Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort

915 Westgate Resort Road, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 37738, United States

5 Reviews

Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort
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  • LindaS74's Profile Photo

    Gatlinburgs Worst Secret!!


    On July 19, 2012, I called River Terrace in Gatlinburg TN to reserve three nights beginning July 20, 2012. I clearly stated that I did not want a unit on the hill as I am older and was uncomfortable. I stated that I wanted a unit that had been upgraded as I know in the past the place was so badly run down that I had stopped coming here. I had heard through relatives that the place had been partially upgraded. Anyway, when I arrived I was told I had a room at the top of the hill. I told the manager at the front desk about my request to the reservation clerk but he did not care. He was so flip and without concern or care. After much debate, he did come up with a room on a lower level that I could accept, however, he charged me an extra $60.00. I explained that I should not have to pay for their mistake but again, he simply did not care. He stated that I should call the Westgate reservation people back and get it corrected with them. The manager and the staff have the no personality or care about their customers. If Westgate is this way, I obviously will never stay here again. It is within walking distance of attractions and could be the best place here. Regretfully, it is not. I suggest you do not stay here. The rooms are sub-standard and no one cares.

  • Just Awful


    While everyone mentions how they lie, overcharge and basically recommend you do NOT buy a timeshare here, I'll discuss our stay there - just awful. Our concierge was nice.

    Good. A/C worked well, room was clean, large and comfortable.
    Bad. It's the mountains, so everything is an uphill climb - everything! Parking was horrible, always full and tiny spaces. Sliding a dining room chair accross the ceramic tile floor made the people below us complain. Had to fight to get the "free" water park tickets for our children. It was a hilly hike to get to the tiny market - all other outside stores are 5 miles away. The kids were bored within 3 days. All the playgrounds are up the mountain. Construction was going on all the time. Our room's balcony was over top the bussling shuffle of potential buyers being golf carted all over the complex - not the peace and quiet we expected. Everyone's door slams loudly so you know when anyone is coming or going. The only thing to do for adults is pay out the butt for the spa or a rare show, otherwise you have to go offsite. Oh, or hike up the hill to a pool. Gatlinburg was great, busy little town with hundreds of stores, shoppes and restaurants - we spent all day travelling up and down the streets. We rode the sky lift up the mountain - fantastic.

    Unique Quality: Nearby Gatlinburg, a great town to shop.

    Directions: On lil smoky road, no sign or markings to find the resort without calling for directions.

  • Do not buy or listen to Time Share Presentation


    My wife and I along with good friends decided to explore vacation ownership at this property. MISTAKE!!!! Our guide Thomas Torrez was very nice in the beginning and was Mr. Hospitality until after the pitch. We politely said 48,000 for a two bedroom cabin at 17.99% for ten years was at the 802.00 dollar a month payment too steep to take on. After this polite refusal Thomas brought the sales manager Scott over to try the close, and things did get a little tense. I again refused and said I would not pay 17.99% interest in the first place because I would seek outside financing. I had to stand up and say no again!

    At this point these two sharks attacked our friends in a feeding frenzy of price reductions and "one day only deals". We all finally got out of there and our parting was met with a "see you, bye"!

    The morale of this story is when you sign up they encourage you to lie about personal info to get you qualified for the tour. And lastly when they get you there the promised breakfast was comparable to a trip to a gas station....soda and a cheap danish.

    The upside we did get water park passes to a passable water park and a 3 day 2 night vacsation to one of their resorts, which I will review at a later time.


  • Niceville's Profile Photo

    Gatlinburg TN, Timeshare


    The Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort was absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!!! The HVAC (Air Conditioner) filter has NOT been cleaned and there were dozens of dust balls the size of peas caught it he HVAC grill. When we turned on the HVAC the dust just flew out and smelled terrible. I notified the front desk and they immediately sent over a technician who removed the cover, got a vacuum and vacuumed out the dust while taking a paint brush to help loosen some of the caked on dust that has accumulated over the years. It was obvious that this grill has never been cleaned. The technician said he would tell the maintenance supervisor about the situation. He never came back to do a thorough job of cleaning the HVAC. The HVAC grill needs to be cleaned with soap and water. The vacuuming of the dust helped but did NOT completely solve the problem. We still had a smell from the HVAC and the room still filled with dust, but not as bad. We ended up leaving a day early because of the smell and filthy condition of the HVAC. We also ate at the onsite restaurant, the Smokehouse Grill. Service was way below standard although our food was OK. The couple at the table next to us complained that their food was icy cold and asked for to-go boxes. They did NOT eat at the Smokehouse Grill and were obviously upset as they walked out with their cold meals in Styrofoam boxes. Before we were served, the cooks put our plates on top of the serving counter ready to be delivered to our table by our waitress. The meals sat there for over 5 minutes while three waitresses were having a chat session tying to solve the problems of the world. When it arrived, the food was ok, not cold or hot. When we finished dinner, we asked for our check. Waitress indicated she would get it for us. Waited 10 minutes and figured our waitress would get the hint if we got up and stood by the cash register. We did and stood there for over 5 more minutes to get the check so we could pay our bill. We came close to just walking out. A few more minutes and we would have just left. In the aggregate the Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort is marginal at best. The grounds are nice, the rooms are like any other noisy vacation rental with guests coming and going all hours of the day and night. Since we were conveniently located on the ground floor, next to the stairwell and overlooking the parking lot, the room was as quiet as one could expect. I’ll never stay there again. I would only recommend staying at the Westgate Smokey Mountain Rresort for anyone whom I really disliked.

