Fairfield Inn By Marriott Hickory

1950 13th Avenue Dr Se, Hickory, NC 28602
Fairfield Inn Hickory
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Blowing Rock Twon HallBlowing Rock Twon Hall


Bunker Hill Covered BridgeBunker Hill Covered Bridge

Travel Tips for Hickory


by LoriPori

Heading west on the I-40, Hans and I thought we would get off and go on to Old US Highway 70 to check out the BUNKER HILL COVERED BRIDGE near Claremont.
At first we passed the sign, but turned around and then parked where the sign was.
We followed the arrows along the dirt path, which eventually led to the Bridge - this really is "Off the Beaten Path".
The Bridge was built in 1894 and is one of the last surviving covered bridges in North Carolina. It crosses over Lyles Creek.
A sign near the Bridge reads:
"The name Bunker Hill comes from the local Bunker Hill Farm operted by the descendents of the Shuford and Lowrance families, since the early 1800's. The Bridge is also near the site of an early Post Office of the same name."

Another sign reads"
The Bridge is made of oak with trunnels (wooden pins) instead of nails. The roof was originally covered with wooden shingles. It was replaced with tin in 1921. A major restoration in 1994 has stabilized the structure."

The Bridge is the only remaining example of a 19th century bridge utilizing the General Herman Haupt truss design.

Open Dawn to Dusk


by shohman

"Hickory, NC"

Hickory is a beautiful, laid back city. Old homes, mountain views, and a lot of cows. The people here are incredibly kind and just a drive through the streets is relaxing. If you're ever feeling stressed, go off the beaten path and visit this town. It's the perfect remedy.

I love the rustic look of old barns.

"Mountain views"

around every turn is a great view.

"My Hometown"... Bruce Springteen

by NC_Ziggy

"Will Be Posted Soon! Words Spoken a Year Ago!"

For now, this is a place to post my Rambling Ravings, Thoughts of the Day, and various pictures that I am pleased to share. I have so very very enjoyed my digital camera and perhaps will use it to build a "real" page of my hometown Hickory, North Carolina someday! Bear with me, please until that day arrives! Or, give me grief and make me do it! The choice is yours to make... :-)

"Colors on a Downtown Street"

Until I get time (or take time) to make a true Hickory page, I will try to share with you some visuals of the town I call home. I will not try to go into great detail here but will save that for a really, really intensive portrayal of my hometown... Don't hold your breath! :-) Hopefully, you will simply enjoy some of the sights and I DO PROMISE to create some meaningful pages somehow, someday... soon!

"Ice on a Slippery Slope..."

Hickory is a good place for many reasons, but perhaps the best is the distinct change of seasons. We have a warm, sunny Spring... Hot, humid Summers, glowing and colorful Autumns, and spectacular icy Winter days! All combine to provide a landscape of variety and enjoyment for ALL Seasons!

Life on a Small Farm in Western N. Carolina

by Hexepatty

"Old Betsy - 1941"

This Tractor was purchased by Steve's Grandfather in 1941. We still use it but it is starting to wind down. She's done good. She deserves to slow down, but we still need her. Bad situation to be in.

"Holly Trees Abound on some farms"

Farmerette Tip 201: Get Overalls. Even if you don't do much on the "lower 40" but MOTIVATE YOUR FARMER, wear overalls. They are comfortable and you can get them dirty and not worry about messing up your better clothing.

"Insecticides are your Friend!"

Sevin-5 Is your Friend. Spread it liberally and often. It kills 65 insects found on plants, vegetables, lawns, ornamentals, flowers and even PETS! Come back next time for tips on wrestlin' young BULLS, growing tall SUNFLOWERS, mounting big TRACTORS, and the proper care & feeding of gentlemen FARMERS!

Rambling Ravings... Thoughts of the Day

by NC_Ziggy

"Please feel free to share your thoughts..."

I can't honestly say that there is any value for you in my posting this, but it is a good thing (as Martha Stewart would say...) for me to write them. More for my benefit than yours, I'm pretty sure! Anyway, here they are... Use them as you will.
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ok! I'm thinking that summer is off to a good start and there are good things ahead! I hope there are many good things in travel, friendship, and health for all of you, too! I hear there's a big happening to take place in Baltimore in late summer, and I've a notion to hitch up my horse and take a little ride up there. You know... to see the sights, explore a bit, and hopefully meet some good friends and make some new ones! Yep... that'd be a good time! Maybe I'll see you there...

