Aloft Nashville West End

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1719 West End Avenue, (opening January 8, 2008), Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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Aloft Nashville West End
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  • Indigo West End - nasty dirty!


    Stayed in May 2012. Everything from start to finish at this hotel was dirty or in need of repair/replacement. Unbelievable that there are positive reviews about this hotel. The parking garage is unlighted above the 2nd floor, there are rolling fields of debris on the deck, the walls and doors are coated with garage greasy filthy. The common area carpets are old and in bad need of shampoing. The first room they put us in had windows that were so filthy you couldn't see out of them and the toilet had a 12" mop string dangling from the seat. The shower had a peeling ceiling and moldy grout. The bathroom floor grout was black from dirt, the walls streaked and stained. The room ceiling was water stained with patches over patches. The painted walls were also streaked and stained as well as missing paint from scrapes. The air vent was damaged and dirty with old dust. The furniture was coated with days worth of dust. The window blinds were too small for the window leaving several 2" wide gaps for light to come in....rise and shine it's 5:30 am!

    Unique Quality: On the positive side; front desk staff were very nice, beds and linens were comfortable.

    Directions: Near Vanderbilt College

  • Bunsch's Profile Photo

    Ideal place for music-lovers


    I have to say, I loved this hotel. It had some of the most interesting decorating I've seen (huge murals of guitars and horns, for example), but it was also supremely comfortable with excellent beds including a bountiful serving of pillows, and showers which practically invited one to linger...or invite a friend. The rooms were enormous, but most of the views are away from the downtown area. Very conveniently located for those going to Vanderbilt.

    Some minor quibbles: although wi-fi was available for those with laptops, internet access was otherwise expensive. No pay-per-view movies could be had. The offerings at the coffee bar in the morning were leftovers from the day before.

More about Indigo Hotel West End

Wouldn't recommend this one

by TripAdvisor Member aress44

Our first impression was good. Employees friendly and helpful, nice room and we got a good rate. However, our room was not cared for properly and after having our car parked by the valet, two items disappeared from inside the vehicle, one of which was invaluable to me. I was really upset about it. I will never use this hotel again and I suggest if you do, be careful what you leave in your car. Their valets are not trustworthy. Also, there is no street parking so you have to pay $20.00 a day to park in their garage and that's without a valet. By the way, I did get one of my possessions back but not the important one.

Let Down

by TripAdvisor Member jmhLR

I was disapponted...the hotel looked cool on-line. First, there is no place to pull up your car when you get there- you just have to pull on the side of the street where the valet is located. When we got there it was pouring down rain and the guy that FINALLY came to our window did not even offer to get our bags ( I noticed the couple in front of us carried their own bags as well), nor did he have an umberella. The check in line was way long and two seperate guests were there complaining about housekeeping. Our room was okay. Big, modern looking. Big, nice bathroom. Walls in hotel room had shoe scuff marks all on them. No coffee maker. Phone in room only worked on speaker. Alarm clock did not work. Stayed two nights - housekeeping never came, we even called again Sat. evening before dinner and asked them to change sheets, take out trash, restock bathroom items etc... and all they did was take out the bag of trash- floor had dirt on it by the door, beds were not made, and they left us 3 bottels of conditioner only. We ordered breakfast, the night before and it never came. We called down and reordered and they brought the wrong stuff, cold, in plastic containers and a paper sack. My friend walked over the Atlanta Bread Co. and they gave her breakfast on the house after she told them what had happened. They over charged us twice on food ordered from their restaurant. We ended up leaving the hotel for all food and drinks, which was totally inconvenient. They did offer us late check out and said they would refund the charges on her card and apologized. A few days later my friend noticed they still had not credited her, when she called they asked her to fax her bill and all receipts. Let down...

Indigo Hotel Rocks

by TripAdvisor Member Mawgie

My husband and 2 kids-ages 11 and 9-stayed for a week at The Indigo Hotel in March 2008 and loved it. The room was big and comfortable. The staff was soooo nice and helpful. There were vending machines right in the hallway-The halls were even big. The valets were wonderful. I cannot wait to go back and stay!

Great Hotel, Like a W Hotel but way cheaper

by TripAdvisor Member lebowski2222

The Hotel Indigo is a great concept and great for budget travelers who still want a luxury experience. This hotel reminds me of the W Hotel chains but not snobby, stuck up or super expensive.
Everything was excellent with the West End location from the staff to the bathroom. I would recommend this to anyone visiting the Vanderbilt campus area or an off downtown location

The Little Hotel That *Couldn't*

by TripAdvisor Member soundsgoodtome

Frankly I'm shocked to see the positive reviews, here, for this property. I expected far more negative ones.

• First, there's no driveway or loading area for this hotel. You just pull up to the curb, and there's the valet.

