Hotel Carter - Times Square District

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250 West 43rd Street, New York City, New York, 10036, United States

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Hotel Carter
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  • Gembly's Profile Photo

    An old hotel, but a great price for Times Square


    We arrived at Port Authority Bus Station at around 5pm, and walked the less than 2 blocks to the Carter Hotel on W 43rd St.
    We had seen photos on the hotel website, so the look of the outside didn't faze us!
    Inside, we were met by marble walls, heavily patterned carpets and fluorescent lighting (so cheesy!) but we were quickly checked in and headed up to our room on the 17th floor.

    At the concierge desk you can book theatre tickets, a shuttle to the 3 airports and get info on pretty much anything. (there are computers with internet access - small fees apply - and vending machines also in the lobby.)
    The lifts are old but in good working order (if a little small for the amount of guests the hotel can obviously accommodate). We got to our room and an instant feeling of relief and happiness flooded over us!
    Lovely clean white beds, air conditioning, a private bathroom (old fixtures and fittings, but clean and tidy) and a big built-in wardrobe. Our room had no views to speak of, but who needs a view from the window when you're so close to the action anyway?!
    We quickly unpacked and headed off to find our bearings. Times Square is 1/2 a block east, Port Authority (bus station and subway) is 2 blocks west and one block south, and there are plenty of restaurants, gift shops, cafes and other tourist attractions within a five minute walk.

    I gave the 'restaurant' a 5 out of 5, even though it's not a restaurant (it's just a cafe with a small seating area but the food is amazing!) And the guys behind the counter are lovely, so helpful!

    Some of the things we did (and would recommend!):

    * The Beast Speedboat ride (head for the Circle Line)
    * Coney Island (great rides and hotdogs!)
    * American Museum of Natural History
    * 2 hr Harbour Lights Cruise (Circle Line)
    * Madame Tussauds (42nd St)
    * Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall (great shopping! Bus from Port Authority)

    I would absolutely stay here again - in fact, I'm already planning my next trip! You just can't beat the location or the price!!
    (and all those people who say it's disgusting and dirty... I think the word 'hell-hole' was used by someone... are obviously a bit stuck up. You get what you pay for, and if you're gonna pay $50 per night, per person, you can't expect it to be The Plaza! Hostels cost more per night than the Carter, and I know where I'd rather stay!!)

    Unique Quality: The hotel used to be called the Dixie and in the rooms you'll find a framed article that basically explains that some prominent New Yorker was killed inside the hotel many years ago... (I can't remember exactly what it said) It's a fascinating read though!

    The decor is old - heavily patterned carpets, glossy wood, strip lighting, brass fixtures and fittings - but it's interesting! Everywhere you look, something catches your eye!!

    Directions: 1/2 a block west of Times Square

  • Positive Experience


    I entered the lobby with great trepidation after reading so many negative reviews. I was travelling with my grandsons and upon check-in asked if there was anyway possible I could receive a renovated clean room with a working air conditioner. The man at the counter looked at my grandkids and said ' I'll give you our best room'. We received a renovated clean corner room with a refrigerator and working air conditioner. I could not have been happier! Excellent location and value for dollars spent! Bring your own shampoo as none provided. We received extra towels upon request.

    Directions: Very close to Foxwood Theatre and Times Square

  • Positive Experience


    I entered the lobby with great trepidation after reading so many negative reviews. I was travelling with my grandsons and upon check-in asked if there was anyway possible I could receive a renovated clean room with a working air conditioner. The man at the counter looked at my grandkids and said ' I'll give you our best room'. We received a renovated clean corner room with a refrigerator and working air conditioner. I could not have been happier! Excellent location and value for dollars spent! Bring your own shampoo as none provided. We received extra towels upon request.

    Directions: Very close to Foxwood Theatre and Times Square

  • Hotel Carter - the worst hotel in NYC


    Hotel Carter in New York is hands-down the most disgusting, repulsive and depressing hotel I have ever had the misfortune of staying in. Our room on the fourth floor was the sort of place you'd want to over dose in. If we'd have been slightly higher up, I might have considered jumping out of the window, rather than doing it from the fourth floor, and living to remember my time at Hotel Carter.

    The staff are incredibly rude, starting with the egotistical, sarcastic chinese-american on the counter, and a russian who can barely speak English working the 'Shuttle Bus' counter. The pair were extremely unhelpful regarding all aspects of my stay. Before visiting our room, I visited the toilets in the lobby. Ah, no toilet roll.. that's a shame. Oh but hang on.. that was the least of my worries - one toilet was covered in urine - and I mean COVERED. All over the floor, the walls, the entire toilet.. drenched. Next cubicle.. it's even worse. faeces on the seat. HUMAN FAECES.. on the toilet seat. Smeared. That's the first impressions out of the way.. now onto the room.