When time allows, as this is the busy farming season (as if there's a season that wudn't!), I'm a hopin' to spend a bit more time on this here VT place. I been missing it a mite much! I don't know 'bout you, but sometimes my head jest gits screwed on cross-threaded, and I hav'ta take the lid back offen the jar and git it screwed back on strait. Duz that ever happen to you? Well, it duz to me!

So, I hope you'll come back to visit and I'll also try to visit you more, as "That’s What Friends Are For".... Take care, don't take anything for granted, but take as much as you need, as long as you are willing to give back in equal or greater measure. It's a Golden Rule thang... You Git It, Don't 'Ya?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I took a trip to Florida recently which undeniably qualifies me as a VT member in good standing according to the official VT people who keep up with such things. While I was gone, Tommy-Toe Licker, the testicle-less TomCat decided to have a little trip of his own. That's ok except that he returned home 3 days after me. But that's ok because I was just beginning to get my feet (and @ss) back on a somewhat firm footing (such that it is), and I was feeling about half bright & concerned enough to ask Tommy just where the heck he'd been!!! "Well," Tommy began...

I've been seeing this HotMocha cat some (you know, while you were at work and asleep at night and stuff), and she kept telling me about this place called 'Morlando". I'd been there before and knew it as a clean, All-American kind of place. Who knew things had changed??? But there I was, I was taken to a place... There were brown cats, black cats, white cats, wild cats. Short cats, tall cats, big cats. Out of the middle, came a hexe cat. She was kind, she looked good, she was smart, & she was funny... She whispered in my ear... Something Crazy... She said... "Spill the dog, shake that cat, come on come on...spill the dog, shake that cat!" (Music, in case you haven't gotten it yet!). I was confused. I was taken to a hall... The Hall of the Morlando Fringe. There was music. There was a Lady(cat). She whispered in my ear, as she(?) bounced upon my knee. Then, she said...Something Crazy...She said... "Spill the dog, shake that cat! Spill the dog, shake that cat, shake that Caaaaaa-aaaat..."

"So what happened?" I asked. Tommy just looked at me with those big, green eyes. He took a deep breath and then he said,"I got Hedvigged." "You Got What?" I asked. "I got Hedvigged," he repeated. "What the hel[ is that?" I inquired. "I’m not sure, but I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out."

Well, folks... that's the conclusion of tonight's episode. Be sure to come back whenever, and find the next installment of "Lucy & Ricky Do Disney!" and hear Lucy say,"Ricky! I'm in trouble! Help Me!" OK, I'm counting! 1, 2, ..."It's a great time! And it really was! ;-)

"Are our lives so pathetic that we've come to this?"

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm a sorry VT'er, I am! I have so many friends here whom I've neglected of late that it makes my face turn "red" with embarrassment. So, if it makes you feel better, bend me over and kick my bum! Go on... Get on with it! I deserve it, you know! OUCH!!!!

I hope you feel better now... I know I do! ;-( Still, there's no excuse for rude behavior, and I won’t tolerate it. Neither should you. You deserve better and I'm aimin' to see that you get it... soon. How soon? Let me just remind you of the adage that "patience is a virtue." Do you feel virtuous? You should, and I'm trying to help you in this feeling. How are you dealing with it so far? I'm doing my best to instill this virtue within you... What are VT friends for if not for such meaningful exercises of virtuosity, honesty, and true character challenges? You can thank me later because even though I'm not here for you, I'm here for you! It makes sense to me...

And so it is that you realize with a sickening sinking feeling that what you thought you may have missed, you have actually been allowed to escape. What a dear friend I am, I am! Please know that your specialty of being a Ziggy friend exalts you to a new plateau of honor and high place reserved for a select few... like you!

So with that, be on your way to a wonderful week ahead and remember that what you think you see & behold is not always as it seems. If you figure it out, please let me know cause I'm clueless... Could you tell? ;-) I Love You ALL! Be Well & Be Kind to One Person at a Time!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hey! I been busy here! From growing grass to rolling tractors, from birds & cats to freeloading bulls I been busy! What you been doin’?

