River Palms Casino And Resort

2700 S. Casino Dr., Laughlin, Nevada, 89029, United States
(2 star hotel)
#11 of 11 hotels in Laughlin
Bad (2.0 out of 5.0) 8 reviews
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Desert Casino and Gambling Family Travel
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Purses Stolen from room thru window!

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 16, 2011

Myself, husband, and 4 friends check into River Palms around 9:30-10:00Pm on Friday August 12. We go to our rooms put our bags down and prepare to go out to dinner and gamble.
We leave our room about 10:30ish. Go to dinner and gamble for a little bit, come back to our room at approx 2am. I go to wash my face and my friend gets in the shower, after washing my face I go to grab my purse to check my cell phone. Hmm cant find it?? I know I left it in our room, I searched the room and realize my friends purse is MIA also. She gets out of the shower and I tell her I cant find my purse and hers seems to be gone too. She looks and sure enough both purses and my make up bag(that looks like a purse) are gone!
After talking to security we go back to our room and my husband says well the blinds are open so he goes to window and if you push it opens right up! ALL the way! The metal bar was not in the window and the locks on the window did not work.
Cameras, cell phones, earrings, Wallets!, car keys, everything GONE!.
The managers or anyone in charge never even care to see what they can do or how they can help being we have no money or credit cards and are out of state on what was suppose to be a vacation.
A police report was filed and I had to throw a fit in order to speak with a manager on Sunday when we were leaving. We had called multiple people that were suppose to be in charge at this hotel on saturday and no returned calls nothing!
This hotel as far as now seems in to be incompitent. Leaving windows on the bottom floor with bogus locks and maids not making sure that there metal sticks are in windows... which is leaving there paying guests at risk.
And when something happends that is there our fault they dont want to have anything to do with it, giving customers the run around.
We would have had to same security popping a tent on the side of the river as we did recieve at this hotel.
I would pass on this hotel. And frankly Laughlin the officer who was dealing with this was also extremely rude to us as if its our fault the hotel is not properly secured,
GOODLUCK if staying here hopefully others will get the hospitality that myself and my friends did not! I know not everyone has something like this happen to them but just know if you were to have an issue.... there is no one there to back you up or offer any help or even apologize for the stress and ruined vacation someone on there staff has caused.
Also beware while traveling anywhere in Nevada.. the hotel risk managment has informed me they do not have to reimburse us a cent for all of belongings that were stolen thanks to Nevada's amazing laws! INKEEPER STATUE NRS 651.010
Even though it is there own issue that they did not have a properly locking window and left there customers in harms way. Be careful this is very unsafe!

Unique Quality: It is very unique that we got a room that just happend to have a window that did not have a working lock in place!
Never would have thought to check a window before we left our room!


Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 26, 2010

When we checked in, the ceiling was leaking like a sieve. The staff were not particularly friendly-most of them were not downright rude, but just seemed like they could have cared less one way or another whether you were there or not. When we got to our room, it was not cleaned-there was trash and soiled towels in the bathroom, and the maid showed up five minutes after we got there at 9pm wanting to clean it after I had just spent 5 1/2 hours driving 327 miles across the desert to get there and was exhausted! One of the electrical outlets in the room did'nt even work-fortunately the one in the bathroom did, because I needed to charge my BlackBerry. We wanted to play MegaBucks but they did'nt have it there, so we had to go someplace else to play it. Light fixtures near the elevators were not present, exposing unsightly wiring and light bulbs. Just a small 12-oz. coffee was $2, and when my wife went to get it, she asked the cashier for a cup carrier to bring it back up to our room, and the clerk lied to her and told her that they did'nt have any, that they were waiting for a shipment. But then, when my wife was preparing the coffee, she saw another customer with a cup carrier with cups from that same cafe, so she asked the cashier again for a cup carrier and was told that they were only for customers that had 3 or more drinks!!!! When she went to complain to the manager, she was laughed at!!!! And to top it all off, the coup de grace was that we found out after the fact that they had double-billed our credit card and charged us twice for the room!!!! Even now, I am still fighting with the River Palms to give us back the money for the second charge! We will NEVER, EVER stay at the River Palms again, and we strongly recommend you do not do so either!!!!

