New York Inn

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765 Eighth Avenue, Between 46th and 47th Streets, New York City, New York, 10036-7004, United States

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New York Inn
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    Oh, where to begin…
    My boyfriend and I were in NY in October this year for a nice holiday. We had booked our room at The New York Inn through the Internet and thought that we had found an okay deal in NYC where we heard that accommodation always is ridiculously expensive. The only thing we wanted was a room in Manhattan, near the subway, with a private bathroom and maybe breakfast. For what we knew before the arrival at the hotel we where going to get that. We did not expect any luxuries but just a normal hotel room with its amenities.
    Well then, I must tell you that I have a kidney problem and was to have sent medicine by a medicine company to the hotel a couple of days before (it is in heavy boxes and therefore I cannot transport it myself). I wrote the hotel by email several weeks before arrival that I was going to need this medicine, as it is crucial to my health and that this was to be delivered a couple of days before arrival. I did not hear anything from them, until the delivery day of the boxes where I received an unpleasant email from the hotel, saying that I had not given notice of the arrival of the parcel and that they would charge me 6 dollars per day until arrival three days later, for storage of my medicine. I wrote them an answer by email asking them to consider the charges as I travel often and have never had to pay at any hotel for them to storage my medicine for a couple of days.
    I did not hear from them until I was at the lobby where they told me that they had my medicine and that I should talk to the manager if I did not want to pay the fee of 18 dollars. As the manager was not in the hotel when we checked in we just paid for the hotel room (1130 dollars for 8 nights). We went to the room, first up the old staircase with the patched red/brown carpet and the sneaky hall, and when we saw the room we were devastated! Well I know it sounds a bit overreacting, but when you just arrive and it is your first day on holiday all you feel is good mood and illusion, and when you see that the hotel and especially the room you have paid (not so little money) for is that old, ugly and cheesy you think it’s a factor that will make you enjoy less the part of the holiday where you after a looong day walking around the city should come back to the hotel room and relax comfortably.
    Hmm, the room: it is hard to describe it so that you get a vivid picture but I can say that the red carpets continued into the room (which had obviously not been vacuumed as there were finger/toenails on the carpet inside the room!!), it smelled funny (bug spray), there was an awful noise from a ventilator/motor from Subway (that is located downstairs) that was on all day and all night (!!), the window could not open, the night lamp did not work (it took them three days to give us a new one, until then we had to use the neon light on the ceiling), the ceiling looked as if it was going to fall down on us, the telephone did not work, the sink in the bathroom was torn of the wall so it moved every time we used it, the door in the bathroom had no frame so we could see the inside of the bathroom wall, etc. We had a big TV the size of the bed, a coffee machine (no mugs or glasses) and a microwave. These last things are not so important, but I still dare to ask: why these things and not just a kettle, then you can make coffee or the, and why a microwave and not a fridge??
    The cleaning was ok (I mean the changing of the sheets and towels, and throwing out the garbage was okay (there was not exactly cleaning of the room)), besides from one day where there were no towels and several days where there was no shampoo, but instead 8 pieces of soap (what do I need 8 pieces of soap for, and why shampoo sometimes and sometimes not??). Furthermore the soaps were all cracked in pieces, like they had been made 100 years ago. I mean it is not to sound spoiled or anything but we did pay 140 dollars a night, and do not get any kind of what resembles a decent service!!