A short note tonight to let you know that I think about you… I do! You’re incredibly important to me in ways that you will never learn, but that’s ok. My gratitude is returned in Best Wishes & Hopes for you in all things you do and everyplace you go!

Ok, that’s it! Short & Sweet! Just like you! Good to be back if only briefly… Have a great weekend, everyone! ;-)
Thursday, April 27, 2006

I have no idea what's become of me this week. I decided to try a new regimen as the old one didn't seem to be working. I can't say a whole lot for the new one either. I've gone to bed early each night (depriving you of my presence on VT, cough! cough!) and slept pretty well. Still, I'm tired & sleepy. Yaaaaaaaaaaawn

I've been busy at work. I've been sleepy at work while being busy. Mostly I'm sleepy when I’m doing something other than interacting either in person, phone or email... in a totally business way. That wakes me up! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnnn

I've been thinking about it... and I think all the pollen that's been accumulating & gathering mold on everything that's gittin' green now has been ordered to shoot out all of the dusty smothery crap they've been storing up for the past fall & winter months... It's a sleepy pixy dust that makes me Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnnnnnnn

It's taken all of my energy to tell this story... so much I'm beginning to feel a little fuzzy(there’s a BIG Surprise, HuH?). If the story was interesting I suppose I would still be writing and using more !'s & "'s and other powerful punctuations. But I don't feel it and I can't refuse it cause I've never been to Spain. Ponder that if you will. And... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnnnn

"More, More, More! I can't Take Any More!"

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Once again we're back to the weekly schedule... I just can't seem to do any better. It's all I have and I'm giving it all to you! Do you feel special? You should! ;-)

Not a whole lot to say, and who would want to hear anyway? As Easter dawns, there are still those who hate, kill, rape, maim, and generally do the worst things imaginable that surgically removes the word "human" from the word "humanity". Worse still, it's done in the name of religion, patriotism, & ideology. And those are the more legimate excuses! Mostly, it's as it has always been. Can you say Money & Power?

I'm thinking that we should create awards of additional United Nations votes to the countries that:

Have the least amount of violence towards others, including all races, women & men, children and other defenseless creatures of our earth.

Discover a replacement for guns in society. Let's go back to bows & arrows, knives or axes... When's the last time you heard about a drive-by-knifing?

Find some way to avoid war, opting to exhaust every possible means of "talking" which has been scientifically proved to be less deadly, destructive, and significantly less expensive in life and coin.

Welcome people less fortunate hoping to provide for their families or experience "freedom", or at least more than they previously had...

Figured out some sensible way to provide health care for its citizens and prevent illness from erasing a person's lifetime of work & plunging their family into poverty...

Have the common sense to realize that a person making the U.S. Federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour pays way more than half of that for a gallon of gasoline to be able to drive to a job that pays $5.15 per hour.

Do not reward corporate executives with millions of dollars for eliminating jobs & fudging the numbers... We have politicians for that.

Provide an opportunity for ANYONE to be elected as a representative of the people, not just the rich...

Do not allow money to buy influence & power... (Yipper!) Big Cash Award for this One!

Ooo! Ooo! My favorite! Set term limits for elected officials to offset the influence, power, greed, & corruption incubated by an ineffective electoral system.

Provide public political funding on an equal basis to candidates who have qualified via primary wins, and eliminate contributions by special interest groups, Daddy-Deep-Pockets, or anyone else who "thinks" their money buys them something. (Hee-Hee! What were they "thinking"???)

And on a final "Golden Rule" kind of feeling (remember that?)... Countries that are honest, humble, caring, strong in doing the right thing for sound & just reasons, un-conquering and un-conquerable. Period.

I could go on, but I hope you get the picture. I apologize for not having much to say...

"More of the Same... Drip... Drip... Drip..."

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Finally! I break out of the "Tuesday" doldrum! Let's create a Saturday doldrum now!

You may be pleased to know that I really don't have anything to say, but rather have something to "show" you... have decided that since my life includes the proverbial "ball & chain" around my ankle (more like it's around my budget) and doesn't allow me to travel freely, I feel like I'm not fully participating as a true VT'er. In an effort to contribute something, I've created a virtual "Davenport Hall of Fine Art" chocked full of pictures I've taken that cry out for attention and acclamation! Are you buying this?