• As the valet gave me a claim ticket for my bags, he explained, "After you check in, either call us from the room, or come to the door and holler out your room number, so we know what room they gave you."

(Huh?!?!? You mean, they haven't figured out a system by which the front desk notifies the valet where the bags should be taken? I was speechless.)

• I require high-speed internet, which they have, but when I got to my room, the signal was nonexistent in my room. I have both a Mac and an iPhone -- both of which can find a signal in a monsoon -- but there was no signal in my room. The front desk couldn't help, so they connected me to "The Help Desk," which, as it turned out, was the internet service provider. So I had to wait on hold for 10 minutes before someone came to the phone. He wasn't able to help, either.

Finally, I noticed a wall jack for the internet, that hadn't been mentioned before. (They had only mentioned the wireless system.) I travel with my own wi-fi broadcaster (an Apple Airport Express), so I told tech support I'd just plug the Airport Express into the wall and do it that way. To which he replied, "Uh, that won't work." "Why not?" I said. "I've done it in dozens and dozens of hotels." Turns out that "tech support" had no idea what a cool device the Apple Airport Express is. It worked.

Back to the hotel:

• In order to plug in the Airport Express, I needed an outlet. Turns out that *every* outlet in the room is in use by the hotel's gadgets! Every single one!! I couldn't believe it.

So the tech support guy said he'd ask the hotel to bring me an extension cord. Great!

Fifteen minutes later, a guy arrived -- not with an extension cord, but with an ethernet cable. I explained, nicely, that I had asked for an A/C extension cord. He said OK, and left.

Five minutes later, the front desk called: "What is it you need, sir?" "I simply need an A/C extension cord." "Oh! OK. We'll be right up."

Thirty minutes later, no extension cord. I called the front desk, and the same guy answered the phone: "Oh, I'm sorry, sir, we don't have any extension cords."

So, not only did they not have any, he didn't even bother to call me to *inform* me that they didn't have any.

• Immediately after that (9:20pm), I wanted a quick snack, and I'd noticed a Baja Fresh restaurant across the street. I asked the guest services what time the restaurant closes. He didn't know. (Could I be the first to ask about the restaurant directly across the street??) But no biggie. He said he'd call, find out, then call me back. I thanked him.

Forty minutes later (10pm), he *still* hadn't called me with that info. So I called again. The same guy answered, with clearly an "oops, I forgot" reaction. Turns out it had been open when I first asked (at 9:20), but had closed at 9:30. Had I known, I could have dashed across the street (but I can't see the restaurant from my room's window, hence my call).

He did offer me a complimentary food item from the bar, but I did not accept the offer. I just wanted to get the heck out of here.

• In conclusion, the room is quite spacious and clean, but the decor is tacky and dated (although not nearly as tacky and dated as the lobby). The colors are loud, not soothing nor stimulating, and the whole thing has a "busy" quality. The property is "trying" to be "hip" and "chic," but it's an inexperienced designer's notion of hip. Instead, it's an outdated 80s version of "hip" -- but in a new property for the '00s.

No individual item in the room is at fault -- each is fine, on its own. But together, they amount to a hodge-podge that falls well short of the room rates, here. I suppose they get a gold star for the effort -- especially in conservative Nashville -- but for the same amount of money spent, a designer with a better eye could have come up with a much more cohesive, satisfying, and interesting design.

All of this -- and I haven't yet even slept overnight in the place! (I'm sitting on the bed, as I type.) This was to be my first night of 3, but I'm canceling the 2nd and 3rd nights. This property is very poorly managed.

Ruined my wedding for me & my guests

by TripAdvisor Member bellpup117

First, let me say that I worked out a contract with the hotel for preferred rates. Unfortunately, that was the only thing in the whole process that went right. I had five hotel contacts in the process. Here is a synopsis of our experience with the hotel:

