The Preserve Resort

3031 Hickory Lodge Dr, Sevierville, Tennessee, 37862, United States
The Preserve Resort
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More about The Preserve Resort

Absolutely Gorgeous!

by TripAdvisor Member StephArden

This was our third stay at The Preserves, and we have never been let down! The view of the Smoky Mountains is absolutely breathtaking. The cabins are not your typical "roughing it" style cabins, but are luxurious, and full of features like large screen tvs, pool tables and foosball (in its own area with its own tv and table), jacuzzi in the master bath, two to three balconies with mountain views, and hot tubs. We love it and would not go anywhere else when we visit Eastern Tennessee.

Couldnt have been more pleased

by TripAdvisor Member geffen

I had done some research online to find a quick getaway for my birthday for my boyfriend and I. I booked online at the Preserve's website and we made the trip. we stayed in the Mountain Laurels and it was pure luxury. Everything was well stocked, clean and the view was amazing. I have recommended this place to all of my friends and am hoping to book again in the future for another trip. I've read negative reviews on here and maybe people have issues because if you stay in a cabin that sleeps 6-8 people or more there is going to be more abuse on the cabin than say if 2 people are staying in 1 cabin. I enjoyed my trip and love the resort.

Lovely views but not worth the drive

by TripAdvisor Member SOKYWOMAN

I was to stay at one of the cabins with friends during a recent wedding I attended on the premises. First of all, the mountaintop views are beautiful; however, the drive up was truly uncomfortable to say the least. There were many winding roads and it is probably a 3-4 mile drive to the least 15 minutes from downtown Townsend. Also, when you get there, don't expect much privacy because there are about 50 or more cabins located extremely close to each other. It is more like a cabin subdivision. Keep in mind that there are weddings going on constantly (about every hour) at their chapel. Parking was very limited. The cabin sleeps 14 and that was where the reception was held but they only had enough parking for 2 or 3 vehicles. Hot tub didn't work either. I decided to drive back down the mountain before dark (missing the wedding reception) and stayed in a hotel in Townsend.

I guess the main thing is the wedding was beautiful.

RUN & RUN Fast from the Preserve

by TripAdvisor Member NOWATER

I must echo that the view & location is beautiful, the cabins wonderful. Unfortunately they are poorly managed & if & when you need some customer service / attn you will be terribly dissatisfied. The check in reservationists are flat & down right rude, answering questions with 1-2 words only (think pulling teeth to find mail, store, hours of facilities etc. ) just asking basic questions. On my 5 night $2000 stay, there was a cabin fire just down from us, HUGE, 2+ cabins total loss, fire trucks keep me up all night, & cause loss of phone, cable, & WATER x 22 hours. All day on vacation w/o water is bad with 4 kids. The Preserve Staff were unavailable, uncommunicative, untruthful, & absolutely unwilling to move my family to an open cabin. They were aggressive and hostile to my inquiry about services and moving. It was BAD. I always rent homes for vacation & have even had power outages & a hurricane before, each time the property mgr was proactive, helping us move and amending our bill – without me even asking. The Preserve Resort absolutely does not focus on paying customers one bit, the people staying and paying are a distant thought, scary at times of emergency. While it was a loss I agreee, the cabins were burned down & gone, I had 3 more days of vacation and needed water. NOT TO WORRY – there are similar and even nicer places to stay on nearly every mountain, so just keep looking and avoid this place as when you experience a Jacuzzi / cleaning / appliance / pest / snake problem – they WILL NOT care nor be responsive to you. Just pay and go is there attitude, but in todays market the rent to cover mortgage and capital costs will become very challenging when you have rudimentary or absent customer service skills. It was bad – they will ruin many a vacation and wedding experience.

