Water Club Hotel - Borgata

Atlantic, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08401, United States

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The Water Club by Borgata
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    Fresh and modern


    I have stayed at the Borgata many times but this was was first stay in their newest addition The Water Club. It is just as classy and refined at The Borgata but newer. The colors are brighter, the bedding is plusher and the rooms have a more modern feel though The Borgata is very modern as well. The Water Club is more exclusive which comes with a higher price tag. If planning a stay I wouldn't be willing to pay much more money to stay at the Water Club as you are still in the same hotel and you have 2 of the best in AC on the same property.

    Unique Quality: Quiet, New, Clean, Ultra Comfortable Beds

More about Water Club Hotel - Borgata

The Water Club!!! Yeah Baby!!!!

by TripAdvisor Member what180

OMG!!! We had a great time this weekend @ the water club. The staff is wonderful. The rooms are to die for. Don't forget about the pools and spa. If you want to stay in one of the best hotels in A.C. please make it the water club!!!!!!!!! You wil not be disappointed!!!!

Do not stay at Water Club!!!

by TripAdvisor Member blonddnyc

Stay at the Borgata instead...

Because of my previous positive expereiences at the Borgata Hotel and Casino, I had high hopes for this newley opened extension hotel called "The Water Club"

Even though this hotel is new, they are far from equipped to handle the sell-out summer crowds that arrived for this 95 degree weekend.

For a hotel that prides itself on its "pools" let me warn you... The 2 outdoor pools are the size of bathtubs and the pool area itself only hold about 50 people. We arrived on a Saturday at 2pm, and they would NOT ALLOW anyone to access the outdoor pools because they were "Filled to capacity"...

They would not even let you walk outside, not even to stand in the sunlight... people were FURIOUS! Me and my guests had to bring towels to lay out in the parking lot! And I am not joking. It was 95 degrees out and we came to lounge by the pool and get a tan, and instead we lounged on hotel towels on the pavement of the parking lot!!

The outdoor pools were full untill well past 4pm and by then, even if you could get outside, the hotel shadow blocked all the sun - poor design and engineering if you ask me. Why not build a pool in an area that is never cast in shadow? WHy not build a pool on top of the roof??

they do have an indoor pool on the 32nd floor, however if you want to use it it's $30!! Since when did a pool become and amenity you have to pay for?

The pool situation was the worst by far, but other then that we paid $700 for a "Vista Room" which is nothing more then a regular hotel room with a corner window. THe rooms were not impressive and definatly overpriced. I would have gladly traded it to go to a regular $400 Borgata hotel room which are MUCH NICER then the Water Club Rooms!!

THe hotel front desk lies about everything when you call them. They told me it was Valet parking only - not true, there is surgace parking and it is only $5. They told me that there is NO place to eat at the water club - NOT TRUE there was a food court, and a sunroom bar and lounge that was open 24/7. THey said that there was no early check in and it would be impossible to check in before 4pm. We arrived at 2pm and we're checking into our rooms immediatly.

And the Borgata seems to be ill prepared for the influx of people now staying at the Water Club. THe casino floor, restaurants and nightclubs are now jam packed since the place can hold double the amount of people, but did not expand much elsewhere in terms of gambling and dining.

Our reservation at the Old Homestead steakhouse was for 7pm, yet they had us wait until almost 8pm to be sat!! I have never had this problem at OH before, and have never had to wait more then 3 minutes to be seated.

At the Mur.Mur nightclub, our reservation was for 4 people, 2 bottles, yet when we arrived they told us that because it was a "special night since DJ AM was playing" we would now have to buy a minimum of 3 bottles. (keep in mind each bottle is $350+) you would think people paying so much money would be treated a little better. THey took us to our table which was barely even enough room for 2 ppl to sit, and DJ> AM only played for about 10 minutes and then left.

All in all I think the water club was poorly designed, they did not anticipate the amount of people who would come to flock for the outdoor pool, and the influx of the additional people staying at W.C has now somehow brought down Borgatas normally outstanding service. I think they got in over their heads on this one, and i will definatly NEVER go back to the water club.

The Water Club, A Quick Fix?

by TripAdvisor Member nycnewsreporter

First night comped at the Water Club was like what the [--]??
(Yes, my friends, they do comp for their profitable Borgata players, you just have to ask.)