    The complimentary/continental breakfast: what a rip-off: it is at Subway next door and you get a bagel, which is impossible to chew because it’s like rubber, an omelette, that was so white I do not know if there even was egg in it, a cookie, and coffee or the (no water or anything extra). Then for the bagel you get butter, jelly and cream cheese, which are the long-lasting products: all in small plastic cups, and not in any fridge. It was horrible. And breakfast is always a thing to look forward to especially when you have a long day of sightseeing ahead of you. On the third day we could not stand it anymore and went elsewhere for the breakfast.
    We then complained about the noise in our room to the manager, and were shown other rooms, which were worse in size and very dirty, so we chose to put up with the noise. But when we complained the manager told us that we were given the worst room because of my medicine!! He said that he had had a bad experience, with former guests (which he could not explain to us) and wanted to know how I kept my medicine (I told him that in sealed boxes), if the liquids where open so they could just run out of the medicine bags (which could not are not as they were sealed!), if I disposed the leftovers outside in the garbage everyday (which I did not, I left it in the garbage bag, and closed it so that the cleaning staff only had to carry it out to the trash (was I supposed to do their job?). With his questions he treated me like I was this unhealthy person that had come to his hotel to vandalise it with my medicine. He even said that the reason he had given us the worse room was so that we would not disturb or be a problem to the other guests!!! Off course I got furious with his way of treating me (as if it isn’t enough to be bothered with my health conditions, and now I have to answer to a person who is being discriminating to me, because of my health!!!), and then he tried to be the better person saying that he asked me like a gentleman and blab, blab. The day before we were going home he even asked me again if I was sure that I disposed my medicine garbage and that the room was not affected by my medicine – God, what did he think I was doing in there?!! If he was really that concerned about his room, maybe he should use another approach, instead of treating me as the pest. I told him that it was so unfair that he dared to compare us to former guests; he did not even know that my medicine was for my dialysis and if the former guest’s was the same medicine. I happen to be a very clean and tidy person, so I am sure that he and the cleaning staff did not have anything to complain about when they went to my room, as they only had to make the beds, give us clean towels and new soap, and throw out a garbage bag or two. What about the toenails in my room, and the ugly stench of bug spray and the cockroaches in the lobby!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I am also sure that there are plenty of healthy guests that leave their room like a mess everyday, so what’s so special about me using medicine? It finally got to be Sunday (because then we could leave that awful place and hope never to see this man again, unfortunately we also had to leave wonderful NYC…) and when we were checking out, he asked us what we had in mind doing about the 18 dollars for the storage of my medicine. I told him that we did not want to pay this amount, as I had never paid for it at any of the other hotels I have staid in, and that I could understand that if we had sent him some suitcases or something like that, that it would be a different matter, but that it was MEDICINE!! He said that it was the hotel’s policy that we had to pay for that and I asked him to see that in writing somewhere, which he could not show me, but instead he answered (raising his voice): What do you think this is, this is New York City, everything costs money, nothing is free!!! So I said to him that I would pay the amount and that I thought that he was being cheap and greedy. And what a stupid thing to say that because it is NY then it costs money. Who is being the smaller person here? By paying him I could hope that I did not have to hear anything else from him. What an idiot. Worse place ever. And I must say that normally I just want a clean room and bathroom with a bed, because I do spend all day in the city. I know that I am not checking in at The Plaza, but still, it could have been at least decent. And the manager could at least have treated me with respect regarding my medicine and health. And to all the other reviews I have read: I am just nodding my head as I can recognise the feeling you must have felt because of the poor conditions of this place. What is outrageous is that it is still open and that so many people book rooms at this place, it should definitely get closed by the health department!!

