Court Capri

2610 North Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29577, United States

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    My boyfriend and I decided to stay an extra night on our vacation and this was the only hotel that had a room for one night. Lobby was pretty nice and the staff was pretty friendly but that was all. The hotel is VERY out dated and only has one elevator. When we got to the room it was just old and dingy. You could tell it use to be a smoking room as it still had the tar stains on the walls, lamp shades, and the a/c unit still had the smoke smell in it. Did not want to stay 10 minutes in that room let alone sleep. The next morning we wake up and now we both have 10-15 bite marks on our legs so not only is the place out dated and creepy theY also have BED BUGS.

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court capri is good for people on a budget

by TripAdvisor Member love85

My husband and I stayed at the court capri for our honeymoon. After reading the reviews I was pretty much expecting a dirty little hole in the wall, but figured we wouldn't be in the hotel that much anyways. However I was pleasantly surprised when we got there. The staff was very nice and helpful. They even gave us a dozen roses and champagne. Our room wasn't that great but it was plenty big enough for us. I was also excited to see that the kitchenette they described came with a full size fridge, stove, and microwave. It was even fully equipped with dishes. The view was BEAUTIFUL which made everything worth it.
I don't have any big complaints, just a lot of little ones. The outdoor pool was small but pretty clean, just desperately needed a paint job. The jacuzzi was not what it looked like in the pictures, but it wasn't disgusting or anything. There is also a really nice sundeck up there which was never crowded like the pool. Our bed was uncomfortable, and our pillows both felt like cardboard. This hotel does not provide you with all of the things that normal hotels do. For instance- there was no alarm clock (or clock whatsoever), no hairdryer, there was a coffee maker but no coffee, and no extra pillows or blankets. Also bring all of your own shampoo, soap etc. I did notice a smell, but only when our room had been shut up all day. The laundry room was tiny and took us 2&1/2 hours to do one load(also had to go next door to buy detergent). The parking was not great but could have been worse. The elevator was the worst. Would've taken the stairs but we were on the ninth floor.(still would've probably been faster though). As far as cleanliness, our room was clean, so was the lobby, and we got clean towels every day.
We had a pretty nice time,but I dont know if this was the right place for a honeymoon. More of a famliy place. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone looking for luxury but I dont think you can do much better for the price.

Wonderful Stay

by TripAdvisor Member dave1432

I booked an ocean front, full kitchen room,for $49 per night, as advertised, and it was everything I could have wanted. The room was well cleaned daily, kitchen was excellent, the staff was very friendly and helpful, and the hotel grounds were neat and well cared for. I read several bad reviews about the Court Capri before I booked my room, and after talking to the manager, Tim, over the phone for some reassurance concerning the bad reviews, I had the feeling that those folks would have problems in paradise, and I was right. I DO plan to stay at the Court Capri in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

My THANKS to Tim and his Staff, and I will see you again.
Sincerely Yours,
Dave Ahlers
Dayton, Ohio

This hotel was ok

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just returned from the Myrtle Beach and we stayed at the Court Capri and I'll just say this. You get what you pay for. The room was very spacious and the ocean front view was great, my wife stated that the room had a smell, but opening the balcony door for a few minutes quickly resolved that. The furniture was old and outdated, but still in good condition. The indoor pool was small but my kids enjoyed it a lot and so was the indoor hot tub. The roof top hot tub was unique with the heart shape; Parking wasn’t all the great. They only had one elevator but the hotel is small itself but pleasantly clean. I'd give this hotel a 5 out of a 10 rating.


by TripAdvisor Member kellbug1980

Please Beware! The Court Capri although the outside looks nice and the staff seem friendly is not a good place to stay. They put us in a "Ocean veiw" room, what this means that you have to be half way over the balcony to see the beach. When my husband went to say we had the wrong room he was told that it would be 40 more dollars to upgrade us to "Ocean front". So I let that go. we decide to go swimming and learned that our pool closed at 10 pm. This was crazy because we were told the pool closed at 12 am. In season, on a friday most people have kids and are still up. The beds were very old and very dirty. The pillows were as flat as pancakes. Please if you are thinking of staying here DON'T there are much better places.

