Crown Reef Resort

2913 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29577, United States
#30 of 236 hotels in Myrtle Beach
Bad (2.0 out of 5.0) 7 reviews
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RUN to Another Resort

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 8, 2012

We stayed at Crown Reef July 21st til July 25th. Were should I start? The bathroom tile needs to be replaced. There are gaps in between the wall and the tiles. We could take a freezing cold shower or a scalding hot shower. If we found a medium in the temp, there was no water pressure. Our trash was not emptied the first couple of days. The front balcony (entering the room) had trash that was not picked up the whole time we were there. The high speed and wireless internet access are a joke. We could only get a signal if we sat near the front door (entrance to room), and then it was sporadic and weak. The appliances were old and rusted. All the floor lamps were on extension cords, and one of them looked frayed. The air in the living area (where my 12 year-old step-son slept) blew luke warm air. It never cooled down in that room. We saw a huge roach bug on the balcony headed for our room until we ran it off. EWW! The pools had trash and clumps of hair in them. My step-son actually stepped out of a pool with a clump of hair wrapped around his toes. EWW, again! Yes, we saw security guards around the pool area, but they didn't say any thing to the drunks who were yelling and carrying on at poolside. It was blatantly obvious these people were drunk. They did not try to hide the liquor and beer bottles. This was our 3rd stay in 5 years, but it will be our last. The worst thing to me is that I left several items in the room. Yes, I should have been more careful. They did confirm that our bathing suits were found on the balcony, but the $42 worth of towels the suits were laying on were not turned in. I bought these in Myrtle Beach. Some one in the General Managers office told me he would have some one check into this and call me back, but I have not heard back from them at all. Plus I left several articles of clothing in the room, but I can't get any one at the resort to return my calls about these. I always get voice mail. It's been two weeks, and we still have not received our bathing suits. I seriously doubt I will see any of those things I left again. What makes it all the more worse is that the management obviously does not care about their guests. They do not want to take any responsibility for their staff or guest service. That is way we will no longer be giving them our business.

Crown Reef - Nice for Families

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 13, 2011

We first went to Crown Reef 12 years ago when our kids were young. It was Wonderful then. We have returned 10 times over the past 12 years and have enjoyed it every year. We are going next week for 7 days (July 2011). Oldest child will be a senior in high school next year - so this is one of the last "family" vacations we will take. Last year Crown Reef had replaced edging around many of the pools in the pool area which was broken the year before. The rooms are getting older, but they are nice - and I have never seen any bugs "roaches" in any rooms!

The pool area is the best on the beach. They have problems with people from local hotels swimming in their pools and last two years they have provided wrist bands to try to stop the local "walk-in" traffic.
This is a Famly Hotel - intended for families that want a week at the beach.
They do have security walking the pool areas - and they do inform guests when they do something stupid. They have guest towles available at the pools.
All rooms face the ocean - unlike many others. If you want a great room - ask for any floor above 5. Avoid the Loby Level - too much foot traffic and noise along with pump noise from the pool pumps.

Unique Quality: Treasure Chest is a great place to eat. Wonder what it costs to eat at the ocean? - not much if you eat here.
Most rooms have kitchens. Do you go to the ocean to eat out? I can eat out at home - and much cheeper. We run to the grocery store just down the street and stock the fridge with food. This is better than paying 11.5% sales tax for dining out!
We then stay at the hotel and swim. No need wasting time preparing to go out to eat.
The pier just next door is fun to walk out on at night. Fishermen show off their catches, sometimes sharks, sometimes crab. Cost $1 per person to walk out on the pier - well worth the time and cost. The view of the beach at night is nice also.
Since this hotel is at the south end of the Grand Strand - there isn't any foot traffic on the sidewalks. Sometimes fighter jets will launch from the airport across the road from the hotel -which are fun to watch. Broadway at the beach is a must. If you have never been to Myrtle - you must go to Bradway at the Beach. Barefoot Landing is the basically the same - just further north.

Yes the hotel is older - but it is inexpensive and fun. Well worth the trip.

Remember to tip the house cleaning staff. I usually give them $5 per day. Their faces light up when you offer them $5. and they seem to give you a little more in the room. Think about it - a whole week of providing joy for $35. If everyone did this that stayed, the staff might not be grouchy- although they have never been grouchy with us.