Do Not Stay Here!

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 14, 2009

I would not recommend this hotel at all. It was very disgusting. The carpets were very dirty,the beds weren't the beds they advertise on their website. They don't wash the linens unless upon request. Holes in the bathroom. The extra lock for security didn't work, and when you mentioned it to the front desk they said someone from maintenance will come and they never did. I could here the man in the next room snoring as well the other room you could here the TV. The parking garage elevator was very scary, when it rained the water came in the elevator. It was a very dissatisfying stay all together. The only reason I picked this hotel was because it was in expensive for a family of six. I went there for my son's soccer playoffs and now after this i will never stay here again. Cheaper isn't always better in this case!

Unique Quality: The only thing I can say about this place was when you first pull in to check in it was understandable for someone that has never been there.

Bad experience

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 13, 2009

We spent 4 & 5 of July, 2009 at the River Palms Casino and Resort. We had rooms next to each other. I had a handicapped room. The room they gave my daughter and her family was already occupied, and the key they gave her was for our room. We had 3 employees up there trying to help us. They finally gave her a room down the hall. We went to Las Vegas and came backfor a night and was planning on staying there but after that we stayed at another hotel. And we had 3 rooms coming back. it was a bad experience and we like to play bingo and slots there but we won't be spending a night there. Pat Propps, Ft. Sumner, NM

Directions: Laughlin, NV

If you can't find another place to stay.....

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 27, 2006

Unfortunately, when this was changed from GOLD RIVER CASINO, all they did was spiffy up the carpet a bit; re-arrange the same machines, and for all intents and purposes, it didn't do a darned thing to make this place exciting.

You can find some nice low-cost food deals; however you have to stand in line for about 45 mintues to take advantage of them - for us, not really worth it.

You have a view of the river - the rooms are 'okay', but the help can be pretty darned rude and they offer the same old machines with the same drab atmosphere they've had for the last 14 years (when we made our first stay while it was called the GOLD RIVER casino). At least when it was Gold River, parking was easier; people were nicer - food was better, and of course the pay-outs on the machines were much more generous.

Unique Quality: Nothing unique except the long wait to take advantage of food specials.

kymbanm's Profile Photo

AKA: the Riverside Hotel and Casino

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 9, 2005

The Riverside had decent food, nice views and good gambling.

They also have a first run movie theater where I saw 'Hitchiker's Guide' - they serve booze in the theater if you wish ... and on a weekend, you can discover how alcohol can increase audence participation with the characters on screen.

The non-smoking casino is only 3 tables or so ....... and not always staffed.

Shopping is scattered throughout the non-casino region - and the arcade was full of teen and child action and fun.

Jeff42's Profile Photo

Not the Ritz, Ain't a Hilton

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 1, 2005

Welcome To Hillbilly!

I have never seen such a messed up staff in 25 years of frequenting casinos. I later found out from a local that the property had recently changed hands and the new owners are having a huge problem keeping good help. Most of the staff are untrained and, I would guess, inexperienced in customer service and/or casino etiquette.

I rolled in about 9:30am. I went to the Player's Club to get my card. It took at least 10 minutes for the trainee to work the computer. She finally had to ask for help from a 20 something gentleman colleague. I finally got my card and she asked my birth date. She wanted to be sure I was old enough to gamble(white trash humor, I suppose). Funny, she thought her incompetence was cute or something, all the while making gestures and smirking faces. Truly goofy. And truly unprofessional behavior.