Whats with the bad reviews?!

by A TripAdvisor Member

We made our reservations on-line...and after looking at several out of our price range...we made the Court Capri our choice..its in the AAA as a 2 diamond...and it comes by the ranking honestly...older hotel....but clean....some nice touches...but not loads...i would recommend it for the reasons we liked it...clean rooms, friendly staff...The property shares owners with the Sea Dip, and that expands the pool choices to 3 outdoor, and at least 2 indoor..with the Capri having a whirlpool on the roof...and it has lawn chairs scattered up there too!...there was a grill available on the front facing the beach so someone could have cooked out...there is a life guard post real close...and they sell chairs, and umbrellas...there is a small store accross the street...(drawback..we had to go there for our morning coffee)...but the property has a signature resturaunt..and gives discounts on buffet type there ya i said we made our reservations online....everything was the same price as quoted, and they let us look at our room first...all in all we would have to give the Court Capri a thumbs up!....Oh, and they did ask our ages when we called....after reading some of the reviews, and seeing the property...maybe they are making an effort to find an older crowd, or more partner and i are 39-45

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes....

by A TripAdvisor Member

I really couldnt believe it when we got into the room i was so dissapointed. As much as we paid we expected so much more. We walked in the room and i swear our mouths dropped and it wasnt because of how nice it was either. The people at the front desk were very rude and didnt seem to care much about our satisfaction. The best part of my stay was being next door at someone elses hotel. I hated it, it was horrible. People in the hotel that we didnt even know told us that they didnt like the hotel either. They told us that if they would have known what it looked like and what it was like they wouldnt have came either. So many people were like they would never come back and i 100% agree. The Court Capri will never get any of my money or my families money. That was the worst stay i have ever had in my life.!!!

Unhappy Stay

by A TripAdvisor Member

A group of friends and I stayed at the Court Capri over the Fourth of July Holiday. Our stay was unpleasant. The rooms were not up to par, nor was the hotel all-together. From the outside and the lobby the place looks great. That is until you go behind back and see the old "crusty" pool. The place was gross. My friends and I would not even go near the pool, it just had "FILTHY" written all over it. The indoor pool was ok, great for rinsing off the sand from the beach, since the hotel did not have a shower nor hose to use to rinse the sand off.

The parking was difficult. There is a "parking garage" actually it is more like a junkyard than a garage. It is a very tight small place that doesn't hold many cars. In this garage were old refrigerators, old carpet rolls, old furniture, and a lot of odds and ends we really couldn't put our fingers on. All this stuff took up most of the 15 or so parking spaces in the garage.

The building had an odor that you could not get away from, it's like it had been in the walls for years. Our room constantly smelled of mildew and smoke. Which by the way Lysol or Frebreeze can not cover up, trust us.

We did have clean towels everyday and the houskeeping wasn't too bad. But the towels and the sheets did not smell good at all, they also smelled old.

The rooftop "Hot Tub" was completley misleading. We thought that this "Hot Tub" would be something fantastic. We were so excited to get there...until we actually got to the 10th floor. It was old...cracked and ugly. Just like the outdoor pool...we wouldn't go near it.

All in all we were dissapointed. For what we paid we expected maybe a little more. I would suggest this hotel/motel...whatever it is...for young college guys. As college girls we put up with it, only because we really had no other choice. But if we had to start all over again and book in a different place we totally would.

I supplied some pictures for y'all's enjoyment.

The Georgia Girls

Stay Away from this Hotel

by A TripAdvisor Member

My first stay at this hotel was in 1989. It was great. I stayed there again in 1992 it was ok. When I took my sister and a friend there in 9/2001, it was horrible! The room smelled musty. The mattress must have been the orginal ones because they were lumpy and had holes in them! They were the worst mattress I have ever seen in a hotel. The hallways were dirty. The pool hadd peeling paint. I was shocked how run down the hotel had become. I would have wrote sooner about this, but I did not know about tripadvisor web site at the time. Please save yourself some money and don't stay here. They don't give a refund for early check out.