    Directions: Times Square

More about New York Inn

Sleazy, dangerous and spooky

by TripAdvisor Member HardLite

I enjoy checking the Tripadvisor website for all of my decisions regarding hotels and seeing the New York Inn reviews, I thought I might add my own.

I stayed at this hotel for one night in late 2003 and this has got to be the most depressing and filthiest hotel I ever stayed in my whole life. I had to stay simply because I arrived at 1am and couldn't find a single room after paying about $100 for a taxi which transported me all over Manhattan for 2 hours trying to find a hotel. The first shock was the terrible lobby which was dark, filthy and smelled of mildew and rot. Some very shady characters were just hanging around staring. The room I had was nasty with yellow and brown stains all over the blankets and sheets (yuccchh). All night long, the hallway was filled with shouts and screams. A fight broke out between a Russian hooker and one of her clients just outside my room door and threats were shouted. To cap off the worst night of my life, I discovered a used condom in my shower!!!!!!!!

Simply the worst hotel in the world without an exception

Absolute hell hole

by A TripAdvisor Member

It was terribble - walked in at the rom was tiny and dirty. The whole place had the aura of a brothel. Sheets had cigarette burns in them. It was a nightmare. The place made me sick - and I only stayed there for 30 mins in all.
I wasnt expecting anything amazing - clean and basic would have done. Yet I booked this through and they have expressed no interest whatso ever in the bad service I received.
i had to get another hotel at great expense to me.
It's a shame I didnt come across this website before the trip - I could have saved myself loads of time and money.
Does anyone know if there's a hotel board or something that I could get in contact with.
Be aware - I lost $100 on that place.
I feel so stupid and decieved by the place. I only wish this website had come up when I'd googled the New York Inn.
I also have photos as evidence.


by A TripAdvisor Member

We booked this hotel as a package on Expedia and from the write up and photos expected clean and basic. This was not the case. Avoid this place like the plague unless thats what you want to take home! Dark & dingy entrance lobby, in a recessed doorway next to a sex shop. Narrow, crumbling staircases (two for each floor) and we were on the 4th floor (no lift). The hallways were littered with great piles of rubbish and linen in the evening which were difficult to negotiate and dangerously placed. The room was small - two double beds except when you lifted the counterpane one was not a bed at all just 3 matteresses placed one top of the other! There were no sheets on the bed and as the phone in the room did not work my friend had to walk back down to reception to request more. There were no fire regulations or procedures to be seen in the room - they are usually found on the back of the door. The bathroom is the smallest I have ever seen and the shower does not appear to be plumbed into the hot water! There was hot water to the sink but not the shower.
It was obvious water leaks from the shower onto the bathroom floor & because there was no drainage it then travels into the bedroom because the tiles on the step had fallen off due to the constant damp. At 3.30am I was woken by a noise in the room, awoke my friend who put the lamp on & confronted a RAT rummaging in my rucksack! It then dissapeared under my bed. We didnt sleep again & it came out again & stared at us! At 6.30 he and his mates began "playing" under my bed - hitting the base & that was our cue to get up & out of there. At reception when I ran through our list of complaints the receptionist just shrugged his shoulders, we'd paid & couldnt have a refund - we were due to stay a further 2 night. We then wasted time looking for a new hotel which we did but it was far more expensive. This place (it most certainly is not a hotel or inn) is not clean and its far less than basic. It gives economy hotels a bad name & no reputable company should be advertising it. Save yourself time and worry by booking elsewhere!

Mice! Hookers! Filth! Mean staff! Misrepresented!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I expected a small, budget-type room, but was not prepared for what I found here. The actual establishment was nothing like the advertisement on Orbitz. The shower curtain was held up by a coat hanger, we didn't have a comforter but did have a nice green blanket with yellow stains all over it. The floor was sticky, the lamp didn't work, there was no phone. Meanwhile, the "entertainment" provided from the hourly visitors upstairs until 5:00 a.m. and the mice that crawled into our luggage and ate our food prevented any sleep from coming our way. Mice were in our room two nights and barely flinched when we turned on the lights. Tried to catch them and shoo them out into the hall for hours. Owner shrugged and said the rain must have caused mice to come in. Up to the third floor? Baloney. The owner contstantly argued to the point just short of throwing punches with guests and the "free continental breakfast" was the strangest thing I've ever seen. To get your breakfast, you needed to go down the back entrance to the adjacent Subway restaurant and grab a doughnut. Filty, dirty, stinky, sticky, mice-ridden and horrid! Do NOT stay here. Please do not stay here. Not worth a single dollar.

look at the price, what do you expect?

by A TripAdvisor Member

Having stayed here for 5 nights, I found that it has a great location, the area isn't as sleazy as other reviews have made out, it's in the middle of Eight Av. and yes there's a sex shop on the block!, I don't know many areas of NY that don't have that.
The smell of the subway (in a previous review), refers to the fast food chain adjacent to the hotel!
I found that the staff were as helpful as one would expect, the guys helped us with our bags etc.
The guy at reception did try it on with us, stating that he only had a single room when I had booked a double, but we resolved that when I insisted that he write down the reasons for the room not being available, so I could claim from the booking agent, then a room became available, however, this is quite normal for more prestigious chains in my experience.