Anyway, I get my card and go downstairs. I sit at the VP bar and hit 4 of a kind on a $1.00 machine, $200. I go back upstairs and sit at another VP machine, $100 4 of a kind on quarters. I walk to the check-in desk. "No, your room isn't ready. We can't let you check in early". No problem, never hurts to ask. I sit at the VP bar next to the check-in counter. I hit 4 Aces on my 3rd deal...$300. The lady bartender didn't believe me. I said "come here and look!" Finally she walks over, looks, and makes the call. It takes the hand pay chick 5-10 minutes to walk over. She checks the machine states she will be right back. She leaves....and I wait, and wait, wait...and wait. Finally after about 20-25 minutes she returns with my money. She pays me and I walk away quickly without tipping anyone(which is unusual in itself, I Always tip when I win). No one, and I mean NO ONE, congratulated me. Very rude. Not even my fellow players. Something about this River Palms place was just off right from the beginningThe help, the players, very strange. Drink service was fast, friendly and efficient in the morning and early afternoon. In the evening? Forget about it.

Unique Quality: Nice views if in a view room. Good paying machines, as good or better than other Laughlin hotels.
The room was basic Laughlin. Even the way the room was laid out was off somehow, but it did the job. Unbelievable. Even on the 23rd floor, I could hear all the noise down at ground level; people yelling, girls screaming, basic loud partying. Also, the wind howls on the higher floors quite loudly too, just so you know.
I went to the gift shop at one point. I had to wait for 5 minutes or so while an older cashier told a story to her 2 younger colleagues abot how her husband got stranded in a recent flash flood. Very interesting story(not really). Hey, $6 for a pack of smokes and you get to hear a story, not bad : ). (ugh!)

Berri Lee-Comic AND Magician. What can I say about this guy! True cheese and crackers entertainment, Laughlin style. Rope Trick. The first pair of scissors break. The 2nd pair will barely cut the rope, would have a tough time with paper too, I imagine. Hey Berri, buy some Fiskars will ya. And get a decent suit. He wears 2 very expensive diamond rings...and a crap suit. And the whole time he's putting down his own act and the fact he's stuck in such a ***ty gig.

Anyway, the room rates are low, which isn't neccessarily a good thing. Either I've gotten classier or Laughlin has just plain gone downhill. I don't know, I'm not sure. But the casino was kick a$$ fun!! Lots of juicy, paying machines. I had a lot of fun winning, about $1000 gross and $500-$600 net, which is Great for Laughlin.

Bottom line: I won't be back. I doubt I'll return anytime soon to Laughlin but if I do, I won't be staying here. I'm going to save my money and stay at the Four Seasons Vegas on my next gambling trip.
(p.s. I was here with a very large group of 7 families, about 30 people all together of all ages. The concensus was similar to what I've posted. No one would stay here again or recommend it to others. Most comments and opinions leaned toward the negative).

Directions: South end of strip, 2nd to the last Hotel/Casino with Golden Nugget on the North and Harrah's on the south.

3Chihuahuas's Profile Photo

Great Stay!

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 7, 2005

Just got back from 3 nights at the River Palms. We normally stay at the Golden Nugget, but need to book 2 rooms on a budget. We had not stayed at River Palms since it was the Gold River. reviews I read I booked 2 rooms through Travel Worm for a Thurs, Fri, Sat night stay. 1 room with a king, smoking and 1 room with 2 doubles, non smoking. Travel Worm had a better rate than calling the casino directly, it averaged 33.00 a night. We arrived nearly at midnight. The desk clerk was not overly nice (but not rude either). They gave us a riverside room on the 17th floor with a gorgeous view. We did not pay for "riverview". The view on the riverside is just beautiful. The windows are fairly large and the face of the building is flat, so nothing obstructs your view up and down the river. The other room was not riverview. Not a great view of anything, however both rooms were extremely clean and the bed comfortable. We could not get the coffee pot to work and let the front desk know. In less than 3 minutes, a very friendly person arrived to fix the coffee pot (our mistake, we needed to re-set the button, we all laughed). I can't say enough for the staff in the coffee shop. Kim, Mary, Rose and everyone were so friendly and smiling and the food's not bad at all. Dealers at the roulette table and blackjack table were also friendly and smiling. Didn't win any money, but we all had a great time and would not hesitate to stay again.

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River Palms Casino And Resort

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  • River Palms Laughlin
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  • River Palms Hotel Laughlin

Address: 2700 S. Casino Dr., Laughlin, Nevada, 89029, United States

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