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Beached Blue whale in Oklahoma?Beached Blue whale in Oklahoma?

Thar she blows..!Thar she blows..!

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Catoosa, Oklahoma

by Paulie_D

"Home of the Blue Whale"

As part of a trip down Route 66 we got off the interstate to visit the Catoosa Blue Whale.

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"The True Story"

The following (and the information in the linked 'Tip') is an extract from an article by Thomas Repp for the Oklahoma Route 66 Association (Their copyright).

Many people never quite get his story straight, but the Blue Whale of Catoosa never seems to mind.

"I just saw another news article," says current whale co-owner, Dee Dee Davis Belt. "And it said my dad built the whale for my mom as a wedding present. I see this written in newspapers; I see this written in books. And it's just not right!"

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Cherokee Inn Tulsa

19250 Timbercrest Circle, Catoosa

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