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Don't go to the Nevele Grande (How do they call that place "Grande"?

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just returned from the hotel for the President's Birthday weekend 2004. The Nevele Grand is one of the reasons why the hotel industry in the Catskills died. This hotel is a living example of poor service. From the inept front desk clerks, (I had to wait on a long registration line of people who were trying to check in while all I wanted to get miniature golf clubs (later to find out that there were non left), to activities that were offered and did not exist, this place is a classic example of How Not to Run a Hotel.The ski staff and Management made for a very poor skiing experience. The management allowed hotel staff, friends of the lift operators, and unsupervised teenagers cut very long ski lines to the lifts. When I brought this to the attention of the Ski Area management my words fell upon deaf ears. I would advise anyone to go to a real ski resort, or travel the 30 minuets to Holiday Mountain (off of Route 17)Common areas around the hotel were full of mold and mildew as was our room.The people posting positive thoughts about this hotel must be living in an alternative reality!Last thought: don't go to the Nevele Grande!

Hotel is not good!! but Golf is great!!

by TripAdvisor Member pncvic

Just got back from the NEVELE GRANDE!! Stayed in the Golden Gate, room was ok with no real bad odors, but the bathroom was very small with no water pressure. The buildings are falling apart with noticable cracks and worn out carpeting. The staff is pretty much a joke with no one able to give any decent information about activities, but once you get the idea, its not that hard to figure things out. But beware of the other guest that go here. The people who go to this resort are the scariest looking people I ever have seen in one place. Most of the guests were over 60. The best thing about the Nevele is the golf course. The proshop is a trailer but the greens are some of the best ones I have played this year. Also was able to play 27 in 4 and half hours. The food was ok, havent got sick yet. If you like golf and dont mind dealing with some scary people, the NEVELE is for you!!! Good Luck!!

pleasantly surprised

by A TripAdvisor Member

After reading previous reviews written about the NEVELE during the winter of 2004, i was skeptical about the quality of my experience, being that it appeared the hotel was in somewhat dis-repair and the services were lacking. I safeguarded myself staying at the adjoining FALLSVIEW which i understood to be recently renovated. The room was indeed impressive for the price i paid . The rates were discounted for a group 'singles' weekend. I paid $450 for a single in a room for 3 nights and 4 days ... and this included three meals a day! The food was delicious and abundant. My only true complaint was the service, but i also took into consideration that it was a group weekend and they had what were usually bus boys/girls working as waiters. I did stay an extra day, wanting to experience the hotel once the group left, and found the dining room service to be of a more superior quality.

All in all, it's a charming facility surrounded by mountains, manicured folliage, great outdoor pool with a strong/hot jacuzzi, good food, and so-so service. NOTE: see if you can swing a deal and stay at the FALLSVIEW for the same price, where you would still be able to use the NEVELE facilities. (it's only a short walk across a lawn). They are owned by the same company.

Not the one!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I cannot believe this place! It needs to be condemed already. How do you go around advertisins all of this wonderful stuff you claim to offer and then not deliver. Go to the website..--------------then go to the Nevele, you'll see what I mean. The place is awful it kind of reminded me of the shining. Dirty, staff is nasty, entertainment is TERRIBLE, the food is awful nto to mention the room rates are WAY over priced!
Trust me, save your money,DO NOT STAY THERE!! you will be so glad you took my advise. If you are curious and go anyway, please stop back and post your experience, I would love to hear your horror story!! vacation Hotel!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

We had the time of our life at the Nevele Grande Hotel. I have a 9 year old boy who loved the hotel and all of the activities. You can be busy every moment with all of the great facilities or just enjoy the gorgeous location. The tennis instruction was fabulous. My wife had a massage in the spa and said it was the best massage she ever had. The food was excellent and plentiful. What made it exceptionally great was the kids menu. The cocktail party was fun on Saturday. It gave my wife and I an opportunity to dance to a live band. All in all a GREAT VACATION and would recommend it.


by A TripAdvisor Member

My wife and I went to the Nevele Grande for a weekend work outing. Once we arrived, we both commented how much it looked like a college campus. No big deal, we thought, its probably very picturesque during the daytime. After all, the website makes this place look posh and luxurious.

When trying to find parking, we couldn't help but notice how poorly lit some of the parking areas were. We were literally in complete darkness for 10 minutes while walking to the front desk. Ladies, don't walk here alone!

The resort staff is somewhat helpful, although not all that knowledgeable. They also don't have uniform dress code from what I could tell, or even looked all that presentable for that matter. The lady at reception was dressed in jeans and sweats.