    Unique Quality: Good access to the Smokey Mountain National Park.

  • Do NOT Buy A Timeshare from Westgate!


    This resort actually looks very nice and has some average amenities. So I might be willing to recommend staying there. However, please please don't ever buy a timeshare from this company! The customer service is terrible, starting with the Web site. You will call their phone number and they'll tell you that all the answers to your questions can be found on at the Web site. Not true! Lots of generalizations but no mention of the fees, fees, fees. There's the yearly fee, the name change fee, the transfer fee, the booking fee, ad infinitum. You also can't perform any actions on the Web site, like changing a week, or transferring to another resort. Then when you call customer service back and insist on talking to a human being, you can be put on hold for 10-20 minutes at a time. Also note that they don't volunteer information. For example, "Can I transfer my week to another Westgate resort?" Answer: "Yes" instead of Answer: "Yes you can and it will cost you a booking fee of $150 to change a week plus $200 to change a location plus a membership fee of $495 per year plus you must call us X weeks beforehand plus there must be availability, etc etc." Its like pulling teeth to get information, and then once you get the whole picture you think, "Man, this is hard!"

    Specific note: I bought the timeshare from my brother and therefore needed a name change. After 3 phone calls [no joke] I was finally told that I needed to fax them particular information with signatures. I did so. This was in January. I called in February, March and April and was told to "wait, they're working on it". Today [November] I called again. First I was told that it would be $150 to make the change. In a year of calling this was the first mention of ANOTHER fee. Then I was told that I needed to call another number, the "Name Change Dept." This number went to voicemail and I have never received a follow up call from them. Almost a year to change the name on a deed?! You've got to be kidding me! The customer service representative I was on the phone with told me that there are people who have waited *5* years to get a name changed. Can you believe it!

    I'm going to the press and the Better Business Bureau next, and anyone else who will listen. These people have to be stopped, these kinds of practices are certainly unethical and must border on the illegal.

More about Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort

Perfect Vacation

by A TripAdvisor Member

I just returned from a 7 night trip to Smoky Mountain Westgate Resort and I had a wonderful experience. I read the reviews posted on this web site prior to going and was extremely apprehensive. However, there was no need to be. The resort is absolutly perfect. The staff is very polite, friendly and ready to help in any way. The units are first-class - beatifully decorated and fully equiped with anything that you could possibly need. This resort is still being developed, with many more ammenities still in the works.

I own a three bedroom unit, floating week, red catagory. I had no problem at all making reservations, but I did make them well in advance.

I Feel Your Pain

by A TripAdvisor Member

We exchanged for a week last year and found the units to be attractive, the personnel friendly, our sales rep not overly aggressive, and the surrounding area and attractions great. However, the visit was marred by construction and an unreasonably early start time with heavy equipment. The general manager was responsive and tried to correct the situation, but the decision not to delay to a reasonable start time came from CFI as construction was behind schedule. I read with interest the comments of the overwhelming number of unhappy owners. From my own frustrating experience in dealing with another Westgate resort, I can understand their feelings of anger and of having been "ripped off." It appears this company's business practices do not reflect a commitment to ethics.

Enjoyed the Mountains

by A TripAdvisor Member

I just got back from spending a week at the Westgate Resort Smoky Mountains and enjoyed every minute of it. After reading the reviews on this website I was a bit skeptical of going to the Westgate. I was pleasently surprised.

I put in my request through interval about 2 months prior and recieved my first choice in resorts and my second choice in vacation weeks. Everyone at interval and the front desk at Westgate were extremely helpful. We were assigned a owner's rep. when we arrived on site and he was extremely helpful.

I was hestitant of timeshares prior to staying in the Smokys but now I believe it was well worth it. The only thing I can add is that make sure you fully understand your contract prior to signing. I think if you understand it you won't have any problems in the future.