All this anticipation for a glamorous water spa club experience was dashed the minute i stepped foot into the hotel room!!

Small, cluttered rooms, waste of space, with gigantic leather pillows that serve no purpose at all, and don't pick up those snacks or we will charge you.

Yes, they have conveniently placed boxes of snacks and peanuts, tempting to the hungry, so that if you even pick it up off the dresser you will be charged!

A refrigerator packed with cans of soda and bottle water!! For the thirsty guest, there will be a hefty price if you remove a few of these precious items.

Yes, thats in Las Vegas too, but this ain't no Las Vegas and never will be.

The clumsy sized flat screen TV, with a remote that takes forever to change channels..forget channel surfing.

The pools are tiny sized (two outdoors) with every lounge chair occupied by 230pm, forget about relaxing there!!

move on to the spa!! What?? charge on top of this? yes you have to pay $35 to use the spa, with nothing more to offer then the wading pool and small gym and the showers (big deal).

now off to the lobby, quite pretty, lots of marble, not bad, but what the hell can you do in a lobby? Sit on the large square couch and think of ways your not going to gamble?

Now to the shops..what shops? theres a corner newspaper store with $40.00 boxes of chocolates..a no thanks i'll pass,
Theres a mens fashion store, i ain't paying no $200. for a shirt..sorry, now off to the womens shoe store..oh no i ain't buying my girl a pair of $175.00 sandals there. NO to the jewelry store..forget about it..i don't have $8,000. for a ring.

so what do you do there?

I know!!

hey its about 100 feet from the casino..lets gamble.

A Memorable Wedding Night at the Water Club

by TripAdvisor Member jerseypunkchic

I was married on July 24, 2008, and as a surprise to me, my new husband booked a room at the Water Club. The experience was unbelievably memorable -- in the best way possible.

We arrived at the property late (approx. 11 pm). The valet attendants were efficient and EXTREMELY polite -- we didn't have to lift a finger. Even when my husband forgot something in the glovebox, a runner went to the car to get it for him.

The front desk staff was professional and friendly. It was obvious we were newlyweds (he was still in his tux, I in my full wedding get-up), so they upgraded our suite to a Vista. They also gave us a 1 pm checkout (we requested it). Our room was immaculate and beautifully decorated. We had a lovely view of the marina and of Brigantine.

We decided to go downstairs and get some drinks (drinking from the minibar can get a bit pricey) at the Sunroom. Our drinks were comped by a manager who left by the time we left the lounge. We then headed over to the Borgata to parade ourselves around and play some roulette. ALL staff were gracious, and no Borgata employee passed us without offering their congratulations or stopping to talk to us. The casino players, too, got a kick out of the bride and groom romping around the casino floor; we got stares and rounds of applause in equal numbers.

When we returned to our room, we discovered a cart with a bottle of champagne, strawberries, and dipping chocolate, with a card from the front desk offering their well wishes. We thought this a nice touch and quite appropriate for a hotel that touts itself as a five-star.

Although we had things to do the next day and did not get a chance to use the pool, I do know that the Water Club also offers a free shuttle service to Brigantine Beach on the weekends -- and I would MUCH rather sit on the beach all day than sit by the pool!

All in all, our stay at the Water Club was perfect and will make a great memory to add to the collection from our wedding day.

Its called the Water Club- but don't expect any water

by TripAdvisor Member 123123NY

My husband and I decided to check out the recently opened Water Club in Atlantic City this past weekend. Some positives and negatives below. All in all- It is a new hotel, but in it's current state, I wouldn't recommend staying there, but would recommend a visit to the Immersion Spa.

1. IMMERSION SPA. Fantastic spa experience- the Swedish massage (I think their signature) was one of the best I've ever had. The people at the spa are so pleasant, and really try to make sure you feel taken care of. Also- great view from 30th floor of the hotel- floor to ceiling windows and relaxing lounge chairs w/ lap pool, jacuzzi and fitness room. If you are going, make sure you book in advance. I was lucky enough to get a last minute cancellation at 8am- the only time they had. (Side note- If you did not have a spa treatment, you have to pay $30 to use the spa facilities for the day)

2. ROOMS. The rooms are nice. Nothing spectacular, but nice. Great bathroom, esp. the shower. The bed is comfy and the pillows are great. The size of the standard room is decent and it was quiet both nights we stayed (Fri. night and Sat. night).