Directions: South end of the Grand Strand

Would not recommend

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on February 12, 2010

We had trouble with the staff and the managers were extremely difficult and rude. Our phones did not work which is not a huge deal in the cell phone era but still was annoying. The rooms are pretty shabby for the money we paid. We tried to leave after our dissatified one night but were refused a refund. They were completely unreasonable. With as many choices at Myrtle Beach I would suggest that you look elsewhere--and if not be ready to be frustrated and disappointed.

What's all the complaining about?

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 11, 2009

Before we went to the Crown Reef Resort, I read all the reviews on various websites. All the negative reviews the Crown Reef got really upset me. I wondered what horrors awaited my family and I. I was very worried. Then we arrived at the Resort. My first fear was erased when I easily found where to check in and the check in staff was extremely helpful and courteous. As a matter of fact I was in and out of check-in within 10 minutes of arriving. We went across the street to our room. We were in Tower 3, 5th floor, my next worry, according to the many negative reviews would be the elevators...according to the reviews they were a long wait....well, we waited all of about 2 minutes for the elevator, we got to our door, my wife and I took a deep breath as we unlocked the door, so many bad reviews about the cleanliness of the room and beds...we were concerned. Then as we opened the door our concern turned to joy as the room as extremely well kept. Outdated? yeah a bit but everything was clean. No smell as previously reported. The only negatives I had for the room as it was a little narrow from the bedroom to the sitting room, but livable, and the balcony wasn't as big as I would've liked but it served its purpose. But that is it as far as negative reviews are from me. We were there from July 2nd to the 10th 2009 and we LOVE the place. And trust me we are very picky about our vacations and where we stay, ESPECIALLY with our children.

Now the pool area, I read alot of complaints about this...some say the water was dirty...WRONG...yes, the pools are older so the sides have a yellowish stain, but its not dirt its the water reflects the color of the pool, doesnt mean the water is dirty because its not. The Lazy River was the family favorite, and yeah there are two curves that go by (NOT THRU) the gargage but you don't smell the gas fumes as previously described, its actually nice to be in the shade for a litte while. The entire pool area was hosed down every morning, I am up at 7:30 every morning having coffee on my balcony watching the guys clean the pool deck and watching Adam, our beach life guard, put up our chairs and umbrellas, so I know the pool area is clean. The pool bar supposedly closed at 7pm but the bartender told me they stay open if the hotel is booked enough to require it. Every night we were there except 2 saw the pool bar open until 11pm.

The pool grill offered hot dogs, hamburgers and other grill sandwhiches, that were pretty good but we REALLY enjoyed the Treasure Cove Express Breakfasts and Lunch ESPECIALLY the lunches. For 3 dollars you get either 2 hot dogs or 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches or one of each, plus you get a drink and ice cream. What a deal!! They of course have other food but this was our favorite quick lunch that allowed us to get back to the sun and fun.

All of the staff was friendly to us, from the check in staff to the bar staff, the restaraunt staff was extremely friendly, our housekeeping staff was friendly, we talked every morning, the security staff was great we even joked around a bit, so all this crap about the "rude staff" is just that...crap.

Come on folks, you know how people can be, they find one little thing thats wrong and soon EVERYTHING is wrong and their trip sucked. I'm just so happy I'm not as cynical as some of these posters, I'd hate my life to be as unhappy as some of these people sound.

The Crown Reef Resort was a great vacation for my family and I; we will DEFINATELY go back next year. My only advice to you all is to make your reservations without any distress, go and judge for yourself and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Old and outdated, yeah sure....but that doesn't make it bad does it? Its well kept, well maintained and my family and I already miss it, and we just got home 4 hours ago.

Have fun on your vacation!! And may God bless you!!

Directions: South Myrtle Beach

Fine..if you like roaches and filth!!