    I took the elevator up to the fourth floor.. everyone in the elevator had the same 'oh, that doesn't sound good' expression on their face as crunching and scraping metal sounds emitted from outside the doors. As I left the elevator, I realised I had become slightly lost after stepping out into the Overlook Hotel from The Shining. I mean, this place is a spitting image for it. The mangy old carpets in bright colours - long, white-washed bleak hallways with these duller-than-dull grey 'prison' doors.

    The room was pretty disgusting. Hair, mould and white stains in the carpet. Blood all over the mattresses - these must've been at least 30-40 years old. The sheets and towels wreaked of bleach - proper industrial strength stuff. The bathroom was by far the best feature in the room - taking approximately 5 solid minutes for the water to run from ice cold to luke warm. We were one of the 'fortunate' ones to have a room facing outwards (to the street) - I can't imagine how bad the ones on the other side of the hall must be. Jeez. The walls were covered in mould and rust had dripped down from the leaky radiator. Not only that, I realised someone had graffitied 'Andy 3' in massive letters on one of the walls. It had been covered with a very thin wash of emulsion so it was still very visible. At least he had a good time, right?

    Last but not least, the russian on the 'Shuttle bus' desk told us it would cost $45 to the airport using their service, and a private hire would be $70 plus tolls - the bus would take approximately 1 hour, so we got the Shuttle at 3.20pm to JFK for our flight at 7.20pm. What she forgot to tell us is, the shuttle bus actually makes several stops to other hotels, meaning it took OVER AN HOUR for us to leave Manhattan, let alone get to JFK. We then hit rush hour traffic, meaning our 'one hour express shuttle' took 2.5 hours. The drivers were absolutely useless, incompetent morons whom you'd think would have a better idea of how long the journey would take.. seeing as that's THEIR DAY JOB?

    To sum up: The Hotel Carter is probably New York's biggest dump. Hell, it's probably America's biggest dump. I'd personally love to boycott this hotel. How it is actually open, and passing health inspections, with paying guests staying there in 2012 is beyond me. Avoid at ALL COSTS.

    Unique Quality: Unique quality: filth.



    I wouldn't bother staying at Hotel Carter even if you paid me. My safety and health are worth much more than any price! Having inspected hotels all over the world for American Airlines over a nearly 20 years I've seen my share of what a budget room SHOULD look like. I wouldn't expect anything other than a comfortable and clean room! But, if I had to worry about bed bugs, black mold, umpteen safety and electrical codes not up to standard I would gladly stay elsewhere, even if the price was higher, and I would even consider sleeping outside with the homeless, for a cardboard box must be safer than this place.

    This Virtual Tourist review says Hotel Carter is 'free from infestation'. I would beg to differ. AOL just yesterday did a front page expose on this property.
    Wikipedia says it has been voted the filthiest hotel in America for FOUR consecutive years. And, if words do not convey enough, just take a peek at the 263 candid tourist photo's taken and posted in a picture gallery shown on the website. Be prepared, as these photo's are quite graphic and can turn many a stomach -------->

    I would hope the city of New York would want this eyesore torn down. Perhaps, at one time this was a respectable hotel. But, that was then, and this is now. Considering this hotel was used as a homeless shelter sometime during the 1970-80's I would think that once turned back into a hotel some serious money and consideration would be the main priority for the proper renovations and updates to safety codes be made. I guess not. I am just glad in my many years in the travel industry I never booked a room there for any of my clientele. If they wanted such a place I would have suggested an area YMCA or a youth hostel over this hotel in a heartbeat. I don't wish this hotel on my worst enemy....Ok, enough ranting. Peope, educate yourself as much as possible when booking your own trips. Listen to what others have to say. Budget is budget - do not expect pools, spa's and restaurants-or any type of luxury amenity. But, expect a clean and comfortable atmosphere, certainly not a place where dead mice are laying on the floor, black mold surrounds you in the shower and beds infested with bedbugs as you will awaken with a bad rash all over you. Save this place for the quickie-prostitutes and their clients as this is who the hotel really caters to. Thank you for listening!

    Unique Quality: UNIQUE is the PERFECT word to use with this hotel - I would say everything is unique, as it's nothing like I've ever seen before in my twenty years inspecting hotels in the travel industry!
    Free bugs and cockroaches in the room?

