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Horse Camp: Designed for Horses

Located at the far top of the hill, above the Hill Top Day Use Area, a number of facilities have been built for the specific use of those camping over night with their horses. This includes fenced areas and places to connect your horse trailer to electric power, should you need it.

One of the more eccentric qualities of the horse facilities here is a walkway next to a slope. Apparently this has been done to allow people who can't mount a horse easily to still be able to get on reasonably well. The horse staging area also features pit toilets and a manure shed for those wishing to muck out their horse trailer before departing.

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  • Written July 17, 2010
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Horse Camp set among trees of Forest

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Hike-In Tent Campground: Cheap Tent Sites Surrounded by Woods

Scattered throughout the forest near the Park Welcome Center, you will find a number of hike-in tent sites. These are collectively known as the Hike-In Tent Campground.

There is a cart available at the visitor's center for those taking equipment from their vehicles to the tent campground. The walk from the visitor's center is about 1/4 of a mile, and involves a long slow downhill slope, followed by a short steep uphill section. This trail is fairly wide, and is gravel the entire way.

It should, however, be understood that parking is extremely limited for the tent campground, and campers are informed that they need to talk to park staff if they have more than one vehicle.

Water is available at several locations in the campground, as are several pit toilets. Showers are available up the hill at the RV and standard camp sites.

People are not allowed to have horses in the primitive tent campground.

Some of the sites are very close to the hiking trail that connects the Banks-Vernonia Trail to the Visitor's Center, and others are quite far away. Being close to the trail means you have a lot more people walking by, but it also means it is easier to transport your stuff to your camp site.

Many of the sites are not sized for particularly large tents.

There is a self-service pay station for you to pay your fee, which is $10 per camp site during the peak season.

The fact that you are surrounded by dense woods means you are more likely to hear wildlife.

The fact that you are required to haul all your equipment in seems to reduce the amount of noisy neighbors and crowding here.

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  • Written July 17, 2010
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walk-in camp site with partial sun

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Dairy Creek Campground: RV and Tent Sites with some trees, sun exposure

Within 10 to 15 years, this campground will probably look quite a bit different as the trees grow. However, as it is today, the camping facilities here have relatively little tree cover. This means a hot day will be hot as there is little cover, but it also means sun seekers will have a good time here (for now) and it also means you should be able to get a nice clear look at the stars on clear days (which are rare in the coast range at best!).

There are two paved road loops to this campground. A branch trail off of the northern end of the downhill loop ("Dairy Creek Camp East") is for the walk-in tent sites, which are charged at a cheaper rate than the regular camp sites.

15 regular camp sites, plus 11 walk-in tent sites are open all year. As of this writing, some of the rest of the camp sites open in February, while others open in March.

The total number of camp sites is 78 full hookup sites for RVs and 12 walk-in tent sites. There are no drive-in tent sites.

They are camp sites in the Coast Range, and while there is a highway nearby it is distant enough that traffic noise isn't too much of a problem.

The camp sites at this campground are closest to the ranger programs at the outdoor amphitheater, though none are really that far away.

Walk-in tent sites are $21 in the tourist season and $17 in the off-season. The full hookup sites are $26 in the tourist season and $22 in the off season (summer of 2010 prices).

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overview of Dairy Creek Campground

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Mountain Dale Cabin Village: Popular Cabins overlooking Hills

LL Stubb Stewart State Park has 12 one room cabins and three 2 room cabins. Several of these cabins have a spectacular view of the valley below, though unfortunately much of that valley has been clear cut and the trees are quite small.

The cabins are available for use all year, unlike certain camping areas in the park that close for part of the year.

Only one vehicle is allowed per cabin, as that is all there is space for. Generally, it has to be a reasonably sized vehicle - if you have an RV, then you should have parked it down the hill at the RV camp ground!

State park cabins feature a bed without bedding (you should bring your own!) and enough space to sleep 4 or 5 people for the $43 per night fee. The cabins have electricity, a dining table, an outdoor fire pit and a picnic table, and a covered patio.

For general facilities information about state parks cabins, see:

The several cabins that overlook the valley are of course spectacular in their view, while the rest of the cabins have, well, less of a view.

However, the cabins are on the uphill side and right next to the Day Use area, and you can get quite an expansive view from there as well. So, don't be too disappointed if you don't get that ideal view site.

Unlike a number of state parks, the cabins are in their own separate area. While they are still fairly close together, the reduced number of people surrounding you means you have a bit of a better chance of not having noisy or obnoxious neighbors.

Near the entrance to the cabin village, there are several items of general interest, such as a vending machine for various items you may have forgotten, fire wood sales (with wagons to move them to your cabin) and a pay phone.

For more information than is on the web page of the state park (below), see the "View Park Brochure" link on that web site.

One of the cabins is currently (summer through September of 2010) involved in a pilot project to allow pets inside, but as a general rule pets are not allowed in the cabins due to damage to the structures caused by past users. It is currently unknown if this will continue past September.

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3 of the cabins on edge of hill have great view

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