Vegas Hotels


    Lets start off by saying that Vegas is overpriced.... You pay way too much and use the room very little.. A few hundred dollars a day for a place to spend 8 hours to sleep.....

    The staff was very friendly. The place was very clean. The casino was very smokey. We were happy with the hotel. The breakfast resturant had good food (even if overpriced like the rest of Vegas). Would I stay here again ?? I don't see why not. It has a great location on the strip and we had no problems.

    Sorry I don't say much about the hotel. I found that every hotel we looked around, eventually started to look like the next. All were fancy with lots of Glitz. Each was its own little fantasy theme park.

    Unique Quality: Every hotel here seems to have some unique feature, i.e. fountains, pirate show, gondola, etc. Ney York, New York had the mini streets inside and the roller coaster outside.

    Directions: Across from the MGM Grand

  • Great Coaster... But that's about it


    The New York, New York casino isn't as nice as most of the others on the strip. When we first walked into the casino, we were bombarded by vendors selling the strangest items, from water massage to flavored air. We walked through the casino area, which reminded me of an arcade, and found an area with tacky New York souveniers.

    We couldn't find anyway into the hotel except through the casino (right through the tables), which felt awkward. Later, we went on the roller coaster, which was the best part of the casino. To get there, we passed through an arcade. The kids looked like they were having a lot of fun in the arcade, so maybe this is more of a family casino & hotel.

    Directions: The New York New York casino is on the strip. It's near the end of the strip with the Luxor, Excalibur and MGM casinos

  • jm34bee's Profile Photo

    Nice place to stay.. Good Ambiance


    There is a fun Atmosphere for a younger crowd. There is a live band in the evenings that plays 80s cover songs. I liked staying at the hotel itself but I think I prefer staying at the other end of the strip.

  • matteucs's Profile Photo

    Talk to them!!


    Fun hotel, interesting decor, very well run.

    I woudl definitely recommend it.

    Unique Quality: Remember to talk to the men and women checking you in, the friendlier you are to them, the friendlier they are to you. I spoke with the guy checking myself and my brother in for about 10 min, even though I didnt have to, and found out he use to work at the same base that I am now at...this resulted in a nice discount. 200 dollar room for 84 dollars!!

    Directions: The strip

  • ema522's Profile Photo

    A disappointment


    I went to Vegas with a few friends a couple months ago & was excited because one of them got a very good deal on NYNY, but in hindsight I must say I was disappointed. The building complex is poorly designed: all the rooms are in towers instead of a central structure and for whatever reason, there is only one bank of elevators! We had a room on the other side of the tower and had to walk for miles to get the elevator (and naturally to get back to the room). The room itself was not all that nice and it was very small, especially considering that we were given an upgrade. I'd hate to see what their basic rooms look like. The lobby & casino is overcrowded and confusing, and because of the open design, the noise gets to be deafening even by Vegas standards. It was a trial just to get out one night & face the right way on the Strip. It's fun to visit & maybe have a meal there, but not a good place to stay at all.

    Unique Quality: There's no shortage of good places to eat, including a 24-hour American theme restaurant. The lobby/casino design is interesting as it's a scaled-down version of NYC streets, but again, the novelty wears off quickly if you're actually staying there.

  • aimeewoods's Profile Photo

    Great Hotel


    We were very impressed with the room. It was a Park Avenue Deluxe room, which was very large and newly remodeled. If you have a fear of heights, it might not be for you! There is no ledge or window sill so you are looking directly down on the strip. I suggest making your reservations through the hotel website directly: They generally have the best rates and special promotions. Checking into the hotel was my only disappointment. It took nearly an hour waiting in line!

    Unique Quality: Large rooms, very nice

  • KaisaL's Profile Photo

    Nice location on the strip


    New York New York is an ok Hotel. The staff is friendly, good room service and maid service. However, because it is a theme hotel with the famous roller coaster, this hotel seemed to draw families and young people. This hotel (incomparrison with Mandalay Bay, MGM, Bellagio and such) gives you a feeling of being condensed. The atmosphere in the casino is dark and crowded. There are not any good "shops" at New York New York. Restaurants are good. The most important accomodation for us is the pool. We were told and it was also stated online that the pool was open. A call to the hotel also confirmed the pool would be open during our stay. HOWEVER, at check-in we found out the pool was closed for the season and always has been closed for the winter. We were so misinformed and frustrated. We love to spend our mornings relaxing at the pool, then up for a nap, and out on the town mid afternoon till...................
    Price wise, we had a great deal thru Allegiant Air so our price per person was very inexpensive compared with normal pricing.

    Unique Quality: The hotel is clean, the view are not so great, depending on your location in the hotel. Its in a great location on the strip, close to the Deuce (bus), stores, and other hotels.