    Dead mice pushed to the corner or under the air conditioner as to be less noticeable? I guess
    the chance of NOT seeing a mouse is a nice thought!

    Black mold covering the old, cracked and missing tile in the tub or shower? Hey, maybe that
    black mold is a bonus, as it covers the cracked tile, rusty porcelain and mildew underneath!

    A black and white TV with no reception in the room? Why not just offer no TV and let the wild-life
    in the room provide the entertainment, it's free!

    A dresser with no knobs to pull out the drawers? Another nice gesture on the hotels behalf as
    perhaps the guests shouldn't see what could possibly be in those drawers!

    If you call this a bonus, think again.
    If you call this unique, you are right.

    You can not compare this to other properties, as it's like comparing apples to oranges.
    If you don't care about catching diseases, book this place with pride!

  • Worst Hotel in New York


    Only stay in this hotel if you are a biologist looking for new diseases. When I arrived I was given a room filled with dirty tissues and an unflushed toilet. When I went to the lobby to complain, a young man starts shouting "Don't stay in this hotel! There are bedbugs!" Whereupon he lifted up his shirt, and sure enough his chest had several bites. The staff are foul, and you can't blame them as it must suck working at such a fleabag. Do not believe the sign which says that you will get your deposit back on your room key -- the lady behind the desk just said that the sign was out of date. I ended up sleeping on the floor of my brother's flat because I refused to stay, even though I could not get my payment back.

    Unique Quality: Sucks

  • MELEBR's Profile Photo

    NEW YEARS EVE !!!!


    We DROVE all the way from Springfield, Missouri. We went for New Years Eve. When we arrived I must admit it was not nearly as bad as I was expecting based on some previous posts. It is for sure NOT a five-star hotel. But it is cheap, and 2 buildings over from Times Sqaure. How much better can it get ? We had more money to spend on the activities, like the Mariah Carey -After Party at Cipriani's on 42nd St. with an top shelf open bar. Sorry, I will get back to the hotel... It wasnt dirty at all, it was actually very clean, and it smelled fine. We stayed in a room that had a balcony. The door doesnt open but you can open the windows to get out there. I suggest doing this because the view is abousolutly breath taking. You can see Times Square to your right and the Hudson river to your left. My only complaint is that the elevators are extremely slow!!!! The staff was actually very nice to us. I wouldn't talk down to the asian woman who OWNS the hotel. I heard her go off on some guy that was being rude. Just treat them how you would want to be treated. This was our first time to the big apple, and we are planning on going back next NYE and we already have reservations for the exact same room. I totally think this is the best hotel for the money and location. You should check out some of the others hotels in the same area, there are really really nice and you really really pay for it. So, if you just need a place the rest your head at night or the early a.m. Carter Hotel is for you!!! Be sure to specify the amount of people staying in the room becuase thye were totally booked NYE and one girl reserved a 2 room suite , and since there was only 2 people staying in the room (her and her boyfriend) they gave hers to a family of 4 that actually NEEDED two beds. Also, specify, smoking or non-smoking. In the special requests box I asked for a clean room too.

    Unique Quality: The view from our balcony was amazing. I took lots of pictures, they look like just like they were taken out of the movies!!! These people that are complaining had dreams of Marriott for the Carter price. You can expect what you are not paying for!!!!Our rooms was clean and odor-free. We were to busy seeing the city to really care about the hotel decor.

    Please rate my tip so I can see what my feedback is ... Thanks :)

    Directions: You go down 44th (one way streets) take a right at Times Square (Broadway and 7th) onto 43rd. It is directly across the street from the New York Times buildin. Carter Hotel is the 2ns building on your left.

  • Kaybivan's Profile Photo

    To Carter or Not to Carter


    I would only recommend this hotel with those having tight budget on their mind. Just go there and sleep. There's no housekeeping so your bed is as it is every night. When you need a towel and more soap you have to go fetch it yourself at the reception. The TV is small and in my first room there were no remote control.

    However, considering Carter's proximity to Times Square, Broadway and Port Authority it is the perfect place for those who want to save up for other things like shopping and admission fees.

  • Dutchshowtimer's Profile Photo

    Well located but strange hotel


    My stay was not so good at this hotel. When you enter the lobby, you already understand that you're in a very strange place. The staff isn't nice at all and the place smells awful. The hotel is very dirty. Next time I'll go back to NY, I'll go for Chelsea International or Chelsea Center Hostel.