4. SUNROOM: Relaxing room when not too crowded. Mozzarella is outstanding (This could also go under negatives b/c the bottled water is $8 for 8 fl oz - see more of this below- and I was charged $5 for a 2 pieces of stale wheat bread).

1. LAY-OUT OF THE OUTDOOR POOL. For a hotel that calls itself the Water Club, I was embarrassed for them. Apparently they are already making plans to expand the deck area. In my opinion, they need to start over entirely. Both the deck and the pool are small and cramped. The size of the pool is something that you might see in the backyard of a suburban home, not at a hotel that is attempting to be high end. The chairs (both lounge and upright) are set out so close to one another - it's not relaxing at all.

2. GETTING OUT TO THE POOL. This was actually comical. The outdoor pool was a mob scene. I had gone down to the pool in the morning, and left for a short while (about 1 hr) to meet my husband for lunch (being courteous and taking my belongings with me, unlike many others who left theirs on their unattended chairs for hours and hours). After lunch when my husband and I decided to go back outside (it was a beautiful day) we were told by the security guard (security constantly guards the door out to the pool and ensures you have a valid room key) that the pool had reached capacity and we could NOT GO OUTSIDE. Several other people were told the same thing and people started shouting and getting irate (one person even threatened to sue for false imprisonment which was ludicrous quite a sight to witness). We were directed to a manager who told us we need to speak with another manager. When this person finally arrived, we were again told that we didn't have the appropriate manager. We had wasted about 25 min waiting for someone to give us the okay to go outside before we finally were told we could go outside "only to swim, but not to lounge." We went out and immediately found 3 open chairs (I guess some of the people that left their belongings on their chairs for hours and hours decided to come back and get them). I have no idea who is managing all of these "managers" but the fact that people were being told they couldn't go outside when there were several open chairs is pretty nuts.

Also- I had read an earlier review on Tripadvisor that expressed concerns about the pool area so I decided to call to see if I had to reserve a chair. I was told (by the same individual) no, then yes, then no, before being told I should call down to the pool and find out myself. Again- poor excuse for customer service. I did- and was told a solid- no. After our experience of being told we were not allowed to go outside- I told them about how I had called earlier and how frustrating it is--- to which we were told the pool will be first come, first serve going forward. I can't wait to see all the people that go down to the pool at 8:00am and put a book or towel on a chair and come back at 2:00pm. I think it's going to be chaos.

3. GETTING FOOD/DRINKS BY THE OUTDOOR POOL. Do yourself a favor and put snacks and drinks in your bag if you plan on staying at the pool for any length of time. As far as the service goes- there really isn't any. Several workers passed us by and we stopped each one trying to get a drink- and each one told us "I can't help you but I'll try to find a waiter for you". We actually watched each one of them walk away and not speak with anyone. This went on for quite some time, and we had a few laughs at the ridiculousness of it. My husband had to finally get up and get us drinks. Apparently they don't have tap water out by the pool, only bottled water- and charge $8.00 for 8 fl oz of Evian (less than the size of a drink box???). That is the only water they have- $8 - 8 oz. I'm all for paying for something if it's worth it- but that was just crazy.

4. INTERNET SERVICE. I had brought my laptop with me and hoped to get some work done. I was shocked that the hotel would charge as much as it does, and then skimp out on Internet service. If you want Internet service for 24 hrs you have to pay $9.95. Really- they couldn't throw that into the cost of your room?

5. MANAGEMENT. Seems they have more of a mis-management going on than any managers that actually seem to know how to provide customer service. Everyone seems to place blame with someone else and direct you to someone else.

6. LOUD MUSIC. Music was incredibly loud by the outdoor pool and also in the Immersion spa pool area. The outdoor pool- fine, I can see the loud music. I think the spa pool's music level should have been toned down. (side note- my husband thought it was totally fine).