If you're still reading (gullible), please join me in beautiful Davenport, IA for a trip through this virtual museum. (I can't be sued for this, can I? Where the hell is Brad Brown when you really need him???) Well, it was either create some space to share my new-found hobby of photography on VT, or consider checking out MySpace.com. I thought to stay here, if allowed. Hope you won't mind...

So, if you don't have anything better to do (loser), come by and check it out! What have you got to lose? (loser) Did I mention how much I love y'all??? ;-)

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I seem to be "stuck" on Tuesdays. Don't ask me why but all my visits & updates here happen on Tuesdays for the last too many weeks. Geeez, I'll probably clock out on a Tuesday! Maybe I'll break this up soon...or, maybe not.

I also seem to be in a photography kind of mood lately. Maybe it is because Spring is finally teasing us with a few warm days, mostly wind-filled combinations of real cool nights and more than a few violent storms. You got to love transitions! It means you're still alive.

This is a busy time of the year with much to do and prepare. It amazes me that there is so much cleaning up to do in the Spring when so little supposedly grows during the Winter. I spent a quality weekend on ole' Betsy the Tractor with warm sun and wind in my hair (surely a GQ shot wasted) dragging the "drag hare" over the pasture. You have no idea how many cowpiles accumulate over the course of a year! Spreading them across the greening grass not only promotes new growth, but it just looks better. Kind of like combing or brushing your hair (hopefully with a more favorable fragrance), this hare smoothes & grooms the soil with a natural fertilizer.

The cows don't like it, though. I heard Sally (cow) complaining to Maggie (cow) while I slaved to make their lives better, "I hate it when he does this! The grass tastes like Sh!t!!!" And my answer to them both was..."Who put it there?" I got blank stares & silence for my question. Who put the Sh!t into your life? Are you gonna' let it stay in a heaping pile or are you going to spread it, move it, share it, and find some way to get something good out of it? Well??? What 'ya gonna' do???

"How Much More Can You Take???"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm beginning to think that I need to rename this heading from "Thoughts of the Day" to "Thoughts of the Week" or even "Thoughts of the Month"!!! I apologize for not being more diligent in keeping this current, but now that I think of it, no one has complained either. What's up with that? Ok, ok... I get it! I'm doing this for myself (haven't I always? Hehee!) And, and, and... that's just the way it should be! Still, I'm afraid I've let myself down in failing to expurge (I made that word up, but you know what it means) the hairy, slimy, yucky clog of thoughts & words that cling to my simple existence. I say yet again, what do you expect for "free"? And, are you not getting what you expected? Subject closed. Care to talk politics? ;-)

Actually, I really do have much to write about and much to tell you, but soooo much that I don't have time. Here's why. I had a Great Weekend with Great Company! I attended a pottery show, celebrated Kam's 3rd Birthday, made a few photos, visited with family, got a little glow going, had some fine North Carolina Country Barbeque with a side of Bluegrass music topped with some local dancing, and slept well. Ahhhh... And that was just Saturday! You get the picture.

As you can see, things are going good, good, good. Makes you wonder what's about to happen, don't it? Out! Out! Dark thoughts! Sometimes you just have to scare them bad thoughts away, you know? So, I hope you understand now why I've been away and neglecting you so... So What? I promise (fingers crossed) to try to do better. Count on it! ;-)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tonight is one of those nights where nothing seems to inspire, least of all an attempt to write something meaningful or not, as is often the case. Perhaps at times of such feelings, we should dig deeper, find some resolve, suck it up, and just do it. As with many things, the hardest part is getting started & taking that first step. Over simplified? Yes. But true.

Can this apply to greater things than "writer's block"? I suppose. Isn't it also true of our lives? Is it possible that we make our lives way too entangled with the peripheral matter that clutters and agitates, puzzles and frustrates, befuddles and complicates? The same principle applies. Take a step and don't be afraid to take a step. It may not always be the right step, but if it's not, it will let you know and lead you to the next step...and the next... and the next.