    Unique Quality: The location : the hotel is located near Time Square and Port Authority. You can go out at night and just stay in the neighbourhood of the hotel. There's no need to take the subway or the taxi unless you want to have fun in East Village.

    Directions: Time Square

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    You pays you money.....and take your choice


    The 'Urban Cowboy' has become a fixture of New York in recent years. He stands around Times Square with his strategically placed guitar placed over his almost obscene white knickers.

    The Carter hotel shares a number of characteristics with this street entertainer.

    1) They are both licensed by New York City. The Carter claims to be an hotel, although many hotel reviewers would beg to differ.

    2) They are both extremely kitsch. The lobby of the Crater is festooned with mirrors and strings of red lights that remind you of a terrible 1970’s disco palace where you half-expect to see a man in a white suit and medallion to saunter across the lobby singing “you can tell by the way I walk that I’m a woman’s man”

    3) They both extract relatively small amounts of money from tourists. Then again, where else could you reasonably expect to find a relatively cheap bed (it has 700+ rooms) in NYC, when everywhere else is full.

    4) They both occupy a prime location. The hotel is in the heart of Broadway on 250 West 43rd Street

    There are certainly very many negative hotel reviews about this place, but if you accept it is just a cheap lodging place in an excellent location then “You pays your money and takes your choice”

    Unique Quality: Just expect a Black & White TV in the room on it’s last legs with virtually no reception, a bathroom with the odd tile or two cracked or missing and a bed that has seen more action than a Muhammad Ali fight.

    On the upside the rooms are generally larger than the average, and generally free from infestation.

    One final thought – there is one major difference between the Urban Cowboy and the Carter. The Urban cowboy must receive regular maintenance in the gym to keep in tip-top shape, but the Carter hasn’t benefited from an ounce of maintenance since 1937.

  • thekory's Profile Photo

    The Hotel Carter - Not classy, but a good time!!!


    Yeah, the lobby is a little scary and rundown. Hell, the entire hotel is a little scary and rundown- but being in the middle of everything, a few steps from Times Square AND being less than 100/night, totally makes up for the fear factor.

    I'm sure it wouldn't be for everyone, but while travelling alone, I had the best time. The decoration isn't going to win any awards, especially with their answer to a headboard for the bed: a rug stapeled to the wall. The bathroom was spotless, though.

    The Hotel Carter version of a bellboy helped me to my room. Not to assist with my luggage, but to show me the "trick" to get the door unlocked.

    There is a little store in the lobby where you can buy beer. It's a little overpriced, but another great convenience.

    Some unhappy guest had scrawled "THIS IS A ***HOLE HOTEL" on the wall, next to the elevator. I just don't agree. Yeah, it's not the Sheraton, but it's cheap, safe, and a good time.

    Unique Quality: I had a great view for late night booze binges from my window whih faced a flashing sign on 42ND Street. Felt like a movie!

    Directions: Times Square, Theatre District, very close to the Port Authority Bus Station.

  • djramey's Profile Photo

    Carter Hotel - A block from Times Square


    With 590 rooms listed, the Hotel Carter lies in one of the most accessible and frequented spots in New York City -- Times Square. When looking for a place to stay late one night, we happened upon the Hotel Carter and for 9 people, we were not disappointed. We were given the "suite" for US$180. This "suite" was two connected rooms about 25x15 and a total of four beds.

    Directions: A block from Times Square

  • fabrice's Profile Photo

    hotel carter


    103$ for single,115$ for double

    Unique Quality: 1000 rooms,you will find a place there if you have no reservation , it is a fair price for a room in the times square district , as long as you are tolerant , because the rooms are not always very clean, and you can meet some cockroaches

More about Hotel Carter - Times Square District

Forum Posts

Comparing Hotel carter to hostels and budget hotels

by tuamotu

hello.I read posts and traveller's reviews about Hotel carter, NY, 250 w 43 rd street.It is in a very good it so much awful and bad??I'm disgusting about no cleanliness ..but I don't understand what is expectation about an hostel or another budget hotel around 100$ a night.. such as Carlton arms hotel or Leo House.if they are on the same level,I choose the hotel the best location..hotel carter..
can you help me,please?

RE: Comparing Hotel carter to hostels and budget hotels

by devil66

It is in a very central location and I have been in the lobby only (walking by, stopped in out of curiosity). It is not posh, but looks okay. There has been some pretty horrendous reviews of it - though I have no first hand knowledge. Hope someone else can help you more.


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 Hotel Carter - Times Square District

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