-Standard rooms were filthy. Walk on the floor barefoot & your feet WILL BE BLACK. Housekeeping did not attend the majority of my guests' rooms unless called.
-Penthouse was disgusting. Stains, food remnants, random film, dirt, hair, dust, etc from previous occupant(s) more than evident.
Housekeeping appeared after called, but did not bring a cart, cleaning supplies or fresh linens. What they did bring was curiosity about my wedding and what was going on in the penthouse. We clearly heard them comment on what they liked/didn't like about our dresses, hair, make up, what the photographer was doing, what we were eating for lunch, etc...but no cleaning was done other than some trash removal which we specified needed to be addressed immediately. (It was cardboard boxes, empty bottle, cups, paper plates, etc...nothing that would nasty, difficult to clean or strenuous.)
-Food from bar/restaurant was cold, wrong & slow to be delivered. One associate took 10 minutes to prepare a latte with no other guests waiting. The latte was wrong. Other guests were delivered stale danish from fridge cabinet. The same area is the bar in evening hours and my guests reported that they were unable to get simple cocktails such as vodka tonic, margarita or glass of wine prepared/served correctly and cleanly.
-I was contracted to have the entire eighth floor for my guests only. Of course, they broke this part. We were to have private & exclusive use of the concierge lounge & patio for the July 4 weekend. Not only did this not happen, but HOTEL employees admittedly led guests from other areas of the hotel to our area. One of these "may" be a managing director of the Wesley Group that owns this Hotel Indigo and several others throughout the Southeast.
-Security was not responsive to our requests for assistance when food, alcohol & rented table linens were being stolen by other guests. We tried to explain to these people that this was a private party, but some people will steal & be beligerent regardless. The hotel's response was to show up 4 hours after we began calling for assistance, but by then, we had moved everything ourselves to the penthouse for our own security.
-Random guests made their way through the stairwells to the penthouse patios. According the manager, this could only happen if given access by staff since this particular stairwell is locked to guests.
-Our fourth contact had been let go several days prior to our event, but no one notified us. In fact, when we were calling from our rooms, suites, public areas during our stay, we had staff members connect us to her voicemail, cell phone, "take messages" for her, "page her", etc. This occurred for two days. Finally, the front desk told us she was no longer with the company when we demanded to see her in person immediately.
-Manager wanted to appear profusely helpful & apologetic when speaking with our wedding planner (who would be in a position to bring more business to them in the future). She advised that he speak with us the day after our wedding since we would obviously be busy the day of & told him I would be calling the morning after to discuss the various issues that had already occurred.
-I called at 8 AM the following morning. I left voicemails on his office phone & cell phone. I left messages with the front desk. I had him paged. Finally, we had the front desk let him know that we were waiting for him in the lobby. Thirty minutes later, we requested the front desk send someone to look for him. Two associates attempted to find him, but were unable to locate him. He is still "not answering" his office phone, cell phone or pager. When he shows up at the front desk, the front desk associate points us out to him (all of 10 feet away), he makes eye contact with me & then disappears. After a couple minutes, we ask if he's coming back & are told they are "not sure". We ask where his office is and are told he is not there. At this, we begin exploring the "staff only" areas ourselves and finally run into an associate that takes us to his office, but says he is not there. Guess what...he is and clearly was NOT happy to see us.
-After almost two weeks, we still have not received the promised information or satisfaction promised by this guy. His name is Dave. He has not responded to voicemails or email, no surprise.

-After we left, multiple people who stayed at the hotel developed a stomach virus. No one who ate identical food served at party, dinner, wedding, snacks, etc. but DID NOT stay at hotel developed the virus. Of course, it could just be "something going around", but only those who stayed at Hotel Indigo developed it.

The only pro about the hotel is that it looks cool, if you don't look too closely. I have stayed in several Hotel Indigo's and can highly recommend locations in Chicago and the earlier established locations. This location does not live us to the standards established by InterContinental Hotel Group.

Other guests will be submitting posts here and to other review sites. We would love to hear further from management, but after multiple attempts to contact them regarding aforementioned promised responses, remedies, we have heard nothing.

Great New Hotel

by TripAdvisor Member AtlBrave115

I stayed here just after the hotel opened. The staff was very nice and the hotel was really clean. The lobby, halls, and room had very cool modern decor. The room itself was very good sized for a basic room. The bathroom was also large with nice fixtures and a door less shower. The only odd thing was the bathroom door which was slatted. I got the room for a great price bidding on it on Priceline.

All style but lacks substance

by TripAdvisor Member cuhuta6-2

Stayed one night while driving through on vacation. First, the good - absolutely beautiful rooms - hardwood floors, flat screens, awesome beds, large showers, well appointed and large rooms. Front desk staff was very friendly and helpful. Walking proximity to a great variety of restaurants.

Now the bad. 1) water pressure in our shower was low, but acceptable, but it took about 5 minutes to get hot water. I would expect a better hot water delivery system at a hotel like this. 2) To say the interior wall and door noise insulation are paper thin would be an insult to the paper industry. Voices from the hallway, which should have come through as muffled at worst, were as clear and loud as if they were three feet away! Warning - If you stay here on a weekend, do not get one of the rooms across from the elevators (their cheaper rooms), unless you plan on staying out until 2:00 (when I was finally allowed to fall asleep). Upgrade to a suite (away from the elevators) and chug some cough syrup to knock you out.

If they had spent any money on noise insulation at all, this would be a fantastic hotel for the price. As is, its just ok.


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 Aloft Nashville West End

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Hotel Indigo Nashville
Indigo Hotel Nashville

Address: 1719 West End Avenue, (opening January 8, 2008), Nashville, Tennessee, United States