Not really worth it.

by TripAdvisor Member skyysbeneathme

I stayed 7 days at this place recently. The view is amazing, however, there were many flaws to this place. Not very private, there are cabins on each side of the cabin that you stay in. The jacuzzi tub was fine until I turned on the jets... black flakes came flying out of the jets. Yuk. The pool table had a lean and all the balls would roll to one side of the table. The air hockey pucks were chewed up. There were a few broken utensils. There were no curtains on a couple of the doors and so the neighbors could see right into our cabin. We stayed in a two bedroom(meaning that there will probably be more than one laptop or wireless device in the cabin), but there was only one cable modem with one very short cable for internet access. I dont understand because the neighbors who were in a one bedroom had a wireless router for their internet connection. The office would not give us a wireless router. It really sucked having to pull the chair near the TV to reach the modem with my laptop. And when we moved around some of the furniture, there were food crumbs, dog food and other trash under the furniture.

We arrived on a Monday morning, and there was hardly anyone there until Thursday rolled around. We requested to change cabins so that we could have the better view on the other side of the resort and hopefully wireless internet, but they would not do it. Thats a shame because we paid $1500 for our week long stay, yet they would not honor our wishes. I didnt see what the issue was because like I said, the whole resort was practically empty until Thursday.

Overall, I was not pleased with my stay. As we left the Preserve Resort at the end out our stay, we actually found some much nicer cabins with many more amenities and a better view around the corner. We happened to catch the cleaning guy and he let us in to look at it. Very sharp. I will definitely be staying there next year when I come back to Pigeon Forge. And for everyone else planning to visit Pigeon Forge, dont waste your money at The Preserve.

Resort --- Haaaaaa!

by TripAdvisor Member bigwillie119

My fiance and I set out for a romantic weekend in the mountains. Online, we researched "Pigeon Forge Mountain Cabin Rentals", searching: privacy, mtn. views, fire place, hot tub, wirlpool bath, pool table, upscale furnishing, full kitchen. Reviewing numerous websites we chose "The Preserve Resort" as it offered what APPEARED to be the best quality.
Our disappointment began upon arrival (approach). What we saw were CABINS... 100s.... one after another. Privacy? Wrong. Mtn. views? Cabins,cabins, cabins, then mountains. Amenities? Individually the cabins were very nice (as the website depicted).
Entering the rental office, already disappointed, we found two listless women and received NO greeting; NO WELCOME, HOW WAS YOUR TRIP, HOW MAY WE HELP YOU.....NOTHING. I approached the desk and gave my name. The woman, keying her computer said, "your balance is $$$.$$" (first words). Expressing concern and disappointment we asked to see the cabin prior to check in. The CABIN was beautiful just as pictured, though it lacked window treatments. Outside were cabins, 20' away (+/-) to either side, and across the road, front and rear. PRIVACY? None.
Desk staff was unprofessional, unhelpful, even rude. In response to our disappointment we were told, "This is a Resort, Millions of people stay here, and no one has ever complained". No alternatives, options or compromises were offered. We did however get our money back, most of it. Most unpleasant!
At the bottom of the mountain, across the road, we found another cabin rental. Everything we wanted and lovely people. The weekend was saved.