Next Time We'll Go Back to The Borgotta - It's No Ritz-Carlton

by TripAdvisor Member 5Poodles

What a disappointment. This so-called boutique hotel has LESS amenities than The Borgotta!! No coffee maker in the room, no refrigerator in the room -- a mini-bar has replaced it, where you can buy a Diet Coke for $3.50. You better get it because there are NO vending machines down the hall. Bring your own Scope, too, and your own Event Magazine and TV Directory, because they aren't in the rooms either. The swimming pools are small and by mid-afternoon, they are completely in the shade. This joint is expensive, pretentious and exorbitant. We await for a Ritz-Carlton to open in Atlantic City. Perhaps the owners/operators of The Water Club need to visit how the Big Boys do it.

dont bother with this hotel

by TripAdvisor Member rayd68

I have been a member of Tripadvisor for 6 years and vacation very often. I have never written a bad review about a hotel. I ussually make pretty good choices due to vigorous reseach on the places I stay. This hotel is the worst experience we have ever had. So much so we left after one night and went home. We had two children with us. They staff visibly made us feel like we did not belong. At the pool the staff was rude to my wife and kids. Kids are restricted to one of the indoor pools one of five pools at the hotel. There not allowed in the indoor infinity pool, jacuzzi's or the outside pool. My wife found out these rules from the staff who rudely told her and my daughter to get out of one of the pools. No explaination given just get out. You get the feeling your at a prison with many rules. On top of it we paid $89.00 for the worst room service food we have ever gotten. I dont mind the paying the typical rip off room service prices when the food is good. All in all when your paying $1400.00 a night for a suite you should feel welcome. I over heard many complaints during our short stay. Theres too many alternatives in alantic city to put up with such disrespect. mAlso I sent the manager two emails before our arrival and he never respond . He suggested in our welcome to The water club email to contact him for requests. I can see downfall to this hotel under his poor management they will be forces to change there hitler like atmosphere. Get a clue Water club.

Don't Waste Your Money

by TripAdvisor Member agritzy

It is not worth the $600 per night that they charge you. They do not let you utilize the pools unless you are checked in with a room key. So if you arrive at 1pm and you cannot check in, you cannot use the pool. The pools itself are pretty, but not big enough to accomodate everyone. There is actually a wait to get into the pools!!! Also, if you look on the website, there is a beautiful picture of the cabanas which you can reserve. The picture shows a row of about 8 cabanas. In reality there are only 4. That is SUCH FALSE ADVERTISING. Also, people we were with tried to reserve one.. they were put on a waiting list... only to discover they remained unused the whole day.. with the reserved signs still on them. If you are going to call yourself the WATER CLUB, then do it right. Do not make the pools too small to accomodate your guests. They should have just named themselves Borgatta 2. It is a very pretty hotel, but the fact that they charge so much money, and are not very accommodating to their guests makes me NEVER want to stay there. The staff seemed very dim witted. When we had difficulties, they just kind of stood there shaking there head and saying, I'm sorry but there is nothing we can do... For that price, the problems we had should have been rectified...There were problems with our check in, there were problems with our television.. I could go on but I will stop here. I have had better customer service at a Comfort Inn.

Should be called The Land Club

by TripAdvisor Member AYS_SAV

Not a big gambler. Played some slots, shopped for souvenirs while my husband played blackjack. Went to outside pool on Fri, July 18th. Was packed. There were two seats left. The towel boy said it gets more packed on the weekends.

On Saturday at 12pm, I head to the pool by myself. It was CLOSED to anyone else because of over capacity! There are 2 sardine sized pools outside. Ok, so they are small. The problem is the amount of lounge chairs that are out there! And there is no space for the hotel to add anymore loung chairs!

So I head back to the indoor pool to get a drink at the bar and figure out what I am going to do all day by myself! The indoor poor is jammed packed with families. That means kids everywhere! Nothing like the beautiful picture in the Ney York Times ad. That picture looks so serene!

Headed upstairs on the 32nd floor to pay the $30 to use that pool. Guess what? CLOSED to any newcomers! Filled to capacity! I was almost in tears! The guy there said he could call when space became available and I told him I was going to rent a movie in my room and sulk while diving into mini bar.

At 3pm I headed back downstairs to try to get outside to the pools. I figured since the sun was gone by 4pm because of the building blocking the sun, that surely people would have left. No way! Not only was it still CLOSED to newcomers, the were 4 people waiting in line and 4 people on a waiting list!!

What a crummy last day of vacation!!!!