For some, it's a preprogrammed plan destined to succeed. For most of us, it's a tentative baby step with a few pauses along the way. Either way, it's a step and a step and a step...pretty soon a rhythm forms. The beat gets stronger & stronger and stays in your head longer & longer. Your steps find a stride, you rediscover a humble pie of pride, and... Look at You! You're on the Good Ride! Ride On! ;-)

"You Must be Sadistic if you''re still reading this"

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hey! I’m back! And with a new computer and a BIG monitor! And, I must say… You Guys & Girls loooooooook goooooooood! I never knew that many of you looked so good before or the places you’ve been are so magnificent or that your photos were so great! WoW! Y’all are really good at this!

It truly is good to be back on VT after having been away for some time. I feel very fortunate to have so many friends here and to be able to “get” a new computer when my old, faithful one died. I did say “get” because I have it and love it, but now I must “pay” for it… So, I guess to make sure that I “get” my money’s worth, I’ll just have to "use" it more often and spend more time on VT! Yay! Excuse me, did I hear some moans out there? Oh, it’s just gastritis… Whew! And… Phew!

So, what have you been up to? Been on any trips? Viewed any memorable sights? Taken any pictures that you can’t believe turned out so great? Eaten anything for the first time that could be the very best thing you’ve ever tasted? Well… Have you? Oh… I get it! I’m supposed to go to your pages and see these things for myself… I didn’t realize I had been away that long to forget the protocol here. Hehee!

Anyway, enough idle chatter. It’s great to be back and I look forward to catching up with all my VT friends and to meeting many more! And in closing… I still say we should introduce VT to the United Nations and make it a mandatory part of every geography class in every school in the world. Where do you want to visit to see and learn and understand and prepare a report for Mrs. Snudgrease? But of course, VT! An A+ for world understanding!

Monday, February 27, 2006

My tendency this night is to go "political" but what can I possibly say that has not been clearly demonstrated by our current administration? They seem to say to all of us that nothing good is happening and even if it were, they would find some way to screw that up too! I guess it just goes to show that secrecy, arrogance, and a feeling of supremacy don't mean a thing if you ain't got that "bling". Doowapdoowapdoowap!

Well, "bling" is what it’s all about! It is a sad state of affairs in this country (USA) when money buys power, influence, and legislation that favors only BIG corporations or self-serving organizations who have the "bling" to buy politicians and their votes. How can we expect to promote democracy in the world when our own system is for sale? When will we learn that the only way to limit corruption is to impose term limits and choose publicly funded campaigns with equal amounts to qualifying candidates? Surely, there are honest, intelligent, well-meaning citizens who are competent, motivated and willing to serve in the best interest of our country and the world. I'm quite sure there would be even more serving in the true spirit of our Founding Fathers if they weren't required to be "millionaires" to even consider "serving" in an elected office.

I know we're not supposed to be "political" here (who made that rule?), but political also affects where U.S. citizens travel and how they're perceived. It has ALL to do with who & how visitors can come here for educational purposes, family visits, or (gasp!) to spend money seeing this vast & beautiful country in all its majesty! So, travel is not political? As long as people cannot freely travel wherever they wish in relative safety, Travel IS political! In the words of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, "I'm just gittin' warmed up here!" What's your temperature?

"No Way! You're Not Still Reading!"

Monday, February 20, 2006


How are you? I had a great weekend! I hope you did too! Friends, a Kameron, and lot’s of food! Tell me what you did and I hope it was good! Did you see something new? Meet someone new? I trust it was wonderful and not something blue. Life will be both and you know that is true, but keep on the bright side and see what that can do! Life is what we make it, Life can be cruel. But Life is ours to live and shape, in a way that fits only YOU! When you think you can’t, you can! When you think you sink, you swim. When you think you just can’t think anymore, just give it up and win!

Can you say “Hokey”? I’m sure you can and as I’ve said before, you don’t pay for this so what do you expect for free? What? You expect more for free? Geez… Tough Crowd!

I DO hope you are well. And if not, GET WELL! There are medications for that! I had a great weekend with Kam and I will share more in words and pictures soon. For now, I am posting the picture that so many asked about… The Boy with a Ball for a Head! I wish I could say that I’m a talented, professional photographer and I think I will! Ok… that didn’t work. No, I’m just a novice photographer who happens to get lucky once in a while and catch a good photo in spite of myself. Better lucky than good I always say! ;-)

Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday. Friiiiiiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyy! For those of us in the throes of the Monday through Friday routine, the obvious choice for “Favorite Day of the Week” is Friday! I don’t suppose the fact that I was born on a Friday has anything to do with it at all. You know what is said about “Friday’s Child”, right? Oh… Ok… that’s another Thought of the Day just waiting to explode in wit & wisdom. Better not hold your breath!