Was nice BUT READ THIS first

by TripAdvisor Member delchip

We stayed at the Preserve on 4/14-4/19 2008 and for us, it was a beautiful time. However, here are some things to consider before you make your decision:
First of all, the one thing that should be considered is how comfortable you are with driving on the roads to the cabin. To be quite honest, its not for anyone who is uncomfortable with non-guard-rail type roads with tight corners on mountains. I have been to many places with mountain roads and this was hands down the most un-nerving of them yet. Daytime was easier but night was another story. It played a definite factor in what we did and where we went at night. So think about what you want to do and decide who will be the driver or it could get ugly quick.
The cabin itself, 2844, was one of the cleanest and comfortable places I have stayed in a long time. All of the ammenities were in top shape and easy to use. ONE SMALL exception was the jaquzzi-tub (NOT to be confused with the hot-tub outside, which was fantastic!!!!!) in the main bath. Due to the fact that they use well water, there was black deposits in the jets from sediments forming when in use. I have one of these myself at home and I will tell you that in the best of conditions they can be hard to maintain so this is a MINOR complaint. The pool-table was great and was well leveled with plenty of room to play. the other games there were just as well supplied and usuable. Kitchen was great and had just about everything but alluminum foil or plastic food storage bags are a good idea to bring.
We went in April so it was not the busiest time of year. I cant imagine going to Pigeon Forge or Gattlinburg during peak tourist season. In Gattlinburg, which is nice for a visit or two, you get constantly hounded to buy time-share cabins which ruins the feel of being where you are. This is in no way the Preserves fault but these two towns are the closest towns and the only place to go and do anything related to dining or activities aside from the Parks in the area. If you are out to go "fine-dining", forget it and go someplace in a major city. This is COUNTRY all the way, folks. Which isnt so bad once you experience it.
Are you squeemish about heights? DO NOT STAY HERE!!! I say that only to warn the ones who are deathly afraid because the view from your cabin is AWSOME!!!! but also high in the mountains. Our cabin had a view that was INCREDIBLE!!! But if you or worse yet, your spouse or kids doesnt like high places, dont do it. We were fine with it and couldnt have been more pleased with the view which was just like the pictures.
Remember, this is not a hotel. This is a CABIN. Its a little different all the way out in the mountains. If you have a problem being way out away from immediate medical or emergency personel then you may want to consider something not so remote. Please remember the setting is to be in the mountains away from all the things in busy towns so think with this in mind. Pack an emergency kit with some essentials just in case the weather should get bad.
As far as privacy, inside the cabin is fine but you are NOT the only people there by far. This is something I find difficult to understand when I read the other reviews and saw that people thought that they were going to be able to somehow be the only people around. This is not a one-cabin, "run-around-in-the-nude", location. You will see many other cabins and have neighbors only about fifteen feet away in most places. But at least for us, it did not take away from any of the beauty or enjoyment. I can say though that I could see where it could be noisy if your neighbors were not considerate and were too loud or rowdy.
If you want to get away from the crowds, and dont mind the remotness then its great. Bring your own wine, liquor, beer though cause its a dry county in Pigeon Forge. Also, if you are into going out to drink, try staying in Gattlinburg instead because you will not find anywhere near the Preserve to go and the roads are WAY TO DANGEROUS to be stupid enough to try when drinking. We brought our wine but there are some winerys around the area that are not too bad.
I will be happy to share photos if requested to. Believe me, its just like the other pictures. The views are great but inquire as to a cabin along the "shaft" part of the road. The office will know what you mean and if not let me know and I will give you the info on it.

Beware of The Preserve Resort

by TripAdvisor Member daviddavid7

When you go on their website the views are breathtaking. When you get to the cabin you may or may not get the view you paid for. I passed on much less expensive cabins with equivalent amenities like those found on other cabin rental sites because for me the view was the selling point. For me, the view was worth paying 70% more. The view I did not get.

The staff seemed to deal with this complaint on a regular basis because they just shrugged and said sorry, when I asked to be moved to another cabin. They said they and everyone else were booked up and because of a car weekend in Pigeon Forge. They said they could give my money back but I wouldn’t be able to find anything else available.

To top it off I had to kill four wasps and one scorpion during our 3 nights in the cabin. Bugs don’t really bother me, but they certainly had my wife and kids on edge.

The conclusion, apathetic service, hit or miss quality, next time I will go where my business is appreciated.

This place is AMAZING (and how to use a GPS to get there)

by TripAdvisor Member Earl9371

We stayed at the Preserve Resort in one of the Tillery Porches cabins in early April. I was amazed at how beautiful the place was once we arrived, and at the fact that the cabins really do look as gorgeous as they are depicted on the website.

A few things to keep in mind:

The resort is a good 25 minute drive from the main drag in Pigeon Forge, so get what you need before you head that way – there’s no such thing as a quick trip to the store from there! You’ll find several groceries (including a Kroger) near where you’ll turn onto Highway 321 from 441, so be sure you stop before you head to the cabin. Coffee filters weren’t in place in our cabin, so be sure you take them along.