Buyer Beware

by A TripAdvisor Member

A word of warning regarding this company and others like it. Do not purchase anything on impulse or without doing your homework. I purchased a weeks occupancy from Westgate Resorts thinking this was an exclusive resort. Now I find out I can book on the internet through Expedia for half of what I paid to Westgate. And, with Expedia I can choose any date, any time of year, without having to pay an upgrade fee. Additionally, the so called travel benefits you have with Westgate don't exist. If you try to book a cruise, you end up paying more than if you purchased elsewhere. In brief, I purchased a "vacation occupancy" that allows me no discounts or perks promised and I end up losing money to boot. I am hoping the company will make it right and welcome them to contact me.

Do not believe anything they tell you....cause it's a lie!!!!

by TripAdvisor Member trr6994

Took the tour.....bought the vacation package so we could lock prices in.....they told us we could always cancel if we wanted. Got home...thought it over (two couples involved in this decision - made under tremendous pressure)....decided to cancel. Guess what????? They told us it didn't matter what the sales person told us....there was a no cancellation policy included on the contract. Oh well.....lesson learned. Buyer beware.....just stay away....it is all a rip off!!!!!

they lied to us

by A TripAdvisor Member

We went on a toure of westgate Smoky mtn. resort and bought in 2003. We wer told lies!!!! On check in we found out they did away with free breakfast and lunch buffet, and replaced it with a cold breakfast only . We wer also told we would have free horseback rideing which was also A lie. And to add to the list we wer told our maintenance fees wer $300.00 and tax was $8.00 as anyone knows this adds up to $308.00 .
Well guess what it was $406.00 . also we wer told if we bought we could get the upstairs cabin for $40.00 per night but when we tried to it was $239.00 !!!! They lied to us even though I told them this was a gift for my family befor I die from health problems . I told the mgmnt. and asked them to buy it back but they only gave us 1wk. free vacation and $50.00 .

not prone to impulsive buying

by A TripAdvisor Member

was invited to a free breakfast and tour of facilities The sales person was very nice and spent a lot of time trying but when I told her I did'nt think it was something I would be interested in she sent a gentleman over to our table who was also nice until I told him if he would give me some information to take with me I would show it to my accountant and get his advice, suddenly all the nice went away, I suppose they prefer impulse buying. After returning home and seeing some of these revues I can see why.

Just Plain Fraud

by TripAdvisor Member a14ktstqr

We took the tour, our first one, and combined it with a trip to Nashville and Memphis. Everything was nice and the property simply beautiful being located in the woods. The problem started when we got home. They had a problem initiating direct pay which caused us to be delinquent. They kept adding charges. When we sent them an extra check, they applied it to the 3rd month and still had us delinquent on the first which kept accumulating interest. We called, wrote and found out they mortgage the loan themselves and outsource everything else. We decided to pay it off and asked by phone & letters for a payoff amt. They kept giving us one with the $2500 mort ins included (for 7 years). Finally, we decided to trick them and send them a pay off we knew was short by about $3,000. I still got delinquent notices. I called & found out they applied it against the loan even though we wrote in the letter that it was a pay off and to let us know how much we owed them minus the prorated insurance. I finally threatened to write to Mr. Segal in FLA and instantly a sane person called, gave me an amount. We provided a credit card #. About 1 month later we saw the charge was for about 400 less. I mean they can't even to that right. Not to mention that the maintenance goes up about 25% a year when we were told it only goes up about 15-20 a year. Try $80 the first year! They make promises, don't keep them and continually try to cheat their homeowners. The file I have on them is 2 inches thick.

Comments (1)

  • anujackie's Profile Photo
    Mar 31, 2013 at 10:00 AM

    Worse resort ever... Rude people and no house keeping ... Checkout is at 10am.. At 10:15 they had police at our door... My kods could not underestand why... Never encountered nothing sooo horrible.. The manager named, Belinda was rude and ruthless... Everuthing in gatlonburg was great except this trashy soo claaed resort.. Save your money and book a.login... You will get nicer place with more space and no ride people with all.they cate for money.... And if.you still want.to book this nasty.place make.sure.to take your own vaccum and all the cleaning products.. Because you will be house keeping.. Walls.are.pencil thin.. So do not make a noice.. And be out by 10 or else you will have police at your door... Cheap everything and buy your own toilet paper... Horrible place...

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 Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

Westgate Resort Tennessee
Westgate Tennessee
Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort
Gatlinburg Westgate
Westgate Resort Gatlinburg
Westgate Smoky Mountain Gatlinburg
Westgate Smoky Mountain Hotel Gatlinburg

Address: 915 Westgate Resort Road, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 37738, United States