The worst hotel ever

by TripAdvisor Member sfauci

The biggest rip off ever! If you want to pay over $600 a night for leather pillows on your bed and a place to plug in your ipod then stay there. There is nothing else to offer!
Lets talk about the water...
You cannot enjoy the pool until you check in. Even then pray they are not at the max or you have to wait until someone leaves. You have to run down to the pool first thing in the morning so you get a chair( just what you want to do after staying up all night) Then you can not leave because once you check out there is no going back to the pool. The outdoor pool is so tiny, You really can't believe it.

I also had to wait 15 minutes for a bloody mary at 6 pm on a Saturday because they didn't have any mix left.

I have stayed at hotels all around the world, this hotel is terrible.
It's very hip looking and that's it. What a waste of time.


Borgata (looking south)Borgata (looking south)

Borgata (looking west from Marina)Borgata (looking west from Marina)

Forum Posts

fun in atlantic city

by jaybernoc

where can I go for a fun and great time in atlantic city. I am looking for night life and entertainment

Re: fun in atlantic city

by xymmot

go to the hotels to find out their headliner or get the A C magazine guide to find the lastest venues. There is a Atlantic City Today mag

Re: fun in atlantic city

by ter1413

Wow...All over. Borgata/Tropicana/etc.
There are clubs/performers all pve.

Does anyone know any cheap accomodation?

by SQy

I'm going to spend a whole summer in Atlantic city, working in Borgata hotel.
Does anyone know where could i find cheap accomodation for the summer season?
Like around 60-70$ a week. Will be very thankful..

Re: Does anyone know any cheap accomodation?

by brotherleelove

$60-70 a week in a very large and very popular resort city like Atlantic City? Not very likely. More like $60-70 a DAY!

Re: Does anyone know any cheap accomodation?

by novillero

I don't think you can find $60-70 per week in the whole state, let alone A.C. And if you do, it's probably not a very safe place. You might want to check inland for cheaper housing.

Re: Does anyone know any cheap accomodation?

by zapfilms

you will have to share a place and count on 200'300 for a share


by muzz

now we know we can have a cigarette with our evening drink ( thanks to joe.nyc) can anyone recommend a decent clean hotel for us on our limited budget, close to all the attractions, as we dont drive? any help would really be appreciated....muzz....ps, are there any shows playing during our visit 14/5/2005-20/5/2005, specially interested in pop concerts...hope to hear from you.

Re: hotel



my name is helen.

i am happy to see you are visiting atlantic city.

if you email me the dates and a rough BUDGET i will personally check rates for hotels; show tickets; etc. for you at NO COST.

i think of it as a hobby.





Re: hotel

by OCNJBritt

what type of budget are you talking about?
May is a good time for promos at a number of the casinos..if you have AAA, ask about the AC discount coupons. The Days Inn is cheap and in a decent area, but has no casino in it. But if you want the experince of staying in a hotel/casino, check out Bally's or Trump Taj Mahal for promotional room rates...

You dont need a car in AC, trust me, I live there. The Jitney is AC's answer to accesible public transportation. It is a series of blue vans that run the city up and down and stops just about everywhere. its cheap too.

The Borgata is the newest gaming attractiion in AC, it is way expensive but worth a visit for a lil taste of Vegas in NJ. Also, borgata is intrioducing a pimpin lineup of shows for the summer. check em out on their web site.


Re: hotel

by caldbunch

Travelzoo.com just had a special for the Tropicana.. Check the top 20 section... I think it was only for mid week, but it included breakfast and a show for $49..?? Don't quote me, but I think that was the price....

Comments (1)

  • Jul 7, 2013 at 8:16 PM

    They charge a security deposit of $150 PER NIGHT!!! It has to be a major credit card and it will be due upon checking in. From other reviews, it won't be easy getting the security deposit refunded upon your leave!!! Beware. I talked to reps from other Atlantic City hotels regarding this and they were all in shock and responded with a, "Are you kidding me?!" Don't go there! I don't know who wrote the positive reviews. Perhaps people working for Borgata. They are only out for your money. By the way, WIFI is $12.95 per night.There are plenty of other good hotels to stay in Atlantic City.

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 Water Club Hotel - Borgata

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Water Hotel Atlantic City
The Water Hotel By Borgata
The Water Club By Borgata Hotel Atlantic City

Address: Atlantic, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08401, United States