On your first trip there, the last five minutes of the drive to this place will seem a half hour long and you'll feel like you’re driving straight up a mountain! It’s remarkable they were able to build roads to this place. Make sure your car is in good working order – I wouldn’t want to tackle these roads with a car that overheats easily or has a bum transmission. Also, be careful in the winter months – the resort has a policy prohibiting cancellations due to bad weather (which is understandable), but if there was snow and/or ice in just about any amount on these roads I can’t imaging being able to get up them unless they were plowed by the resort. I’d find out what they do when this happens (if anything) before I booked in the winter.

If you use a GPS unit you’ll need to try a little different approach getting to this place. When I called and asked what address to plug into our navigation system I was told the roads there were so new they probably wouldn’t show up and that the road name there was the same as another road so if you used a GPS you’d end up in the wrong place. However, here’s what I discovered - plug in the address “3989 Highway 321, Sevierville TN”. This takes you right to the spot where you turn off of the road to head up to the resort, and there are signs at this point that will lead you the rest of the way. Once you reach this spot, it’s easily to find your way there.

We were very impressed with this place, and will definitely be back. Enjoy!

Great views and cabin - apathetic welcome

by TripAdvisor Member poodlemama

My family and I just returned home from a week stay @ the Preserve. Upon arrival – we did meet (2) of the most unenthusiastic women working at the front desk. Someone needs to let them know that families are spending quite a bit to stay at the Preserve and a warm welcome would be pleasant. They could have had just left out a key for us and the experience would have been the same.

We stayed in an Appalachian Villa cabin which worked out great for us. There are (2) large futons in the game room loft on the 2nd floor (which my children thought was a great place to sleep) and another pull out sofa on the second floor. The second floor was a great place for the kids to sleep - the only thing to point out is that there were no dressers and (1) small closet upstairs. This was fine for the kids but might be disappointing for (2) couples sharing the cabin. You would need to live out of your suitcase for the week. There was only (1) tiny dresser and a very small closet in the master bedroom. I never unpacked and let my wife use most of the drawer space.

Our bedroom was on the 1st floor and was extremely comfortable. With the wood blinds over the windows and the quiet of the mountains, my wife and I slept great throughout the week. We have stayed in the Smokies (2) times prior and I was always somewhat disappointed about the lodgings. I am picky (especially about cleanliness). The Preserve met and exceeded my expectations as far as cleanliness goes.

I think the Appalachian Villa works out well for a family of four. I think a group of 6 would definitely feel crowded.

I read a comment prior to arriving about how close the cabins were to one another. I did not find them to be to close. Check out the photos I posted and decide for yourself. You can definitely see from one deck to another but for the view and cleanliness of the cabin, we did not mind. We had people staying on either side of our cabin and never felt uncomfortable or crowded. I did learn that the cabins face either a mountain view or a valley view. Be sure to ask. For the Appalachian Villas - we preferred the mountain view. Only (1) or (2) cabins throughout the complex looked as if the view might not have been that great.

I also read some complaints about the winding drive. I am in my early forties and did not mind it at all. I did see how someone who is not comfortable driving after dark might feel a little nervous. However, for the normal driver, it is what you would expect to get to a mountain cabin with a view.

From the Preserve it took us about 25 minutes to get to the Kroger right off the main strip in Pigeon Forge, about 30 minutes to get to Cades Cove and about 35 minutes to get to Gatlinburg. Almost 50 minutes to Clingmans Dome - and we were there off season. I bet during the weekends and peak seasons all of these times would increase and traffic could be a major issue if your heading to Gatlinburg often.

If you are going to go to Cades Cove - go to Townsend and into the Park through that route - you will save a lot of time as opposed to going through the park. To go to Gatlinburg or Clingmans Dome, take a left on Wears Valley Rd as you are leaving the Preserve (Happy Hollow Rd) and then a right on Lyons Spring road. There is no marking that this leads into the park but it saves you a lot of time as opposed to driving to Pigeon Forge and then to Gatlinburg. Going this route - you can literally be in the park in less than 15 minutes. You could go right once in the park and get to Cades Cove, but by going through Townsend as mentioned above will save a bunch of time.

All in all – I would go back if for nothing other than the cleanliness and the view.


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 The Preserve Resort

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