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 2, 2008

I have to strongly discourage anyone with children from using this place. It's pretty nasty. We had a crawling infant with us, and it was a constant battle to keep him clean from simply crawling on the floor. I managed to get a few pictures, but my camcorder doesn't get the best quality. Also, the pools were really GROSS! The gross-est I've ever been in. The edges are chipping away badly and there is some kind of black gunk all built up in the decay. The carpeting is absolutely FILTHY!! It's so bad when you take your shoes off you can feel the dirt and slime making your feet sticky/slimy. The bar is a joke. Looks more like a check-in counter. The pool bar has roaches...BAD! The little kiosk for burgers and hotdogs does, too!! There's a loud noise that comes from the pool pumps which are huge and right by where you lay out...and they run all night. Check in is across the road...which isn't a big deal until you need something and have to cross a 4-lane BUSY highway with NO cross-walk. Pretty treacherous! Also, they don't bother to tell you until you get there that, in order to use the pools, you have to wear a paper arm you're at a county fair rather than what calls itself a 'resort'. And, when those paper arm bands come off in the water...they do not hesitate to let you know it's YOUR responsibility to cross that 4-lane disaster to get knew ones. They will NOT send them over to you. What makes this worse is...although they can't pay to maintain their facilities...they pay someone to actually wander around the pool areas harassing the guests to see the damn things! And, if you don't have one, they read you the riot act and take your name down for reasons unknown. Simply showing them a room key isn't sufficient either! I will NEVER stay at this facility again...and would NOT recommend anyone else to either. Thanks! :)

Unique Quality: Paid well over $200/night...should have insisted the roaches pay their share!!


Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 20, 2005

We were on vacation in Myrtle Beach from July 10-17th. We were supposed to stay at the Crown Reef. I dont know where the people who said it was great stayed but apparently it wasn't the same place!! We arrived and thats when the trouble began. We were told when we made reservations over 2 months ago that 2 parking permits were NOT a problem. Turns out that when we arrived it was. We were told to park next door in Myrtle
Beach parking and pay $6 a day, and if we moved we may loose the spot by a Manager. We were already paying over $1,000 for the room and now we were going to be paying almost $50 to park. After begging and pleading we were given a ticket to park, after 6pm, in the lot for the conference center. That was ok as long as we weren't paying. Then we get to our room. Where do I begin? The main door wouldn't lock, wait let me rephrase it would lock but with one swift jerk it was open. The handle to the sliding door to the balcony was so broken it would spin around in a circle. THe bathroom fixtures, ie the light covers were falling down and best of all the toilet barely flushed. Outside of our door we also had standing water at least an inch deep and 4 ft wide (it covered the whole walkway) We called to let them know about the problems and to let them know we wanted our money back. We ended up having to stay one night so we wouldn't loose our deposit. We did and during the night there were 3 fire alarms(we were on the 9th floor, so thats 3 trips up and down between midnight and 6am). We also learned on our final trip that 4 rooms had been broken into and laptops, purses, money etc were stolen. The pools were dirty and one of them was closed down. We left and found a great place up the road at BLUEWATER. It was a private owned suite. The hotel has a band playing during the day with a poolside bar. IT WAS WONDERFUL AT BLUEWATER!!!!!

Unique Quality: NONE

atlkathy's Profile Photo

Crown Reef is looking shabby

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 12, 2004

The Crown Reef used to be one of the top hotels in Myrtle beach. Now after years of heavy guest traffic, Crown Reef is in serious need of renovations. Guest check-in is slow and laborious. You must pay for your entire stay up front. (Otherwise, most people would probably check out and find better accomodations for less money.) Parking only allows for 1 car per room. The hotel does have a very large lazy river- this is its best asset. The numerous pools are nice, but they all need to be drained and their chipped bottoms repaired. Checkout can be confusing when trying to determine your account balance via your room tv. The hotel has been known to add unexplained charges to room bills. Make sure you check your balance and call the front desk if you have questions. Shop around before you book here.

Unique Quality: Big lazy river and all rooms face ocean

Directions: Ocean Blvd. and 29th Ave.

patrish09 Jul 24, 2014 at 5:21 AM

I booked a room in July of 2013. I read the reviews and was afraid of what I was going to find; well I wasn't to impressed with the customer service desk, as there were a long line that took forever to check in. Once we got through that our stay wasn't bad at all. the rooms were a little dated but clean. we are staying again this July 2014. I hear its updated and a new water park and slide. I will update another review after my stay.

Nearby Crown Reef Resort

Crown Reef Resort

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  • Crown Reef Resort S Beach Myrtle Beach
  • Crown Reef At South Beach Hotel Myrtle Beach

Address: 2913 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29577, United States

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  • Free Parking
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  • Airport Transportation

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