This really has been a stressful & busy week, especially at work. I like busy but draw the line at crazy busy! I’m pretty sure this a better alternative than having the time to log onto VT and visit with you… Wait! I’m confused & confounded. I happen to LIKE VT and YOU! But, I don’t get paid for being on VT. No, come to think of it, I DO get paid for being on VT! It’s just that I get paid in a currency of friendship & sharing. But wait once more! Friendship & sharing does not pay for my home, my car, my expenses… I’m so conflicted!

The bottom line is this… We need balance. All work and no play makes Ziggy a sad boy. All play and no work makes Ziggy a poor boy. Life sure is complicated, but what wonderful problems to have! I’m pretty danged sure that at least 90% of our world’s population would love to have my problems, and me have theirs. How about you? Care to trade with any one of the 90% people?

"Print this and read before bedtime as a sleep aid!"

Monday, February 6, 2006

“Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

We have come to the inevitable end of the football season. Holy Crap! While some revel at its conclusion (Hello Ladies!), others have already begun to feel the sharp, piercing pains of withdrawal. It was a good season in that my Carolina Panthers came only one game short of making it to the Super Bowl, and it was a good season because those making it to the final game were perhaps not expected to be there even midway through the season. But, it just goes to show that momentum, attitude and a bit of luck can change the outcome in both positive and negative ways.

And so is life. It seems everywhere we look, we can apply lessons learned to our own lives. You can do the same with politics, health, money, family relations, love interests, career paths, and yes… even travel. And, a large part of our understanding is attitude. Do you see the glass half empty or half full? Is the feeling you have one of self-imposed hopelessness or do you give every day your best, at the end of which you made your best effort even if not as productive or pleasing as you wished it to be? That is attitude, and it’s yours to apply.

Still, I can’t be happy or pleased that football is over. But what yonder light do I see? Now the trading and re-alignment of teams begin in a strategic hope of improvement. Soon, the best players from colleges & universities will be displaying their skills hoping to become the next star and each team hopes to find them. Then, there’s mini-camp in late Spring and training camp during the dog days of Summer, then pre-season and then we’re off and running again! Yeah! Now golf is on TV! I thank me for this exercise! I’m feeling better! Hope Floats! ;-)

Monday, January 23, 2006

I don’t always associate my words of wisdom (I’m flattering myself!) with the picture displayed, but today is an exception. For nearly 3 years I have driven past this scene and it has always captured my attention & interest. It is more distinct in winter as both trees are clearly viewed. Here’s what I see and how it relates to us in our lives…

The older tree was once strong and vibrant. At some point, it fell upon hard times and was trimmed in an effort to renew its life…Too late. From its sickly roots, a sprout of a tree appeared. As it grew and continues to grow, it provides an arm to lean upon, a shoulder to rest upon, and the reassurance that life maintains dignity in its waning years.

And so it is with us. Each of us… every single one of us. This picture mirrors life. It says we have fought the good fight. Once we were strong but now we rely on others who once relied upon us. It says “Lean on Me” and I will provide the measure of strength that you once provided me. Compare this to your own life… Compare this to your love of family & friendships… Compare this to the world at large…

You can be and are the tree that supports an old friend, a new day! You do that with every new friend you make in this world from a place you have yet to visit with a healthy curiosity and an open mind. Welcome to VT! ;-)

Monday, January 16, 2006

I feel as though I should write something new here just because I said I would, but what to write? Our world is still pretty much a mess, but who wants to hear about that and don’t we know it anyway? Depressing. Natural disasters seem to be a topical subject, but too many too close together… Depressing. The political scene here is, well… Depressing. I bought a new car! Now I’m broke & can’t afford the gas to drive it… Depressing. Winter was severe early and now it’s like Spring-like and that means that we will have Winter in Spring… Depressing. April 15th means the Tax Man cometh… Depressing.

Having VT & friends to raise our spirits… Priceless!


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