Once we entered our room in the Vacationer, we immediately noticed the funky mildew odor that had lingered in the hallway as well. The poorly lit room also fell far below expectations with outdated decor, cheap Ikea style furniture and drab colors. There were cigarette burns in our carpet too. We're not hotel snobs, but this is a resort and you expect a level of service for this price. Our room reminded me of a Motel 6 room. Eventually, we decided against staying and checked out of the Nevele a few moments later. Save your money and time, go somewhere else!

Lousy Weekend

by A TripAdvisor Member

Last February I took my family for a weekend to the Nevele Grande Hotel. What a mistake! Things went from bad to worse. Check in was a disaster, the front desk people are basically teenagers that don't have a clue what they are doing. It took us over an hour to get our room keys. When we finally got to our rooms the electronic keys didn't work. We had to go back to the front desk and get new keys.

The food in the dining room was horrendous. The menu was extremely limited. If you didn't like what was on the menu your choice was eat the selections being offered or don't eat. Our waiter hardly spoke any English, making it difficult to communicate and making a bad situation worse.

The hotel itself is run down and falling apart. My room smelled of mildew and when I wanted to change rooms the front desk person informed me that she needed to get authorization from a manger, and there was no manager there to help me.

All in all the staff is unhelpful, unintelligent and downright mean.

I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone!

Pure Ripoff

by A TripAdvisor Member

I just came back from a weekend at the Nevele Hotel. This was the worst weekend that I have ever had. I booked the top category room - the Empire Wing. I was told this was the best room in the Hotel. Although the room was quite large and roomy, the room smelled of mildew. The bathroom was also a nice size but old and disgusting and needs to be totally redone. The brown water coming out of the pipes didn't help either. I spoke with the Chambermaid the next day and she told me that the room I was staying in has had leaks in it for over 6 months! She said they keep trying to fix it but they shouldn't have sold you this room. I went to the front desk to get my room changed and the person behind the desk told me that they were sold out and there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to the Hotel manager - when he finally came out to talk to me I told him my problems with the room . He denied knowing anything about the problems of this room but he also said that he has no room to move me to because they were sold out. He totally didn't seem to care about me or my problem. He was both condesending and obnoxious and wasn't helpful at all.

Needelss to say I cut my trip short and checked out that day.

The only thing GRANDE about this Hotel was the PRICE!


by virtualpatrick

View of Ellenville from Route 52. In the center is the Nevele Hotel and further to the right is the center of Ellenville.

Ellenville, NY is the place where I went to elementary and high school since it was the closest school district to Napanoch, NY (a hop, skip, and a jump away).

Ellenville, NY - Est. 1823
Article about and link to Ellenville, NY

Sunset over Ellenville

Autumn in the Hudson Valley/Catskill Mountains

by Easty

"Vanderbilt Mansion Autumn View"

Autumn is a marvelous time of year to stroll along the Hudson River. It is especially beautiful from Poughkeepsie to the town of Hudson where the Catskill Mountains meet the Hudson River. Here is a picture I took from the Vanderbuilt Estate in Hyde Park.

"Esopus Lighthouse"

Further up the Hudson River, I found this neat lighthouse where the Esopus River meets the Hudson River near Saugeties, NY.

"View from Esopus Lighthouse"

Here is some fall foliage nearing its peak and reflecting off the Hudson River. This view was taken by the Esopus Lighthouse in Saugerties.

"Couldn't Resist Pulling off the Road"

Here is a shot I took off NY Route 9D a few miles south of the town of Hudson. I love mountain scenery in the fall.

"Clermont Estate"

The Clermont Estate is another multi-million dollar estate of the Hudson Valley. Clermont is located about 10 miles north of the Rhineback Bridge in Kingston. Here you can get an excellent view of the Hudson River with the towering Catskill Mountains in the background. This is the spot where the Catskills are the closest to the Hudson River.

"In the Catskills"

Here is a view looking down on the Nevele Resort in Ellenville, NY. Fall is spectacular in the Catskills.

"Kaaterskill Falls"

Kaaterskill Falls is located off Route 23A about 5 miles east of Hunter, NY. It was here where the autumn colors were at their best. At the height of the autumn colors, I suggest a ride up Route 23A.

"Another Shot for Good Measure"

Another spectacular shot of Kaaterskill Falls. Autumn is definitely the season to be here.


Nevele Resort of the CatskillsNevele Resort of the Catskills


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