    Directions: Right on the strip

  • HotRodEtte's Profile Photo

    Start Spreadin' the News!


    The rooms here were great, and the hotel and casino itself holds such a fun atmosphere. I booked early enough to where I got a great rate, and it's right in the center of the south strip. There are plenty of great restaurants inside, and also the Manhattan Express, a roller coaster that takes you entirely around the premises, starting inside the hotel.

    Unique Quality: One thing I particularly liked was that the age group was close to mine, and there were an abundant amount of singles as well. The pool is a good size and you can order food from one of the restaurants on the deck. There are a lot of great restaurants to choose from and the inside is set up to look like the streets of NYC.

  • cfritz75's Profile Photo

    Complete Madness


    Upon arrival our rooms were not clean and were told that it would be a 3 hour wait. However, I was offered an upgrade....but had to pay $80bucks for it. I was thoroughly disappointed when I arrived at my room, which was smaller than the less expensive room. Also we were told we were getting a "strip" view...actually it was a view of the side of the MGM across the street. I attempted twice to get a coffee w/ soy milk at the el fornaio cafe and was told both times (in the morning) that they had run out...instead of just telling me they didn't carry it? So on to the starbucks that you have to walk across the casino and then up an escalator to get to. They didn't accept starbucks cards. Needless to say first impressions weren't good here. Next stop the pool. Another strike when we arrived at the pool which doen't open until 11. We waited in our rooms until it opened. It was small but alright I guess. The sun doesn't even touch you until 12:30 (it was September) which is probably why it doesn't open until 11. The wait staff was slow and it would take upwards of an hour to get a drink or a burger.

    Nightlife and restaurants inside - the Piano Bar was crackin! It was enjoyable when walking around to hear everyone singing along. 9 Fine Irishmen- couldn't get a table (or someone to talk to us even) to save our lives...we tried almost every night to go there since my mom's boyfriend is part Irish. The mexican restaurant across from the piano bar - good food, stiff drinks, unfriendly service. Coyote Ugly - go early to get stamped and avoid paying cover...I didn't go by my brother had a blast (go figure)

    Directions: Across from MGM

  • Emmie123's Profile Photo

    Not bad, shame about the pool!


    I loved staying in New York, New York! it was great fun, with the rollercoaster running round it and was easy to spot the statue of Liberty after a few too many cocktails in another hotel!!!
    I'd say it's only downfall was the pool because the sun would disappear behind a skyscraper around 2pm, spoiling an extra few hours sun bathing, though it's not that much of a problem coz my friend and i frequently went shopping in caesers palace in the morning, then crashed by their pool for the rest of the day instead!!
    To end on a happy note you have to check out the cyote Ugly bar and club, but get there early coz it packs out quickly, if you liked the film you'll love the bar!!!

    All in all New York, New York is certainly a taste of the Big Apple in the middle of a desert!

    Unique Quality: Well the rollercoaster is certainly unique!

    It has some beautiful views if your in a strand facing room!! i would definately recommed paying the little extra for the scene you have from your window!

    Directions: Opposite the MGM Grand - You can't miss it!!!

  • RAINBOWWINGS's Profile Photo

    Is This Really Vegas??


    With its great Manhattan Skyline featuring 47 floor high replicas of the Empire State building,the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and a real life Coney Island roller coaster that actually runs thru the hotel and out again, you could easily be lead to think you are in New York City.
    The interior is even more mind boggling! Over 2000 rooms, New York streets with steam coming up thru the manhole covers, noisy Irish bars with duelling pianists, streetside cafes and fine restaurants with sides of ageing beef waiting to be ordered and a great NY atmosphere.

    Unique Quality: Ive not stayed in the rooms here but have visited the hotel many times and it really does have that fun feel.

    Directions: Opposite the MGM Hotel & Casino

  • travel_bug79's Profile Photo

    Great Place to Stay


    We loved this hotel for a few reasons. Most importantly our room was very clean and well presented. The staff were for the most-part very friendly and helpful. There are some great bars including the ESPN bar and Coyote Ugly as well as some nice places to eat so you could quite easily stay in the hotel and never leave! Only things that annoyed me were that it wasnt exactly central on the Strip so you have to walk alot to visit other hotels, etc, but I think this is a given when you visit Vegas anyway; and the pool was not operating while we were there. Would have no problem in staying here again.

  • Nuna25's Profile Photo

    A laid back easy time


    I enjoyed my stay at New York New York. I found the hotel being not too snobish, laid back.
    Some of the hotels on the strip tend to overwhelm the visitor. But NY NY was definetly very comfortable and made the guest feel comfortable.
    The hotel has a lot to offer its guests, from the roller coaster to the Zumanity theater. They have a piano bar which is a throw back to old college times.
    The only thing I didn't like about the hotel was the pool. In terms of Las Vegas this one is not up to par. It is on the small side.