Mrytle Beach is known for having bad motels. It seems most want fix them up because they get business anyway. I have a freind who now rents an RV at a camp ground. So do yourself a favor and check tripadvisor web page for reviews before you go.

Try to stay away druing the 4th of July weekend. It's not worth paying the higher hotel prices and driving in the traffic.

Not what I a good way

by A TripAdvisor Member

After reading the reviews online, I was terrified about our beach trip and expected our hotel to be an old, out dated, dirty place. I even called about a week prior to our vacation to cancel our reservations, and the reservationist assured me that if I was not satisfied, she would make it right with me. The end result was not so bad after all. The room was older, and the bedspreads didn't match the curtains or any of the other decor. I can handle that--no problem. Our room was CLEAN which was my major concern!! My husband even dropped something behind the stove, and when he pulled it out from the wall, it was clean. The outdoor pool was not very clean, and the entire pool area needed a paint job. The indoor pool was great! The area inside had been modernized and was very attractive. It was clean, but the indoor hot tub was not. The location was perfect for us. There isn't a lot of traffic on Ocean Blvd. in front of the hotel, and with children that is important. However, the parking isn't the best. Overall, though, it was an alright place, and we would probably stay there again.

Honestly a bloody mess!

by TripAdvisor Member soon2beSmith

Hi, Im not normally the one to write a review like this, but had to pass this along. I have stayed at the hotel/motel 4 times in the past 3 years.. I have never had such horrible experience here as I did this time. I understand we were not getting the Marriot or like wise but come on.....

We arrived on a Sat morning for check in, we had made our reservations directly with the hotel, for four adults. My BIL just got back from Iraq and we all went down to celebrate his return. We go to check in and they try to charge us more than what we booked for, we had our paper they sent us in the mail with remaining balance. They said no that must have been a mistake!!! Come on thats what we booked and that's the price given to us upon phone reservations. I kept telling them thats what we are paying or we will find another hotel, and AFTER speaking with manager we finally got the rate honored for what we booked.

We proceed to our room after a 35 min argument in the lobby, it looked okay for what we had paid for, same as usual I guess, We unpacked and changed to head to the beach for a little bit, we come back the room smells horrible strange odors from the air conditioner!!! We call down stairs and ask for someone to come up and make sure its okay not releasing some kind of crazy fumes to kill us off! They say its fine but if we want they can get some spray to put in the room to make it smell better, we were tired and figured whatever. I get ready to get in bed, I ALWAYS un make the bed to check that its clean linens are put on! I was horrified to find blood yes you read that right BLOOD on the sheets. I call back down stairs and ask for a new set to put on the bed, they tell me they dont have any extra and I asked them was I suppose to sleep on someone elses bloody sheets or come sleep in the lobby in a chair. They were all apologetic and stuff and finally sent up some sheets whatever its been such a long day I put the sheets on and get ready to lay down my sister points to the pillow with a skreechy voice "OMG more blood" Im furious by now so I go down stairs to the desk and I calmly ask ....

"Could you please tell me if someone was murdered here in the last few days?"

They say no not to their knowledge..

"My knowledge is that their is more blood on my pillows, not just one but both, and not only on the case the actual pillow itself"

They say okay they will get me some pillows up asap. Its about 11 o'clock by now after driving down for 5 hours im tired and I want some sleep!!!

I was disgusted at this point. This was going to be a long week!

The rest of the week we got great room service clean linens and no bloody items in our room!

Our last day their we decide to go down to the pool for a swim its was so oily and nasty I got in and OUT in less that 4 min.

I had stayed here before and have never had such experience from these people. I hope they were just having a draw of bad luck and not something thats going to stick around.

We were leaving and the desk did knock off a days stay.

I would say stay at your own risk, check your beds! And Dont swim in the pool!


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 Court Capri

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