I did have a mouse in my room though, but I did leave some chocolate laying around, so I guess it's my fault.

I didn't see any hookers or rats! It was good value for the money, I wasn't expecting anymore other than clean towels, sheets and security on the door.

It is what you pay for, VERY basic and JUST the ok side of useable.

Worst hotel we have ever been in - no heating in winter

by A TripAdvisor Member

The heating was not working and it was far below 0 degree C outside. Windows really did not close at all - so all the exhaust gases from the diesel trucks were in the room. The receptionist kept telling us that the heating will be fixed "today" for a week. Worst experience for 150$ per night. We should have left the holtel after the first night, but we had already paid and believed that they will fix the problem with the heating.

This hotel is clean, friendly, well located

by A TripAdvisor Member

This hotel is clean, friendly, well located and tremendous value!! It's just a couple of blocks to the subway station (red lines) and you’ll find good international cuisine around the corner on Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. We would book this hotel again.

Like Mice?

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just woke up to the sound of mice chewing things inside of our bags. We are in the process of moving hotels, I'm sure we won't get a refund, but I we booked through lastminutetravel, so I think I can make it their problem.

I wish I would have read these reviews before I had booked, should've listened to ole dad on this one!

The worst hotel I have ever been in!!

by TripAdvisor Member LiamLancs

It's hard to put into words how bad this place is...but I'll try.

When we arrived, the taxi driver had to point out the hotel, even though we were parked outside...I thought it was an abandoned building!

The place smelt of burned pizza, and the rooms were filthy. There was only one tap working.

We had to stop there as all the other hotels were booked (it was Christmas) but I hardly slept. Our friends also had a room, and when they came back from a night out, there was an empty pizza box in the room - someone had been using it while they were out!

Another time, as we were walking downstairs, a customer came in asking for a room, and the clerk asked him if he wanted the room for a full night....

It's funny looking back, but it was plain scary at the time.

Forum Posts

Has anyone stayed at the HOTEL 31?

by josie73

Hi all I just was hoping someone may have stayed in the hotel 31? I am travelling next year my 3rd trip alone and hope it will be ok. I had a horrible experience at the new york inn on my first visit! Never again how scary!!!

Thanks a mill
Josie! xxx

Re: Has anyone stayed at the HOTEL 31?

by lovenewyawk

I've never stayed at the hotel 31 but people say the Herald Square and Portland square are very good hotels. I have read many reviews on different hotels.

Don't let the evil part of nyc discourage you, I managed to get robbed in the port of authority but New York is still my dream.

Hope this helps

Re: Re: Has anyone stayed at the HOTEL 31?

by kalimerahara

Evil experiences can happen everywhere... I think NYC has more of an 'evil' reputation than necessary. Most NYers are very friendly and helpful if you ask for help. True, we may seem rude and rushed, but that's because most of us are trying to get somewhere through the sea of millions of people - again, just the same as any major city...
Good luck!

Re: Re: Has anyone stayed at the HOTEL 31?

by Docu2001

Check these out ... cheap and cheerful in a great area .. Doc

Re: Re: Has anyone stayed at the HOTEL 31?

by lovenewyawk

True. actually by stastics Nahville has more violent crime.

If you know to know the truth I was an iddiot, I had a friend who died in NJ and I was turned and depressed coming off the bus, generally watching nothing around me.

Re: Has anyone stayed at the HOTEL 31?

by jtorcato


i've stayed at hotel 31 and it had good, clean rooms at reasonable price for NY...
i've also stayed at the portland square hotel and there is no comparison between them, Hotel 31 is much better.

have fun!


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 New York Inn

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Address: 765 Eighth Avenue, Between 46th and 47th Streets, New York City, New York, 10036-7004, United States