  • LakeFever's Profile Photo

    Cool Building, Clubs and Entertinament


    We stayed at the MGM Grand. Quite the large casino/hotel....actualy the biggest hotel in the world. Didnt do much gambling at the MGM...quite frankly, you have to play to many hands before you can get a drink....all of a sudden your down 100 bones. We looked for what we called "value casino" the beaten path or less well know...lower tables and drinks flowing as fast as the cash....that way it would be even steve so to speak. Can we really drink as much free beer to cover our losses???
    We came up with something....the Boardwalk Casino.

    Unique Quality: The roll coaster is pretty good....starts off better than it ends thats for sure...cost $12.50, second ride, $6.00...
    There is some entertainment at night in the complex which doenst cost a thing to see....a couple live bands and a duelling piano bar....walk in an out of restaurants with you restrictions.
    Also has Coyote Ugly bar/club. Some people we knew went, $20 to get in (like every club in Vegas), just like the movie they what it is.
    Didnt stay here...the property is owned by MGM and joined above the street by indoor/outdoor overpass...again, carry beer /drinks if you like.

    Directions: The south end of the strip. Can walk from one end to the other and back in 3 hrs.....Take the monorail from the stop within the hotel.

  • erudisel's Profile Photo

    Start speading the news....


    I was geniunely surprised with my experience at NYNY. I have stayed across the street at MGM Grand several times and have never been too impressed with NYNY. Mind you, this opinion was primarily based on the lack of high-class restaurants. But I was wrong. NYNY offered one of the best stays I've had in Vegas. I received a free room upgrade, as did my friends because they did not have our rooms clean at check-in time. This was a nice bonus to start the trip. The rooms are a little small, but you really won't be spending much time in the room. The casino is big without being ridiculous (like Ceasar's Palace) and easy to navigate. There is room at the tables, though not much. If you're with 5 of your friends that want to sit at the same table, you might want to go off-strip. The minimums at the tables are on par with the rest of the strip...$10 really being the lowest. On occasion you'll see a $5 table, but not often. The dealers are great and personable. Even the ones that conceded that they didn't particularly care for living in Las Vegas were great fun to talk to. RECOMMENDATION: There is a dealer from Armenia named Drew. He was the funniest and livliest dealer I've had out there. He deals (that I know of) blackjack and Sic Bo, among others.

    Unique Quality: The hotel/casino offers several amenities and the staff are more than willing to help you get upgrades, drink coupons, etc. We got a free breakfast at Al Fornaio and a drink at Nine Fine Irishmen. This is also the home of the famous Manhatten Express roller coaster that wraps around the facade of the building. Out front are replicas of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. In all, this was probably the best stay I've had in Vegas so far. I will definitely stay here again next time.

    The only drawbacks worth mentioning are the lack of monorail access (it's on the wrong side of the strip) and it's lack of fine dining. But there are decent restaurants, especially if you're not in the mood to pay high-dollar for your meal.

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New York , New York Hotel - Las VegasNew York , New York Hotel - Las Vegas

New York, New York Hotel, Las VegasNew York, New York Hotel, Las Vegas

New York, New York - Las VegasNew York, New York - Las Vegas

New York New York Las VegasNew York New York Las Vegas

Forum Posts

Transport From Airport

by candykitchen

Hi Can anyone tell me the easiest way of getting from the airport to the New York New York Hotel. Is it possible to arrange for a Limo to collect us?


RE: Transport From Airport

by yvr

Lots of taxis to help you, just go outside once you collect your luggage and get in line, won't take you long at all.

RE: Transport From Airport

by dl3424

Agree. Simply take a taxi from the taxi stand at the airport to the New York New York Hotel Casino. They have attendants at the taxi stands that keep it well organized and relatively quick. It is a law that you, the passenger, can tell the taxi driver the route to take and in the case you should do that. Tell the taxi driver that you want to go New York New York via Swenson Avenue and Tropicana Avenue, NOT through the airport tunnel. This will save you some money.

Enjoy my hometown.

RE: Transport From Airport

by Robin922

I'm next door to the NY NY hotel right now! The cab is $11.50 and no extra charge for up to 5 people. Piece of cake!

RE: Transport From Airport

by Cruzino

If you choose to take 1 of the shared shuttle services, consider these points:

1) They take several people and therefore stop at multiple hotels. It could take you forever to get to yours.

2) They'll offer you a discount to prepay for your return trip. Don't do it - You may decide to take a different mode of transportation (i.e. Taxi) when you go back to the airport so your return fare will be wasted.

A cab will cost you a bit more but it is well worth it. - Las Vegas hotel and casino reviews, info and more


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 New York New York Hotel & Casino

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New York New York Las Vegas
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New York - New York Hotel Las Vegas

Address: 3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109, United States