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Checking out the "Paranormal Book" in the lobbyChecking out the "Paranormal Book" in the lobby

Lovely Belles of JeffersonLovely Belles of Jefferson

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What's With the Beads?

by VeronicaG

I've often wondered how beads became associated with Mardi Gras.

I read that the first beads (1920's) used during the Mardi Gras celebration were made of glass or ceramics. Eventually, plastic beads were substituted. I saw big Christmas ball sized beads strung as a necklace, as well as, smaller beads in many colors.

The official colors of Mardi Gras are Gold (power), Green (faith) and Purple (justice). These colors were chosen in 1872 by the Krewe of Rex in New Orleans at the occasion of a visit by the Grand Duke of Russia.

The beads I collected from the celebration were the colors mentioned above, plus silver and red. It was so much fun snatching the necklaces as they were tossed in the air!

A Mask of Mystery

by VeronicaG

Here's my stash of beads and colorful mask. Just when did people begin wearing masks during Mardi Gras?

I read that when the French held control of New Orleans in the 1700's, masks were common at balls and celebrations throughout the city. When the flag of The United States flew over New Orleans in 1803, masks were prohibited.

It wasn't until 1827 that celebrants were permitted to shroud themselves in mystery once again by wearing masks. Unfortunately, Mardi Gras came under attack in the mid-1800's again when those hiding behind masks caused all sorts of mayhem.

Several years later, six residents of New Orleans formed the Comus organization and turned Mardi Gras into a safe, yet merry event. The Comus first began referring to themselves as "krewe" to describe their group and was the first to name themselves after a mythological character.

For more info. on Mardi Gras, see website below.

Packing List for Children!

by annabear08

With as many shops as we would be going in and out of in Jefferson, Mommy opted to put me in my Ergo Carrier to walk around Jefferson. The town was small enough to not need my big stroller, and since the antique shops make you buy what you break, it was easy to keep my hands and feet in control in this carrier. The shop owners definitely liked me when I kept my hands inside the carrier!

Curious About The Diamond Bessie Murder Trial?

by VeronicaG

This 1860's structure has seen a great deal of Jefferson's history.

According to records, it was first a private home, then through the years became a Sisters of Charity convent, hospital and school by the name of St. Mary's.

It is now The Jefferson Playhouse, but prior to this the building had been purchased and an addition constructed by the Hebrew Sinai Congregation as their synagogue. This is the site of the Diamond Bessie Murder Trial presented each year. (If you're curious about Diamond Bessie, see my custom tips).

I think it's nice that The Jessie Allen Garden Club provides members as guides for tours of The Playhouse and the Ruth Lester House, a Victorian dwelling restored by this group.

For further info. see website below.


by VeronicaG

As we followed the battle, we came across this peaceful bivouack set up in a small park near the center of town.

Men and women were in costume, some settling around a fire cooking their lunch and others resting in their tents. They encouraged us to explore the area where they were camped.

A friendly dog or two came up to greet us, while one of the horses nibbled on grass where it was tied (pic #2). We spoke with a member of a Texas regiment who told us they were traveling to Gettysburg this summer for a special re-enactment. He was gracious enough to inform us where the other re-enactments would be throughout the next few months.


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